Apocalypse Now – Chapter 2

“Bro! Bro, are you alright?” David awoke to Shin’s voice, which was shaking him awake, “Bro! Hey! What happened, David?” Shin was standing above him, a worried look on his face. David looked around, noting that he was still on academic plaza. Several students were talking in groups, all of them looking confused. He checked his watch, noting that he had been out for at least an hour. The sun beat down in the mid afternoon light.

“Hey Shin. Yeah, I accidentally picked a Physical modification on that screen, and it knocked me out. I have a killer headache now.” David groaned, clutching his head. It felt like a thousand angry dwarves were stomping around, ravaging his poor mind.

“Woah?! Dude, the cheapest Physical Modification that I saw was 800 points! That’s awesome! Which one did you pick?” Shin looked at him, awe in his eyes, “I saw a beginner level Ki Cultivator earlier. He was destroying rocks with his bare hands! He let loose a few punches that destroyed entire cars! Physical Modifications are the fucking shit man.”

“Uh, I picked one that said, Life Orb Master.” David shook his head, trying to clear it, “But it doesn’t seem to have done much to me.”

“Have you tried checking your status screen?” Shin said, staring at him curiously.

“Uhhh, nope.” David looked up, saying, “Status!”

A glowing screen popped up, listing off a number of things.

Name: David Care                Points: 511               Race: Human      Lottery Slots: 2
Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)                    
Abilities: Life Orb Form, Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Life Orb Store

David looked back at Shin, stating his status. He was disappointed with what he got back.

“Whoa, yeah, those stats are all similar to mine, except for that Life Orb whatever.” Shin said, looking disappointed his best friend wasn’t superhuman. “But 511 points left? Bro, buy something cool! Like laser eyes! Or breathing fire! Dude, this is awesooome!” Shin was practically dancing with excitement.

“What did you buy, Shin?” David said, curious to know.

“I didn’t have that many points; I just had enough for the Teleportation Master ability. The abilities are a lot cheaper than the Body Modifications, haha.” Shin said, looking around, “It cost me 2,200 points, I have 11 left. Geez, I thought I was lucky to have so many points.” He said, shaking his head.

Shin was correct, however. The average human in this world had 25 points. To have above 2,000 points was considered extremely powerful. David, who had spawned with over 8,000 points, was a monster. The chances of this happening were less than 1/1,000,000.

David looked at the Lottery slots it said he had. He clicked on the word, curious as to what it was. A small blue pop up appeared.

Lottery Slot

The Lottery slot is a random chance to gain: A large number of points, A small number of points, Nothing, Supplies, A New Ability, or New Armors/Weapons. Please activate your lottery slot to find out.

You may purchase a new Lottery slot for: 500 points.

David looked back, determined to make good use of what he had and not making a mistake like he did last time. The Lottery word had a small button next to it. David clicked it. The number next to his Lottery slot dropped from 2 to 1 and another blue pop up appeared.

Congratulations! You have won a new ability! This ability is: Store/Expand Energy. Click the ability name to learn more about it.

David clicked the ability’s name, eager to learn more.

Store/Expand Energy Ability                    Cost: 2,000 points

This ability allows one to store energy at will, saving it for use later. When the user needs said energy, they can draw from their energy stores, allowing continued strength and power, when otherwise one would collapse. Also, the user can expand the stored energy in large amounts, allowing huge explosions of power. May be dangerous to the user’s health.

Accept information? Yes/No

David clicked yes, happy to have a new ability, but a bit worried about it as well. It certainly didn’t sound like something that was safe to use. A blinding light flashed out from his screen, and suddenly, David felt knowledge flow into his mind. He understood how to store energy, how to expand it, knew approximately what was dangerous, and what could happen. David immediately began storing energy, knowing that it could help him if he ever got in a pinch.

Shin was watching David curiously. Shin was David’s best friend. They met during their freshman new student orientation. Shin had been a video game addict that barely made it into college, while David was a straight A student on a scholarship. Somehow, though, they quickly bonded, becoming close friends throughout the years. Shin practiced teleporting around while David waited. Shin had the ability, Teleportation Master, allowing him to warp wherever he wanted with little to no limits. He could bring up to 25 people at once and as long as he had been there before, he could return there. He only needed a second or two to activate his power, and a few seconds more to bring a group.

David looked back at his status screen, seeing it update.

Name: David Care                Points: 511               Race: Human
Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)                    
Abilities: Life Orb Form, Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Life Orb Store, Store/Expand Energy

David was struck by an idea, and clicked on where it listed his class. A blue screen came on.

Life Orb Master Physical Modification               Cost: 8200 points

A Life Orb master can manipulate, create, and use orbs called, “Life Orbs.” Life Orbs automatically take the place of the user when he otherwise would have died. They can also be detonated to fully restore a user to maximum health/mana/stamina. More information will come available as the user masters his modification.

Accept information? Yes/No

David clicked yes. Suddenly, a torrent of knowledge poured into his mind. He understood how to use Life Orbs, how he made them, and everything about them. He quickly organized the main points in his head:

  1. A Life Orb takes my place when I otherwise would die
  2. I can regenerate anything by breaking a Life Orb
  3. Life Orbs will float in the air, close to my head, and are more or less indestructible.
  4. I can change the size of an orb, and can sit on them to float or fly around. I cannot truly fly, however.
  5. I can produce a maximum of 10 Life Orbs a day. I can also produce 3 Unbound Life Orbs a day. Unbound Life Orbs can be given to anyone, whereupon they will bond with a user. Once bonded, the orb will function like mine do, taking their place should they die.

David looked over his ability again, and then felt in his mind where his energy to create the Orbs was stored. He quickly created 10 Life Orbs, and 3 Unbound Life Orbs. He pocketed the Unbound Orbs, and set the normal Orbs to float around him.

The Life Orbs were very small, maybe 2 or 3 times the size of a marble. They floated in the air, in perfectly circular shapes, giving off a full aura. They glowed light blue, and looked mysterious.

Shin, who was finished teleporting around randomly, watched the Orbs float and asked, “So? What do the orbs do?”

“From what I can tell, one Orb will take my place if I should otherwise die. Or, if I like want to heal or something, they’ll break and heal me.”

Shin whistled, “Gee, so you’re like invincible now if you get enough of these.” David nodded, though it wasn’t quite like that. He felt that someone who could break past his initial 10 Life Orbs would be able to kill him no matter what. He tossed Shin the 3 Unbound Orbs he had made. “Try bonding those. They do the same things mine do.” Shin grabbed them out of the air.

He looked at them for a moment, then back to David, then back to the Orbs.

“How the fuck do I bond these?”

Name: David Care                Points: 511               Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 1
Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)                    
Abilities: Life Orb Form, Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Life Orb Store, Store/Expand Energy

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