Apocalypse Now – Chapter 28

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p.s. next chapters will be much longer than average, due to the amount of stuff that goes down.





The Special Crate location will now be revealed. You can find this Crate, worth 100 Lottery Slots, in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the House of Soviets.



David paused, staring at Shin after reading the announcement. He gave him an inquisitive look, asking,


“Can you warp there?”


Shin shook his head saying,


“I don’t know the exact location. Let me go scope the area out.” Shin whipped out his smartphone, quickly mapping out the location. After a few tense seconds he looked up and smiled, the air around his warping as he disappeared.


David quickly pulled up his status, doing a double take when he saw his points,



Name: David Care                Points: 319,270         Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0


Class: Life Orb Master/A.I. Mod   (2/5)           Energy Stored: 758.3 hours


Abilities: Life Orb Designate*, Life Orb Create*, Store/Expand Energy   (1/5)


Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun


Life Orbs: 114



“Holy shit!” David knew his Orbs would sell for a lot, but the actuality of the amount of points he would gain hadn’t fully registered until now.


Thoughts raced through his mind as he decided what to do with the points. If he had been given this amount of points at the beginning, he would have been invincible, he thought, trying to come up with a plan. He suddenly spoke aloud,


“Terry, what is the best decision I should make with these points?”



It depends on our focus. Should it be defensive or offensive, and personal or team wise.



“Team wise, defensive.” David thought it would be wisest for his team to be able to defend themselves. As long as they had Shin, they would be able to retreat anywhere, all they needed was a strong defense. His Life Orbs worked well for their intended purpose, but he didn’t have enough to provide a solid defense for his team entirely.



I would recommend buying four sets of Jiron Armor, one of the few upgradeable armors. You can increase the defensive bonuses of this armor, as well as offensive bonuses, using points. It has the potential power to be nearly as strong as the most powerful armor set in the System, the ten billion point Forsaken Plate, giving enough added points.



David opened the system shop, rapidly finding the Jiron Armor.



Jiron Armor – 50,000 Points – (13/50)


A powerful set of enhancement armor from an extremely high tech universe, this armor was used by the elite of the elite. Worth more than a king’s ransom, entire planets have been destroyed in the pursuit of this legendary set. 


A powerful suit of armor that can be upgraded via points. The only limit to its strength is the number of Points added to it. Cannot be exchanged while it has points on it. Points added can only be destroyed, not taken back. Starts out with above average defensive capabilities.


Durability: S

Defensive Capabilities: A (?)

Offensive Capabilities: C (?)

Special Characteristics: All enhancements available. Must spend points to upgrade. 



David asked Terry another question.


“How many other suits are upgradeable?”



Every armor set that is limited in the System Shop is upgradeable. This suit has greater starting defensive capabilities then most, but poor offensive capabilities. Non-limited armors at the same price have better starting capabilities, but lack the option to upgrade.



David took it all in and made a decision on the spot. He immediately purchased 4 sets of the armor, the purchase whirring in the system. A blue pop up suddenly flashed open.



Purchases will not be received until the Monthly Scattering is completed. 



“Well shit. That would have been good to know.” He said aloud, tapping off the alert. He closed out of his screen, noting that he had several message alerts from his Auction. He decided to look at them and decide what to use the rest of his points on after they finished the Lottery Scattering.


David looked up, noting that his team mates were staring at him as if he was insane. He supposed he did look rather odd, talking to nothing. He quickly explained what had happened, letting them know about his armor purchase and the fact that they had to wait.


Stacy shrugged, trying to imitate Shin and his eternal unconcerned look, while Thavius looked at David gratefully, appreciating his decision. Thavius also had a decidedly nervous look on his face, as if he feared returning to Russia.


They stood quietly, waiting for Shin to warp back…



A few minutes before in Europe, Paris, Crate Spawn Location



John Delmar looked around at the ground in front of the Eiffel tower, a confident smile on his face. He had only been a member of the Supers Union for a short amount of time, yet he felt like he had found a place he belonged.


The Supers Union held many extremely powerful Supers, some with strong powers, some with amazing armor, some with legendary weapons. But one thing they all had in common was strength. The goal of the Supers Union was to maintain order and insure that no Supers ran wild and caused destruction or chaos. All of Europe was their domain.


The Supers Union was ruled by seven extremely powerful Supers, all of them equivalent to the American S-Class Supers.


John was currently on a mission assisting one of the S-Class Supers in capturing the Lottery Crates in Paris. He looked around the desolate ground, smiling in satisfaction. Nearby buildings were completely frozen, with large spikes of ice shattering the ground. Several large craters had formed in the ground, a result of the battle that had just taken place.


He and 29 other Captain-level Supers sent by the Supers Union had successfully held their ground and defended the Lottery Crates, beating back several opposing in groups. In particular, the S-Class Super from the Council, known simply as The Rake, was incredibly powerful.


John had observed the Super, analyzing his tactics and ability. From his observations, John came to the conclusion that The Rake held an Evolved Ice Body type physical modification, similar to his own Burning God evolution. The Rake, however, was able to make full use of his power, granting him an incredible control over Ice. When several teams of Supers had rushed into Paris towards the Eiffel Tower, where the Crates had spawned, The Rake had personally repelled them.


John once again recalled the incredible power that had been inherent in The Rake’s attacks. Several of the attacking Supers had been Beginner or Intermediate Ki Cultivators, one of the strongest physical powers available. The Rake had slapped them aside like flies, massive spikes of ice shooting forward and slaughtering them. The Rake alone was nearly enough to defeat every Super that attacked.


Several teams of Supers had arrived, however, too many even for The Rake to take on singlehandedly. John had joined the twenty-nine other Supers in repelling these enemy teams, easily pushing them back. John had taken care to constrain his power, not wanting to negatively affect his chance of promotion. He had risen rapidly through the ranks of the Supers Union, his authority and influence fast growing. As of right now, he was one of roughly three thousand other Captains, the third most powerful rank in the organization. All that was left for him was to rise to the rank of General, and eventually become a Council Member.


Suddenly, the fighting dropped off as the rest of the teams of Supers fled, unable to continue fighting against the Supers Union. The Rake had personally defeated over half the teams, with the other Supers holding back the rest. It was only a matter of time before the last Supers would lose or die, and many had just decided to flee. Especially if you take into account the fact that all thirty Supers defending the Crates were at the Captain-Level or above, which, in American terms, would be equivalent to A-Class Supers.


This was not especially surprising. All of the strongest Supers in Europe had joined the Supers Union, eager for the wealth and acclaim that came with joining the Union. Therefore, the only Supers that wouldn’t join were those that preferred to work alone, those not interested in power and acclaim, or those that had other obligations.


Just as the team from the Supers Union finished securing the area, a blue screen suddenly popped up, informing them of the Special Crate’s location in Russia.


The Rake suddenly called out,


“Talmon, Delmar, Reich, and Lora! Here now!” Speaking in English, a common language that most the Captains spoke. The Rake had an English accent, implying that he was from the U.K. John took a closer look at the man as he walked forward.


The Rake had a slim build, shorter than John was at 5’10. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, with a black mask covering the rest of his features. He seemed very confident, with a commanding air surrounding him. He was well dressed, wearing an expensive tailored suit .


John and three other Supers stepped forward, walking over to talk to The Rake.


The Rake turned, gesturing at Karen Talmon, a female Captain that held several mysterious abilities. John had seen her launch several fireballs and what looked like balls of Ice. She had also blasted lightning from her palm and summoned small minions made of fire. John guessed that she held one of the Magician Abilities, though which one he had yet to narrow down.


The other two Supers were also very powerful, Captains that were near or at the General level. In American terms, the General Level of Supers in the Supers Union was equal to the top 100 A Class Supers, or Invincibles.


Jaegar Recih was an Enhanced Speed Type Super that was also a master swordsman. He was a gaunt looking man with a serious expression on his lined face. His precision strikes were incredibly fast and powerful. The Super wielded an extremely sharp and powerful sword purchased from the system, increasing his attack power.


Dillon Lora was a Fire Type Super, able to manipulate fire and replace his body with fire. He had no weapons but his own powers, cremating and destroying his enemies. Dillon dyed his hair a fiery red, matching the red clothes he wore.


The Rake said aloud,


“Karen, I want you to make a Soul Portal for me and these Captains. We will warp to St. Petersburg and secure the Special Crate. The rest of you Captains will accompany me as we seize the Crate.”


Karen nodded and immediately began casting a spell. John watched in interest as several small balls of light appeared in the air, vibrating silently. The magician trembled as the balls of light spawned, apparently reaching her limit.


The balls of light suddenly flew into The Rake and the three Captains. The world around John suddenly disappeared as he was transported hundreds of miles away.



North America, United States, Washington D.C., Department of Supers



Kyle Knox, Head of the Department of Supers, slammed his hands on the large wooden table he was sitting at. The oak table was gorgeously carved, with sturdy metal implants keeping it secure. There was room for a total of 14 people at the table. He stared out at the various figures sitting around the table, saying.


“Our Department needs that Special Crate. Russia can keep their Lottery Crates, but that Special Crate is free game.”


There were four other figures sitting around the large table. All of them were dressed differently, a myriad of odd looks.


The farthest from the Department Head suddenly spoke up,


“Our relations with Russia have already deteriorated in the face of the ongoing civil wars. I’m not sure it would be our wisest decision to intercede for the Crate, despite its value.” A polite looking young lady said, calmly gesturing with her hands. She was wearing a modest brown dress with her hair in a tight bun. She looked like she had just walked out of a library as she went back to reading a book she held in her hands.


“Frankly, I think Russia has it coming. If they can’t protect it, its as good as ours anyway.” A loud voice spoke out, opposing the petite woman’s view. The speaker was a young man with long wavy black hair. He was wearing an open shirt, showing off his well-muscled figure. He looked as if he had just stepped off a beach.


“Zane, you have no respect for International politics.” The former librarian retorted, shaking her head.


“Whatever Leia. We’re not running a charity here.” He replied back.


Another voice chimed in,


“I say we steal it. Who gives a shit what Russia thinks? They don’t even have a stable government right now. Its not like they can do shit, Nuclear Energy no longer works.” A kid who couldn’t have been older than 16 said. The boy had spiky blonde hair and was wearing a pair of black jeans and a Skrillex t-shirt.


Zane, the black haired surfer, gave the young kid a thumbs up, smiling. The Super turned to face the last figure at the table, saying,


“What do you think, Seth?”


A quiet looking figure sat in the middle of the table. A brown haired middle aged man, with powerful looking eyes sat, looking at the rest of them. He wore a brown suit and a black tie, giving off the appearance of an intellectual. With a small smile, the man said,


“If Russia cannot protect the Special Crate, they have no right to keep it. It will only cause more problems for their already war torn nation. I vote we seize the Crate.”


After the middle aged man spoke, the rest of the Supers nodded their heads, agreeing with him. A fast discussion broke out as they decided whom to send. Soon, they formulated a plan and a few members left the room.


The librarian looking Super, Leia, and the surfer looking Super, Zane, smiled as they stood up, walking out of the room to face a small group of Supers. A young man was called forward and given orders.


Soon, the duo disappeared, warping away from America, off to seize a mysterious Crate.



North America, United States, California, Los Angeles, The Rockefeller Estate



An elderly man smiled as he glanced over the assembly of Supers in front of him. Sixteen men stood, all covered in glowing armor and wielding powerful looking futuristic weapons.


Another man suddenly ran out of the large estate sitting behind the older man, running into the small courtyard the other Supers stood in. The man that jogged over was young looking, in his mid twenties, and also covered in the glowing armor. The young man gave a nod to the elderly man.


“Father, we’ve set everything up. The teleportation portal will warp us to St. Petersburg for thirty minutes before warping us back. We will secure the Special Crate.” An incredibly powerful Aura burst off the young man, heavenly energy coalescing around him. A beautiful halo suddenly formed over his head, giving him an angelic look.


“Good. Go now, my son. Show this world what it means to be a Rockefeller.”



Asia, China, Shanghai, Student Supers for Change Association

(translated into English)



“This Crate will further our cause so much. Imagine, a China where freedom reigns, where we no longer must live in fear. A China that is united, unified, and powerful!” A charismatic Super said, his voice overwhelming the various students standing in front of him. Fanatic gleams filled their eyes as they cheered, turning to face an enormous black portal.


“Let’s go get that Crate.” The speaker said, an enormously powerful Aura covering the air around him. The several other Chinese students smiled and nodded, incredibly powerful Auras covering them as well. Streaks of Gold and Black covered the air, indicating that these students were at the strongest level of unevolved Cultivation, the Black Gold level.


The students followed the speaker through the large glowing black portal, traveling hundreds of miles in the blink of an eye.



Europe, Germany, Rothschild New German Headquarters

(Translated into English)



“It is time our Rothschild family showed this world what true power means.” A middle aged man declared, raising his arm into the air. A large estate rose behind him, a towering mansion that gave off a otherworldly aura. Futuristic turrets stood on the sides of the estate, moving slowly around.


Twenty other men and women standing before the man all cheered, their powerful voices shaking the air itself. They were covered in ancient looking armor, dark runes swirling in the air. In their hands gleamed powerful energy blades, giving off a faint glowing light as the weapons cut through the air, like warriors of legend.


“To Russia! Seize the Special Crate!”



Asia, Japan, Tokyo, Meiji Shrine

(Translated into English) 



“Foreigners dare steal our sovereign Crates?” The white armored man said, rage filling the air around them. The decimated bodies of the Yakuza Supers could be seen lying around the ground, dead. The military had long since retreated, fleeing the onslaught of the white armored man’s rage.


Suddenly, two figures joined the white armored man that floated in the air.


“Akihiko, good work securing the crates. The military has learned their lesson. Our group will not be opposed. A pity it spawned in such an unlikely location, we missed all the action.” A Japanese man said, laughing quietly. The man had a large pair of electronic wings attached to his back, the wings slowly moving back and forth, keeping him in the air. Another man stood in the air next to him, seemingly made of pure metal. A deadly aura wafted off of the metallic looking man.


“We lost some of them.” Akihiko observed, shaking his head angrily. His white armor started to recede, revealing a young man.


“It matters not. Akira left with Kaede and Masaru to take the Special Crate. It’s as good as ours.” The winged man said, a smile covering his face.


Akihiko nodded, turning and floating down to the ground. A small seal flew off his body as the blue glow around him receded, his flight ability fading away.



North America, United States, Texas, A small park in Round Rock



Shin suddenly reappeared, warping in front of David and his team.



“I got the location! Let’s go!”



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