Announcement: Juvenile Medical God

Hi everyone.

Just a Normal Guy here. I am back and I have a news to announce.  I will be picking up another novel: Juvenile Medical God. I have been a great fan of this novel and always wanted to pick it up and now I finally have the chance.

Its current translators have stopped translating it. And a friend has already asked the previous translator about the status of the novel and upon which, the translator had said he had no problems with someone picking up this novel. So I am picking this up and I will continue this along with Mythical Tyrant.

I will be re-translating from chapter 69 ( on the editing queue currently) and onward.


Just a ( Juvenile ) Normal Guy.


EDIT: Upon contact FBT (FlowerBridgeToo), I have decided to do the translations like the 5star specialists i.e translate newer chapters while at the same time re-translate from the beginning. I will give more time to the re-translation of the earlier chapters. So, if the schedule is 4 chaps per week then it will be 2/3 chap of older chapters and 1/2 chaps of newer chapters.


  •' Ahias says:

    Thanks a lot for picking this up

  •' Ari says:

    Hi! I hope I’m not too rude when asking this but please can you start at chapter 43? since the person who translated the ch 43-64 has put down the website and I can’t find the chapters anywhere and feel sad about not being able to read what happened in between the chapters:(

  • Just a Normal Guy says:

    @Ari Hi, I will do so 🙂 For the time being, the chapter release will be a mess, I think. I will try to do one chapter of the latest chapter, one chapter from chapter 43 and one chapter from chapter 1, per week.

  •' igotfucked says:

    I saw the post and decided to read this novel, 42 chapters in the evening, well, the novel is nice and a bit different from the usual fantasy world… BUT … as said by Ari above, I got also fucked because some chapters (43 to 47-48) are missing, wtf…

    It would be great if you’re going to translate again the missing chapters, the story is cool and the MC is quite interesting but it will really be a pain to have to forget these missing chapters.


  •' Ace says:

    same here started yesterday and got fucked at chapter 43 sad ….

  •' AWAone says:

    I can’t find the old chapters of this from 1 and so on. The old translation sites don’t work anymore i would really like to read this but i can’t find the old chapters :>

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