Apocalypse Now – Chapter 26

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Apoc Now – Chapter 26





Early the next day





David slammed his hand down, grabbing his iPhone from his desk and silencing the alarm. He rubbed his eyes blearily, looking at the time.


It was four in the morning, the time he had set his alarm for. He set his iPhone back down, stretching.


He lay in bed for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth and comfort, before finally getting up.


David called out his Life Orbs, watching as they floated around his head. He called up the Unbound ones as well, carefully collecting them. After giving Orbs to Shin and setting aside some for Stacy and Thavius, David had 30 Unbound Life Orbs he could do what he wished with. He quickly called up the System Auction, tapping on the screen that popped up.


System Auction


There are currently 3,108 Auctions open. Would you like to see ongoing Auctions?


Open your own Auction?


Auction Users Forum


David selected the Open your own Auction? section, opening up another blue screen.



Create An Auction


Item Selling

Minimum Bid

Time on Auction


He filled in his items, checking off the list.



Create An Auction


Item Selling: Unbound Life Orb

Minimum Bid: 1,000 Points

Time on Auction: 6 Hours


After double-checking his options, David let out a small smile. He had decided to save his Unbound Orbs for a moment when they would sell for the most, and he figured tons of people would want to buy his Orbs before the Lottery Scattering. A way to insure that you won’t die was bound to be extremely popular, especially when he was the only one with this power. He considered the impact it would have on his position in the government, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hide once he sold the Orbs.


He shrugged, dismissing it. He would deal with that situation when he came to it. One thing at a time.


He accepted the options for the auction and copied them, making 29 other separate auctions, determined to dump his entire supply all at once. There would always be demand for a way to save your life perfectly, David wasn’t worried about selling too many at once. Because he opened so many identical options, the System combined all of his Auction threats into one large thread.


After he finished putting the Orbs up for Auction, he went back to bed, setting his alarm to wake him up at 7.



Several hours later… 6:55am



David woke up again, stopping his alarm before it went off. He checked the time, noting that it was just before 7. He yawned, stretching as he got up. He had three hours before the Lottery Scattering. David and his team had all agreed to meet up at 8, over near one of the parks north of Austin, in the round rock area. It was a short drive, only ten minutes from where David currently lived.


David decided to check his auctions, eager to see if he had any takers. He opened up his status screen and was immediately greeted with a blue message pop up.



You have: 22,107 new responses on the thread titled “Selling: Unbound Life Orb.”



“What?!“ David gaped for a moment, shocked. Over twenty thousand messages?! He thought, staring at the blue pop up in surprise. He had guessed that he would receive a large number of responses, but that many? Even David had underestimated the importance of his Life Orbs.


In this new world of Supers, life and death battles between Supers could be determined by the smallest things. Just one Super being better rested than another could lead to a defeat. David’s Orbs completely regenerated a person, meaning that even if they killed you once, you would fully regenerate, at full strength, while your opponent would be as tired and weakened as he already was.


Billionaires, Gang Leaders, Terrorist Organization Heads, Global Leaders, High Ranking Supers, everyone with any sort of power wanted these Orbs.


David opened his auction screens, reading over what people had bid.



Auction 1,778,373 (Yours)


Selling: Unbound Life Orb

Current Bid: 6,780

Time Left: 3 hours



Auction 1,778,374 (Yours)


Selling: Unbound Life Orb

Current Bid: 6,600

Time Left: 3 hours



Auction 1,778,353 (Yours)


Selling: Unbound Life Orb

Current Bid: 6,725

Time Left: 3 hours



All of his auctions were valued around the same, at 6-7 thousand points per Orb. He trembled, shaking slightly. This was huge!, was the thought running through his mind. Once these Orbs sold, he would have over 200,000 Points. He didn’t even know what he would purchase yet, with such a huge volume of points.


He decided to read some of the forum posts while he got ready, jogging over to the kitchen and making himself a quick breakfast. He opened the System Forum and clicked on the Auction section, finding his tab.




Auction Threads – Auction #1,778,373 (Combined identical)


Selling: Unbound Life Orb.”- Orbit – 22,191 comments



He scrolled to the middle, wanting to jump into a random section of comments.



Even if the Berserk Alliance buys out the Life Orb supply, which they won’t, its not like they can take all of Paris’s Crates. The Supers Union has already claimed it.@Redmond3


User – Jake215626t345134255256243





I agree with you @TityunJunye, the rich are the true winners in this system, its fucking bullshit. Don’t sell your points to those faggots


User – WeAreAnonmouse





I heard from a reliable source that these Life Orbs were created by sacrificing children’s livse in China, I Shit you not. Google it, this shit is evil


User – LlorTyaDllA





@ Jake215626t345134255256243 for the last time, im not saying the Berserk Alliance is buying out the fucking supply, I’m saying that their leader is for sure getting an Orb. Im going to stop responding to you, fucking troll


User – MellowCellok





What the fuck why are these worth 7000 points?! Its pretty op to save a life once but 7k points can buy you some of the best fucking powers out here what the fuck guys


User – BlackKnightCowboy





@BlackKnightCowboy Its because of the Lottery Scattering. All the big teams are buying them out so they can be safe when they go for the crates


User – DetecivineConan





What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Supers Academy, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Fucking Everyone, and I have over 300 confirmed Super kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top Super in the entire Supers Union. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the System? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the World and your Identity is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred thousand ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Russian Super Forces and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.


User – Deadmauk_4





@Deadmauk_4 Did you really type all of that by hand? Theres no copy and paste option here, holy shit that must have taken you forever


User – Dolomon5

          Ability: Duplicate





@Deadmauk_4 Sometimes the Dank comes, sometimes the Dank goes, but the Memes allways stay. Kappa kappa


User – RarestPepe





These Orbs will be incredibly powerful in combat situations. Can you guys imagine two Demi-Gods duking it out, with one Demi-God barely killing the second? Then, the second Demi-God revives and will easily kill the weakned and tired first. This is some bullshit opness right here. Too bad only the rich can afford them


User – CynicalLogicist




David tapped off the Auction Forums, shaking his head. The forum thread was all over the place, with trolls and actual people responding at about an even rate. Overall, after reading for the few minutes he had while eating, he came to the conclusion that his Orbs were considered overpowered. The ability to respawn WAS pretty solid, he thought, considering, if only he was extremely powerful, then his respawns would count for so much more.


His phone started beeping, reminding him it was 7:30. He quickly changed into a tshirt and pair of shorts and left his apartment, walking downstairs to the lot and turning on his car. He slung his Life Orb pouch over his waist as he walked, snapping it into place. He saw his dad’s car still in the lot, apparently not having left for work yet. David quickly powered on his Toyota, setting off to the Legends Park in Round Rock, the city area just north of Austin.


After about 10 minutes of driving, he arrived at his destination, a small off beat park that was never crowded. He looked around, noting that there were no cars in sight. He parked his Toyota and got out, stretching his back. He double-checked that he had his two necklaces, Titan Slayer and his Glass Amor, around his neck. Just as he was leaning down to retie his tennis shoes, he heard a sort of whipping sound, as if wind was rippling out.


David looked up and smiled, waving over at Shin. Shin was currently wearing his Galorican Armor, looking somewhat intimidating in his green scaled visage. Shin waved back, lifting his helmet up. He walked over and said,


“No one else here yet?”


David shook his head, gesturing at the empty lot. They waited in silence for a moment, a nervous energy filling the air. Suddenly, they heard the sound of a car driving and looked up expectantly, watching as Stacy drove into the lot.


Stacy hopped out of her car, wearing a pair of black jogging shorts and a tight shirt, showing off her firm figure. A look of fiery determination filled her eyes as she walked over.


The trio talked for a short while, watching as time went by. Finally, at 7:50, a third car pulled up, a gorgeous red Ford Mustang. Thavius parked his car and hopped out, a cheerful look on his face as he used his skull staff to help himself stand up.


David considered the cheerful looking Necromancer. The man said that several Supers in Russia were after him, chasing him to recruit him. Now that he thought about it, however, it seemed unlikely that the people trying to recruit you would be coming after you with the intention of murdering you. He decided to look into his background with a bit more detail, after the Lottery Scattering. He raised a hand in greeting, waving at Thavius.


Now that the Necromancer had joined him, David had his full team set up. He began outline his plan.


“Alright guys, so here’s what I’m thinking. As of now, with Thavius as a new addition to our team, I think we have the capabilities to seize some of the Crates from one of the Scatterings. We might not get the entire cluster, but we should be able to escape with at least a dozen Crates.” David gestured at them, emphasizing his points.


“The specific plan is this. We will stay as a group, defending each other as we go for the Crates. Shin will teleport us in once we have a clear view of the Crates. Then, we have 10 seconds. In those 10 seconds, Shin and I will take ownership of as many Crates as we can. Then Shin will warp us out, easy as that. Thavius and Stacy will provide defense while Shin and I gather up the Crates. We will split the Lottery Slots evenly once we finish our attack. Any questions?”


Thavius and Stacy shook their heads, looking eager for the event. A faint steel Aura covered Stacy as she smiled, preparing to use her powers. A dark glow settled around Thavius, indicating he was preparing to use his magic. Shin perked up and asked,


“I have a full scouting on all of the cities, likely teleports to several different spots in each one. Which city should we go to?” He looked at David questioningly. David and Shin had discussed which cities they would be likely to hit earlier, deciding on three separate cities to focus on, but they hadn’t picked a single one for sure yet.


David smiled,


“We’re gonna hit Tokyo.”


A sudden beeping sounded out.



The Monthly Lottery Scattering has now begun!



  • sunderkeenin@gmail.com' Vivec says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    I wonder what happens when someone in the department of supers leaks the MC’s power. He’d have to hide off-planet to avoid the clusterfuck coming his way at that point.

  • aqvamare@hotmail.com' Aqvamare says:

    So, after the end of auction he will have minimum 30*7000+ = 210000+ points to spend.

    Wouldn’t it be a smart move of him to outbuy

    Armor of the Gods – 100,000 points (1/5)

    for his team?

    And he would still have enough points to update buy demi-god status, if 1 of the demi gods die, during the event.

  • forkaiser@gmail.com' MapleKaiser says:

    lololol 7,000 points why don’t the rich people or the ones buying it just save up to by the same job as David. Thanks for the chapter!!!
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  • aqvamare@hotmail.com' Aqvamare says:

    They cannot save Up for life orb master. Live orb master is 1/1 body modificatin. Until david dies completly, nobody cannot take the bodymodification.

    And WIZ already answered, that lottery slot gambeling do not bypass the slot limit on abilities.

    only life orb master buying and trading of abilities does.

    • Wiz says:

      Lottery slot does not allow someone to have more than 2 max abilities. It DOES allow you to get abilities over the limit. Ie, say theres a max of 100 God Body Warriors. You could win that Phyiscal Mod with the Lottery, getting (101/100) next to the Phyiscal mod in the shop. 🙂

  • forkaiser@gmail.com' MapleKaiser says:

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