Apocalypse Now – Chapter 15

David woke to the sounds of gunfire.

He lurched forward, diving towards the entrance of the tent as the sounds of shooting increased. He immediately activated his Level D Transformation, feeling his strength double as he tumbled out of the tent.

As his eyes adjusted to the morning light, David saw a few blurry figures retreating from their energy shield. Several more shots were fired at the shield, the bullets bouncing off of the giant bubble ineffectively.

Shin appeared next to David, wielding the small glock handgun he had purchased from the System. He eyed the retreating shooters warily, prepared to fire back.

David squinted, trying to get a clear look at the retreating shooters, but he found that they were too far away. He looked at Shin questioningly.

“What? Who were they? What happened?”

Shin shrugged and said,

“I woke up about an hour ago and saw some guys creeping around. They had noticed our bubble shield and come to get a closer look. When I pulled out my handgun to warn them off, they starting shooting. Fortunately, they couldn’t even scratch the shield. I think we’re safe here.”

David thought on what he said for a moment before replying,

“Alright, alright. Any idea who they were?”

Shin shook his head.

“They were dressed in mostly camo outfits, but they didn’t look like soldiers or hunters. Probably some redneck anarchist gang or something.” Shin shrugged again and stored his gun in his status screen, moving over to one of the food crates.

When the gunfire stopped, the girls had poked their heads out of the tent carefully, trying to find out what was going on. May and Leia stood clustered at the tent entrance while Stacy hopped out, looking around angrily for someone to beat up. A powerful Steel aura covered her as she looked around, tapping into her inner ki.

David quickly told them what had happened as Shin started cooking breakfast for the group. Flynn and Sarah had also emerged from their tent on the other side with worried looks on their face, staring out at where the shooters had left.

The group quickly formed a circle, watching Shin cook breakfast. Shin had grabbed several eggs from the food crate and was making them omelets over a small burner that came with the eggs. The eggs sizzled in the early morning light.

Shin quickly finished, serving them breakfast as David talked to the group about their plans for the day.

“Flynn, Sarah, we’ll have Shin warp you over to the base camp the army is holding later on.” He nodded at the duo, giving them a reassuring look. They looked back at David gratefully.

David turned to face the rest of his friends.

“I think what we should do is split up. May and Leia will go with Shin to the army base and search for our families with Shin. Stacy and I will remain here and wait for the System Auction to open up. We have a few more hours till that happens.” David gestured at May and Leia as he talked. The duo nodded, agreeing with what he said.

“Now, we have 5 Lottery Slots that we received earlier. I found out when I first used my own LotterySlots that you can purchase a slot for 500 points from the System. So, I don’t expect that we can sell them for a massive amount of points on the auction, but I figure they’ll be worth something.” David said. He then quickly explained what his Life Orb Designation ability did, and how he could purchase abilities using his Orbs.

“When I checked out all the information listed in the Life Orb Shop, I found out some information regarding Lottery Slots.” David quickly called up one of the many notices that he had found when he first checked his ability. He hadn’t had time to read them in detail but knew some of what was listed thanks to his quick skimming.

He read what it stated out loud.

Life Orb Master - Lottery Slot Notice

As a Life Orb Master, you are able to purchase the majority of abilities and physical modifications with Life Orbs. Lottery Slots, however, are not one of the available listings, and you will have to purchase them normally from the System.

Lottery Slots are randomized rewards, given out by the System. Listed below is the odds of winning using a Lottery Slot.

Total Probability List
Nothing - 30 / 100

100-1,000 points - 40(39.998) / 100
          100 points - 50%
          200 points - 20%
          300 points - 10%
          400 points - 5%
          500 points - 5%
          600 points - 4%
          700 points - 2%
          800 points - 2%
          900 points - 1%
          1,000 points - 1%

Weapon Object - 5 / 100

Armor Object - 5 / 100

Supplies Object - 20 / 100

Physical Modification - 1/10,000

Ability - 1/10,000

David looked up at the group,

“The chance to get nothing or a small amount of points is over 50%. I think we should definitely look into selling them via the auction instead of risking the chance of getting nothing.” The group nodded, agreeing with his reasoning.

Stacy looked at David inquiringly for a moment, asking,

“How do you buy slots anyway? I tried tapping on the screen but it didn’t give me a buy option.”

“Uh..” David quickly opened his status screen, checking what it said.

Name: David Care                Points: 0   Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 5

Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)      Energy Stored: 75.9 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy

Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun

Life Orbs: 17

David tapped on the Lottery selection, skipping over the option to use the slots.

Nothing happened. He looked at the screen in consternation.

“I’m not sure. The System said you could buy one for 500 points. Maybe we have to wait a while, or we have to be in a certain place to buy it.” David shrugged, putting it out of his mind.

“We’ll solve that problem when we come to it.”

Stacy nodded back at him.

With a plan in mind, the group split up. Shin, May, and Leia gathered together with Flynn and Sarah, preparing to transport to the army camp. From there, they would meet with some of the officials and search for any information regarding their families. Leia fluttered her wings in the air, eager to show them off to other people. Shin nodded confidently at David, withdrawing the Glock and checking it before he warped.

Before they left, David had them pause for a moment. He quickly made 2 Unbound Life Orbs, handing one to Leia, and May respectively. After making sure they bonded them, he waved them away, stepping back to watch them warp.

Shin gave David a thumbs up and a smile, grinning as he and the rest of the five disappeared, leaving behind a bright flash of light.

David looked at where they had been just seconds ago, musing on how amazing the abilities were. To be able to transport hundreds of miles in a second was simply astounding, in David’s eyes.

“Alright! I’m going back to bed till the System Auction update comes up.” He said to Stacy as he turned around and walked back towards the large tent.

“Okay!” Stacy called from behind him, “I’m going to practice with my power!”

Before he went to sleep, David spawned the 10 Life Orbs he could spawn today, sending them to float above him as he rested for the next few hours.

...A few hours later

A bright blue screen flashed open in front of David, waking him up from his nap. He woke up instantly, yawning as he read what was on the blue screen.

The System Auction is now open.

He tapped it again, looking to see if it would give him any more information. It didn’t.

David said aloud, “Auction!” looking around expectantly.


Nothing happened.

He tried a few different terms, before finally managing to open the screen by saying,

“Open Auction!”

A blue screen popped up immediately.

System Auction
There are currently 12 Auctions open. Would you like to see ongoing Auctions?

Open your own Auction?

David looked at it, tapping the option to see the other auctions. Immediately, a larger screen popped up with a scrolling wheel. It listed several different auctions all happening at once. It also had a small screen where he could sort auctions by price, type of item/ability/physical modification being sold, and the date added/date ending. He could also search the auction using key words. Very convenient, he thought, as he scrolled through a few of the auctions.

Auction 7
Selling: 1 Lottery Slot
Current Bid: None (min 350)
Time left: 24 hours

Auction 8
Selling: 1 Rank C Sword
Current Bid: 250 Points
Time Left: 48 hours

Auction 9
Selling: 1 Rank D Crystal Handgun
Current Bid: 400 Points
Time Left: 46 hours

David scrolled through the auctions, taking a look at them. Several of them had unique items or weapons. David looked down at his own weapon, Titan Slayer, wondering what rank it was. It hadn’t indicated when he bought it, and he had searched for it earlier to no avail.

David decided to try making his own auction. He back tracked to the first screen, opening it up.

System Auction
There are currently 31 Auctions open. Would you like to see ongoing Auctions?

Open your own Auction?

David tapped the Open Auction button, opening up a new screen.

Create An Auction
Item Selling
Minimum Bid
Time on Auction

David quickly added a Lottery Slot by tapping on the area to add his item. He then set the minimum bid at 300 points and added his auction to the list for 2 days.

Auction 15 (Yours)
Selling: Lottery Slot
Current Bid: None (min 300)
Time Left: 48 hours

David tapped off the screen, deciding to check back on it later. He scrolled through a few of the remaining auctions, not seeing anything that caught his eye. After he clicked off the last auction, David noticed something that hadn't been on the auction screen when he first opened it.

System Auction
There are currently 121 Auctions open. Would you like to see ongoing Auctions?

Open your own Auction? Check own Auction(1).

Auction Users Forum

“Hmm?” He said aloud, looking at the new option curiously. He tapped on the Auction Users Forumoption, wanting to see what would happen. Immediately, a large blue screen filled the air in front of him.

Auction Users Forum
Welcome to the Auction Users Forum.

Because this is your first time here, please indicate what System Name you will use.

Name Input:

David looked at the screen. It wanted him to choose a name before he could access the forum. He thought it seemed logical. He paused for a moment, trying to think up a good name. He quickly typed in:


Error: Name already in use

He looked at the screen annoyed, realizing that thousands of other people are looking at this screen right now. He hurried to add another name.


Error: Name already in use


Error: Name already in use


Name accepted.

David fist pumped the air, congratulating himself on getting a cool name. He assumed that the normal name list would fill up quickly, like any other forum, and users would have to add numbers to their usernames to comment.

After forming his name, the screen in front of David changed yet again, showing a different layout.

Auction Users Forum
Welcome to the Auction Forum.

Please select a forum section below to post a thread.

Auction Threads (automatically created with each auction) - 4,317 threads - 8 comments

Marketplace - 3 threads - 0 comments

General Discussion Threads - 34 threads - 5 comments

          Discussion Threads by Locale

                    United States - 5 threads - 1 comment

                    Russia - 2 threads - 0 comments

                    China - 11 threads - 2 comments

                    E.U. - 6 threads - 0 comments

                    Australia/New Zealand - 1 threads - 0 comments

                    Japan - 3 threads - 0 comments

                    Mexico - 0 threads - 0 comments

                    Brazil - 1 thread - 0 comments

                    India - 5 threads - 2 comments

                    Indonesia - 0 threads - 0 comments

                    ...more options

David looked it over, quickly checking the forums. He read over some of the threads in the General Discussion, looking through them. A majority of people were asking about how the rest of the world was doing. David replied to one of the threads from the E.U.

General Discussion Threads - E.U.
WHATS HAPPENING - Kracken 4 - 0 comments
Has the world fallen to chaos?!? Wats going on OUT THER!

User - Kracken4

Yo kracken, from the U.S. of A., shits pretty crazy over here too, but the military is restoring order.

User - Orbit

He tapped off, waiting to see if anyone responed. Several other users started replying to the thread.

Heyo Orbit, Kracken sup from straya mate. Aussie army be crackin down over here. Shit was cray day 1 but the coppers be on fucking everyone. Last I heard Sydney got blown up too. But yeah military restoring order here too, thank god

User - DownAboveUnder

Hey from Canada. Why the fuck doesn’t canada get a front page forum section, that's the real issue.

User - BlackEagle

The fuck yall non EU doing on the EU thread. GTF back to your country.
~from england

p.s. same here DownAbove, army shut down most the dangerous Supers, shits calming down. huge damage everywhere though. RIP walmart on 227 mays street

User - TopNoggin

the world IS going to chaos and IM FUCKING HELPING IT HAHAHA

User - dDeathz

David read over some of the responses, noting down some and ignoring others. From what he could tell, most countries had military forces that were cracking down and securing the nation. David decided that he would check over the american forum in a moment, after he finished testing out the auction feature. He pulled up the home auction screen again.

System Auction
There are currently 18,372 Auctions open. Would you like to see ongoing Auctions?

Open your own Auction? Check own Auction(1).

Auction Users Forum

“Holy shit, that’s a lot of auctions to have started.” He exclaimed, staring at the number. He shook his head and moved on, spawning the last Unbound Life Orb he could make. He had already given away 2 of his today.

He quickly opened a second auction screen, inputting in the Orb. He decided to sell it for a minimum bid of 500 points, for 24 hours.

Auction 18,431 (Yours)
Selling: Unbound Life Orb
Current Bid: None (min 500)
Time Left: 24 hours

David clicked off the screen smiling.

“It worked!” he thought, congratulating himself. He hadn’t been sure if he would be able to sell theUnbound Life Orbs, though he had been hoping he could.

David tapped off all the screens, pulling up the auction forum again and reading over some more threads. He was eager to find out more information on how the rest of the world was fairing.

Just as he started reading a new thread posted in the American section of the forum, a soft light gleamed on the right side of his screen and a message icon popped up. David stared at it for a moment before tapping on it.

You have: 7 new responses on the thread titled “Selling: Unbound Life Orb.”

David stared at it before quickly tapping on the message, looking to read the responses...


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