Apocalypse Now – Chapter 13

David was holding the Life Orb firmly in his hands, standing stock still as the giant dinosaur charged him. However, he refused to freeze up like he did the last time the beast charged him. Using his Energy ability David focused his concentration on the Orb in front of him. Instead of trying to absorb the energy, however, he instead broke the Orb open, aiming the powerful energy forward towards the charging dinosaur.

A blinding beam of light flashed out. Immediately, an overwhelming force launched forward. A beam of pure energy tore through the air, slicing into the giant dinosaur a few meters from David. The beam of energy collided with the dinosaur and completely melted through, leaving a massive burnt hole where the dinosaur’s chest had been.

The energy beam, however, didn’t stop there. It blasted farther forward, melting the air as it shot forth. A loud crashing sound followed the trail of the beam, a vacuum closing as the space that had been destroyed by the powerful beam reformed. The beam eventually shot off into the sky, burning ever forward.

David watched in awe. It looked like the great beam of energy had pierced the heavens and left, traveling through the great vacuum of space. David continued staring up at the sky, trying to gather his bearings.

Suddenly, a blue screen appeared in front of David, flashing information,

Accept information on power “Creature Transformation: Black Spiked Tyrannosaurus”?

David tapped yes quickly, remembering the screen he had found when he defeated the ki cultivator.

Creature Transformation: Black Spiked Tyrannosaurus (3,300 points)

This ability will allow one to transform into a Black Spiked Tyrannosaurus. The transformation period can last from 4 to 6 hours at maximum. It takes a full 8 hours of sleep to recharge this ability.

Black Spiked Tyrannosaurus' are extremely agile and powerful creatures. These beasts have the ability to switch to infrared vision, allowing an easier time finding prey. Increased regeneration and strength, as well as size.

Special Note: Some users may choose to permanently transform, therefore losing the ability to return back to their human form but gaining permanent power. Human intelligence will remain when permanently transformed.

David looked at the screen, quickly memorizing the information. It could never hurt to know the specific details of the powers of others. As David finished reading the screen, the rest of the camp came alive around him.

Stacy jogged back over to David, giving him a thumbs up. David gave her a reassuring smile, mentally berating himself for freezing up in the middle of combat. While he was able to plan his actions and build strategies, actually employing his thoughts in the midst of combat was much more difficult than he thought it would be.

Several armed soldiers waved at David gratefully, running to treat wounded comrades. The moans and groans of the wounded spread out as the sounds of battle ended.

Thanks to the soldiers' quick defense, none of the civilians further inside the encampment had been wounded. However, several tens of soldiers had died to the dinosaur Super, killed by its powerful attacks.

It must be said, Camp Mabry was never intended to be a stronghold, and the soldiers stationed there were not prepared fight against large-scale monsters. It wasn’t only a mentality preparation; they did not have sufficient large-scale weapons. Small arms couldn’t penetrate the transformed humans scales. The few large-scale weapons that the soldiers did own were used by the scouting groups to take out the criminal group that had taken over Austin.

Thanks to the order and strict rules the military had, the soldiers had not fallen to chaos like many of the criminal elements in the world. Whereas criminals chose to run amok with their newfound powers, the entire U.S. Military was quickly reestablishing order and securing the United States from the orders of Congress.

Soldiers from Camp Mabry had currently secured a majority of the nearby area, capturing escaped criminals and dealing with dangerous threats. However, due in part to the rarity of high point abilities, no extremely powerful Supers were a part of Camp Mabry. A few of the soldiers had received points in excess of a thousand, but none had received any more than that. Therefore whenever they came across a sufficiently powerful threat, like the transformed warriors in Austin, they had to use regular human weapons to take them out.

David walked over to the side of the barbwire fence, sitting down. He felt sick, nausea threatening to overwhelm him. This was the second time in the past two days he had killed someone. It was in defense of his life both times, and the opponent had clearly been focused on killing David, but he still hadn’t come to terms with taking another’s life.

Stacy walked up behind him putting an arm around his shoulders.

“You alright?” She said, giving him a worried look.

David managed a smile and nodded.

While Stacy and David talked, several of the soldiers began repairing the fence in the background. Large groups of soldiers joined the ones fixing the gate, intent on repairing it. Several of them nodded respectfully at David and Stacy.

Suddenly, motes of light started flashing down in front of David.

A split second later, Shin appeared, landing softly on the ground with a smirk on his face.

“Yo wassup David?” He said languidly. Shin stood a few feet from him. He had several small cuts on his body, his clothes ripped in a few places. He looked at David for a moment, staring at the desolation around.

“What happened here?! Did one of those monsters attack here too?” Shin asked questioningly.

David nodded and said, “So you ran into some of them in the city as well?”

Shin nodded and said, “Yeah, I was warping around, memorizing the streets and looking for likely places when this freakish monster popped up. It looked like a giant dinosaur but with wings.” Shin nodded at the partially destroyed dead dinosaur off to the side.

“It tried to attack me several times but couldn’t. It was fast but can’t really come anywhere near my warping speed. Anyway, I ran into 6 different beasts as I was warping around. I also ran into two groups of soldiers that shot at anything that moved, including me.” Shin shook his head derisively.

“However, despite that, I have a pretty solid reading on every major street and location in the city.” Shin finished.

“Good work!” David grinned,

“All we need to do now is wait.”

So they waited. Over the next several hours, the camp reformed and repaired the damaged wall. Shin was introduced to the various military units, though David didn’t mention his power. David felt instinctively wrong about lying to the military, bringing him back to his roots when he was in military school in high school, but he pushed on anyway.

The forces there had been thrown into a frenzy both by the recent attack at the gate and by the upcoming Lottery Scattering. The Supers in the city had never attacked the base camp before, and the attack at the entrance was completely unexpected. However, in response, the defense of the gate stepped up quite a bit, with one of the two machine gun trucks stationed to keep watch. While regular firearms did little to the powerful transformed monsters, gunfire from the heavy-duty machine gun was able to injure the giant creatures. David was warmly thanked by the military and offered a medal for his service on the spot.

The moment of the Lottery Scattering rapidly approached as the day continued onward.

David, Stacy, and Shin all stood on the roof of one of the in camp houses, towards the center of the refugee area. Stacy laid down on the side of the roof, napping. Shin and David were deep in discussion, trying to figure out the best way to find the Lottery Crate.

Suddenly, a large blue screen popped up.

Lottery Scattering Warning

The Lottery Scattering will officially begin in 1 hour. This is the only warning you will receive.

David read through it and tapped it off, excitement filling his eyes. He looked up at Shin, exchanging glances.

With an hour left before they could search for the Crate, David decided to check his status screen and see if he could find out any more information.

He mentally called his status screen up,

Name: David Care                Points: 0            Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0

Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)                  Energy Stored: 63.1 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy

Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun

Life Orbs: 17

David looked at his screen for a moment, noting something odd. He had two abilities listed besides his Storing energy ability. One was Life Orb Designate, the other was Life Orb Create. David knew that Life Orb Create was the ability that allowed him to manipulate his orbs and create new ones. However, Life Orb Designate didn’t seem to have a use at all.

David tapped on the name, curious to see what would happen.


Immediately after David pressed the name, a blue screen popped up, with a long scrolling list of pages. David tapped on one of the pages randomly.

Life Orb Designation Shop ----------------------------------------------------
Please designate your modification from the list below.

Lesser Ki Cultivator Modification – 100 Orbs
Ki Cultivator Modification – 750 Orbs
Greater Ki Cultivator Modification – 2000 Orbs
Lesser Werewolf Modification – 100 Orbs
Werewolf Modification – 750 Orbs
Greater Werewolf Modification – 2000 Orbs
Body Type Modification – Fire – 400 Orbs
Body Type Modification – Ice – 400 Orbs
Body Type Modification – Earth – 400 Orbs
Body Type Modification – Air – 400 Orbs
Body Type Modification – Electricity – 800 Orbs
Body Type Modification – Light – 800 Orbs
Body Type Modification – Darkness – 800 Orbs
Lesser Cyborg Modification – 100 Orbs

(Page 7/21)

David stared at the shop list in shock. From what he read, it looked like he could purchase any of the powers in the System shop by using his Life Orbs. Realizations began to hit him. He realized that his power was incredibly powerful. He could become a Demi-God Werewolf Cyborg Vampire hybrid that was psychic and had a body made of Light, if given enough time.

His eyes began to glow in wonder as he considered his future possibilities. As he scrolled through the massive list, David saw a power that caught his eye. He tapped it for more information

Power: Gift Ability – 1000 Orbs
This ability allows one to gift another being with an ability/modification he owns and has gained through the System.

David made a mental note to purchase this ability ASAP. Using this, he could quickly build himself an army of powerful users. That is, if he decided to give anyone else, but himself, powers.

As David read through the list of abilities, he noticed a listing of rules on the side panel of the screen he was reading. He read through it, finding one part that seemed pertinent,

Life Orb Master – Notices

A Life Orb Master may have a maximum of (5) Modifications and (5) Abilities. Any other purchases made will be saved for later use.

He considered the new information, changing his plans. Once he maxed out his own modifications and abilities, he would gift others abilities and modifications David decided. It would be wise to have a small army of Supers in his group anyway.

As David finished reading the list and making up his mind, a small blue alert popped up, flashing on his status.

The Lottery Scattering has begun!

David tapped off the screen, tearing his eyes over to Shin and towards the city.

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