Apocalypse Now – Chapter 23

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Apoc Now – Chapter 23



“Okay! Lets open these Slots!”


David opened up his status, checking out his screen.



Name: David Care                Points: 590         Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 5


Class: Life Orb Master/A.I. Mod   (2/5)            Energy Stored: 703.5 hours


Abilities: Life Orb Designate*, Life Orb Create*, Store/Expand Energy     (1/5)


Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun


Life Orbs: 105



He tapped on the Lottery Slots, trying to see if he could directly transfer them. After a few minutes of attempting to move them, they opened up the system trade screen, deciding to try and trade it.  He managed to open a screen with Shin and add the slots to it, figuring out how it worked without asking Terry.



Trade with User: Shin

Points Added: 0 

Items Added: 5 Lottery Slots

Shin’s Points Added: 0





David tapped yes, looking at Shin expectantly. Shin paused for a moment before also agreeing to the trade. The screen popped off, the trade having been accepted. Shin quickly opened up his status and smiled, saying,


“Yep! Got em!”


“Alright.” David said, closing out of his status, “Then open em up and lets see what you get. We can hope for an ability or physical Mod.” David wasn’t very worried about acquiring upgrades for himself. With his Life Orb Shop, he would be able to purchase anything he wanted within a few months. As well, since his first Lottery Slot had failed to sell in the auction, receiving no bids at all, he had decided that they would be more useful used than sold.


Shin nodded and began opening the Lottery Slots, tapping his fingers in the air. David once again thought how odd it was, seeing people point and flick at nothing. It was a mystery to him why he could see his own screens, but not other peoples.


Shin started calling out what he got as he opened each slot.


“Alright… the first one is… 300 points! Kinda meh but aight.”


“The second one is… An Armor set! Awesome! It’s called Galorican Armor (Class B).”


“The third one is… 100 points! Shit.”


“Fourth one going… 100 points again! Come on!”


“Fifth one here… 200 points! Wow, bullshit.”


David added up what they won mentally, checking it over. In total, they had gained 700 points and a suit of Class B armor. He sighed. He couldn’t say he was disappointed, not when he knew the odds. Even getting an armor set was very rare. He had hoped Shin would get an ability or Mod, but the chances of either of those happening was insanely rare.


Class B Armor… David thought, wondering what the class mattered. He asked Terry the question, wondering what information the A.I. had.



Suits of Armor are divided into ranking system according to durability, defensive capabilities, offensive capabilities and more. The lowest Class of armor is Class D, the highest is Class S. 


I have searched through the available information on the System, coming up with the pertinent data on Galorican Armor. Here is its stat chart.


Galorican Armor – Class B Armor


The power suit used by the Special Forces of the Galorican Infantry, a powerful nation on the split planet of Glacor. Glaorican armor is known for its toughness and strength, allowing the user to perform actions that would normally be impossible. Adapted for use regardless of temperature.


Durability: C

Defensive Capabilities: B

Offensive Capabilities: C

Special Characteristics: All Temperature Adapting, Pressure Equalizer, Increased User Strength.


In terms of combat potential, this suit would be very useful compared to not wearing a piece. 



David whistled loudly,


“Wow. That suit of armor you got isn’t too shabby.” He quickly told Shin what he found about it.


Shin whistled, copying David, and brought out the suit of armor. What spawned in his hand was a small necklace with a green orb and what looked like a small pike wrapped around the orb. Shin looked at it for a moment before putting it on. For a moment, nothing happened. Then, Shin moved his hand as if he was tapping on a screen. Instantly, a suit of armor spread from the green necklace, covering his body. The armor wrapped around him as if ground out of his skin.


The Galorican Armor seemed like it was made of hundreds of small green scales, overlapping around Shin. There were a few metal parts as well, slates on Shin’s shoulders, metal guards on his thighs. After the armor finished covering him, a small mask snapped into place, covering his face. David suddenly felt like he was looking at a warrior out of fantasy, like a scaled warrior had just stepped out of a novel and was preparing to attack. He took a step back despite himself.


“How do I look?” Shin said airily, spinning around in his new suit. The air around Shin seemed to give off a faint greenish Aura.


“Like an overgrown turtle.” David replied, smiling.


“It feels pretty good.” Shin took a few experimental steps forward, moving around David’s apartment. “I feel… stronger. It’s hard to describe it, but I feel like I could break that door open easily or punch through a wall.” Shin gestured at his apartment surroundings.


“I checked with Terry and she said it adapts to pressure and temperature. It should be useful if you warp to areas with different climates, or different pressure levels. Like up high in the sky or in the ocean.” David thought out what else he could do with it.


“Oh wow, didn’t even think about warping into the ocean. I wonder what that would be like.” Shin seemed to consider the new possibilities with the suit.


“Anyway, so we have 700 points and a suit of armor. Not bad I guess.” Shin traded the 700 points to David quickly, transferring ownership. They talked for a few minutes, planning out what Shin could do with his new suit. David suggested teleporting enemies with him super high in the sky and ditching them, letting them fall to their deaths. Shin agreed on the strategy, warning that he would have to hold onto them for a few seconds before he could warp an enemy anywhere. Even warping enemies into space would be possible if the suit could survive. A few minutes later, however, they heard someone knocking at the door.


David exchanged looks with Shin and ran over to the door, opening it. There was no one at his door when he looked out. He looked down, spotting a package. There were several lines of tape wrapped around it, and he thought he saw a D.O.S. logo stuck on the underside. He grabbed the package and walked back inside.


“What is it?” Shin looked at him curiously, examining the package in his hand. It wasn’t very large, not much bigger than a small briefcase. David ripped the packaging off, tearing the tape off. He opened the brown box, finding a small, but more official looking box inside. The second box was made of some sort of metal, with a small hinge keeping it shut on one side.


David opened the smaller box, curious to see what was in the package. The latch opened silently, not making a sound. In the smaller box, David saw a large smart phone, very similar to what an iPhone looked like. There was a small keyboard on the bottom of the phone, differentiating it. He picked it up, checking it out.


The phone weighed several pounds, giving David a very solid feeling when he lifted it. He turned it around, reading the small logo on the back. It said “Department of Supers.” In big bold lettering. Beneath the words was a small globe with a tiny fire in the center, resting on America.


David found what he assumed must be a power button and turned the phone on. With a soft beeping sound, it powered on. He turned and said to Shin,


“This is my Department phone I’m assuming. Have you gotten yours yet?”


Shin shook his head, staring at the phone.


“They really spare no expense huh? That looks nearly identical to the new iPhone 8.”


David shrugged, waiting for the phone to finish powering on. He watched as the screen suddenly lit up, a loading screen opening. After a few seconds, it loading and started beeping, a robotic voice coming out of it.


“Please place your thumb on the fingerprint scanner.” A metallic voice rang out from the phone.


David complied, placing his thumb on the small fingerprint area. After a few moments, the phone finished loading and locked on to his thumb, placing it in his system. The screen unlocked and the phone opened up to a message for David.



To: David Care.


First of all, I would like to thank you for joining our Department of Supers here in America. We are the first of our kind in this new strange world, and only by uniting can we stay strong. America had has a long tradition of unity and…



The email continued on, rambling about American history and past glory, and about the importance of unity. David skipped most of it, quickly dropping down to the bottom and to the more relevant information section.



The next Texas Supers Department Convention will be this Friday. I highly recommend you attend. In fact, as a new member in our prestigious department, you will be required to attend, at least this first time. 


You will be fully briefed on your responsibilities and duties as a member of the Department of Supers. You will also have the opportunity to receive first class training in a variety of courses, including the most modern martial arts, ancient martial arts, full strategic classes, and more.


The next Supers Department Convention, again, is this Friday, November the 17th.


One last note: The Monthly Lottery Scattering, as many of you know, will be active in two days. Our agents have been placed in specific teams to assist in gathering the Lottery Crates. As a new member, we are aware that you are no doubt eager to prove yourself and assist in gathering Lottery Crates. However, please refrain from any activity that involves the Crates. Our teams of Supers are competent and will seize all our targeted Crates. After you have been debriefed at the upcoming Department Convention, you will be able to join an assigned team and assist in gathering Crates.


Until that time, please refrain from any interference. Thank you.



David tapped off the message, closing it down. He looked up at Shin, shaking his head.


“They sent me a welcome message, I’m sure you’ll get it soon. They basically give us some more information about the Supers Department Convention coming up and tell us to not go after any Crates in a few days.” He said, checking out the rest of the phone. The touchscreen worked perfectly, sliding along his finger. There were only three applications on the phone, however. An email app, A DOS Search app, and a Phone app. He powered the phone off, deciding that he would check out the DOS search later.


“Well…” Shin said, a boyish grin appearing, “I say fuck em, lets go for the Crates anyway. Free country right?” Shin flexed, the green scaled armor surrounding him flexing with him.


“I like that plan better.” He grinned back at Shin. After a few more minutes of talking, David and Shin parted ways. Shin said he was off to practice his warping and memorize new locations to warp to. He had agreed to test how high he could go with the suit without dying, and also how low he could go, warping into the sea. Shin had a little more than 20 Life Orbs now and was at little risk of dying. David pulled up his status, checking the number of Orbs he had.



Name: David Care                Points: 1290         Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0


Class: Life Orb Master/A.I. Mod   (2/5)           Energy Stored: 704.3 hours


Abilities: Life Orb Designate*, Life Orb Create*, Store/Expand Energy   (1/5)


Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun


Life Orbs: 105



He went back into his room and grabbed the small pouch he used to store his Orbs, wrapping it around him. In the pouch he had roughly 40 Unbound Life Orbs left. He originally had more, but had given Shin 20 to bond. He had also given Stacy, Leia, and May a few Orbs each. He shook his head as he recalled May.


Recently, they had been some tension between the two of them. May didn’t want him joining the Department, and wanted him to stay out of anything dangerous. David, on the other hand, was set on joining the Department and forming a team. He explained his reasoning about the Titan Apocalypse to her, but she refused to listen. Their last phone conversation yesterday had been rather scathing.


He put his mind off of it, deciding to call her later and settle everything. He withdrew some of his Life Orbs from the pouch, making the bound Life Orbs float. A hundred Life Orbs floated into the air, slowly orbiting David. He smiled as he looked at them. There were so many Orbs in the air, they had begun to limit his vision.


The Orbs all suddenly flew together, forming 10 slightly larger Orbs. These Orbs glowed with the same blue light that the other Orbs glowed. They were, however, significantly less in the way of his vision. He set the Orbs back to orbiting him, spinning around him in oval elliptical circles.


He looked over at his desk, noting the books on psychology and strategy he’d bought. After the myriad of experiences that he had been through over the past month, David had realized that the strategy and critical thinking he had learned and practiced via video games and military school was not enough. He had been studying up on the human psyche, preparing himself for the day he would need to go head to head against other Supers.


David had no illusions anymore. People that were powerful would take what they want, the law be damned. However, David too was hell-bent on being powerful and anything that stood in his way would be eliminated. A small smile covered his face as he lay down at his desk and opened the book on the human psyche, turning back to the page he had been on and diving into his studies.


For the rest of the day, David was engrossed in his room, continuing his reading and exploration into the human psyche. He had already been studying for several days and managed to finish several of the books he’d purchased, his understanding of emotion and how people worked increasing. He stayed up late into the night, finally falling asleep in the middle of his work, napping at his desk.



The Next Day



David woke to a blue screen, chiming into awareness. He stared at the screen groggily, trying to roll over and ignore it. As he rolled over, he fell off his bed, slamming into the ground. David looked up annoyed, staring at his bed accusatorially. He then realized he was staring at his chair, discovering that he had rolled off his chair, not his bed. More like dived off, he reconsidered, not really having made much headway rolling.


He got to his feet and lay down on his bed, bringing the blue screen in front of him into focus.



In approximately 24 hours, the Monthly Lottery Scattering will occur.


This monthly event will have Lottery Crates spawn in large clumps of fifty, centered in a few large cities. 

You may review the list of spawn locations using the newly added World Map function in your Status Screen. 



He stared at the message in shock.


“This is… this is different?” He said aloud, rereading the prompt. The first one had the Crates spawn in random locations. This one had them spawning in massive clumps of fifty, and in only a few large cities. His mind raced as he realized what this meant. Fifty Lottery Crates… that was 250 Lottery Slots! That was equal to 125,000 points! Everyone would be coming for these Crates, this was huge! He could already imagine the enormous competition from different parties as Supers from around the world would race to the city locations.


David quickly called up the World Map, looking at it. As usual, it wasn’t very detailed, just a general map with a small circle where David was. He looked over to the side where it listed a small number of cities.



New York City





St. Petersburg







“Only ten cities too?” He talked aloud, shaking his head. In David’s opinion, this Lottery Scattering would be a blood bath. The cities listed were some of the largest in the world, and Supers would congregate and fight over the Crates. He could already picture the large swaths of destruction.


As he was contemplating what to do, a small blue screen popped up, adding a second announcement.



Monthly Lottery Scattering: Special Notice


A small blue Crate will be hidden in one of the Lottery Scattering cities. This Crate will count for 100 Lottery Slots, gifted to whoever claims it first. If unclaimed, it will disappear 24 hours after spawning. The location of the Crate will be projected approximately 10 minutes after the Lottery Scattering begins.



David’s eyes lit up as he saw the message, an idea rapidly forming,









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