Apocalypse Now – Chapter 25

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Apoc Now – Chapter 25 - New Member
David respawned. He appeared on the ground, standing around a hundred meters from the skeletal figure and the black robed man. He immediately activated his Level D Transformation and covered himself in his Glass Emperor Armor, feeling enormous strength fill his body. Terry suddenly chimed in, sharing information.



You are facing one Super, not two. After searching my database, the skeletal figure has been identified as a Dark Paladin, a Class B Necromancer Summon. The black robed figure, therefore, is likely to be the Necromancer that summoned it. If you deal with the Necromancer, the Dark Paladin will stop attacking.




David nodded, accepting the information. He stepped forward, feeling strength fill his body. The Necromancer was garbed in black robes, his expression unreadable. The skeletal Dark Paladin hadn’t moved, still standing on the side of the skyscraper. A silent command made the Paladin move forward, leaping off the building to slam into the ground about fifty meters from David. It moved forward, wielding its large black sword.


The Dark Paladin was covered in black plate armor, with a dark aura wrapped around it. It wielded a giant large black sword that emitted what looked like pure darkness from its tip. The Paladin was around the same height as David at 6 feet.


Seeing the large blade the Paladin wielded, David activated his own weapon, Titan Slayer. He called its name out loud, waiting to see what weapon formed. A number suddenly formed in the air.





Titan Slayer (weapon) – Form 74 – Bebbadin God Spear


A legendary weapon hailed as the king of spears, this combat spear was used by nomadic desert tribes to fight against various titans. The power inherent in this weapon grants the User enormous strength and power. Slows the user.

Durability: S

Strength Boost: A

Agility Boost: -D

Weapon Potential: A



Thanks to Terry, David was also informed of the spear's specific boosts to his attacks. He also noted, for the first time, a negative boost. He made a mental note to consider what that meant later, focusing on his fight.


A huge golden spear suddenly appeared in David’s hands. It was easily as tall as he was, with beautiful gold designs carved into it. The spear seemed to weigh an enormous amount, the weight slowing David. However, as soon as he touched the spear, a huge amount of strength flowed into David, combining with his already boosted strength from his transformation and his Glass Emperor Armor. He smiled grimly the approaching Dark Paladin, preparing to get revenge. While his death wasn’t permanent, anyone who killed him was not someone he would let off.


Terry helpfully lit up several blue pathways, indicating different methods he could attack. David swung his spear forward, rushing to meet the charging Dark Paladin. The air around his spear rippled as a golden light appeared, enhancing the power in his attack.


The Dark Paladin swung its giant black sword forward, colliding with the golden spear. As the weapons impacted, a mini explosion of darkness and light occurred, throwing the duo backwards. David slid a few feet backwards, managing to keep standing. The Dark Paladin, however, was sent flying, crashing around 30 meters away. The skeletal figure got back to its feet, large scratches apparent on its black armor. There was a small hole on its lower body, just barely missing the spine. While the Dark Paladin hadn’t been destroyed upon the impact, it had been damaged.


The dark robed figure on the rooftop suddenly gestured, a black aura covering the air around him. David heard a sudden roaring as a skeletal looking being began to appear.However, while the Necromancer summoned a creature, David hadn’t stopped moving. He had rushed towards the wobbling Dark Paladin, cutting forward with his golden spear. Again, light formed around his spear, enhancing the power of his strike as he struck forward, piercing the Dark Paladin. The skeletal figure hadn’t even managed to raise its greatsword in time, so fast was David’s strike.


The skeletal figure literally exploded into nothing as its body was pierced by the powerful spear. A flash of light exploded outwards as it died. The force of David’s attack continued forward, though, slamming and cutting into the ground in front of him. A long furrow formed, cutting through large chunks of rubble in the debris littered street.


Just as David finished killing the Dark Paladin, the giant skeletal figure finished forming and let out a huge roar, facing towards David. David leapt on to his Orbs, using their abilities to float as the giant jumped off the nearly large skyscraper, jumping nearly 40 levels till it reached the ground. When the giant hit the ground, a small crater formed and a shockwave blasted out, shaking the air.


David, however, had already risen nearly 20 stories, aiming to defeat his attacker before he engaged in any more of the Necromancer’s summons. The large skeletal giant down below roared in rage and jumped onto the wall of the building, tearing its way towards David. Terry suddenly chimed in with what the giant was.



That is a Rabid Giant, a Class A Necromancer Summon. Distantly related to a species of Titans, Rabid Giants are giant skeletal figures that have enormous strength inherent in their arms. A single Rabid Giant could wipe out a large city on its own.



David jumped off his Orbs, jumping the rest of the distance to the roof. He slammed down atop it, handling his golden spear. He stalked forward, staring at the Necromancer.


The powerful looking Necromancer suddenly adopted a panicked look, trying to figure out a way to defeat David. Seemingly out of options, the Necromancer stared at David in rage and yelled out,


“I will never give in to your threats, murdering trash. Take my life then! I refuse to join you!”


David paused for a moment, considering the situation. He said aloud,


“Join me? YOU attacked ME. Why would I want you to join me for anything?” His voice came out much deeper sounding, enhanced by his Glass Emperor Armor.


The Necromancer stared at him for a moment, as if confused. Now that David was closer, he could make out the Necromancer’s face.


He was a bit shorter than David, perhaps a few inches smaller. He had blonde hair with what looked like black dyed parts, and hazel covered eyes. He was currently glaring at David, a slightly confused look on his face.


The Rabid Giant abruptly reached the roof, throwing itself onto it. It charged at David, a deathly aura covering it. Before it could reach him, however, it suddenly stopped, a silent command from the Necromancer pausing it.


“You… You aren’t one of them?” He stared at David incredulously.


David decided to take a chance and dismissed his glass Armor, the suit withdrawing from around his body and forming back into a necklace. He directly destroyed a Life Orb as he withdrew the armor, refusing to deal with the overwhelming pain that would no doubt form if he didn’t. He kept the spear, however.


“No. Why don’t you tell me what happened? Maybe I can help?” David stared at the man like he had found a fresh victim. The Necromancer was clearly powerful, David could already imagine his many uses when he joined his team. He prepared several different plans to convince the man, from using guilt at killing David to bribing him.


The Necromancer wavered. On one hand, seeing David release his Armor made him much less threatening. David was obviously not attacking him. The Necromancer seemed to make a decision. The Rabid Giant behind David suddenly moved, retreating to stand behind the black robed figure. The figure took off the hood he was wearing, revealing the rest of his long blonde hair.


“I apologize for greeting you so rudely.” He began, giving David a small nod, as if that made up for killing him.


“My name is Thavius Grant. I am currently being pursued by the Russian Super’s Association, or RSA, one of the associations formed because of the civil war in Russia. I was on visa in Russia when S-Day struck, granting points. I’ve always had an interest in Necromancy and obviously chose that as my power. One side of the Russian Government, however, discovered my powers and have been chasing me ever since.” The dark robed necromancer, Thavuis, said, shaking his head.


“They had just attacked me a few hours ago as I hid out here in Austin, I assumed you were one of them.”


David waved his hand, desperately holding back a smile. This Necromancer was a gift sent by heaven, his first victim to join his team.


“It was nothing. You did kill me, actually. However, I respawn when I die. My name is David, David Care, also a Super like yourself.” He walked forward, dismissing his golden spear. Titan Slayer reverted to its inert form, returning to rest as a necklace around his neck. He stuck his hand out, shaking Thavius’ hand.


Thavius shook his hand back, still looking a little nervous. A question suddenly struck David and he asked,


“All the bodies here in the city disappeared. Was that your doing?”


Thavius nodded, “My necromancer abilities allow me to scan for suitable bodies and absorb them into my Skeleton Bank. I’ve been building up my available summons ever since.”


David silently asked Terry what his powers were, receiving back,



From my observations, he has the Physical Modification: Greater Necromancer – 6,800 Points (10/10)


Greater Necromancer – 6,800 Points (10/10)


This Physical Modification grants the User several powers, allowing them to raise the dead, summon otherworldly creatures, and have access to several dark spells. For more information, please use the Information Gatherer Ability.




David made a considering look appear on his face, as if he was struggling to tell Thavius something. Finally, he gave a nod, as if making up his mind and said,


“Thavius, I’m actually with a Supers organization here in America. I’ve just recently joined, but I’m going to be putting together my own team. Why don’t you join the Supers Association and join my team?” David brought out a few Life Orbs, sending them floating in the air.


“These are a product of my power, Life Orbs. These Orbs allow one to die and respawn, perfectly healed. I can give you several of these, protecting you from harm, if you join our group.”


Thavius stared at him, and then at David’s Life Orbs, watching them float. Thavius was intimately connected with his Summons and was aware that David should have been killed, or at least badly injured, when his Dark Paladin struck him by surprise. He had felt David’s ribs shatter and his body collapse.


Before Thavius could respond, David held out his hand.


“As a sign of trust that I hope you can return, I’ll even give you a Life Orb right now, for free. Whether you stay or leave is up to you.” David tossed an Unbound Life Orb into the air in front of Thavius, watching as it floated.


Thavius grabbed the Orb, staring at it. If these Orbs were truly what let David live, it would be extremely useful. He looked at David for a moment before suddenly tapping away at a screen, researching David’s ability.


David smiled and waited, letting Thavius tap away. He assumed the Necromancer was confirming what he had said.


After a few minutes, Thavius looked up at David in awe. He suddenly looked at the Orb in front of him and bound it, setting it to float around his head.


Thavius smiled and stuck out his hand, shaking David’s a second time.


“Alright, tell me more about this team…”



Several hours later



David had given Thavius his number and received his number as well. They had talked for several hours about the Supers Association, about the upcoming Lottery Scattering, and about abilities in general.


David found out that Thavius was 26 years old, and had been visiting relatives in Russia when S-Day struck. Thavius had graduated from Yale with a 4.0 and worked in Electrical Engineering.


When Thavius learned about David’s plan to find the hidden crate in the upcoming Scattering, he immediately volunteered to join David’s group, wanting to prove his worth. He informed David that he had around 20,000 Skeletons in his Skeleton Bank and was able to instantly summon them at once. Each Skeleton was only at the level of a normal human, but that many skeletons would prove enough to give even a Demi-God a moments pause.


As for his Otherworldly Summons, Thavius was able to summon 2 Dark Paladins, a Rabid Giant, and a Skeletal Wyvern. Each Otherworldly Summon had to be conquered individually, making summoning them a trial. As for his magic, Thavius could launch bolts of darkness that would damage a target like a cannon blast, launch dark spheres that acted like grenades, and sheath an area in darkness, proving a black fog to confuse enemies.


Thavius had officially joined David’s group, promising to join the Supers Association when they conducted their next test.


When they had finally parted ways and David was sure Thavius could no longer see or hear him, David gave a victorious yell, fist pumping the air. Thavius was the first Super David had directly recruited, and the first addition to his newly formed team. He grinned to himself as he flew on his Orbs, happy.


David made his way home, calling Shin and Stacy and letting them know what had happened. Shin was all for their newest member and thought his power was totally rad, while Stacy was suspicious of him but said she trusted David’s judgment. Several hours had passed while David had practiced and met Thavius. It was already late afternoon by the time David arrived back at his apartment.


In an effort to prepare for tomorrow’s Monthly Scattering, David began to research online details about the various cities that would have a Scattering. He spent the next several hours of his day taking in information about the cities and learning about other teams of Supers. Terry proved to be of great use, assisting him in his studies and research. He also formed his daily Life Orbs, carefully storing them in his pouch.


The rest of the day quickly passed and David hopped into his bed, deciding to sleep early so as to be prepared for the Lottery Scattering at 10. He laid down in his bed, happy with how the day went. Darkness swallowed him as he rapidly fell asleep, preparing for the morrow.




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