Dragon’s Soul Prologue: A End and A Beginning

There is a saying that for every beginning there is also an end, but this is not always the case.

At least not for Lang Lei, who was born as the 2nd son of a successful business entrepreneur. Lang was born with a gift, since the age of three he was able to remember everything he saw and learn from it, he could recite books he only read once word for word and paint perfect pictures of his memories. This was however, not only a blessing but also a curse. Thanks to this gift Lang would be considered a genius, but because of this he would walk a lonely path, being the only one at his age with an intellect such as his.


Ever since then, he had immersed himself in gaining knowledge. He did this for no real reason, but purely out of curiosity. From an early age, Lang had always been a “the pen is mightier than the sword”-type of person, he did not see the point of violence and the only reason he learned military tactics was because they tied in with history. There was also the fact that his father had always taught him to be kind to others and to always help those in need, thus enforced his beliefs. But all of these beliefs would, on one fateful day, prove to be misguided. For nothing is clad in black and white.


It started out like any other day, Lang was getting ready for school, today was the first day of the new school year. Instead of going to university where he belonged, his parents had made him enroll with the rest of the kids his own age in the hopes that he would be able to make some friends.


Lang was now 12 years old and was known around the world as a prodigy who possessed vast knowledge in science, art, history and even other more obscure subjects such as military tactics.


He had gone to school, as always, even though it did not offer him any knowledge that he did not already know. He would go to school and just sit there for hours to learn about things that he had known about for years. All due to his parents hopes of giving him a normal childhood. And after an uneventful day at school, he would go home. His teachers and classmates paid him no mind. Lang had always been alone, normal students and teachers just couldn’t relate to him, not that they tried to.


To his surprise, there was a man whom he did not know, sitting in his kitchen when Lang got home today. He learned that his father had let the man into their home because the man was laying in front of their house, injured. The man wore plain clothing, and there was a faint smell of blood coming off from him, most likely from his injury.


The man claimed that a passing car hit him, but that he was ok and would be alright with a bit of rest.


There was not anything out of the ordinary with the man, but Lang thought that something was off about him. But he ignored his gut feeling and left for his room.


His father had offered the man to stay for dinner or if the man needed, he would drive him to the hospital. To which the man declined and asked to simply be allowed to rest on the sofa for a bit.


Before dinner, everyone in Lang’s family tried to strike up a conversation with the man, they had asked him what he did for a living, to which he simply replied “I help send people to a better place.”


After a light dinner, Lang headed to his room to read a book and get some sleep early. His father led the man to the door and said his goodbyes, while everyone else went to bed.


Lang hopped onto his bed, and opened a book to read before going to sleep like usual, today he had picked a book about religion, mainly focusing on reincarnation. This particular topic was mentioned in school today and Lang had never really thought about it before, so he figured he would give it a read.


But in the middle of the night, Lang heard a scream. It was obviously odd to hear a gut wrenching scream in the middle of the night so he put down his book and left his room to investigate.


Any regular teen would have simply ignored the scream or ran to their parents, but not Lang. He had always been the independent type, who didn’t ask for help unless he absolutely needed it.


Eerie red moonlight shone on him as he walked down the stairs and a flash of light caught his attention. It was the moonlight reflecting off a bloody knife. Lang had stumbled onto the bloody scene of the man, whom his father had let into their home, stabbing his father.


Lang panicked, he realized that this man was the serial killer that they were talking about on the news this morning, the one that had killed nine people.


He tried to run to the phone to call for help, but instead stumbled to the ground. As he tried to get up the man had noticed him and came running.


He saw the limp body of his older brother lying in the kitchen staring at him, with empty lifeless eyes, still holding an empty plastic cup in his hand. Lang had stumbled due to his brother’s leg.


A sharp pain was felt on his back. Lang realized that the man had stabbed him and that he would most likely die.


Lang’s mother had heard all the commotion and came running down from the 2nd floor of their home. To her horror both of her sons and husband were laying on the floor. She let out a miserable scream, but it soon stopped and was replaced by the mad laughter of the man.


Lang heard him laughed as he proceeded to slowly walk past Lang holding his blood-stained knife, then ran towards Lang’s mother.


Lang’s life flashed in front of his eyes.


Lang began to question himself, why was it that he had to die, why was it that this was happening to him. At that moment, in a flash, he realized that so far he lived an empty life, he had done nothing but gather knowledge and live by that ridiculously black and white philosophy his father had ingrained into him.


Lang screamed in his mind ”WHY?!! Why did this have to happened?!!”.


While staring blankly at his father’s bloody corpse, if he had not let this man into their home none of this would’ve happened. Lang’s mother would still be alive, his brother would also be alive and Lang himself would not have to die.


The sharp pain from his back, the sight of his dead family members further pushed Lang into despair and hatred, hatred for their killer but also for his own powerlessness.


At that moment Lang swore that if he were to survive this ordeal he would not live like he had before. He would live a different life, a life for himself and no one else, because he had nothing to blame but his lack of power and his family's misplaced trust in other people.


Lang took his last breath and his vision blurred out. He believed that this was the end and his life had ended without him truly even living it. Thus he swore that if there was indeed a next life, he would obtain power, power to rule over others, power to shake even the heavens. And so this marked the end of his life, but for some, the end is only the beginning.


  • bakaleaf@yahoo.com' bakaleaf says:

    In the first place u see a stranger badly wounded u need to send it to the nearest hospital or call 911 for help..
    The parent’s of there parents should have teach them not to trust a stranger or never let a stranger enter your home *sigh*
    I don’t know if I should laugh or what of the common sense of this family

  • iendworlds says:

    In asia people are more willing to trust other people. In america you’d have a gun ready to cap someone for walking on your property.

  • asd@asd.com' Void says:

    So, they saw a stranger covered with blood, and without inspecting what type of wounds he has, they believed it was caused by a car..?

    I bet the killer did not injure himself from blunt-trauma, like one which you receive from a car.

    …What am I doing, long story short: His family are a bunch of Mormon idiots.
    But the MC is just as stupid, because his father placed too much trust in others, the MC’s wish is now to rule and dominate others? That’s way over-correcting, but at least the MC is 12. He has the right to be emotionally stupid, even if he has super-memory……Which, by the way, does not mean he is intelligent.

    (Quite on the contrary, actually…But whatever, fiction!)

  • jin.cobaka@mail.ru' Dr.Shrykos says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

  • naosouonight@gmail.com' NaoSou says:

    This wasn’t in Asia, dude. This is a EN novel wriitten in royalroad.

    There is really no excuse for this family. Not only did they invite a bloody stranger to SLEEP into their home WITH THEIR CHILDREN, they did so KNOWING there was a serial killer on the loose. I mean, come on. I can’t take this story seriously with this prologue, sadly.

  • akeemt89@yahoo.com' gundam_man says:

    damn man just damn makes you loose all faith in humanity, that is some depressing shit out of all the novels I’ve read what a way to go, ;_; and shame on the people you think the MC and his family deserved this for being nice and treating strangers like in dunno actually human beings, either way i way i look forward to the MC’s new life and hope its not as shitty as his last great chapter iendworlds

  • lovenit101@yahoo.com' noobaloob says:

    I can’t reply to a comment so I can only quote it.

    “In asia people are more willing to trust other people. In america you’d have a gun ready to cap someone for walking on your property.”

    Bro, I can’t even tell if you’re joking. But if you’re not then I’d say that stereotype is about as accurate as me saying “In China someone would run over you and then back up on your corpse to make sure you’re dead”

    So get out of here with that “more willing to trust people” – it’s a story so I wouldn’t fault to plainly stupid father but no significant percentage of people in any country would act as he did. It’s just not realistic.

    • iendworlds says:

      The 2nd part is a joke. The first part i meant. People in the US are way less trusting and open then people in some other countries.

  • Bubbles@gmail.com' Bubbles says:

    Thats a huge generalization calling a whole name less trusting, just sayin. Im sure you been to every state and know how everyone acts though.

  • starlight267everlane@gmail.com' Tessa says:

    Okay, just to point out, I think him being regarded as a genius is due to his intelligence and ability to memorize whatever he sees However, as a 12-yearold, he still has the mentality of a child. Because he followed the principles his parents taught and instilled, as well as not having fully experienced the cruelty of the world, and the fact that he was alone and isolated from the rest of society, he was simply unaware. Now that he has truly experienced his first interaction with people and gained a terrible impression, he now believes that everyone is bad and cannot be trusted. Aided by his inmaturity, he wishes to rule over everyone to not suffer losses.

  • durojaiyep@yahoo.co.uk' Ten says:

    I don’t really like the fact that the mc didn’t even try to become a doctor, he could have saved a lot of lives after some practical training, just a waste of a portable hard-drive

    • Mclaindog@gmail.com' Mclaindog says:

      He was 12 and yet to go to a uni since his parents wanted him to be normal. Also the way iendworlds describes where he was called a genius his photo memory would apply since school is about memory most of the time. You can be a genius in only one thing it doesn’t mean your gods chosen child. Could he have became a doctor sure but his parents wanted there 12 year old son to be normal pointing at the 12 year old here.

  • kenken2692@gmail.com' Lengzai says:

    Totally rereading this story all over once again…I was kinda trying to make up my mind on where should I read Dragon soul, here or on RRL before I started to reread lol.

  • ttimesna@gmail.com' MonkTom says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

  • mrttao@gmail.com' mrttao says:

    “Lang was now 12 years old and was known around the world as a prodigy who possessed vast knowledge in science, art, history and even other more obscure subjects such as military tactics.”

    And dropped.

  • 2@2.com' two says:

    Writers, editors, and webmasters need to avoid the use of “===”, “….”, and “~~~~~” to create setting changes. This is because text-to-speech software will repeat each character and then stop after the final character. This causes people like me who use text-to-speech plugins or sites to lose their immersion.

    Why do people like me use text-to-speech? It’s because I cannot immerse myself into a story when 50% of my concentration is spent on reading and you can also listen and sleep.

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