About Us

Hi, Thanks for visiting the site!


We are a community of translators working together to provide readers with all our novels at the touch of a button. Many novels have been dropped or not received the recognition that they deserve because they were unable to generate the initial interest and when the translators needed support there was noone to help them... We want to change that.


This platform provides a location for all translators and authors alike to get their work known. We are a community and we are about supporting each other. Some translators sacrifice their free time to make ends meet, others do it as a hobby and some even do it professionally, but they are all benefitting the community and readers with their work.




Interested in Joining? 

We are happy to welcome new people to our community and provide a platform for new work. However we do have some rules;

  • You will be provided with your own "mini blog" within the site. You do have freedom with this however we specifically ask that you do not post anything which could negatively impact the community.
  • Ads, yes we do allow you to place your own advertising and you receive 100% of the revenue from all of your content, however if you plan to use your own ad networks, not the ones we provide then be aware that Malicious/ adult/ virus/ malware/ redirect content is prohibited.
  • We ask that if you join the platform you commit to it,  we ask not to dual host (Some obvious exceptions). Please do not attempt to redirect the traffic elsewhere as it the combined work of everyone on the website.
  • Please respect other translators of the site and offer your support when you can.



  • Hosting and design are all covered by us, our community is 100% free.
  • Simplicity. The system we provide is simple to use and provides automatic indexing and linking of chapters.
  • Advertising. We can provide you with our already established premium advertising connections to monetise your hard work from day 1. Don't want ads? Don't have them! If you do not place advertising, no other ads will show on your work.
  • Marketing, Analytics, pr, reporting. We cover everything a website needs to be successful.
  • Established Readership. If you have quality work, where better to show it?
  • Freedom. You have control over everything, no one else will get involved with your 'mini blog' unless asked.
  • Paypal Bar. IF you accept donations then you will be provided with your own 'purty' paypal donation bar.
  • Support. If things are getting to hard, we are here to help.
  • New, but want to try translating? We will help you establish your group or even help you to join and support one of our current translators.


If you are interested then you can send an email to Dean at: Novelsnao@gmail.com