Apocalypse Now – Chapter 29

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Apoc Now – Chapter 29 – Russia (2)




“I got the location! Let’s go!”


Shin said as he warped in, an excited look in his eyes.


“I didn’t see anyone around yet, if we go now it should be perfect!”


David paused, holding his hand up.


“Hold on Shin. Did you find the actual Special Crate?”


Shin shook his head and shrugged,


“No, but I have a warp to the House of Soviets. It’s a huge mansion like building, tons of rooms. I’m sure its somewhere in there. If we warp in and split up, we should find it soon.”


Thavius suddenly shifted, looking uncomfortably around, and said,


“If y’all can protect me, I can spawn a few thousand skeletons. My army can search the place in no time, faster than any of us could search alone, even teleporting. “


David nodded, saying,


“Alright here’s the plan. Shin you warp up inside the building, Thavius will step down and spawn his skeleton army and use them to search. We will protect Thavius till he finds the Crate. Then we go for it.” The rest of them nodded, agreeing to the plan. They quickly stood together, standing still as Shin began to warp them. Shins green face-guard slid down, covering his face. David stretched, feeling the glass armor around his shake. He entered his Level D Transformation again, powering up to become stronger, superhuman strength flowing through his veins.


The world disappeared around David as his location changed yet again, from the small park to the insides of the House of Soviets. The room they had warped into reminded David of an old movie, with nice furniture and the aesthetics of a bygone time. Austere paintings hung on the wall, with old-fashioned chairs and tables set up everywhere. There were two doors on either side of the large room, off to the side.


“Alright, we’re in the middle of the place, on the second floor.” Shin said, the two laser assault rifles he had acquired vibrating softly.


Stacy nodded and walked to the side of the room, clearing a large space. Thavius followed and sat down in the space, moving his staff back and forth as he mumbled under his breath. David exchanged looks with Shin, waiting a few seconds.


Suddenly, skeletons began to appear, literally falling out of thin air to land on the ground. The arriving skeletons were all armed with a small short sword and nothing else, just a boney exterior. Darkness seemed to flow off the skeletal warriors as they spawned. They stood still for a brief moment before rushing towards the two separate doors, splitting off to search the building. As the first group of skeletons left, another group spawned after them, and so on. Soon a small army of the skeletal creatures had left, off to explore the large facility.


Stacy stood beside Thavius, her powerful Steel Aura covering her body as she concentrated her inner ki, ready to launch a powerful attack at anyone that went for the Necromancer. David walked up and stood on Thavius’ other side, relishing the feeling of power his Level D Transformation and Glass Emperor Plate combined to give him. Shin tossed David one of the laser assault rifles, turning to face one of the doorways. Shin raised the rifle, keeping the doorway in his sights.


David checked the rifle over, quickly figuring out how to fire it thanks to Terry. The large assault rifle felt light in his hands, much lighter then it looked like it would weigh. He heard a soft mechanical whirring as he held it, the energy particles that powered the laser constantly reforming inside the gun.


Abruptly, they heard screams coming from outside and a suddenly explosion rocked the building, knocking a few of the paintings off the wall. Thavius spoke up from the ground.


“We got company. It looks like two no three groups of Supers all arrived. The first group looks like warriors out of a medieval video game or something, all dressed in fancy ancient armor. They just appeared on the south side of the House. My skeletons encountered them just now and are being destroyed, obliterated by… the fuck is that? Is that a lightsaber? I shit you not they have lightsabers.” Thavius shook his head in disbelief.


“The other groups?” David prompted, flexing his muscles as he prepared for a confrontation.


If the other groups found the Special Crate before they did, David decided they would just leave. Until the day when he and his team were insanely powerful, there was no need to risk their lives for Lottery Slots. The only reason David was even here now was because he wanted the Slots on the chance that they spawned a useful ability or physical modification for Shin. Otherwise, it was very difficult to acquire said powers, seeing as they were bought almost instantly. He had asked Terry earlier if she could monitor the System Shop for openings and had been told she couldn’t, the System forcing only manual interaction in the shop.


He also had the option of using his Life Orb Designation Shop to purchase abilities, and then buying the Gift Ability power to trade the power or mod to Shin, but it would take much more time for that to happen, and time was something that David wasn’t sure they would have. The faster they could get stronger, the better. It was part of the reason why David was upgrading all of their armor to the limited slot armor. While a powerful offense would no doubt be useful, David wanted his team’s survivability to increase first. His respawns would be of no use if they were spawn camped over and over till they died permanently. Strong armor would give them the few seconds they needed for Shin to warp them away.


“Yeah, I didn’t get too clean a reading on the other groups. My skeletons have searched the entire first floor, not finding the Crate. There are two groups on the north side of the House, one of them is similar to the southern group except wearing futuristic armor and using futuristic laser weapons. That group is being led by what looks like an angel?”


Another large explosion rocked the complex and sudden screams of pain and rage could be heard, quickly followed by several smaller explosions.


“The group I just mentioned, the futuristic soldiers, are now in combat with the other group to the north, a bunch of Chinese warriors.  Uhh… I don’t know how to describe what they’re doing, they’re literally just being superhuman fighters. I think they have the same power as Stacy.”


The complex continued to shake as the extremely well equipped warriors from the Rockefeller family fought against the warriors from the Chinese Student Supers for Change Association. Great blasts of lasers rocked against powerful gales of ki, creating a maelstrom of death on the northern side of the complex.


Thankfully for David and his team, they were situated in the middle of the House. While Thavius’ skeletons went out and searched, they could remain here in relative safety. The sounds of battle rocked the mansion from the north as time went on. Thavius spoke up again,


“It looks like the Chinese warriors are retreating, disappearing into some type of portal. They’re carrying a few bodies so I’m assuming they lost. The other group looks to be in bad shape as well, with over half of their fighters down. They have some large robot thing coming around to the wounded and- ah they killed my watching Skelton. Oh well.”


“It looks like another two groups just arrived, one with two people and another with four, both on the south side of the House. I can’t get a good read on them, my skeletons aren’t close enough.”


Tahvius suddenly jerked up,


“Shit! I didn't notice earlier because they kept killing my skeletons before I could get a read on them but the ancient warrior looking group is almost-“


The door that David was watching suddenly exploded, sliced into shreds as a man wearing a suit of armor walked in. The man’s face was obscured by the armor, a great grey piece covered in carvings and symbols. He looked like he had stepped right out of a fantasy novel, with an aura of power around him. In his hand was a glowing beam, a sword made of pure energy that looked similar to what Thavius had said, like a lightsaber. Terry chimed in, saying,


That User is wielding an Energy Beam Short Sword and wearing Goialth’s Plate Armor.


Energy Beam Short Sword – 12,000 Points

A weapon from the futuristic country of Yaegar, these blades are used exclusively by the Special Operation Forces in the Yaegar Military. Known for their cutting power and strength, very few things can withstand the edge of this energy weapon.

A powerful energy beam weapon, strong but difficult and dangerous to use.


Durability: B

Offensive Capabilities: A

Special Characteristics: Powerful vibrating energy beam slices through matter easily.



Goliath’s Plate – 56,000 Points

The armor of choice by Drabagodirn berserkers, famed throughout the world of Kern. Warriors wielding this armor are termed invincible.

An ancient suit of powerful armor, greatly enhances the users strength and durability. Will regenerate any damage given time. Protection against all types of poisons, environments, and general magic resistance.


Durability: A

Defensive Capabilities: A

Offensive Capabilities: A+

Special Characteristics: Self regeneration, All environment adaptation, all type resistance.


I would highly recommend not coming into physical contact with his weapon.


David opened fire, shooting away at the warrior with his laser assault rifle. He had no doubt in his mind that the warriors would kill them where they stood if they didn’t fight back. Large red beams of light blasted out of the end of his assault rifle, melting through the air at the armored warrior. Terry helpfully highlighted several spots here he should fire, assisting his aim.


The armored warrior moved at an inhumanely fast speed, dodging all of the laser strikes. He even blocked a few of them, deflecting them with his energy weapon. For a moment, David felt like he was a Clone in a Star Wars movie. The laser beams blasted into the wall and ground behind the warrior, melting what they hit.


Abruptly, the armored warrior leapt forward, dashing through the air towards David and his team. The ground he had stood on crumpled under the force of his dash. Shin had turned around at this point and added his lasers fire against the warrior, helping David.


The armored warrior stopped charging and leapt backwards, unable to dodge all of the lasers from David and Shin’s weapons. Several of the beams blasted into the warrior, slamming him backwards. The armored warrior, however, didn’t seem to be injured by the attack, just forced backwards.


Suddenly, two more ancient armored warriors ran into the room, flashing their weapons. David’s stomach dropped as he saw them, his mind rapidly planning.


“Shin! Warp us to the roof, now!” He whispered intensely to Shin. David jumped backwards, using his Glass Emperor Armor to empower his leap. He grabbed Stacy, dragging her to stand next to the still concentrating Thavius. Shin let loose a few more blasts before jumping backwards and grabbing a hold of David.


The armored warriors resumed charging, able to move now that there were three of them here. While David and Shin’s laser shots couldn’t injure them, it could delay a single warrior. It couldn’t, however, stop three separate warriors. The enemy teams blades hummed quietly as they threw themselves as David and his group.


Just as they were about to crash into them, the world around David disappeared, reappearing as they landed on the roof of the House of Soviets. Thavius crashed down on the roof, still intent on his concentration, while Stacy stood near him, looking around on alert.


Shin was panting and looked back at David, a worried look in his eyes.


“We can’t fight these guys yet.” Shin said, his breath slowly returning to normal.


David nodded. Their opponents were just too powerful. They couldn’t even damage them. David considered using the energy in his Life Orbs to launch an attack, cracking it open, but decided against it. He didn’t want anyone to know he was here, and there was only one Life Orb Master in the world, it wouldn’t be hard to put two and two together.


Thavius spoke up then,


“Okay! The skeletons I spawned are fully deployed, nearly a thousand of them. In the past minute, several have been destroyed, leaving me with only around 600. However, I managed to search the entire House and found the Special Crate! It’s on one of the upper floors! It has an option for me to claim it, using my skeletons? Should I?” Thavius looked up at David questioningly.


“Yes! Claim it!”


A moment passed.


Suddenly, an enormous beacon of light shot off into the sky, emitted from Thavius. A blue message popped up.



The Special Crate has been taken and is currently in the possession of the indicated User. Successful ownership of the crate for 10 minutes will reward said User with the allotted slots.


The Special Crate Spawn has been sealed off until the Crate is successfully claimed. All travel in and out of this area is now blocked off.






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