Apocalypse Now – Chapter 21

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Apoc Now – Chapter 21 - Two Promises


In a small town in Switzerland


John Delmar hated inequality. There was nothing more in the world that he hated more than people being treated unequally. He had read up on the history of the world, noting down several nations that had held slaves, punished prisoners cruelly and unusually, and gone against the will of its citizens. In his eyes, there was nothing worse then going against the people of a country, for only when one is in agreement with his people can one truly be powerful.


John had studied at the most prestigious of universities, graduating summa cum laude from Harvard, a genius hailed by the rest of his class. He knew in his heart that he was smarter than most people, and had physical proof that confirmed what he thought. He was destined for greatness, and he was a man on a mission.


He let out a dreary sigh as he stood up, looking around the wreckage of the town he was in.


He looked sadly at the ruined buildings, the still burning walls and ground, the deserted and empty streets. Wreckage was strewn everywhere. He shook his head as he stood, walking out of the burning house he was in. He hadn’t wanted to punish this town, he truly hadn’t, but they had left him no choice.


After all, John was a savior, a hero that was going to free this world of evil. Only he could see the truly evil people in this world, and with his great mind he knew exactly how to fight against such evil. To go against him was to fight against hope and freedom, and that was not something he could allow. Therefore, he had saved them from this world, moving them into the next.


Sloughs of magma fell off him as he walked, spreading to melt the surrounding street. Nearby cars, already burnt husks of metal, began to melt down as the metal holding the cars up melted, unable to stand the heat of the burning magma. Several small explosions shook the area as he jumped into the air, detonating the ground beneath him as he walked. He dry washed his hands as he flew, his eyes flickering around.


He turned to the west, picturing in his mind the evil, evil land that lay over the seas.


“My fellow Americans... I am coming. I will save this world.”



Department of Supers – Texas Headquarters and Test site



“WHAT!?” David yelped out, stupefied. “You’re in the S Class?!” His eyes goggled as he stared at Shin in surprise. He didn’t really know what S Class signified, besides being the best, but if he was in B Class, how could someone like Shin be in S Class? He couldn’t accept it.


Shin stared at him for a moment before bursting out laughing,


“Ahahahahaha, oh god you should have seen yourself, ahahaha.”


Shin wiped tears from his eyes, still smiling.


“No, they said I would register as an A Class, in the lower rankings of the nearly 3000 A Class members. Apparently my teleportation ability is extremely unique, with only four other people in the world having the same power. They didn’t go into detail, but said it would be extremely useful with the weaponry and armor they had available. I would also be placed in a team.”


Shin ducked as David threw a punch at him and continued speaking like nothing happened.


“But, why are you in B Class? Surely they would place you higher, at least in the top 500 A Class. Your Orbs are incredibly unfair.”


David shrugged,


“Their information on my abilities doesn’t seem to be complete, so I didn’t bother informing them. Remember, we’re not sure if we’re going to join the Department for sure. I’ll reveal my full abilities if I need to, but not before then.”


Shin nodded, understanding. They talked for a few minutes, watching as the other Supers made their way through testing. After a few minutes, Stacy came over and joined them. She asked their ranking, telling them that she had been placed in B Class, once the DOS information gatherer’s confirmed her abilities and martial arts training.


The majority of people that had come in were all placed in D or C Class, with a few being placed in B. Shin was the only person that placed in A Class. After they were all tested and confirmed, the group reformed on the opposite side of the gymnasium waiting. The three A Class Supers smiled at the group confidently, waiting. The recruiter was tapping away at a tablet in his hands, glancing at the group occasionally. A few moments later, David saw him whisper down towards the tablet, as if he was talking to someone.


Terry immediately translated what he was saying, the words appearing in front of David.


“…Yes, we have completed a background check on all the testers with our low level Information Gatherers. All of them are from where they say they are, we have found no spies among them. I will continue with the recruitment as usual, sending their information for the high-level information gatherers to review over the next few days. Yes sir, the guards are still here, thank you.”


He couldn’t detect what the other person was saying, but he could piece together the conversation from how the recruiter responded, for the most part. It seemed like the recruitment process was more complicated than it appeared, with high-level background checks and guards. He looked at the three A Class Supers, only now realizing why they were here. He wondered how many spies they had caught trying to infiltrate the Department of Supers.


The recruiter tapped off his tablet and turned to face the group of Supers, a smile appearing on his face.


“Congratulations to all of you! After we run a few checks, we will contact you. Feel free to call at any time and check if we have finished evaluating you. I’m sure you all understand that joining our Department is a pretty momentous event, and we welcome all of you with open hands.”


The recruiter smiled, looking at all of them individually.


“We have emailed you some more information on what our Department is. It’s a rather large PDF file, but feel free to look through it at your leisure. Thank you again for coming and showing interest in our American Department of Supers. That’s all for today.” He gave a small bow and turned around, gesturing for the crowd to continue back the way they came. The three A Class Supers stood watch, observing the crowd as they left. David couldn’t shake the feeling like they looked at him as if he was a bug to be squashed. He shook his head as he filed out with the crowd, gathering his thoughts.


“Terry, can you summarize the information about the Department now?” He quietly whispered, barely audible, as he walked towards the front lobby with Shin and Stacy in tow. The crowd around David quietly talked as they walked towards the entrance.


Certainly…One moment please…


The Department of Supers is, as you currently know, a newly formed branch of the U.S. Government designed to combat other forces of Supers. The datasheet we have been sent gives us the rough numbers of our units, though specifics on levels of strength and weapons are not listed.


There are approximately:

 400,000 D Class Supers

80,000 C Class Supers

26,000 B Class Supers

3000 A Class Supers

13 S Class Supers


Listed here states that the top 100 members of the A Class are extremely powerful, and the S Class Supers are unfathomable. The top 100 members in the A Class are known as the Invincibles. Being in the top 100 grants members special rights and privileges. As of now, the rankings are not set in stone, with ranks shifting as more and more Supers join the Department.


A D Class Super has roughly twice the strength of a normal human, or an ability that equals around that level of strength.


A C Class Super has roughly three to five times the strength of a normal human, or an ability that equals around that level of strength.


A B Class Super has roughly six to twenty-five times the strength of a normal human, or an ability that equals around that level of strength.


An A Class Super has roughly twenty-six to a hundred times the strength of a normal human, or an ability that equals around that level of strength. The Invincibiles, or Top 100 in A Class, all have anywhere from one hundred to five hundred times the strength of a normal human, or abilities that equal that level of power.


A S Class Super… There is no available information regarding them. I would hypothesize that they are much stronger than A Class Supers.


This Department is enormous, much larger than my projections had predicated. I would highly recommend joining the Department, just to avoid scrutiny by the Government.


All of my predictions, however, are based upon your not yet set goal, master. Please input what my priorities should be and what your long-term goal is so that I can base my recommendations towards it.


“My goal? Huh. I haven’t considered it yet.” David pondered as he left the building. The crowd of Supers around him dispersed, all of them going back to their vehicles. David turned around to look at Shin and Stacy.


“So what do y’all think of this place?” He said as he nodded at the Department building. He searched the parking lot for his car, walking towards it when he spotted the Toyota.


“I think it seems pretty cool. A way to keep our family safe, make money, and help protect our country so everyone else is safe? I like it. There’s a lot of dangerous people out there, and I wouldn’t want them to get a chance to hurt our kiddos over here.” Shin said, warping to sit on top of David’s car. He gave them a lazy wave.


“I’m joining.” Stacy said, rather out of the blue. She had been quietly looking down the whole time, as if struggling with something. She looked at David determinedly.


“I can use my new power for good, defending the ones I love. And I’ll be able to help my family out as well.” She smiled confidently, a new light appearing in her step. Her toned body flexed as she walked forward, flipping on top of David’s car to join Shin. She looked like some type of manga heroine.


David stopped and stared at them.


“The fuck is this, a movie? Get off my car.” Shin gave a sheepish grin and warped off, appearing behind David. Stacy blushed and hopped down, saying,


“I was just matching Shin. I thought it looked cool.” She blushed again, even deeper, and threw her self in to the car. David stared at her, shaking his head. He looked at Shin.


Shin smiled at David, laughing quietly,


“ehehehe. Let’s get outta here.”


The trio quickly left the government site, traveling back to David’s apartment before splitting up. Shin left first, saying he needed to go check in on the orphanage. Stacy left after him, citing needs to take her little sisters to school. While the majority of colleges had paused till Christmas, grade schools and preschools hadn’t.


David looked at the tall apartment building he lived in, trying to come up with a plan. He pondered what he wanted in this new world. He spoke aloud to Terry as he thought.




Yes master?


“I want safety. For me, for my friends, for my family. But I also don’t want to be bored. I want to contribute to society I suppose. With my new powers, I think I would be best suited as a team manager. I can create my own team of Supers.”


Indeed. There is also the impending Apocalypse eleven months from now.


“Right, right. We need to build up humanities strength so we can fight against these ancient gods. If we aren’t united, we will fall.”


Correct. The estimated strength of these Titans is incredibly high. As you are now, you would die almost immediately if you tried to fight against one. I would project an approximate battle time of 0.3 seconds. Your Life Orb ability would extend the time you lived, however.


“Yeah… I need to get stronger, and I need to help humanity get stronger.”


He looked up at the sky, his eyes alighting with determination.


“Alright. I’m going to join the Department and form my own team of Supers.” He smiled, laughing a little. The sun above him blazed down as the morning moved into the afternoon.


“I will save this world.”





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