Apocalypse Now – Chapter 17


“David, some nice gentleman from the government want to talk to you!”

David started, his mind racing.


“The government? What..?” He couldn’t think of anything he’d done recently to draw attention. He decided to act casual and see what they wanted. The Life Orbs he usually let float around his head suddenly dived into a small pouch he wore. They all shrank to the size of mini-marbles as they entered his pouch. David exited his room and walked to the front of the large apartment they lived in. He saw his mother standing with two men dressed in suits. Both guys were muscular and tanned, with perfect smiling teeth. The first one was slightly taller than the second, with short brown hair and a pair of shades tucked into his suit pocket. The other government worker looked quiet and wasn’t speaking.


“Ah, Mr. Care. A pleasure to finally meet you.” The first man stuck his hand out for David to shake. David stared at him for a moment before taking it, shaking his hand.


“You’re probably wondering why we came all the way here.” He smiled, nodding his head at David.


“Uh, yeah, a bit.” David responded, not sure what they wanted him to say.


“My name is Jeremiah Lynch, an assistant captain in the DOS. We have footage and confirmed reports of you helping defend the forward action base that Camp Mabry established in their efforts to retake Austin from one of the many criminal elements that went wild on S-Day.” The man withdrew a small I-Pad, playing a video clip. David recognized the footage, watching as he flew on the frame and fought against the giant dinosaur he had battled against. He flew off frame before he launched his Life Orb powered energy beam.


“We have reason to believe that you have a type of transformation ability that gives you superhuman capabilities.” David tensed up, preparing to act. He had no idea what they wanted, but he wasn’t going to sit and let them kidnap him. Images of being dissected over and over flashed through his mind.


The man waited a bit for David to respond. When David said nothing, the man continued speaking as if nothing had happened.


“Therefore, I would like to offer you a position as a team member in the SDA, Department of Supers, as long as you pass a few preliminary tests.”


David gaped, surprised.




The man smiled,


“I said, we’re here to offer you a position as a member of the Department of Supers here in America. Now, being a member is not without benefits. You will be paid very well, and can gain many benefits from serving with us. Wealth, security, and tools to help you understand and grow your powers, everything we have is offered to the various Supers that live here in America. All that is asked in return is to help us combat other Supers in the case that you are needed.”


David shook his head, still surprised, as he took in what the man said.


“So you want me to be a… Super Cop? Or something?”


The man laughed heartily,


“Well, I wouldn’t put it quite like that, but yes. A very well paid and prestigious Super Cop.” The second man standing behind the first gave a faint attempt at a smile.


“Uh, can I get back to you? This is kind of a pretty big offer.” David asked.


“Certainly! In fact, we were just coming by to make the offer. There is no obligation to accept.” The first man smiled and pulled a small card out of his coat pocket.


“This card will have the number you can call when you make a decision. We hope to see you helping us defend and protect families like your own.” He tilted his head slightly at David and turned around. The man behind him turned as well, exiting.


David’s mom shut the door behind him, turning around to look at him with a slightly worried expression.


“Honey, I’m not so sure I want you to take them up on their offer. It sounds dangerous.” She gave him a worried look.


David gave her a reassuring smile,


“Don’t worry mum. Even if it is dangerous, you know what my other power is. I won’t be in any serious danger.”


She replied,


“Still honey…”


David returned to his room, reading over the card before him. All it had was a phone number and a name with some information,


Jeremiah Lynch                                                   512 – 412 – 3921

Assistant Captain of the DOS

Class B Super


He flipped the card over, finding nothing. He pondered what he should do for a moment before picking up his phone and calling Shin.


A few moments later Shin picked up.


“Yo, Shin here wassup.” Shins voice echoed through the phone.


“Hey Shin, it’s David. Mate, want to meet up real quick? You won’t believe what just happened to me.”


“Ayyyyy David how we doing mate. Yeah brother hold on.” A whirring sound commenced and suddenly, David felt more then heard a body thump down on his apartment floor. He spun around.


Shin was wearing a pair of black jeans and a shirt, with a hot pink apron, covered in hearts, tied over his chest. He was setting his phone in his pocket and gave David a lazy smile.


“What’s up bud?”


David stared at Shin, then at his apron, then back at Shin.


Shin seemed to notice the apron he was wearing for the first time.


“Oh right. I was helping bake cookies at the orphanage we volunteered at last year. You remember? They opened back up and needed some help. We had already finished when you called me and I hadn’t taken it off yet.” He shrugged, flopping on to David’s bed. David shook his head and told Shin what had happened, including the offer the men had made.


A worried look covered Shin’s face.


“Yo David, this shit is real man. If the government is forming a department, you know they’ll be going all out.”


David nodded. Shin continued talking,


“I’m the last guy that will tell you to trust the government. However, I feel like if we’re a part of it, we’ll see everything coming if things go south. “


David considered what he said, agreeing,


“Your not wrong. Being on the inside would be handy, and it’s not like they’re asking us to do anything. I think they want us as a standing force, in case another country or group forms their own group of Supers and attacks.”


The duo talked for a bit, discussing what their plans would be. In the end, they agreed to check out the DOS location together. The men that had come had mentioned that there were some preliminary tests. Shin agreed to accompany David when he went there, planning on trying out with him. They decided they would do the rest of the plan live, working on what happened.


After they finished talking, Shin left, citing needs to return his stolen pink apron and help clean up. David nodded and watched him leave. He opened up his auction forum screen.



Auction Users Forum


Welcome to the Auction Forum.


Please select a forum section below to post a thread.


Auction Threads (automatically created with each auction) – 421,198 threads – 2,291,528 comments


Marketplace – 124,701 threads – 1,508,337 comments


General Discussion Threads – 9,849,562 threads – 108,235,886 comments


          Discussion Threads by Locale


                    United States – 1,258,989 threads – 10,329,771 comments


                    Russia – 997,845 threads – 8,702,885 comments


                    China – 2,318,339 threads – 25,610,323 comments


                    E.U. – 1,775,247 threads – 15,218,193 comments


                    Australia/New Zealand – 508,382 threads – 3,281,774 comments


                    Japan – 881,711 threads – 7,989,292 comments


                    Mexico – 210,337 threads – 1,892,566 comments


                    Brazil – 431,201 threads – 2,560,194 comments


                    India – 1,989,224 threads – 22,864,381 comments


                    Indonesia – 568,992 threads – 6,030,923 comments


                    ...more options



David tapped on the General Discussion threads and moved into the American section. He scrolled through a few of the threads, reading titles.



General Discussion Threads – United States


What have you gotten from your Lottery Slots? –2Pls1Gamble – 12 comments





Looking for mission person: info in thread. – Du87Ranger – 3 comments





Why the U.S. Sucks vs Europe – FrancerFashionK – 76 comments




Looking for attractive single women in the Dallas area – MusckleRider – 0 comments



As he scrolled through several tens of new threads, he saw one that caught his eye.



DOS – US govs newest department. – EightBreaker – 5 comments




“Ah! The guys that were just here…” David mumbled, tapping on the thread.


General Discussion Threads – United States


DOS – US govs newest department.– EightBreaker – 5 comments


Hey y’all, humans and fellow Supers. I was recently contacted by some government officials in the US, members of the newly formed “DOS” or the Department of Supers.


I just wanted to share the info I found. Apparently they are the newest Department formed by the US government, designed to recruit and organize America’s Supers. I went through a series of tests and passed (of course) and succeeded in joining.


I highly recommend that y’all join as well. The treatment here is awesome, and there are all sorts of perks and ranks. They are currently organizing teams to hunt for Lottery Crates in the upcoming Monthly Scattering.


Anyways, this is just my opinion. Thanks for reading!


User – EightBreaker

         Physical Modification: Herculean Strength





Wow, we already have a department for Supers? Fuck yeah America!


User – RedOctoberPls2





Thanks for the heads up, I haven’t been approached yet, I’ll see what I can find out.


User – BrianCoBrian

         Ability – Psychic (Medium)








User – FreedToBreatheAy





@FreedToBreatheAy any reason or are you just a troll? Kappa kappa


Also, thanks for the post @EightBreaker


User – HoldenTheShield





Interesting. I wonder if other countries have formed departments for Supers too?


User – QuantumCrackMGA




“Huh, so other people have been approached too.” He spoke aloud, thinking. David hadn’t been sure if the two men had even been with the government. But, if other people were also being recruited, it was probably a legit thing. He decided to give the number on the phone a call.


He whipped out his iPhone and dialed the number. A few moments later,


“Hello? This is Assistant Captain Jeremiah speaking.”


“Hey Jeremiah, this is David, the guy you met about an hour ago. I thought over your offer and decided it couldn’t hurt to see what y’all do.”


Jeremiah promptly responded,


“That’s great to hear David! You’re going to find this really worth your time, I assure you. There are a few preliminary tests that we give Supers to help put them in the right class. There are 5 classes of Supers in our Department, from Class S, A, B, C, and D. Each class is separated by power. Our departments strongest Supers would be listed in Class S, the most regular in Class D. It’s a quick way for us to separate man power and quickly solve issues. The test you take will determine your rank. You can move up ranks be demonstrating sufficient power and results. Any questions?”


“Uh, no, not so far. Where do I take these tests at?”


Jeremiah paused for a moment,


“Ah let me see. In Austin, we have a small area set up north of Round Rock. Can your phone receive texts?” He asked questioningly.


“Yeah, it can.”


“Perfect! I’ll text you the address for your convenience. It’s a small farm on the outskirts of town, far off so that no one is damaged if a Super’s powers activate too strongly. The next round of testing will be in 6 days from now, at 10 AM. Hope to see you there David!”


“Yes, thank you! I will!” David hung up, setting his phone down. A few moments later he received a text listing an address.


He Google mapped the address and found that it indeed was a small farm, surrounded by nothing. He texted Shin what he had learned, and put his phone away.


“Alright…” he said aloud, mentally pulling the Life Orbs he had stored out of his pouch. Several of them floated around his head. David had found that he could combine ten orbs into a single orb if he wished, greatly lessening the clutter.


“I think I’ll practice a little bit before we go to this test.”



  • lovenit101@yahoo.com' Carl says:

    So I just seen this on reddit and read it in one go. Firstly, you write super well.. but I think this story has a major flaw.

    The flaw is that points can be given/traded outside of the auction – it may seem like 25 points for an average person is little, but when they are tradable it gets ridiculous. Even if the Government didn’t try and ‘force’ people to give up their points most people would look at their 20-30 points and see no benefit to keeping them which would result in them giving them up willingly.

    In the U.S the average population for a town is like 20,000 – multiply that by 25 and you get 500k points, and in the system the most OP skills/items/abilities only cost 8-9k points. So every town could basically have a fighting force of 450-500 ‘super’ superhumans.

    Even if you factor in babies/small children/jerks who want to keep their 25 points, it would still be in the hundreds of thousands of points available in every town in the U.S (cities obviously would offer much more)

    Maybe initally this wouldn’t be an issue, but someone in either the local or federal government would discover this aspect of the System and would DEFINITELY use it for military use (also, it kind of makes the threats of Titans very small – even if 1 Titan can kill 10 powerful Superhumans, with the population of earth there’s nearly an infinite amount of points).

    • seanpoop@cox.net' sean says:

      Carl said: “In the U.S the average population for a town is like 20,000 – multiply that by 25 and you get 500k points”

      Man… 500k points… that would create 1,000 Immortal soldiers that would never die on the battlefield. Those titans, whatever they are, don’t sound that big of a deal anymore.

  • Wiz says:

    Hi Carl!

    You’re correct with the amount of points that exist. You’ll see what happens with them in the next few chapters 🙂

    Also, if you recall, theres limited numbers, or “slots” of powers that can be used. So, all the super power modifications and abilities are already taken.

    This means people that get large numbers of points now will either have to wait for a spot to come available, or spend it on supplies/weapons/armor or Lottery Slots.

  • lovenit101@yahoo.com' Carl says:

    Ah right, another thing about the MC’s power (sorry, can’t edit my other comment)

    He gets 10 orbs everyday, initially this isn’t a ton – after a month he’d have 270-310 orbs. This isn’t even that many (though for lives it’s insane, I just mean as floating objects), what about after a year? he’d have 3650 nearly indestructible orbs that are roughly 2-3times the size of marbles.

    He could be able to create shields/prison cells/you name it – The bigger the opponent is the better! If Titans in this novel are like the megalithic ones in ancient Greece, what would stop him from using his orbs to hold them in place while he kills them?

  • modvsic@gmail.com' Dvs says:

    Thanks!Go David Go! (My real name is David… hehe :P)

  • gamparookis@gmail.com' Strum says:

    Started this today, really enjoying it so far.

    Typical Google, still alive and strong after a literal apocalypse xD
    Not even supers can contest with the powers of Google Maps

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