Apocalypse Now – Chapter 3

David and Shin looked at the Life Orb in consternation.

“Uhh. I don’t know. Just say, ‘Bond’, maybe?” David shrugged. It’s not like he knew how this all worked, it was a new experience for him too. He sifted through the knowledge, confirming what he said to Shin.

“Whatever. Bond! Bond, you stupid shi-“Shin started yelling. Abruptly, the moment Shin said the word, Bond, a soft glow emanated from the Orbs he was holding. A small, blue pop up opened up.

3 Life Orbs successfully bonded.
Accept? Yes/No

Shin accepted, and the Orbs suddenly floated around his head, orbiting slowly. Shin gave one a flick with his finger. It zoomed out, and slowly returned back to its original place, looping Shin’s head. Shin looked vastly amused.

“Haha, these are pretty cool! And they can save my life too? Not bad, not bad, sidekick.” He smirked at David evilly.

David groaned, saying, “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let’s see what’s happening. I’m going to go check on May.” May was David’s current girlfriend. They had been dating for 3 months, off and on. May was a sophomore, with blonde hair and gorgeous eyes. She was quite a looker, and had a confident personality to go with her ridiculously high self-esteem. David and May were close friends. May disliked Shin for reasons David never understood.

“Let me give you a hand!” Shin yelled, grabbing David’s arm. He started at David for a moment, and then, abruptly, his surroundings blurred. They were now standing right in front of May’s apartment complex. She lived in a dorm called, Meridan Apartments, on the south side of the college. Various students were clumped around, talking about the blue screens. A few students were showing off their newfound powers, while others were talking hurriedly into cellphones. Police sirens began to blare in the background.

David made his way inside, with Shin opting to stay outside to avoid May’s angst. David walked in, noticing the rather chaotic air. Students were clustered around, ignoring classes and talking to each other. There was no attendant at the front desk. The TVs off to the side blared reports about the blue screens popping up. David walked up the stairs, to the side of the entrance, making his way to the second floor. May lived in room 2301, on the northern side, near the entrance. Conveniently, her door was the first one to the right. He knocked.

“May! It’s me, David! Are you okay?” he queried, a bit worried. While David thought this whole power thing was pretty cool, he saw a lot of potential for danger as well. The walls around him were painted an ugly yellow. He waited patiently in the hall for a moment. The door abruptly flew open, and May came running out.

May was a beautiful young girl, barely 20, with beautiful blonde hair, and gorgeous green eyes. She had the air of a young lady, but was naturally kind and sweet, volunteering for things like animal shelters and food kitchens. She was also a great dancer; David had met her at a dancing club.

At the moment, however, she looked quite flustered.

“David! Thank God you got here! Do you have any idea what’s going on? My roommates and I had these weird screens pop up, and the news is running telling everyone to stay inside while things sort out and-“

“Shh, shh. Relax, May, I’m here.” David said, calming her down, “I’m not too sure what’s going on either.” David shrugged. He slightly regretted giving the three Life Orbs he had produced to Shin. May could have had something extra to calm her down. May’s roommates came out. May had two roommates, Stacy and Leia. Stacy was blonde like May, but much taller, nearly at David’s height. She had hazel brown eyes, and a fierce aura. May had told him that she competed in martial arts tournaments, training in Karate. Leia was a petite little thing, barely 5 foot, with lovely brown hair and dark blue eyes. She seemed perpetually nervous.

Both girls looked very unsettled, unsure about the current situation, and confused. David did his best to calm them down, annoyed at Shin for not being here to help him. He explained what he knew of the powers and the blue screen, and asked them how many points they had. They replied:

Leia said, “I have 563 points!”

Stacy said, “I have 1806 points.”

“Only 283 points.” May said, looking faintly embarrassed.

David looked at them, surprised. Supposedly, the average points per human was 25. David wondered if the figure given to him by his status screen was incorrect. Otherwise, he and his friends were very lucky.

Suddenly, a colossal voice yelled out


The building he stood in shook slightly, a few of the windows shattering. The girls looked up in terror, confused and terrified. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Shin appeared, gasping.

“Dude, we need to get out of here. Some guys outside are going crazy, and let me tell you, they have serious firepower. Like, literally. One of them looks like he’s made out of fucking fire. He set Academic Plaza ablaze. People are fucking dying out there! Shit!” Shin was panting. The sense of adventure had completely vanished after the screams of terror and pain hit him. His eyes looked around rapidly.

The girls looked like they were about to collapse. Stacy, however, put on a strong front, coming to her feet to support the others.

David quickly said, “Everyone, look through the list of Physical Modifications on your blue screen. Find the best one you can buy, and click it. Everyone in the world now has some type of power; I think it’s best if y’all get one as well.” David had taken several leadership classes, including joining a debate club and leading it to the semi finals, last year. He felt like he knew how to convince people to do things, and to stick together.

Stacy nodded, immediately launching into her search. May and Leia looked rather lost, but joined Stacy in perusing their blue screen.

Stacy soon found one that satisfied her a great deal, an actual gleam of excitement appeared in her eye, as she clicked the option:

Ki Cultivator (Intermediate) – 1800 points
A unique power that gives you the knowledge and cultivation of a Ki Cultivator that has practiced for 10 years. Your body will be restructured to adapt to the energy veins cultivators use. May be painful. Attacking techniques not included.

Leia and May looked panicked, neither of them finding any modifications they could afford with their present point values. However, before they could make any changes, a huge blast of flame shattered the opposite side of the building, throwing all of them to their knees. As it was about to smash into them, their surroundings began to blur, and they all suddenly appeared on a lake’s campgrounds. Shin stood off to the side, gasping, massaging his head. It wasn’t easy to mass teleport people, he found, and required a steep amount of energy.

The girls softly huddled together and began to cry, while David and Shin tried to comfort them. Stacy recovered first, scrambling out. She said,

“How do I use my power? I don’t feel any different.” She said, punching the air, practicing her regular karate.

“Open your blue screen, and click where it says your Ki Cultivator status. It should activate then. However, when I did it, I fell unconscious, so be careful.” David said, mentally shrugging. He doubted his situation was unique, and watched her expectantly.

As he thought, almost immediately after she pressed her status, a pop up occurred, and she fell unconscious, her body rapidly changing. David could feel energy swarming towards her. He stood back a few steps, uncomfortable. He went over to May, Shin, and Leia. They started talking.

“What’s HAPPENING?!” cried Leia, near collapse. May nodded her assent, tears not far from her eyes.

David shook his head. “I don’t know. All I know is what these blue screens tell us. Somehow, everyone in the world got these screens, and people gained powers. If we got super powers, we can only assume others did as well. That means the world just got a lot more dangerous.” David considered for a moment. He imagined what it would be like if terrorists had the ability to transform into living magma, and cause eruptions or cause massive explosions using psychic energy. Dire situation after dire situation kept filling into his head . David shuddered, avoiding these thoughts, and focused back on the present situation.

“What we need to do right now is make ourselves a safe haven. It looks some gang has taken over Texas A&M.” Abruptly, David sat up, remembering, “My parents and siblings! How could I forget about them!” he grabbed his phone from his pocket, calling them.

“Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick u-FFF!” The phone ended in a speaker tone when he tried to contact his parents. His younger siblings, Drake and Natasha, both lived with his parents still, so they should all still be home. It was, after all, a Saturday, so they wouldn’t have had school. He turned to May and Leia, to find them doing the same thing he had. It didn’t matter whose phone it was, there was no signal. Shin didn’t call anyone, however. He didn’t have parents, and had lived alone on the streets, eventually managing to make his way into college via a youth scholarship program.

Before the girls could start panicking, David took the lead, “Alright. May, I know your parents live near mine, in Austin. Leia, where are your parents?”

“They-they live near Austin too! In a suburb to the north, in Round Rock.” She cried, her eyes tearing up. Shin watched, passively.

David gathered them up saying, “Alright, here’s what we will do..

Name: David Care                Points: 511               Race: Human             Lottery Slots: 1
Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)                
Abilities: Life Orb Form, Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Life Orb Store, Store/Expand Energy


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