Apocalypse Now – Chapter 16

David tapped on his thread, reading the replies.

Auction Threads – Auction #18,341
Selling: Unbound Life Orb.”- Orbit - 7 comments
Haven’t seen this item yet. Anyone know what it does?
User – Torridown8
User – RadicalLarrio
@radical, I checked the ability you listed with my Intermediate Info Gatherer Ability and have some important intel for y’all.
These Life Orbs LITERALLY save your life. I shit you not, if you die, they basically break and respawn you where you died a second later.  Here’s the quote
>Life Orb Master – Manipulates Life Orbs. Life Orbs take the place of a user in the case of his death. Advance Info Gatherer required for full information.
User – IndetectivePh1l
            Ability(s): Intermediate Info Gatherer
Woah, this is the first time I’ve seen a Super respond. Did you know it lists your power on your signature? @IndetectivePh1l
Thanks for the intel. This Orb seems super OP.
User – DeorianGray2
Interesting. It seems very powerful, but I don’t know how people are going to be able to afford everything. Everyone with points will have already spent theirs. This whole auction seems pointless.
User – Kyleinator2
Woah! It’s like a free resawpn, from what the Super in the thread said. Shit, this seeems useful af.
User – DamianWalt0ner
@Orbit message me if you have any more of these for sale. I have placed a bid on it.
User – JorickYale
            Physical Modification(s): High Vampire

David read through the comments, interested. He noticed that when some of the users commented, it showed their Ability/Physical Modification for all to see. David also noticed that his powers weren’t listed on his first comment, but when he moved to make a replay to the people that posted in his thread, it was automatically listed. He mentally shrugged, deciding to not reply for now. He pulled up his auction to see what the bid was at.

Auction 18,431 (Yours)
Selling: Unbound Life Orb
Current Bid: 550 (min 500)
Time Left: 23 hours

He looked at it in shock.

“550 points?!” He stared at the glowing screen.

It must be known that at this time, points were very scarce. People with large amounts of points had already spent them. So, naturally, people wouldn’t be using the auction system very much. For David to get a bid above his minimum value surprised him.

David stared at the screen for a moment longer before tapping away. Suddenly, he heard a shriek outside. David burst out of his tent, a gun appearing in his hand as he looked around.

Stacy was sitting by the edge of the water, completely drenched. David blinked and took a closer look, realizing that she was actually sitting in the water, not the edge. He looked around, noting that the energy shield was still up. He stared at her questioningly.

Stacy looked at David and blushed, quickly getting out of the lake. She was completely drenched, her clothes clinging to her suggestively. She ran over to the edge of the shield.

David asked,

“What happened? How’d you get past the shield? Was it Shin?” He looked around suspiciously.

“No, no!” Stacy stammered out, covering her self with her hands as she noticed how her clothes clung to her.

“I was practicing my technique with my new ki power and I felt like I could sort of dash forward instantly. You know, like a movement technique. So I tried it out, but it actually teleported me 20 meters instead of making me run fast. Here, I’ll show you!” Her eyes lit up as she focused on the shield in front of her. David felt more then saw energy began to coalesce around her, the air gaining a steel hue.

Stacy seemed to shimmer for a moment before disappearing completely. David turned around, seeing her appear several meters past him. Stacy spun around grinning, splashing water everywhere. David stared at her.

Stacy seemed to realize how little her soaking wet clothes hid her figure and squeaked, diving into the large tent and yelling,

“Changing! Stay out!”

David smiled and shook his head, walking over to one end of the giant energy shield. He opened up his status screen, looking over what it said.

Name: David Care                Points: 0         Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 5
Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)        Energy Stored: 78.4 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy
Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun
Life Orbs: 27

Everything there seemed the same. He couldn’t detect any differences after he’d created his auction and set himself a forum name.

David waited a bit, letting Stacy change. After she finished, he decided to go take a nap, waiting on Shin to return. He couldn’t really explore anywhere, not safely, and decided it would be best to sit tight and wait for word. Stacy agreed, but said she would keep practicing. David shrugged and went into the tent, falling asleep quickly. He decided he would be well rested when action was required.

Several hours later

David woke up, yawning. He had been napping for a few hours, waiting on Shin to arrive. He looked around, wondering what had woken him. He left the tent.

He saw Shin, May, and Leia standing outside next to Stacy, looking as if they had just arrived. Shin had a relaxed look on his face while May and Leia had happy excited looks on theirs. May noticed David and ran over to him yelling,

“David! Great news! The government has secured the rest of America! They’ve cracked down on criminals and are helping provide support to those that need it. We found all of our families in one of the established refugee camps.” Leia nodded, fluttering next to her and confirming her words.

Shin walked over casually, nodding at David. He spoke,

“It’s true. We ran into them when we went to the Camp Mabry base. The rest of America has been mostly secured too. Everything is returning back to normal, mostly. At least, that’s what the radio says. Check your phone.” He gestured at the tent, where David had left his phone.

David jogged over rummaging in some bags till he found his iPhone. He had powered it down when the signal stopped working, deciding to save its battery. He turned it on now. Immediately, after it finished powering up, he received a flurry of text messages from his mom, his dad, his siblings, May, and a few friends. He looked at it in surprise.

David yelled out,

“Yeah, it’s working! Awesome!”

He suddenly noticed that the two kids they had rescued were gone, Flynn and his girlfriend.

“What happened to the other two? Did you find their family?”

Shin shrugged and replied,

“When they found out phones worked, they thanked us and went to use one of the phones the military had set up. They made a few phone calls and left, asking us to thank you especially.” May and Leia went off to talk with Stacy, a cheerful air overtaking them.

David walked aside with Shin, talking quietly.

“What do you think we should do? If order is returning, I think we should blend into one of the refugee camps. I like having our new powers, but I think we shouldn’t display them so overtly.” Shin nodded, agreeing. They spoke for a few minutes, planning out what they would do. The duo turned around and went to the girls.

“Alright,” David began, “So I think what our plan should be is to blend in with the refugee camps and join our families. If everything is returning back to relative normal, I think it would be best if we didn’t display that some of us have powers.” They all nodded, agreeing. Leia fluttered in the air, distressed. David looked at her, understanding. She had a huge pair of wings on her back, wings that were in fact taller than she was. She wouldn’t be able to hide them if she tried.

“Leia you can be our exception. After all, having enough points to buy a power was super rare, I doubt people would expect more of us to have powers.” They all nodded.

“Okay, let’s go! Let’s pack up the camp and get ready to go to Camp Mabry. We’ll go join our families!” David smiled at them all. He was eager to see his family, tired of the past few chaotic days. He kept his mind of off all that had happened.

The group split up, packing up the rest of the camp and picking up their supplies. David stashed theSmall Rechargeable Energy Shield in May’s Inventory, keeping it safe and hidden. As for the rest of the supplies, they decided to take the stuff with them, storing what they could in David’s Inventory. They quickly cleaned up the camp area and soon were ready to go.

They gathered in a small group, all of them holding hands as David nodded at Shin.

“Can you set us down inside the refugee camp, somewhere where we won’t be noticed?” He looked inquiringly at Shin.

Shin nodded,

“Yeah, if we go behind one of the bathroom areas, we should have some clear space.” Shin smiled, and the world began to blur.

Instantly, they transported to the grass behind a small building. They landed on its north side, a large clearing empty of people. David landed on the ground, looking around. He didn’t see anyone nearby, but could hear hundreds of voices talking around them. He saw several hundreds of tents, and people walking in and out around them in the distance. He looked around at his friends, smiling reassuringly.

David looked at May saying,

“Alright hun. Where are our families? I’m sure my mothers been worried sick.”

May nodded, looking around. “We told them we would be back, our families are all situated on the north side of the camp. I’ll lead us!”

May took the lead, leading them in and out through the campground. David looked around closely, waiting for someone to raise the alarm. However, after 30 seconds of walking with nothing happening, he decided they must have made it in without being noticed.

They quickly made their way to the north of the camp, soon reaching May’s destination, a large circle of tents. May ran over to one of the tents, pulling on it. David saw a familiar figure pop out, watching as May’s mom gave her a hug. May gestured David over to one the larger tents next to hers. The rest of the group split up, all going to separate tents except for Shin, who looked around with a satisfied smile on his face.

David pulled on the tent yelling,


He heard a flurry of voices respond,



“That’s David!!”

Tears formed on his face as his family burst out of the tent and hugged him. David hugged them all back, crying and laughing as he told them he loved them.

And thus, David was reunited with his family, ending the days he was forced to live in the wilds camped out.

Soon, order and security returned to the rest of America, and many of the larger countries in the world. Military forces subdued people that refused to obey the law, many Supers joining forces and keeping order.

David and his family returned back to Austin, life slowly returning to a semblance of normal.

Three Weeks Later

David opened up his status, checking out his updated screen.

Name: David Care                Points: 610         Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 5
Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)        Energy Stored: 582.8 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy
Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun
Life Orbs: 237

He smiled, satisfied at what he saw. He had been stockpiling his Life Orbs, saving them up to make a large purchase in the future. He still had the 5 Lottery Slots he had obtained from the Lottery Crate, deciding to keep them for now. He didn’t want to risk using them yet, and wanted to have them as a trade item if necessary.

After his first Unbound Orb had sold, for a staggering amount at 610 points, David had decided that he would stockpile his Unbound Orbs as well. He fully intended to put them on the System Auction, but decided he would wait a bit for things to calm down.

The past few weeks had been very relaxing for him. After staying at the refugee camp for a week, he and his family had returned back to Austin, entering a new apartment they were renting. He got his own room to himself, and had been practicing with his new powers. He had come up with a way to levitate, using the orbs he controlled to carry his body.

When he wasn’t practicing, David was helping out his dad with his work. David’s Dad was a carpenter, and his services were in high demand with all the massive damage the city had taken. David had spent several happy and hectic days helping carry and cut wood, moving heavy supplies around and in general being helpful.

After three long weeks of lying low, David had decided that he would continue to lie low till the upcomingMonthly Scattering. He picked up his phone, about to give Shin a call and coordinate a plan when he heard a voice yell out,

“David!” His mom yelled, calling from the front of the apartment,

“David, some nice gentleman from the government want to talk to you!”

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  • seanpoop@cox.net' sean says:

    “David and his family returned back to Austin, life slowly returning to a semblance of normal.”

    I find it hard to believe that everything could return back to normal so quickly. I’m guessing the government and the military have a ton of “Supers” working for them? If not, then society would still be quite chaotic since there’d be no one to enforce the rules/laws.

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