Apocalypse Now – Chapter 33

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Apoc Now – Chapter 33 - Captured (2)






Shin looked up, tiredly scrubbing his eyes. He set a small katana he wielded down on a table, sighing quietly. The moonlight shone brightly outside one of the windows, flowing through the night air. He rubbed at a familiar necklace around his throat. He felt a painful ache in his heart as he thought of his missing best friend.


It had been three weeks since David’s disappearance, and the world had started to undergo enormous changes in that time. Shin flashed back to what had happened three weeks ago.


Shin had returned home, waiting on a text or call from David to let him know where to pick him and the team up. However, he never received a call. Shin had waited a solid fifteen minutes after the Monthly Scattering ended, expecting a message in some form.


He received nothing.


Panic starting to set in, Shin had warped back to the battlefield, searching all over for David. He started his search in the area he had last seen David, the corner they had warped too.


Shin teleported over there finding the area a burned ruin. The large explosion of lava and flame that that Demi-God had launched had decimated the forest area. Shin was confident, however, that David was alive. After all, David had an ability that literally saved your life, killing him would be difficult. He rubbed the Life Orbs he kept in his pocket, praying silently for his only friend. Doubt began filling his mind as he found nothing. He began to search frantically.


His search had been to no avail at first. He looked for hours and found nothing. Just as Shin had been about to give up, he saw a familiar necklace lying on the ground, half buried by dirt. The necklace lay in a small, ash covered clearing.


Shin teleported to the small clearing, slamming atop the ground near the necklace. He lunched downward, picking up the familiar piece. Underneath the necklace he found a huge bullet that he pocketed, deciding to check it later. His stomach dropped as he double-checked the familiar necklace.


Shin stared at Titan Slayer, calling up his system screen.



Name: Shin Koi                Points: 0        Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0


Class: Teleportation Master (1/2)          


Abilities: Greater Teleportation*, Instantaneous Teleportation* (0/2)


Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun



Shin tried to bond the weapon, testing it out. As soon as he did, however, a message popped up.



Unable to bind weapon. Weapon still bound by owner.



Shin took a deep breath, feeling his heart settle. He suddenly smiled, fierce determination coloring his face. He put the necklace around his neck, holding it tightly.


Shin knew David placed a great deal of value on this necklace. It wasn’t something he would ever lose willingly. Therefore, he had to assume that something had happened, and something bad. Because the necklace was still bound, David had to be alive, and for that Shin was grateful. Without David, Shin wouldn’t be the man he was today. He would die for his friend a thousand times, with a smile on his face.


Shin warped home and decided to wait, hoping to hear from David on his own. He hadn’t found a sign of him yet, but decided he would continue to search as he waited, looking for his friend.


This had taken place three weeks ago.


In the present, Shin was standing in the kitchen of the orphanage he volunteered at.


The Open Heart Orphanage was one of the very few orphanages in Austin that allowed for full time volunteers. Ever since S-Day had broken out, hundreds of thousands of kids had lost parents in the subsequent fighting and violence.


The Hope Heart Orphanage had been understaffed and overbooked, barely able to take care of the three hundred plus children living in the long boardrooms.


Shin had found out about the orphanage when he was testing his teleportation powers, back in the earth days after S-Day. He had been warping around Austin, practicing mid air teleportation, when he spotted a kid standing at the very edge of a large skyscraper.


Shin had warped over immediately, landing atop the large building. The child had whipped around, staring at Shin in surprise. With a startled yelp, the child had fallen backwards off the building, slipping when she turned around.


Shin had immediately teleported over to the side of the building and warped downward, grabbing the girl from the air. It actually took him three separate tries till he managed to snag her, his teleportation arts not yet full mastered.


Shin had grabbed the girl and set her down on the ground carefully, making sure she was alright. The girl had broken out crying, in coherently.


“Where are your parents?” Shin asked, looking around. He decided he would see her safely home before he left.


“I-I-they-I” The girl had stammered, still shaking. Shin had sat down on the ground and hugged her for a few minutes, helping her calm down. When she calmed enough to speak she had said,


“I live at the Orphanage over there. Thank you for saving me mister.” She patted Shin on the back, seeming to have recovered. She stared at him imperiously. She pointed at a small building across the street. Shin could see several long buildings behind the small front building.


Shin had marched her over to the orphanage, seeing that she was taken inside. He then began talking to one of the five workers there, a woman named Grenda Smith. Grenda was a late middle-aged lady, just reaching 60, with a kind streak. She had run the orphanage for twenty years, caring for those in need.


As Shin looked around, he noticed how overworked and tired Grenda and a few of the other workers had appeared. He talked to Grenda about what she did, inquiring to the number of kids they took care of. When he found out they had to care for over three hundred children with just five workers, he had stared at her in shock.


Shin had volunteered on the spot.


Since then, Shin had spent his days helping the orphanage get by. He had taken care of the kids, helped cook lunch and dinner, played with them for hours, and more. He quickly became the adopted older brother to all of the kids in the orphanage, and did his best to maintain that standard. Shin knew he wasn't perfect, and he knew his upbringing had been pretty terrible. He refused to let these kids go through life without someone having their back.


Volunteering at the orphanage had become a huge part of Shins life, only superseded by his work with David and David’s team. Joining the Department of Supers, helping out at the Monthly Scattering, all of these things were planned by their leader, David.


He looked around the kitchen again, sighing. Without David, Shin didn’t really know what to do. He wasn’t a leader. He didn’t have the practice, the perfect grades and the knowledge. He didn’t even have parents he could look up to, how could he know anything about leading. He shrugged.


Shin rubbed the necklace on his neck again, reminding himself. Somewhere out there, David needed his help, and Shin would be damned if he let anything stop him from helping his friend.


He opened the System Auction Forum, reading over the latest threads. The situation in the world had begun to take several rather dire turns.


After the Monthly Scattering, Japan Supers and the Japanese Government had accused America of attacking their Sovereign Crates. It had quickly become common knowledge that a person couldn’t purchase more than 5 Lottery Slots. Lottery Crates were seen as a natural resource of each government, and theft of one had become taboo. While the Crates individually weren't worth very much, it was still considered an affront.


The American response had been to naturally refute all claims, counterclaiming that Japan had no proof. Arguments had sprung up and tension was at an all time high between Japan and America as politicians began fighting. One not so intelligent politician had stated that Japan had no right to the Crates if they couldn’t even hold them, causing a whole nother round of arguments.


Russia had fallen even farther into civil war as the two opposing factions fought for control of the country. Russian refugees had begun to flee into Europe, causing economic tumbles as Russia collapsed.


In a statement that roused the entire world, the European Supers Union made two separate announcements. The first was the addition of a new member to the their Supers Council, the most powerful group in the Union. The new member chose to go unnamed, leading to him being called The Eighth, representing his number on the Supers Council.


The second announcement was that the Supers Union was going to preside over a task force to restore order in Russia, assisting the country with rebuilding its crumbling economy and nation. The decision was “made in light of the recent turbulence and violence”, with the “best interests” of the Russian people at heart.


In other words, it was a thinly veiled, and successful, message that they were going to take control of the country, bringing it into their reign.


This statement had occurred a week after David went missing, causing mixed reactions among the general populace. People in Europe were both for against it, a nice mix as some called for their Union to stay only in Europe, leaving the rest of the world to deal with it self, while others called for expansion in order to bring about safety to all. Americans called it a blatant and obvious statement of war, criticizing the power hungry European’s Super Union. The Europeans, naturally, did not take this well, and arguments broke out on both sides.


There was a surprisingly large positive response from the denizens of Russia themselves as the people grew sick of the civil war. The citizens gained nothing but pain, hunger, and heartache from the war. Any promise of order, as well as a promise of food every day, was one gladly welcomed.


In less than two weeks, the Supers Union had announced that they had successfully subdued the rebels in Russia, declaring the nation “Once again a Sovereign Power.” A new Russian government had been setup, one that promptly declared an intention to join the European Union, as well as the Supers Union. Many of the nations that bordered Russia had also declared their allegiance, including the Ukraine, Crimea, and a few others. The world had shifted slightly as the EU became more and more powerful.


Other countries, however, also rapidly changed.


In China, the Student’s Supers Union that had formed so hopefully had collapsed; The students leading the Union were never seen again. Rumor on the Forums had it that the Chinese Government used specially trained forced armed with extremely powerful weaponry provided by the System to get rid of them. It was confirmed, however, that Chinese soldiers had poured across the nation, securing all of it using extremely advanced and powerful technology.


In this method, many Supers with powerful or useful abilities were killed. While one might have the strength of a dragon, or incredible psychic power, or something similar, many people were unused to these abilities and untrained. A powerful and trained team of professional Special Operation Forces, armed with advanced weaponry and armor purchased via the System, would usually have the advantage in any type of engagement.


It was reported on the Forums that Chinese citizens were forced to give up their points to the government, paid a pittance in return. By doing this, the Chinese Government gained an enormous supply of points, allowing their army to grow to become one of the most powerful in existence.


Several other nations had already begun following suit, America included, as the government offered several programs for “redeeming” ones points. The option to sell one’s points had already become a normal thing, and America hinged their message with patriotism, declaring that any true American would support their country. A cash reward was also offered.


Several powerful and wealth families had come out of the woodwork, forming their own “Gold Legion”, a network of extremely wealthy people that had created their own small armies of Supers. The Gold Legion had based themselves in America, allying with the Department of Supers.


As all of this occurred, several strange occurrences had popped up around the world. Shin had followed all of these occurrences, linking some of them to David’s disappearance.


People were disappearing. Specifically, Supers were disappearing, and because Supers were far more visible and well known than regular people, it had become noticeable.


Many Forum Users just laid these disappearances off to chance or misdirection, stating that people go missing all of the time.


Shin, however, latched on to them, starting to see a pattern.


On the day that David had disappeared, Shin found 17 other known Supers had disappeared as well, all in a unique way. Most people attributed this to the Monthly Scattering, stating that it was to be expected.


Shin could accept Supers dying in the Monthly Scattering. People died all the time. What was different about these disappearances, however, was that all of them happened in absolute secrecy. No one had witnessed any of the disappearances; no one knew what happened, people just stated that these Supers were gone, not appearing when they were supposed to.


The other that that clued Shin in was that all of the Supers that had disappeared had vanished within a 200 mile radius of where David had vanished. Shin had marked a map, indicating the vanish points of each and every Super. He hadn’t yet found a correlation, but felt that he would with time.


Shin had also found a single thread on the forum that interested him an enormous deal. He called it up now, reading it.




European Union Threads – I was just attacked - Bl0keWall (13 comments)


Hey guys, I’m commenting here to tell you guys something fucking wild that just happened. Right so I live in Switzerland, great fucking nation, but my mom’s family lives in Russia. Because I’m a Super, I decided to help her by grabbing her family from Russia and return back to the greatest fucking nation in the world.


However, on the way there, shit went fucking down let me tell ya. Out of fucking nowhere these armored freaks showed up and started attacking. It was like out of a scifi movie or something. These guys were huge too, with glowing eyes and shit. The weirdest part was the fact that they were using fucking Sniper Rilfes to try and take me out, and im not talking yo baby sniper rifles no niqqa they were using fucking anti tank fucking rifles.


Anyways, I wasn’t too worried. I had spawned with a lottery slot and was given an Escape Wrench, an item that I can use once a day to teleport back to a set location. Its worth 24,000 Points in the System Shop too, good shit lads.


But yeah, if you’re traveling to Russia, watch out for fuckin bandits on the way. Not safe at all


User – Bl0keWall

          Ability – Psychic Master




Shin’s eyes latched on to the word “Anti Tank Rifles.” He reached into his pocket, bringing out the bullet he had found buried beneath David’s necklace. It was a single, used round, a bullet that, after Shin had checked, could only be fire by an Anti Tank Rifle.


A cold smile settled on his face as he looked at the bullet for a moment. He returned it back to his pocket and grabbed the katana he had set on the counter. The blade had come from the ruins of Austin, found in one of the random places Shin had warped too. Shin had sharpened it and brought it to good use, keeping it as a melee weapon.


He picked the weapon up, still smiling coldly, and teleported to Europe, in search of his best friend.



The Plane of Va, 5th Overlord’s Domain, 4th Heliosphere



David looked up, wiping sweat from his forehead. He took a brief break, letting his aching body rest. David was currently standing in the Underground Toil Mines. He later learned why they were called that, staring at the vast and gargantuan mine.


David had learned from several of his fellow prisoners that this mine contained one of the most valuable things on this plane, a special rock called Pon Rock. Pon Rock was a tough and durable substance, a substance that supposedly could be turned into the System for Points after being refined.


Using this method allowed one to create an extremely powerful army, with fantastic powers and abilities. There were 7 large Pon mines on the Plane of Va, and each of them was controlled by a different Overlord.


The System had made Pon Rock, creating several large vast mines on the Plane of Va when it descended. However, instead of making it free to mine, the System had decided upon a certain condition. Only people that have a Physical Modification or Ability from the System could mine Pon Rock. Everyone else, whether they be man or machine, were completely unable to mine the substance. Only “Powereds” or what the beings on the Plane of Va called Supers, could mine it. Extensive research had gone into figuring out ways around this restriction, all to no avail.


“KAZYK DAS VORT! (GET BACK TO WORK!)” A feral voice screamed out in a guttural tongue, slamming a vicious blow from a whip into David’s back. David had heard the words often enough to recognize what they meant, even if he didn't speak the language well. An electric shock blasted into David, shocking him as he stood. His entire body twitched as he fell down, shaking.


A Foreman, a prisoner that had been on good behavior long enough to have received an upgrade in rank, had whipped David, attacking him with an electric whip. In this case, the Foreman had been a Three-Eyed.


David quickly scrambled back to his feet, covering himself protectively. He felt at the metal brace strung around his neck, feeling the cold metal against his skin. It was a promise of death, as the collars were fixed on every creature that worked here. If they tried to escape or flee, the collars would activate, slicing their head from their neck.


David had been explicitly informed of the effectiveness of this, so far as the guards having killed him multiple times, hammering in that even if he respawned, the neck brace would still be there and activate endlessly.


In the Underground Toil Mine, David was able to access all of his powers, save for his A.I. companion. He was able to use his Level D Energy Transformation and use his Life Orbs. For some reason, however, he wasn’t able to access his System Status. Instead, whenever he tried to bring the screen to the forefront, David felt his mind fill with knowledge about what his Status should say. He automatically knew how many Life Orbs he had, how much energy he had stored, and more. He wasn’t able to open the Shop, or access any part of the screen, however. He talked to a few of the other humans here, noting that they were in a similar situation.


Thankfully, David was still able to access his Life Orb Designation ShopWhile he couldn’t use the normal shop, or access his stored inventory, he could still use his Life Orbs to power himself up, when he saved enough up.


He picked up the enormous pickaxe from the floor, going back to work slamming against the purple crystal in front of him. Mining the Pon Rock was extremely strenuous and taxing. It was all pure physical effort, with very little rest in between. David had the advantage of being able to break a Life Orb to regenerate his energy, though he decided not to in order to save them for a powerful ability, or when they were needed.


His Level D Transformation was also of little use. While it gave him a significant boost in strength, the Mine OverForeman had raised his required quota to match his increased power.


Every day for the past three weeks David had mined 100 pounds of Pon Rock. This might not sound too difficult, something easily accomplishable in the ten hours he spent down here, but one has to take into account how difficult it is to actually mine Pon Rock. The rock itself was extremely tough and unmalleable. Mining 100 pounds of the rock would be an impossible feat for a regular human, and an already extremely tough one for David.


David’s body, on the other hand, had strengthened quite a bit thanks to the harsh practice. Using his Life Orbs, the few times he did, allowed his body to stay in good shape, relatively healed and rapidly gaining muscle. He became more and more used to his Level D Energy Transformation as he was forced to use it for extended periods of time.


In fact, David felt so natural in his Level D Transformation that he felt it was his normal state of being sometimes. Because he gained 24 hours of energy whenever he broke a Life Orb, he felt it would be unlikely that he would ever actually run out of power. His consumption rate of energy had rapidly decreased as he became more used to it. He had also begun feeling as if there was something more to his power, as if it was on the perch of… growing.


David shook his head, clearing his mind as a loud gong rang out. It was the evening mess alert.


In the 4th Heliosphere, prisoners/recruits, were fed twice a day. Once in the morning and one in the evening. Normal food was served to everyone, tasteless bland mush that contained calories and little else. Those on good behavior, basically meaning turning in the required quota and not causing problems, were allowed meals from the Foremen Mess, food that actually tasted like food.


David stood up and joined a small crowd of people leaving the area. The crowd was a rather odd mix of species, most of which David had learned about in the recent weeks.


In total, there were four separate races on the Planet of Va, not counting humans.


There was the humanoid race of Tans, basically humans with a third eye on their forehead. They were virtually identical to humans, and the easiest for David to talk to. Amazingly, the Tans actually spoke an archaic form of English. While they weren't the easiest creatures to speak to, it was indeed possible to communicate with them. David had made a few friends among what others called the Three-Eyeds. The vast majority of prisoners were Three-Eyeds.


The second race was a group of humanoids known as Bloiks. They resembled humans, again, but had a blockish, squarish quality about their body. They were hugely built however, with enormously thick arms and legs. There weren't very many Bloiks, and no one messed with the ones that did exist. David mentally named them Blocks. They were the second largest group among prisoners.


The third race was that of the Kvoth. The Kvoth were huge, towering figures, easily 4 meters tall or taller. They resembled humans in almost every way except for both their great height, and the fact that they had snow-white skin with small horns growing out of their skulls. They were known in this realm as “Gentle Giants,” famed for their legendary height and strength, as well as their pacifism. These creatures were the third most common group among prisoners.


The fourth and final race, one that was rather mysterious, was that of the Wardens. The Wardens were supposedly humanoid creatures that had the ability to naturally evolve several times, changing their form as they grew more and more powerful. The Wardens that David saw were always wearing some type of armor, so David was never quite sure what exactly they looked like. He did know enough, however, to avoid them when he could.


David also found several other random species, creatures that came in all shapes and sizes, their one common factor being the large metal collars wrapped around their necks.


David tugged at his collar as he trudged up the long set of stars that led to the Underground Toil Mine, walking away from his workplace. He saw several Wardens at the stop of the stairs, standing guard as people passed out of the mine.


The Wardens, Dale had learned, were extremely vicious. Their word was law, and pissing them off was an extremely unwise decision. In the Underground Toil Mine, everyone had access to his or her powers. While few people had incredible powers, very many were decently strong. A few days ago, a fight had broken out among prisoners as a Block was attacked by a Three-Eyed. The Block had a Steel Body Type power while the Three-Eyed had some sort of weird punching power, a glowing fist floating above his head as he attacked. A Foreman ran up, screaming rage at the fighters.


David had watched the fight break out avidly, his first time seeing any creatures here get in a fight. Before the fight came anywhere near finished, however, a Warden had blasted over, slamming down onto the ground between the fighters.


Immediately, everyone turned away and went back to minding, avoiding all contact with the two other Supers. David had walked off but turned around to watch, curious.


The Warden had walked over to one of the Foreman, talking to him. The Foreman had bowed and waved his hands, responding. David had been unable to understand what they were saying.


Suddenly, the Warden turned around, its metallic armor glinting as it strode forward to the downed Three-Eyed. The Warden picked up the Three-Eyed, setting him on the ground almost gently. Then, with a casual flick of his wrist, the Warden activated the Three-Eyed’s collar, killing him instantly.


As the Three-Eyed’s corpse fell to the ground, lifeless, the Warden turned around and walked up to the cowering Block, a great muscled figure bowing its head on the floor. The Steelish tone on the Block's skin disappeared.


The Warden picked the Block up and backhanded the creature, sending it flying over fifteen meters to crash into a higher section of the mine. The Block fell to the ground dead, its neck broken. The Warden left, metallic armor glimmering as it floated away towards the entrance of the mine.


David shook his head again, walking out of the mine. He felt his Energy Transformation and the power over his Orbs suddenly recede, his powers fading away as he came under the influence of the 4th Heliosphere. He had yet to learn how his jailers had managed to limit the use of his power.


David made his way to one of the giant white buildings, the Mess Building. It was in here that the several thousand of prisoners would receive their food and eat. They would have one hour to finish eating before they were required to return to their cells, going to bed early to be ready for work on the next day.


David practically ran into the building and grabbed a tray of food, wolfing it down in less than a minute. He then left the mess hall, heading towards a meeting place. David walked quickly, avoiding the crowd of still moving prisoners as they went into the mess hall.


If a recruit finished eating before their hour of mess was up, they were allowed free time, time they could spend however they wanted as long as they remained in the 4th Heliosphere. Not that they had a choice on leaving, regardless.


David was on his way to a small clearing in the forest that surrounded the large white buildings. The forest wasn’t really thick enough to be called a forest, just a random scattering of trees on an empty plain, but it was better than nothing. He passed several small oak trees as he stepped forward to the north. David walked over, waving quietly at the five figures that were already gathered around a specific tree.


There were three humans and two Three-Eyeds, all sitting around in a circle, quietly talking. They stopped and smiled as they looked up, nodding at David as he joined their circle.


The Three-Eyed sitting directly to David’s right suddenly spoke up, speaking a rough attempt at english.


“Tomorrow night, we escape.”



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  • seanpoop@cox.net' sean says:

    “Tomorrow night, we escape.”

    Honestly, I sure hope David [isn’t] included in that. I feel like it would trivialize the whole point of him being captured. If he escapes and gets back home that quickly and easily then all that this would boil down to is him temporarily getting captured so he could level up.
    *crosses fingers for something in-depth*

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