Apocalypse Now – Chapter 24

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Apoc Now – Chapter 24 - Attacked



As soon as he heard about the hidden crate, an idea began to form in David’s head. If he had Shin warp to all of the Crate spawn locations and memorize a teleport, he would be able to instantly check each spot. As soon as the coordinates came out for where the hidden crate was, Shin could instantly teleport to the correct city with him and they could begin searching.


David was unwilling to fight with the other large groups of Supers that would be competing for the large spawns of Crates. However, searching for a bonus Crate seemed like a perfect choice. He quickly called Shin and told him what he thought.


Shin agreed, hopping off the phone to begin teleporting. Shin had to physically see a place before he could warp to it. Therefore, he had to teleport over and over through the air to travel to a new place. One he mapped a teleport near the location, he could always teleport back, regardless of where he was.


Also, thanks to his new Armor, Shin was able to teleport at high altitudes, the pressure and temperature not affecting him. Oxygen levels as well seemed to be compressed inside his suit, allowing him ease of breathing.


As Shin went off exploring, warping to each of the listed cities, David didn’t stay idle. He called Stacy, informing her about everything and asking her to join them. Stacy agreed, on the condition that she received some more Unbound Life Orbs from David. He agreed and they finished talking, Stacy going off to practice.


David decided not to contact Leia or May. May would only complain about the danger to him and argue, while Leia could fly, she didn’t really have an intense personality. Recently, Leia had started uploading videos of herself singing to Youtube, using her Angelic Wings as a prop, and going viral. He couldn’t picture her being very useful in combat, however.


After he finished talking to Stacy and Shin, David went to work. It was a full day until the Monthly Scattering and he intended to make good use of it. He opened up the system shop.



System Shop -------- Please make your purchase.

Abilities  |  Physical Modifications  |  Supplies  |  Weapons  |  Armor



David tapped on the Armor section, looking under the heading.




Standard Bulletproof Vest – 70 points

Reinforced Steel Plate – 110 points

Hardened Steel Plate – 130 points

Draorian Armor – 1,400 points

Rakesh’s Sash – 9000 points

Windsveth Armor – 11,000 points

Armor of the Gods – 100,000 points (1/5)

Silver Paladin Plate – 4,100 points

Goialth’s Plate – 56,000 points

Glass Emperor Plate – 1,000 points

Diamond Plate – 1,200 points

Xeistile Robes – 36,000 points

… (page 3/14)



David tapped through the list, searching for something that would be of use for him. After reading information on several different armors, much of the useful information provided by Terry, David found something he liked.


Glass Emperor Plate – 1,000 points

The suit of plate worn by the mad emperor on the planet of Dergeroth. Legend has it that the emperor used this armor to slaughter his foes, adapting his incredible regenerative abilities to deal with the strain.

This suit of Armor is incredibly powerful, greatly enhancing the User’s strength. However, while it gives great benefits to the user, it also harms the user. The muscles and ligaments on the User’s body will be strained past the breaking point, causing body failure if this powerful suit of Armor is used too often. Provides powerful defensive buffs till the User’s death.


Durability: C

Defensive Capabilities: B

Offensive Capabilities: A

Special Characteristics: Self harms the user. Taps into physical potential, greatly enhancing strength. Immunity against all types of poison attacks. Increased resistance to extreme temperatures.



Terry chimed in,



This suit of armor is uniquely suited to your abilities. With your enhancement from your energy transformation, as well as your ability to reform your body after it has broken down, I believe this suit will greatly increase your overall combat potential.



David agreed and made the purchase, double checking his status to confirm he had enough points. A light blue screen opened up.



Purchase Successful – Glass Emperor Plate added to Stored Inventory.




David opened up his status, checking it out.



Name: David Care                Points: 290         Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0


Class: Life Orb Master/A.I. Mod   (2/5)           Energy Stored: 728.3 hours


Abilities: Life Orb Designate*, Life Orb Create*, Store/Expand Energy   (1/5)


Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun, Glass Emperor Plate


Life Orbs: 105



He withdrew the Glass Emperor Plate, checking it out. What formed in his hand was a small glass necklace, with a clear crystal at the end. He put it around his neck, nestling it next to his weapon necklace, Titan Slayer. He verbally commanded the Armor to form.


Immediately, the glass necklace began spreading out, covering his body. Opaque layers of glass spread down his body, covering him. He felt the glass enclose his entire body, leaving just his head unaffected. A small glass helmet snapped into place, resting atop his head.


As the armor covered him, David suddenly felt an enormous pool of strength. He flexed his body, feeling waves of power ripple in him. He smiled, his eyes flashing as he checked out the suit of Armor.



I project it would be unwise to use this Armor now. Your body is already being injured by wearing the Armor, continued use will shatter your ligaments and tear your muscles. Unless you are prepared to sacrifice a Life Orb just by standing and wearing it, I suggest holding off practice till you leave your apartment.



David nodded, deactivating his armor. He would practice with it later, not while he was still at home. He didn’t want to risk letting his parents know his plans. He also decided it was time for him to move out and live on his own.


As the suit of glass Armor receded from his body, a wave of pain overtook his muscles. He let out a soft gasp, stunned by how painful his arms and muscles felt. He felt like he had been running for hours while lifting weights and stretching all at once. He fell backwards on his bed, panting. The pain slowly receded. He said aloud,


“Terry, did I injure anything permanently yet, or it is just pain?” He knew Terry could scan his body, having learned quite a bit about his A.I. Mod after talking to her.



Your body is functioning at 96%. Very minor damage to muscles, nothing critical. I project that it will not largely effect you until 28 years from now when your body begins to deteriorate due to age.




“Thanks Terry.” He shook his head irritably. The pain finally faded altogether, leaving him at peace, though a bit shaky. He got up from his bed, wobbling slightly on his legs. The world felt so different all of a sudden, as if he was much weaker. The power in that glass armor felt like an addiction.


David quickly went and made himself breakfast. His father was, as usual, already at work, leaving early in the morning. He checked the time on his iPhone, noting that it was nearly 10 A.M. He had slept in slightly.


His little brother and sister were also both gone, no doubt at school. He decided to break the news to his mother about his new job. He finished eating a pb&j sandwich, making his way to her room. He knocked on it, waiting for her to respond.


“Come in~” He heard her say, in a muffled tone. He opened the door, and looked around the room, not seeing her.


“I’m on my bike in the closet!” David’s mother had had an exercise bike installed in the large walk in closet they had. The size of the closet made it seem like another room, albeit one with shoes and clothes hung on the walls. David walked in, looking at his mother.


David’s mom had the same brown hair he did, though much longer. She also had blue eyes, proof of her Irish heritage.


He quickly told her about the events of the past day, citing how much he would be earning and how his family would move into a government protected neighborhood. He decided not to mention the more dangerous aspects of the job.


His mother was, as David though, elated. Ever since they had moved into the apartment, he knew his mother had been worried for them. While it was a very nice apartment in a relatively safe part of town, it wasn’t perfectly safe. She worried for him, for her husband, and for the younger kids. Hearing that they would be able to move to a protected neighborhood naturally delighted her.


After talking for a few minutes, David managed to convince her that he would just be helping with government things, not doing anything dangerous. Once she was convinced, she immediately approved of the job, looking quite pleased. She gave him a hug, hopping off her bike, and told him to make sure he looked his best when he started work.


“Yes ma’am!” David yelled out as he went back to his room, getting ready for the day. Once he had finished informing his mother, David decided on what he would do today.


The Lottery Scattering would begin tomorrow at 10 A.M., if the popups were consistent, and David had no reason to doubt that they wouldn’t be.


The first thing David did was go outside to practice with his new Armor. Spending a thousand points was a big purchase, but David felt it was justified. On the topic of points, David decided that it was time he earned some of his own, and made a plan to put his Life Orbs up for Auction before he went to sleep. He’d been saving them up to wait for a good time to sell them, and he had no doubt that people would seize as many as they could right before such a big event like the Lottery Scattering.


David quickly left his apartment and made his way towards the center of Austin. Recently, repair crews had cleared a huge amount of rubble and cleared most of the streets, allowing people to once again travel. However, the center of the city was still in ruins, collapsed skyscrapers and buildings blocking off the roads. The repair crews had yet to make a dent in the rubble.


Using his Life Orbs, David floated on top of one of the partially restored buildings. There were several large orange markers blocking the road from people going deeper into Austin, and a few work crews were working in the nearby area. In order to avoid being spotted, David decided to use the rooftops to travel, using his Life Orbs to give him a boost over gaps. He soon reached the inner city and abandoned stealth, simply flying to the top of one of the still standing skyscrapers. He looked around at the desolated city, shaking his head. The last time he had been here, most of the buildings had still been standing. Now, however, several had collapsed, spreading a huge mess of rubble and debris.


He commanded his Glass Emperor Plate to form, calling its name quietly out loud. The powerful opaque armor snapped into place, covering him. He snapped the helmet down, hearing it click satisfyingly.


As he wore the Armor, he felt a huge increase in strength. His vision became crystal clear, everything within his sight coming into focus. David activated his Level D Transformation, feeling the energy flow inside him and increase his strength. His armor seemed to react to his transformation, increasing in strength yet again. David smiled at the huge feeling of strength he now felt.


“This must be what it feels like to be a Demi-God.” He thought aloud. With a laugh, David threw himself forward, blasting off the giant skyscraper he stood on. He aimed for a neighboring Skyscraper, intending to land on its roof.


Unfortunately, David misjudged his own strength. His colossal leap, powered by his transformation and the dangerous glass Armor, caused him to explode forward, jumping a length of nearly a hundred meters, easily clearing the neighboring skyscraper and hurtling towards its neighbor.


Just as he was about to crash into the skyscraper past the first, small blue routes appeared in his vision, indicating where Terry said he should move his Life Orbs. Without a second thought David commanded his Orbs to move, having them precisely follow the indicated route. David slammed into the Orbs, feeling them rapidly decelerate him and absorb his force. He came to a stop, hovering in the air on two small platforms of Life Orbs.


“Hahaha!” He laughed, exhilarated. It was like being in a video game, this incredible power. He thought, shaking his head. Suddenly, for seemingly no reason, David came to alert, feeling as if something was about to happen. He looked around, the hair on the back of his neck standing up.


From out of seemingly nowhere an enormous impact slammed into David’s side, sending him crashing through the air. David felt his left ribs shatter from the blow, sending him crashing through the sky. With a quiet boom, David crashed into the debris filled street below, slamming on the ground over and over. Blood spattered everywhere as he finally stopped, his body a ruined mess. As he lay there dying, he managed a look at what had attacked him.


A black armored swordsman stood on the side of a building, a skeletal hand pierced into the skyscraper’s wall. On top of the building appeared a man in all black robes, carrying a staff with a skull perched on its tip.


Staring at the figure in rage, David died.





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