Apocalypse Now – Chapter 27

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There has been some confusion about something that I will clear up right now.

When you kill a Super in this world, you gain 2 things. First, you gain information about what there power is and does, and what specific power it was. Secondly, you get 10 minutes of time to purchase that power before anyone else. 

You get nothing else besides that.


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Chapter 27 – Apoc Now



The Monthly Lottery Scattering has now begun!




“Alright Shin! Go find where it is and warp us to a vantage point!” David gestured, waving at him to go.


Shin nodded and disappeared, warping away from the park. The feeling of tension rose to the extreme as they prepared to battle for the Crates. The Aura around Stacy picked up and tightened as she released her maximum strength in preparation. Thavius muttered a few quiet commands and looked like he was just about to summon one of his power powerful Otherworldly Summons.


There was a brief pause as they waited for Shin to return. A minute trickled by, and then another. Suddenly, the air ripped and Shin appeared, his green-scaled armor rippling as he landed on the ground.


“I found it! But holy fucking shit there is fucking chaos down there. It's in the Meiji Shrine, one of the landmarks near Tokyo.”


David grabbed Stacy and Thavius hands, standing next to Shin.


“Alright! Let’s go! Take us to a good view point, we’ll warp in near the Crates from there.”


Shin nodded and grabbed a hold of the group. They paused for a moment as he gathered his energy. Abruptly, the world disappeared around David as they warped through space. It instantly reappeared, opening up into a gathering of trees.


Shin had warped the group onto a large branch on one of the huge trees in the Meiji Shrine. David quickly asked Terry for some information regarding the shrine as he looked around.



The Meiji Shrine, located in Shibuya, Tokyo, is the Shinto Shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken. 


The Meiji Shrine is located in a forest that covers an area of 70 hectares (170 acres). This area is covered by an evergreen woodland that consists of 120,000 trees of 365 different species. The forest is visited by many as a recreation and relaxation area in the center of Tokyo. The shrine itself is composed of two major areas: An inner precinct and an outer precinct.


We are currently located in the outer precinct.



“Shin, why are we all the way out here? Where are the Crates?” He looked at Shin questioningly.


“I can warp us to the inner area, but there’s a miniature war going on down there. I just wanted us to prepare before we went.” He said, looking at the rest of the group. They balanced on the tree as the wind shifted.


In the background, David could hear several explosions and the sounds of gunfire break out as one group warred against another, fighting over the Crates. A huge blast of shadow suddenly shot straight into the sky, darkening the world slightly.


“Alright, we’re warping in to one be behind one of the pillars in the inner precinct. The Crates are in the middle of the shrine, out in the open. Be prepared to dodge attacks and fight!” Shin’s helmet snapped down, covering the rest of his face in the green serpentine armor. Stacy shivered, looking excited. Thavius looked nervous, dark energy visibly wafting out of him as he gathered all of his strength.


David covered himself in his Glass Emperor Armor, feeling it expand from his necklace to cover him. He decided that he would hide his Orbs and not use them while fighting, not wanting to give away his identity. He prepared himself to use Titan Slayer as a last resort.


The world warped again, teleporting David and his team away, opening up into a scene of chaos.


David had landed behind a side pillar in the back area of the shrine. Around him an enormous conflict was occurring. David made out several distinct groups warring against each other. There were nearly one hundred people fighting in the shrine, all of them armed to the teeth with laser or human weaponry. David saw several Supers fighting in the air, giant explosions ripping as they made contact.


Terry suddenly chimed in, summarizing the chaos that David was seeing.



From my information stores, it appears that there are three separate groups fighting at this location.


Over at the entrance of the shrine is the JSDF, Japanese Self Defense Force, a powerful group of soldiers that aim to protect Imperial Japan. I project that a branch of their force has been assigned to combatting Supers are capturing the Crates for the government's usage. My information indicates that the Japanese government has made substantial investments in points, purchasing top tier weaponry for its members. They also have their own Department of Supers, though none of them are visible at the moment.


The group directly fighting against the JSDF are members of the biggest Yakuza family in Japan, the Yamaguchi-gumi. I would also venture a guess that they have members fighting against the Supers in the air.


Lastly, the group of younger Supers that are holding up to the side, fighting against both the Yakuza and the JSDF appear to be all students. I would venture that they are from one of the dominant Super groups to reportedly appear in Japan, the Next Gen Supers. This large coalition of young Super has become a major power in Japan. 



David took what she said into consideration, looking again at the chaos in front of him.


At the entrance to the shrine were several soldiers, dressed in military gear. Several armored vehicles could be seen behind the soldiers, damaged and unusable. David saw several hundred more soldiers pouring in behind the group stopped at the gate.


The Yakuza group were all heavily armed, firing back and forth at the JSDF. As of right now, only normal soldiers fought against Yakuza at the entrance, a hectic firefight that only served to stall out the military. Several of the Yakuza were armed with high grade futuristic weaponry, several of their weapons firing powerful lasers at the JSDF. The JSDF had a select few soldiers similarly armed. David heard the sound of helicopters approaching the battlefield.


The Next Gen Supers team were currently engaged in a firefight with the Yakuza Supers team. Most of the Supers were flying, battling against each other. David made out several of the younger Supers, all of them equipped with what looked like cyborg modifications. Several of them were floating and launching lasers and various explosives at several Yakuza Supers.


The Yakuza Supers were responding, using normal weaponry and their futuristic laser weaponry. The majority of the Yakuza Supers seemed to have Physical Modifications that enhanced the toughness of their body, allowing them to take multiple strikes from the powerful weapons of the Next Gen Supers. The government’s Supers didn’t seem to have arrived yet.


There was a large pile of glowing Crates set in the middle of the shrine, available for anyone to reach. The battlefield around these Crates, however, was pure chaos. Explosions rocketed the ground, bullets flew by, and lasers cut through the air, making this area an instant deathzone to whoever charged for the Crates. The Crates themselves appeared to be immune to physical damage, not reacting to the outside world at all.


David watched in surprise as one of the Next Gen Supers suddenly broke out of cover and jumped into the air, flying into the sky with a futurist jetpack. This Super was covered in a pearly white suit of armor, lightly glowing. Several of the Yakuza Supers noticed his arrival, launching several powerful attacks at the Super. A virtual hail of bullets and laser shots slammed into the white suited figure and bounced off, seemingly ineffective.


The white armored figure suddenly spoke, his voice earth shatteringly loud. He seemed to be giving an ultimatum.




David stared at the figure, not comprehending what he said. Terry quickly translated for him.



“Anyone remaining in this shrine will die. I have the ability: Glorious Destruction. Leave now or die!”


I have taken the initiative of researching said ability for you.


Ability: Glorious Destruction – 5,600 Points (20/20)


A user with this ability can create massive explosions at will by sending a beam of incendiary mass. Extremely dangerous to normal creatures. For more information, please use the Information Gatherer Ability.



About half of the Next Gen Supers suddenly retreated, blasting off into the air away from the battlefield. The firefight between the military at the gate and the Yakuza had intensified, with several members on each side dying. Reinforcements had arrived for the JSDF, several large tanks moving up the line. The Japanese Yakuza had noticed this and responded, several of their floating Supers dropping down to engage the tanks. Bullets were ineffective against these Supers.


Upon a closer look, David noted that almost all of the floating Supers had an odd blue glow surrounding them.


Abruptly, David’s team was noticed. A large Yakuza Super crash-landed on the ground next to their group, barreling towards them. The super was wearing a dark red hoodie, with several tattoos covering his face. A greyish hue colored the Super, indicating his power. David saw him raise an assault rifle, aiming at his team.


David instantly entered his Level D Transformation, feeling strength and power flow into his limbs. His Glass Emperor Armor shivered slightly, adapting to his increased strength. Thavius dived backwards, throwing himself into the shrine and ducking, sending out a blast of darkness as he dived forward. Stacy adapted a stance with her hands resting in the air in front of her stomach, a look of intense concentration on her face. Shin disappeared, teleporting somewhere beyond David's vision.


The Yakuza Super opened fire, pouring bullets at David and Stacy, while ducking the glob of darkness that Thavius had thrown. David dodged to his right, entering into the main courtyard of the shrine. Stacy stood absolutely still, not dodging the bullets.


Thanks to his increased movement speed while wearing his Armor, David cleanly dodged the attack, avoiding the bullets. Stacy, however, didn’t dodge anything. Just as the bullets were about to slam into her, the Steel Aura around Stacy suddenly intensified, causing the air around her to visibly shiver. The bullets all pinged into the air around her and glanced off, deflected. The ground where she was standing cracked, unable to take the massive increase in pressure.


Shin suddenly reappeared, directly behind the Yakuza Super. He was wielding the Glock they had purchased from the System. With a vicious smile, Shin unloaded an entire clip into the back of the Yakuza Super, firing from a point blank range.


The Yakuza Super that Shin was currently fighting had the Iron Body Type Physical Modification, an ability that allowed him to greatly increase the density and thickness of his body. This ability granted the Yakuza incredible strength and toughness, making him very difficult to kill.


However, Shin was wielding a Glock 17 Generation Four handgun, one of the most powerful modern handguns available to the public. Known for their reliableness and accuracy, this was a choice weapon that had been proven effective time after time. Shin unloaded an entire clip into the Super from point blank range. Even with the Yakuza’s increased defense, he didn’t stand a chance. The man was thrown forward, instantly dying as more than a dozen bullets pierced his body.


Unfortunately, the small fight with the Yakuza Super had drawn the attention of the rest of the fighters in the shrine. Shin disappeared again, warping away as several dozen bullets pierced the spot he had been standing. David dived into the shrine, following where Thavius had run to in an attempt to avoid fire. Stacy quickly followed him.


As soon as he dived in, ducking to avoid several bullets and flying energy shots, an enormous number of skeletal figures jumped past him, pouring out into the courtyard. David looked in awe as nearly a thousand undead warriors rushed the courtyard, braving the attacks of everyone as they entered the fray. It was as if a veritable swarm of the undead had spawned, crusading to slaughter everything in their path.


He turned around, seeing a grinning Thavius ducking on the ground while holding his staff. David gave him a quick thumbs up as the shrieks of the undead rang out. Several panicked screams sounded off as the military and Yakuza both turned to engage the hundreds of armed undead warriors rushing them.


David felt an enormous explosion rock the shrine as a huge beam of light slammed into the center of the courtyard. The last thing he saw was a beam of white light spreading out and expanding before his vision disappeared.


An enormous wave of forced slammed into David, throwing him backwards. He felt the majority of his bones in his body shatter, breaking even with the boost his Glass Emperor Plate gave. As soon as he landed, without even waiting to see if he would die, David broke one of his Life Orbs.


Immediately, he felt an overwhelming wave of warmth swarm into him as his body was instantly repaired, every bruise and cut, every wound and break, completely healed. He stood up from where he had landed, looking at the battlefield.


The entire shrine had been knocked down, an enormous crater forming in the central courtyard. Every building had been blown down, the wreckage smoldering. Large fires raged in the enormous forests surrounding the shrine, spreading layers of smoke into the air.


Of the normal Yakuza and soldiers at the front entrance, David saw nothing. The front gate had been blown over and everything in that area obliterated, replaced by a large smoldering crater. In the distance David made out several clumps of soldiers charging towards the shrine.


The Yakuza and Next Gen Supers had all been in the air, floating, when the blast had hit the ground, and therefore avoided most of it. There were perhaps 15 Yakuza looking Supers, all of them with similar Iron or Steel Body modifications fighting against 6 remaining Next Gen Supers, all of them with some type of robotic or cyborg modification. Both teams of Supers had been firing back at each other using laser and gunfire weaponry and continued to fight, viciously shooting and dodging in the air. Several of the Yakuza Supers began to close the distance between the cyborg Supers.


The Super that had shouted out an ultimatum earlier suddenly appeared again, flying down from high in the sky. Several white blobs of power floated in the air around him. He shouted something, too far away for David to clearly hear. However, the last of the Next Gen Supers apparently heard and all turned and fled, retreating away from the shrine. The Yakuza Supers didn’t give chase, all of them turning to face the glowing white armored Super.


David smiled. Apparently in all of the confusion, David and his group had been forgotten or presumed dead. He saw Stacy climb up from the rubble next to him, staying low. Thavius appeared several meters away, climbing up from under several large rocks. A black haze covered the Necromancer, distorting him. David dashed over to his teammate, moving stealthily.


While David was moving to talk to Thavius, the two teams of floating Supers had engaged each other in battle. Several white blobs of power launched from the floating super, causing massive rippling explosions that tore through the air. The Yakuza Supers dodged in all directions, splitting off to fire at the white armored Super. They seemed to be trying to delay the Super, as if waiting for reinforcements.


David reached Thavius, yelling,


“Cast your dark fog spell, obscure the battlefield. We’re going for the Crates!” Shin suddenly appeared, joining the group of Supers. He was wielding two sets of the high tech laser weaponry that several of the Yakuza’s had used.


David quickly told Shin the plan and they all grabbed hands, warping through the air to arrive at the Crates. A large blob of darkness suddenly spread out, enshrouding the battlefield as they landed at the crates. David fully intended to use the two battling groups moment of distraction to seize the Lottery Crates and escape.


They had appeared directly in front of the large pile of glowing blue Crates. David and Shin dashed forward and immediately began seizing Crates, adding them to their ownership over and over. Stacy concentrated her Aura to her maximum power again, looking refreshed. Thavius appeared to be concentrating on keeping the dark fog up.


Suddenly, two separate Yakuza Supers appeared, crashing down on the ground near David. Both of these Supers looked similar to the previous Yakuza they had fought, with an iron skin tone and wearing hoodies. They also seemed absolutely furious. Stacy leapt forward and intercepted the Yakuza Supers, engaging them in a vicious melee fight before they could get off any shots with their weapons.


At this point, David had managed to claim 13 Separate Crates and Shin had grabbed 15. Just as they were moving on to grab another Crate, an enormous explosion rocked the ground not too far away from them. Thavius immediately spawned a pile of skeletal warriors, blocking off the explosion from hitting their group. The dark fog he had held up disappeared, vision returning to normal. The ground near them formed into yet another crater as the explosion spread out, destroying what was left of the shrine. Stacy and the pair of Yakuza Supers stopped fighting, dodging backwards away from flying rubble.


The white armored Super dropped to the ground, pure rage in his voice as he screamed at David and his team. David yelled out at Shin and his team,



Shin and David dodged backward. Several bullets glanced off of Shin and David’s armor as they jumped backwards, fired by the several armed Yakuza Supers floating in the air. Apparently, the enemy groups had forgotten their enmity when they realized a team of Supers was stealing the Crates under their nose.


Thavius and Stacy collided with David and Shin, all smashing together as they leapt towards each other. They stood still for a moment, staring at the enraged white armored Super and the multiple Yakuza Supers. An enormous blob of white energy formed in the white armored Super’s hand and blasted towards David and his team. A veritable hail of bullets towards David and his team, fired by the Yakuza Supers.


Again, Thavius formed a giant wall of skeletons, blocking most of the bullets. The ones that got through glanced off David or Shin, unable to pierce their armor. The white blob of energy, however, melted through the skeletons and shot forward, aiming directly for David. Just as it was about to explode into him, the world around David shifted and disappeared, changing back into a familiar park landscape.


David fell to the ground, panting, adrenaline rushing through his blood. The rest of his team fell to the ground as well, panting. Thavius looked pale and sickly, shaking as he sat down. Stacy was shaking, the Aura around her unstable as she looked around for something to fight. Shin… Shin sat their grinning, a huge smile on his face as he looked at David. Shin suddenly starting laughing, a contagious smile covering his face. The two laser assault rifles he held shook back and forth as he laughed.


David looked at Shin and laughed as well. The mission to gather some of the Crates had been a huge success. He double-checked his status, seeing that he had captured 13 Crates. Just as he was about to ask Shin how many Crates he had secured, a blue screen suddenly flashed up.



The Special Crate location will now be revealed. You can find this Crate, worth 100 Lottery Slots, in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the House of Soviets.






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