Apocalypse Now – Chapter 30

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Apoc Now – Chapter 30 - Russia (3)




The beam of light that was blasting off of Thavius suddenly shrank down to a small line, a gleaming trail of light that rose into the sky. The line of light stopped in the middle of the air, slamming against what looked like a giant ceiling. David stared up at the ceiling in confusion and then twisted his head around, seeing enormous walls connected to the ceiling. He suddenly came to the realization that the System had literally sealed them off from the outside world, creating an enormous walled area to contain them.


He yelled out to Shin,


“Can you warp out of here?” His mind raced to figure out a way to get out of this situation. With the trail of light that Thavius was giving off, they would have no way to hide in this area.


Shin paused for a moment and then shook his head, his teleportation failing. He suddenly disappeared, reappearing a few feet behind where he had been standing.


“I can teleport in side the area! But I can’t teleport outside.” Shin shrugged.


“Warp us to one of the corners! We can’t stay put!” David said, looking around wildly.


Stacy had remained quiet up to this point, concentrating on her ki and preparing to defend Thavius. While her power was only at the Steel level, weaker than the Advanced Ki Cultivators, Stacy knew that she could improve her strength with practice, and the best practice would be by fighting. Many of the people that gained super powers depended on them for their strength. Stacy, however, had been a martial arts practitioner all of her life, enjoying the challenges that martial fights brought into her life. Because of this, she was always on the alert, waiting for enemies to appear.


So it was no surprise that Stacy was the first to notice when several of the futuristic armored fighters stealthily appeared on the roof and prepared to open fire, lightly glowing blue assault rifles powering up in their hands.


With a yell, Stacy launched herself forward, the powerful Steel Aura covering her. With her strength, Stacy could easily lift a small car. Therefore, jumping 10 meters was as nothing. In less than a few seconds, Stacy had arrived at where the high tech warriors stood.


The armor the soldiers wore looked similar to the armor in several video games, glowing green and blue plates that overlapped and gave off light. Stacy knew that these soldiers had already defeated a large number of ki cultivators, and figured she wouldn’t have a change fighting them in an extended fight. Therefore, she did the only thing she thought would stop them for a time.


She threw them off the roof.


With a small shockwave, Stacy slammed into the two soldiers, her Steel Aura infused fists crashing into their chests and slamming forward. While her attack couldn’t penetrate the defensive power of the armor, it would still push them back a few steps.


Unfortunately for the fighters, they didn’t have a few steps to spare, and were blasted away from the roof, falling over 160 feet to the ground. The absorption power inherent in their armor reduced the impact of the fall a great deal, but didn’t provide full immunity, leaving them dazed and injured on the ground.


Stacy turned around and ducked away from the roof, dodging backwards. She looked back at her team, giving them a smile as she stayed on alert.


The action of the past few seconds had happened to quickly for David or Shin to react. They gaped for a moment before remembering the situation. David’s mind raced as he tried to come up with a way out of this situation. He figured teleporting around till the 10 minute timer wore off would be the best chance they had.


“Okay, here’s what we’ll do.” David quickly explained his plan to Shin. However, before they could finish talking, a loud screech sounded through the air, and four figures suddenly blasted onto the roof. On the opposite side of the roof, two other figures crashed down, rippling through the air.


David looked up, examining both groups. Behind them was the smaller group, just two people. One of them was dressed in a small brown dress and looked like a young librarian. The other reminded David of the Super he had seen at the Department of Supers examination, dressed like he was about to go to the beach.


The group in front of him had a group that was just as varied. A Super of the left was literally on fire, small flames wrapping around his body. Next to him was a looking man with dark brown hair. The man seemed to give off a faint fiery aura and held himself with an air of dignity. Next to him was a stern looking figure, with ice covering parts of his body. Lastly stood a gaunt looking man wielding a longsword. The air around this man seemed to vibrate slightly.


Both groups ignored David and his team, instantly focusing on the other group. The duo behind David began talking,


“Oh? What’s the Supers Union doing here?” The surfer looking Super said lazily, tracing randomly in the air.


“Hmph. Zane I presume.” Said a Super from the other group, the one partially covered in ice. The cold looking Super eyed Zane with an annoyed look.


“Russia is considered a part of Europe by some. Why are you Americans here? You have no jurisdiction or right. Step aside and allow us to claim the Crate.”


The relaxed look on Zane’s face disappeared, replaced by smoldering rage.


“You think you can order me around, Rake? You are as nothing to me.” Abruptly, the air around Zane began to change. Zane’s body suddenly began to transform, taking on a blackish demonic hue. A ferocious wave of power blasted out from the man, cracking the roof around him. The librarian looking woman seemed unaffected.


The Rake stepped forward, a powerful frozen Aura emanating from his body. Large shards of ice began to form in the air above him, freezing the nearby ground. The Supers that stood next to him all dodged backward, avoiding the cold. The gaunt looking swordsman looked like he was about to attack, joining the Super made of fire off to the side as they eyed the other Supers. The dignified looking Super simply stepped back and observed, making no action.


All of the Supers seemed intent on ignoring David and his team, apparently not regarding them as a threat. The tension between the two groups grew to an extreme as they looked at each other, neither side willing to make the first attack.


Suddenly, before either side could react, an enormous explosion rocked the mansion, annihilating the section of roof near the Ice covered cultivator. Three figures emerged from the gaping hole, all of them floating up into the air.


The Rake had taken the explosion as a sign of attack and had launched himself forward, enormous shards of ice piercing towards Zane. Zane, in turn, had finished his transformation, fully transforming into a demonic looking figure. Zane gave off veritable waves of dark power, the air itself trembling as he attacked The Rake. An enormous explosion of Ice and Fire blasted out as the duo collided, destroying another large part of the roof.


David and his group stood together as all of this happened, with Shin prepared to warp them to one of the corners of the area at a moments notice. The librarian looking women faced the three figures that had exploded onto the roof with surprise, looking at them as if she recognized them. She suddenly spoke out in Japanese, addressing them. Terry translated for David.


“Why is Japan interfering in this? Do you have no respect for international politics?” She stared at the trio frothily. She seemed to be getting steadily more and more annoyed.


“Hmph.” The first figure replied, a young Japanese man with his face covered in tattoos. The air around this figure gave off an earth feeling.


“You Americans have no right to discuss respect.” The first figure gestured at the two with him to advance.


The two figures next to the man looked identical. Both of them wore the same ceremonial robes, and both of them had skin that looked as if it was made of Steel. Dale was reminded of the Steel Body Type power they had faced before, assuming it was similar. These figures each raised a katana and charged towards David and his group, apparently intent on taking the Crate by force. The way they handled their weapons reminded David slightly of Stacy, as they moved forward with precise movements. They launched themselves at David with large steps, crashing down on the roof perhaps 30 feet away.


Before David could react, or anyone else for that matter, both Japanese warriors suddenly stopped in place, physically stopped by the small looking librarian. The woman had somehow instantly appeared in front of them had had slammed her hand into their chests, forcing them to stop. Both of the warriors immediately swung down with their katanas, swinging so quickly the blades blurred in David’s vision.


However, again, the librarian moved faster than David could see, and both Japanese warriors suddenly smashed away, flung all the way across the roof back towards the remaining Japanese Super. The roof where the librarian was standing at was completely undamaged, as if she had barely tossed them.


The first Japanese Super stared at the librarian in surprise, glancing down at the two unconscious Japanese warriors with a disgusted look. With a wave of his hand, the two figures disappeared, seemingly being sucked into a small ring the man held.


The Japanese Super that gave off an earthy feeling shook his head and said,


“Well. I didn’t expect much of Kaede and Masaru, but to lose to you so quickly. So shameful. It appears I will have to take you on myself.” The Japanese warrior suddenly seemed to explode into fur, transforming into a full-fledged werewolf. Giant deadly looking claws formed on his hands and his body expanded, rapidly growing. The earthy air around the man intensified as well, and a strange green light seemed to cover the man, giving off a protective glow.


“Oh? You think you can match me?” The librarian stared at transformed werewolf expressionlessly.


The werewolf warrior responded, his voice a deep growling tenor,


“The mighty take from the weak. It is the way of the world, as it ever shall be.” The werewolf attacked, disappearing from David’s vision as it engaged the librarian in battle.

Terry suddenly listed out the powers she had noticed in the fighting warriors for David.



I have fully analyzed everyone present and created a list of their powers to inform you. First, the four Supers from the Supers Union appear to have a Fire Body Type, an Enhanced Speed Type, an Ice Body Type (Evolved) and an unknown power. I do not have specific listings on their powers, except for point pricing.


The American Supers are actually well listed in my information banks, due to your joining of the Department of Supers. The one that transformed is known as Zane, one of the S-Class Supers. His power is fully listed: 



Dark Eyed Demon Physical Modification – 8100 Points

Dark Eyed Demons are creatures that are born naturally on the BraKoth Plane, a world filled with demons and angels. They are the strongest of the strong, beings that grow up to reign supreme.

This Physical Modification transforms the User into a Dark Eyed Demon. Dark Eyed Demons contain tremendous power, with the ability to fully regenerate from nothing, extreme control over Fire, and abnormally powerful physical strength. Access to demonic magic is granted with this Physical Modification.



The woman in front of you is also an S-Class super, known as Leia. Her power is listed as Herculean Strength (Evolved). Evolved powers have no exact listing and her power cannot be projected. Her base power is listed:



Herculean Strength Type – 2,800 Points

Legends tell of the being Hercules, a demigod so powerful his strength ripped apart the heavens.

The User is filled with enormous strength, greatly increasing their power.



The Supers that just attacked are members of the Japanese Supers team that we battled against earlier, the Next Gen Supers, with similar powers to the Yakuza Supers. The remaining Super must be Akira, one of the Four Leaders of the Next Gen Supers. He is rumored to have two separate powers, the High Werewolf Type Physical Modification and the Earthen Power Ability.



High Werewolf Type – 4,200 Points

High Werewolves are the leaders of their respective tribes. Containing might beyond words, these creatures rule without opposition.

This Physical Modification grants the User the ability to fully transform into a High Werewolf. High Werewolves have enormous regenerative capabilities, increased strength, extremely powerful claws, and the ability to enlarge their strength at the cost of reduced speed. Other Werewolves cannot attack a High Werewolf.



Earthen Power Ability – 4,100 Points

The Fae in the world of Dresüa depend on Earthen magic to fight against their demonic counterparts. The strongest of their magic is the Earthen Power, an ability that allows them to have full control of the Earth, manipulating it as they will.

This Ability grants the User the power to manipulate the Earth, controlling various rocks and soil. This Ability also allows the User to form a protective barrier around their body made of pure energy, greatly reducing damage.



Akira alone is equal to a S-Class Super in America.


Terry conveyed all of this information to David in an instant, allowing him to process it just as Leia began to fight against Akira, the High Werewolf. The rest of the roof imploded around them as gigantic shards of earth smashed upward from the ground, only to be battered aside by Leia as she struck out towards Akira.


David lost sight of the fighting Supers as the roof imploded, falling through two stories before landing on the damaged building floor. Debris literally exploded everywhere, showing his team in dust and rock. Stacy landed next to David, holding tightly on to Thavius as they fell. Stacy had grabbed him and kept watch, refusing to let anything happen to him. Thavius seemed to be concentrating, apparently summoning one of his Otherworld Beings. Shin had warped away as the attack slammed down, unable to teleport all of them with him.


David looked around at where he was now. They were standing on a huge pile of rubble, with broken earth and parts of the large building lying all around. Thavius and Stacy were directly to his right, ducking as the explosions continued in the air above them.


Suddenly another figure crashed down on the ground in front of them, waves of fire blasting off his body as he strode forward towards Thavius. David recognized him as the Super that had been with the European team, the one with a Fire Body Type.


Without hesitating, David stepped forward, his Glass Emperor Armor flashing as he stayed in his Level D Transformation. He cracked his knuckles as he looked at the Super, preparing to fight.


The Fire Super spoke out,


“If you speak English, get the fuck out of my way. I’m here on orders to take that Crate, and you will not stop me.”


The Fire Super lashed out as he talked, giving David no time to refuse or accept. An enormous ball of flame shot off towards Thavius, rippling in the air. Before the ball of fire could hit him, David punched out with his Glass Emperor armor, trying to smash the large fireball out of the air.


David’s punch contained an enormous amount of force, due to both his transformation and his armor. Therefore, when it came into contact with the ball of fire, he managed to completely deflect and extinguish the flame, his armor absorbing the majority of the impact. The remnants of the ball of flame crashed into the wall debris to David’s left, burning into the ground. David’s laser assault rifle melted, unable to stand the heat.


Several more balls of fire exploded outward, all aimed towards Thavius. Without pause, David punched out against each ball of fire, deflecting them time after time. David began to lose feeling in his arms as the heat melted through his armor. When his vision started to blur, David mentally commanded one of his Life Orbs to break, instantly feeling his body regenerate. He smiled, confidence filling him. He quickly prepared to counterattack, waiting for an opening in the other Super’s constant stream of fireballs.


The Fire Type Super looked at David in consternation. The man had never faced an opponent that would willingly punch his balls of fire away. Even coming into contact with his attack was extremely painful, and the man doubted that any armor could completely block his attack. He began to feel nervous, unsure if he should have attacked alone.


Abruptly, another figure dropped down into the imploded section of the House of Soviets, jumping to join his teammate. The Enhanced Speed Type Super landed, his gaunt looking face staring at David and his team. The Fire Type Super stopped attacking for a moment, acknowledging the Enhanced Speed Type Super’s presence. They nodded, both turning to attack. David felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. While he felt confident in taking on or at least not dying to the Fire Type Super or the Enhanced Speed Type Super, he wasn’t sure if he could take both on at once.


Abruptly, with completely no warning, Shin appeared directly behind the Enhanced Speed Type Super and grabbed the man in a giant bear hug. The Enhanced Speed Type super stared down at the arms wrapped around him in astonishment, as if unsure what to do for a few seconds. Just as the Super was turning around to attack, the duo disappeared, warped away by Shins teleportation power.


David took advantage of that moment of distraction to launch himself forward, his armored first crashing towards the Fire Type Super. The enemy Super looked up just in time to take David’s enhanced fist in the face as David slammed into him, blasting upwards. David’s blow threw the Fire Type Super out of the imploded area in the giant mansion, blasting the Super through several walls and a remaining portion of the roof.


After he punched out, David felt his entire arm shatter, his right arm literally exploding. His bones and muscles couldn’t stand the force of his blow and were destroyed, unable to bear the impact. Before the pain could fully register, David broke another Life Orb, repairing his body fully.


Shin suddenly reappeared, teleporting in to stand next to Thavius and Stacy. Stacy had a frustrated look on her face, as if she felt useless. Shin smiled and waved at David as he hopped down and join them, quickly speaking.


“Alright guys. We have to last about eight more minutes and we can leave here. Let’s stay put and try to avoid drawing attention. I knocked that Fire Super at least far enough away that he won’t come near us soon. I think I injured him too, but it’s hard to tell. Shin did you take care of the Enhanced Speed Super?” David said, looking around at his team. Thavius was still on the ground, in the process of summoning. David knew it was a long process, one of the weaknesses of being a Necromancer, but didn’t know how long.


Shin nodded,

“Yeah. I lost an Orb in the process though, he managed to cut me down while we were in the air. Still, I doubt he survived falling over a thousand meters unscathed.” Shin smiled evilly.


The group laid still, quietly waiting. Explosion after explosion rocked the building as two large fights above them continued on. The Rake and Zane were evenly matched, both of their powers countering the others. Zane had launched several demonic looking seals that strafed the area with demonic fire, trying to blast The Rake out of the sky. In return, The Rake had frozen a large part of the mansion and the air, encasing the seals in ice. Seeing that, Zane had abandoned long range tactics and viciously attacked The Rake, using his enormous strength to obliterate. The Rake’s body had been shattered several times due to Zane’s incredible speed and strength. However, The Rake wasn’t considered one of the most powerful beings in the Supers Union for no reason. Every time his body was destroyed, it would reform again, seemingly out of pure ice. Because of this, Zane was unable to gain the upper hand and their battle continued onward.


Leia, on the other hand, was clearly winning her battle. Akira was incredibly powerful, his regenerative powers and strength complimenting his ability to move earth and rocks as he willed. However, after the initial large clash where Akira had exploded several large spikes of earth upward, Akira had failed to land so much as a scratch on his librarian opponent. Every blow he launched, every swipe of his supernaturally strengthened claws, all of them were battered aside almost effortlessly be Leia. A boulder that he threw at her, one he formed that easily weighed more than 40,000 pounds, she slapped aside as if it was nothing, sending it tumbling to smash into the ground beneath them, crushing several of the futuristic soldiers that had gathered there.


Akira had found that in terms of close range attacks, nothing he had could even scratch her. Every time he fell close enough to her and had to trade blows he came out the lesser, with her mighty punches completely annihilating parts of his body, forcing him to fully regenerate. When Leia struck out, a small vacuum formed, a result of her enormous strength literally forcing the air itself to flee.


It wasn’t that Akira was weak. On the contrary, his combination of powers and strength would easily put him in the strongest Supers in the world. He was a veritable monster on his own.


Leia, however, was the 2nd ranking S Class member in America, one of the most powerful beings in the world. She was simply too powerful.


Abruptly, before Akira could react, Leia disappeared and reappeared in front of him, finally grabbing on to him before he could flee. With an enormous shift, Leia slammed Akira down, crashing him into the earth several meters away from the ruined House of Soviets. Akira turned to face the earth as she slammed him downward, his eyes glowing.


Akira’s body smashed into the ground and formed an enormous crater, his bones cracking and ripping as the earth erupted around him. Instantly, he fled through the earth, slamming down nearly a thousand meters before the force of Leia’s blow wore off. Akira felt at his body, realizing that he had almost been completely destroyed in the last attack. If he had been even a second slower in covering himself in the earth and having the ground absorb his blow, he would be dead.


Akira fled to one of the underground corners of the giant boxed off area, retreating away from the battle as his ruined body began regenerating.


Leia turned around and disappeared, launching herself towards the trail of light that was still in the air. She avoided The Rake and Zane as they continued fighting, neither of them able to defeat the other. Large waves of ice and fire clashed in the air as the duo continued batting, Zane resorting to large scale demonic fire seals in an effort to combat The Rake’s ice.


David whipped his head around as he heard more than saw Leia drop down into the imploded section of the House of Soviets they were laying low in. He stared at the women.


Leia looked the exact same as she had earlier. She was still wearing a brown dress, with a calm Aura surrounding her. Her dress was completely unruffled, looking like her fight with the High Werewolf had not even managed to make her sweat. She looked at David and his group kindly.


“I will be taking that Special Crate. It was never truly yours to take in the first place, please release your ownership of the Crate.” She spoke directly to Thavius, ignoring the rest of the team.


Shin suddenly inched forward, reaching out his hand to grab Thavius. Before he could grab him, however, Leia somehow instantly jumped forward, faster than David could register. David had been staring directly at the women and had seen her just disappear, vanishing from his vision.


Shin was blasted backwards, his chest completely caved in, with a look of pure shock on his face as he fell forward. Blood spattered out of his mouth as he fell to the ground, dying. Leia looked at him sadly, shaking her head. In her hand was Thavius’s unconscious body, his Otherworldly Summon spell slipping away as he was knocked out. Leia slung his body over his shoulder and turned as if to leave.


Stacy slammed her foot forward, yelling out as her Steel Aura intensified around her foot to attack the Super that was kidnapping Thavius in front of her. Without even giving Stacy a second glance, Leia whipped her arm out and slammed into her precisely, neatly breaking Stacy’s spine. The Steel Aura around Stacy vanished as she fell to the ground, paralyzed.


While Stacy was attacking, David had thrown himself forward, charging at the woman. He screamed in rage as he saw Stacy fall to the ground.


Before he even took a third step, David felt an enormous force slam into him, breaking through his Glass Emperor Plate, his energy transformation, and his ribs. David slammed backwards, crashing into the large pile of debris in the imploded section of the House of Soviets. A single blow from the kindly looking librarian had completely shattered his chest and destroyed his lungs as well as badly damaged his heart. Blood exploded out of his mouth as he crashed down to the ground dying.


David broke a Life Orb, fully regenerating his body and armor, and prepared to leap up and attack. He recognized that this woman was an American Super, and if he continued to attack, he would no doubt clue her in to his ability to respawn. However, after thinking, he couldn’t find any option out of his present situation. He had no choice but to attack or abandon Thavius. The woman was clearly not going to spare him once she retained ownership of the Special Crate. He prepared to break one of his Orbs and use the energy to attack when something unexpected happened.


Before he could launch himself at the Super and attack, another figure dropped down, a quiet air of dignity surrounding the figure. David recognized him as one of the Supers that had arrived with the Rake.


The man looked calmly at the extremely powerful S-Class super and said,


“Hi, Leia right? I’m John, John Delmar. I’m afraid I can’t let you take that man.”



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