Apocalypse Now – Chapter 12

Name: David Care                Points: 0            Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0

Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)                  Energy Stored: 37.1 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy

Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun, 

Life Orbs: 19

David and Stacy looked towards the direction of the main entrance. They could hear the sounds of gunfire pattering off as the guards repelled whatever creature was attacking.

David looked around. Shin had yet to appear, and David assumed it would take a while, seeing as Shin needed a line of sight to teleport to places he hadn’t been before. Stacy shifted as she stood, looking towards the sounds of the ongoing battle. The transformed creature roared mightily.

David made a snap decision.

“Alright, let’s go help them. The goodwill of this military camp will be useful later on.” David stepped forward, intent on reaching the entrance in time.

David looked at Stacy. He could see the two orbs he had given her previously, circling around her head slowly. “After your first orb breaks, retreat immediately. Don’t risk dying.” David didn’t mind losing orbs but it would be unacceptable to lose Stacy, one of the few useful people in their crew. Stacy nodded, taking his words to heart.

In his mind David plotted out the upcoming battle, trying to decide how he could best help the situation.David had an enormous respect for the military thanks to his experience at the Marine Military Academy during his highschool youth. Even if it wasn't the best decision, he wouldn’t abandon good people to die unless he absolutely had to. He analyzed the situation logically, deciding to risk it.

“I’ll transform to my Level D Energy Transformation and help provide suppressing fire. I want you to test out your strength against whatever this creature is. You haven’t had a chance to gain a real understanding of your power yet right?” David looked at her, gesturing with his hands.

Stacy nodded.

“Alright, perfect. I’ll test out my power as well.” David held out his hand. Suddenly, all the orbs circling him moved instantly to where he pictured them to be. David moved them through a mental pattern, ordering them to sway back and forth. He was eager to test out the combat capabilities of his Life Orb Master power.

David motioned at Stacy and the duo set off for the main entrance. They passed several hundreds of terrified looking refugees. Many of the people stood nervously, looking towards the source of the sounds. Mothers clutched children, whispering words of comfort as they tried to calm them. Several people called out to Stacy and David, telling them to stop and let the soldiers handle the situation. David ignored them.

A few moments later, they arrived at a scene of carnage.

The house that had worked as the entrance to the encampment had been completely destroyed. The bodies of soldiers were scattered everywhere, dead. Several small clumps of still living soldiers stood spread out, firing rapidly at a huge reptilian looking creature.

David stared at it for a moment before coming to a realization.

“That’s not a dragon. That’s a fucking dinosaur. What the fuck.”

An enormous dinosaur was currently attacking the soldiers. It was enormous, easily 7 or 8 meters tall, which was taller than some houses. It had a huge mouth, with extremely large and deadly looking teeth. The entire creature was covered in large black spikes and dark grey colored scales. It had a crazed glint in its eye, and was currently thrashing over a large group of soldiers.

The bullets the soldiers fired seemed to have no effect, bouncing off of the creature’s scales. Thousands of shots had been fired to no avail.

David stepped forward, engaging his Energy Transformation.

Immediately, his perception of the world sped up. David felt himself become stronger and faster, more powerful than he had ever been as a human.

A small blue screen popped up in the corner of his eye,

Stored Energy Remaining: 37.1 hours
Energy Usage Rate: 1 Hour/Minute – Level D transformation

He began smiling, getting a feel for this ability. This was only the second time he had ever used it and he was still trying to understand how to best use his newly gained agility and strength. David jumped forward, nearing the enormous dinosaur. He felt the orbs that were currently circling around him, trying to figure out how he could attack with them.

As he was contemplating what to do, the enormous dinosaur finished killing the large group of soldiers it had been previously attacking and turned to look at David. David was currently standing just behind the barbwire fence, to the left of the now ruined gate, with his Life Orbs circling his head rapidly. Stacy was right behind him, prepared to go all out with her power at a moments notice. There were perhaps 30 soldiers remaining in this area. The majority of these soldiers were laying low in the rubble of the ruined gatehouse, launching bullets at the dinosaur. The dinosaur-like creature was standing about 15 meters away from David, in front of the ruined gatehouse.

For some reason, the creature’s eyes locked on to the Life Orbs floating around David and immediately rushed at him, crashing on the ground as it hurled itself forward to attack.

David snapped back to reality, using his Level D powered agility to dodge. He also pushed Stacy to the side, moving her out of harm’s way. A mere second after he dodged to the right the enormous dinosaur crashed forward, hurling itself onto the spot where he had been standing. The ground beneath it cracked and exploded, rippling beneath the enormous strength of the creature. It immediately twisted its body, following David’s movements. David noticed this, irritated. He had no idea what he did to rouse the monster.

David withdrew the gun he had stored in his status screen and began firing. He launched several accurate shots towards the creature’s eyes. However, each time he fired, the bullet always impacted on the dinosaur’s scales. While David had a basic understanding and a decent amount of training with a handgun, he was by no means a pro.

The dinosaur jumped forward again, this time leading its attack with the side of its body as it threw itself at where David was standing. However, as it was slicing into the ground towards David, the large dinosaur suddenly stopped and was blasted backwards by some force. It flew through the air several tens of meters before crashing on top of the ruined gatehouse.

Stacy stood where the dinosaur had been, her face covered in blood. She was panting, a powerful steel aura covering her body. When the dinosaur had charged at David, she had waited for a perfect moment to counterattack, using all the energy she had in her Core to hit the beast.

Stacy had been hoping to shatter its chest and kill it. However, while the beast was slightly injured, it was not seriously wounded. The dinosaur wobbled to its feet, roaring mightily from the ruins of the gatehouse.

Stacy hobbled over to where David was standing, falling down near him.

“I can’t do anything else to it.” She gasped, heaving.

David nodded and shot his Glock a few more times at the creature. However, it was obvious that the monster was taking no damage from regular bullets. The dinosaur roared back at David and began to charge, quickly covering ground.

David did the only thing he could think of and tugged on his random weapon necklace, Titan Slayer.

The necklace glowed for a moment before a majestic number appeared in the air.


Titan Slayer (weapon) – Form 1 (weakest) – Flowers of Remorse

A deadly bouquet of flowers that can greatly aid in charming a Titan. Its powerful and mysterious beauty will help silence your enemies. This weapon is ineffective anything that is not a Titan.

David stared at the flowers he held in his hand in disbelief.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” he said aloud.

The enormous dinosaur rammed into David and Stacy, sending them flying through the air. David smashed into the ground, crashing down over and over before slicing into the barbwire. Every bone in his body was destroyed, with his brain being pulverized almost immediately, and his body was torn to shreds. While David’s Level D transformation was strong, it was nowhere near the level of the freakish dinosaur that was attacking him.

Stacy was killed instantly, her heart destroyed in the first second of the impact. She lay on the ground, dead, her body came crashing down on one of the neighborhood streets.

The giant dinosaur turned around, preparing to kill the last of the soldiers that continued firing erratically.

However, exactly one second after David and Stacy died, a shimmering light flashed through the air. David and Stacy instantly returned to where they had been standing before the dinosaur attacked them, completely restored. Stacy looked refreshed and ready to fight, a powerful steel aura covering her again. David looked dazed for a small moment before recovering, still getting used to the fact that he can resurrect after he dies.

David entered his Level D transformation quickly, noting the increased energy storage.

Stored Energy Remaining: 61 hours
Energy Usage Rate: 1 Hour/Minute – Level D transformation

It looked like whenever he died, the Life Orb released a full 24 hours of energy into his stored energy reserves. He mentally noted it down, confirming his initial thoughts.

The transformed dinosaur turned around, watching them oddly. It gave them a very human like look of consideration before running forward again, hurling its body at David.

The creature seemed focused on David and his floating orbs, intent on killing him no matter what.

David looked down at the useless bouquet of flowers.

“Shit weapon.”

He stuffed the flowers into his pocket as he turned to face the dinosaur, his mind racing as he tried to figure out what he could possibly do to stop the creature.

As his mind went into overdrive, several things became clear to David.

The Life Orbs energy could be used by his energy storage power.

David could manipulate the orbs however he wanted, making them float or shoot forward.

Therefore, David thought that he should be able to tap into the Life Orbs immense energy storage and manipulate it somehow.

David grabbed one of the orbs and turned to yell at Stacy.

“Retreat back now! I’ll handle the dino!” He yelled at her, slamming into her body and throwing her backwards. At least, he tried to slam into her body and throw her backwards.

However, Stacy still had her powerful steel aura wrapped around her body, the ki in her Core revived after she came back to life. When David moved to push her backwards out of danger, she didn’t even budge.

The dinosaur had almost reached them again when Stacy jumped forward, aiming all of her strength into an energy blast that shot at the great behemoth. The steel aura covering her faded as she fell back down. The dinosaur smashed head first into the blast of ki and was thrown backwards several meters, slightly dazed. The ground around the creature trembled as it fell.

Stacy turned to David and yelled, “Kay!”, as she began running backwards away from the creature. She knew that she wouldn’t stand a chance against the dinosaur when she had no energy left to fight it.

David turned, focusing on the giant monster as it got to its feet, charging toward David once again. He fingered an orb in his hand, sensing the potent energy inherent in the small ball.

“If only there was a way I can use this energy!” he thought aloud, focusing all of his being on the small orb.

David, thanks to his energy storage/release ability, could sense the power of the orb. However, he couldn’t figure out a way to absorb it. It felt like a bubble filled with power to him, one that he could feel and see, but one he couldn’t make use of. He felt like it would pop before he could withdraw any of the power.

As he considered this, inspiration suddenly struck him.

“I might not be able to absorb the energy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be directed when it pops…”

David looked up at the charging black spiked dinosaur, the orb in his hand starting to glow…


  • samakshgollen@hotmail.com' Greedy Buddhist says:

    Thank for the chapter. Keep up the good work. Btw there is error in the last chapter it says Energy remaining 39.2 while here it says 37.1

  • seanpoop@cox.net' sean says:

    I thought the MC would use the orbs to physically attack instead of pop them like a balloon. Since he can control wherever the orbs go, and make the bigger, I thought he would just make a giant one slam right into the dinosaur, causing it to have a “Dino Crisis”. Ha Ha…

  • seanpoop@cox.net' sean says:

    “That’s not a dragon. That’s a fucking dinosaur. What the fuck.”

    Hehehe. When I read that part all I could hear in my head was the song “I’m a motherf’n T-Rex!”

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