Apocalypse Now – Chapter 38

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Apoc Now – Chapter 38 - Free (3)





David firmly grasped the glowing necklace in his hand, preparing to activate it. He recalled the instructions Kieron had given him, saying that he should only trigger the necklace when he was in a safe area.


He looked around the small forest, not seeing anything threatening. He double-checked with Terry, asking her to use her sensors to detect anything dangerous. Terry came up with nothing as well.


He decided to activate the necklace on the ground, not wanting anyone to accidentally fall from the large trees. He quickly descended, using his Life Orbs to help him drop. He maintained his Level C Energy Transformation just to be safe.


David was currently standing at the base of one of the large trees on the side of the mountain he had chose. Several other trees spread out around him, creating a dense forest. He could hear the sounds of running water, noting that a river or stream was nearby. Several small bugs and birds chirped in the background, giving the area a very natural feel. It reminded David of the camping trips he had gone on as a kid.


After taking one last glance around to be sure they were free from observers, David crushed his portion of the necklace.


Immediately, the Force Teleportation Necklace vanished, sending a crescendo of light into the air. A mix of blue and red light warped together, shooting upward towards the sky. The flash of light temporarily blinded David, reducing his vision.


As the beacon of light launched upward, small streams of the light broke off, covering the area around David for twenty meters. Strange shapes fluttered in the light, mixing back and forth. David felt his grasp of reality tremble slightly as he looked around in confusion, barely able to see. The necklace he had just shattered suddenly reformed, returning to his hand.


“What is this?!” David yelled out loud at Terry, shocked. From the way Kieron had described it, the Force Teleportation Necklace would form a large orb and transport everyone in that orb to the owner of the shattered necklace. In this case, it was supposed to teleport them to David.


This, however, was completely different then what Kieron had described. The swirls of light, the blinding beacon, the odd shifting shapes.



What was it supposed to be, master?



Terry replied, her voice floating in David’s mind. The lights began to whirl faster around David, accompanied by a loud whirring sound.


“Some allies were supposed to be teleported here! This was a Force Teleportation Necklace!” He replied, answering her query.


Terry was silent for a moment. David felt more than saw her begin to analyze the reformed necklace he was holding. She responded,



This is indeed a Force Teleportation Necklace. It matches the records of said item found in the Earth System. However, this necklace appears to have been heavily modified. A regular Force Teleportation Necklace would be permanently broken upon use.


This one, however, appears to be activating something. I’m not quite sure what. I do not see a way to deactivate it as it is now. We will just have to wait it out. It seems to be increasing in energy concentration. I project it will finish whatever it is doing momentarily. 



True to Terry’s word, the mesmerizing trails of light began to intensify. The shapes that were vaguely visible disappeared, covered up by the fast building maelstrom of red and blue light. The whirring sound surrounded David then, screeching to an all time high.


Just as quickly as the lights had appeared, however, they disappeared. The light around David slowly returned to normal, the regular daylight replacing the odd red and blue glows. He blinked several times, adjusting his eyes back to normal.


As he cleared his vision, David looked down in surprise. Standing just a few feet from him, clutching a necklace identical in every way to the necklace David was holding, save for its blue coloring, was a young human boy.


The kid was easily several years younger than David, with curly brown hair. He was at least a foot shorter than David, not taller than 5 feet. A happy smile donned the boy’s face as he looked around, his blue-green eye’s swiveling.


“Haha sweet! That old guy was right, it worked!”




5th Overlords Domicile, The Floating Continent, Capital City of Todov




The 5th Overlord took off his worn, metal helmet, resting his eyes on the great Heliospheres that circled his capital. The giant spheres were home to the largest and only Pon mines on the entire Floating Continent, the mines he used to fuel his army and government.


The Floating Continent had undergone quite some serious threats recently, he reflected, looking out the thick window. The Overlord was currently sitting in the Ruler’s Tower, the tallest building in the Capital City Todov.


Todov itself was a sprawling and large city, filled with hundreds of thousands of beings. The city proper was only five miles wide and five miles long, shaped in a combination of a square and a circle, with large sloping walls. Surrounding the city, however, were several thousands of homes and shantytowns, populating the nearby area.


Todov was the economic center of the Floating Continent. Trade, politics, power, everything in this nation was centered in the City of Wonders, Todov. From powerful merchants to surviving noble clans, all of them had a main base inside the city.


These bases ranged from great merchant houses to towering noble citadels, great edifices that crowded each other, all paling in comparison next to the enormous Ruler’s Tower. Standing an incredible one thousand meters high, the enormous tower was made of a material known as Durastite. Nicknamed the “Hardest Material in the Known Universe”, Durastite could only be found in the farthest reaches of space, or bought through the System.


Throughout the years, the 5th Overlord had slowly had this Durastite tower created, a final defensive base against any attack from another Overlord. While the windows and doors on the tower were not invincible, the 5th Overlord merely had to send a mental command for the giant building to lockdown, with Durastite walls slamming down and sealing it off.


The 5th Overlord was currently sitting in the top of this tower, overlooking the rest of the city of Todov. The Overlord was not a large man. Standing at just 6 feet tall, he would be considered overly average in height and stature if compared to other Wardens or beings.


It is known that Warden’s had the ability to evolve, physically growing and changing their body as they grew more powerful. Much in the same way a tadpole metamorphes into a frog, so too do Warden’s metamorph into their next evolution.


A 1st Stage Warden was a simple grunt. Great hulking brutes with armor that naturally grows around them and inside their body, these creatures have the ability to levitate at will. Very strong, agile, but not very intelligent.


A 2nd Stage Warden is the first evolution. A measure of intelligence and free will is gifted to those that achieve this state. The armor that is built into the skin and bone of the Warden changes, shifting with the evolution. The Warden’s skin takes on a fiery red tone, granting increased resistance to physical attacks and near immunity to fire. The armor changes with the skin, changing from grey to a blazing red. These Wardens also increase in size, growing bigger than the basic Wardens. About a tenth of the living Wardens under the 5th Overlord’s command are at this stage. A 2nd Stage Warden is easily a match for five 1st Stage Wardens.


A 3rd Stage Warden is the second evolution, and the last one before a Warden’s final evolution. The number of Wardens that reach this phase are extremely small. Gifted with a greatly increased intelligence and capabilities, 3rd Stage Wardens are referred to as Reapers. They are the enforcers of law, the ones that keep the peace, and the special troops of the 5th Overlords military. When a Warden evolves to the 3rd Stage, their armor will morph again, becoming much smaller and covering their body more fluidly, like a flexible chain mail. The armor will become dyed black, as black as the night itself. Wardens at this stage will also become slimmer and shorter, power filling their lean builds.  A deathly Aura will cover them, empowering them. A 3rd Stage Warden is easily a match for ten 2nd Stage Wardens.


The final stage of evolution for a Warden is one that is so rare that any Warden that reaches this stage will instantly be promoted, becoming one of the few trusted generals in the Overlord’s army. A 4th Stage Warden, or, as they are known, a Freed Warden, are beings of extreme strength of mind and of will. Having gone from being a base grunt Warden through every evolution to reach the peak of their kind, each Freed Warden is very powerful. The armor that grows with every Warden is absorbed into the Freed Warden’s body, granting them incredible physical strength and defenses. Freed Wardens also gain the ability to transform their body to any form they choose, allowing them to don physical forms that match their need.


The 5th Overlord had recently taken a liking to the life forms that lived on the new Plane of existence they were inspecting, that of humans. At the moment, the 5th Overlord appeared as a lean human, with long white hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore a slim pair of black lace paints and a black coat, with a white undershirt. A flowing dark grey cape covered his back, giving him an austere look.


As the Overlord looked out among the city that he controlled, he heard a quiet knocking at the entranceway of the room he stood in. The top room in the Ruler’s Tower was a simple observatory, with nothing but a large number of windows and a small wooden desk. There was a pair of chairs set near the paper-covered desk for guests to sit at. On the side opposite of where the 5th Overlord stood was a small white door, fading in to the white interior of the room it opened up into. The Durastite rock that made up the tower was a permanent mix of white and grey.


The 5th Overlord made a waving motion with his hand. Immediately, the door zoomed open, revealing an elderly black armor clad 3rd Stage Warden. The older Warden’s lined face was visible, one that was extremely similar to that of a humans the Overlord noted. The only tangible difference the Overlord could find was that the eyes of humans were much rounder, while the eyes of Warden’s were longer and slanted. If one considered only the facial features, ignoring the armor that grew with Wardens and bulkier body, humans and Wardens were very similar.


The 5th Overlord spoke,


“What is it, Jackta?” The Overlord’s melodious voice echoed in the small chamber. It had a light, but deep tone, giving off a sense of confidence and authority.


The Warden named Jackta responded,


“My lord. I have today’s report, as well as some startling information that has been gathered.” The 3rd Stage Warden bowed its head as it spoke, peeking up the 5th Overlord with something akin to worship in his eyes.


“Give me the regular report first.” The 5th Overlord said, turning back to face the outside. The Overlord watched one of the giant Heliosphere suddenly shift, circling slightly to the left.


“Yes my lord.” Seemingly from out of nowhere, the bowing Warden withdrew several papers and began reading information from them.


“The 4th Overlord has continued his encroachment on the south western portion of your lordships land, an attempt to establish a foothold on the Floating Continent. Your soldiers, led by one of your Savants, have continued to rebuff their attacks. The 2nd Overlord is demanding the release of one of your Heliospheres as payment for the Battle of Ova that occurred four months past in the southern Grounded Lands. His demands have not changed, and neither has the position he has held. It is our opinion that he will continue to demand restitution without attempting to enforce it for the next several months while he builds up his forces.”


The elderly Warden paused for a moment, catching his breath. He quickly looked through the papers he had and continued speaking.


“As for the other Overlords, they have not yet made any action against you as of right now. Our information sources say that the 1st Overlord and the 7th Overlord are still at war with each other, having launched multiple vicious attacks against each other. Casualty estimates of their fight have entered the millions, though an exact number as of now is unknown.”


The 5th Overlord nodded. He responded,


“Yes, this is all within my expectations. How are our operations on the other Plane?”


Jackta bowed again to the Overlord, switching some of the pages he held around as he searched for the relevant information. After a moment’s pause, he responded,


“Our agents on Earth have successfully completed a majority of their missions. The South American continent has been thrown into further chaos due to stimulated gang warfare and battles amongst the various Supers vying power. Our agents have successfully enraged every major power there, bringing the continent to the brink of war. It is projected that in a week or two, we will be able to throw the entire continent into a full scene of chaos, with no established command..”


“The situation in Africa is similar. Our agents have infiltrated several of the vying Warbands, setting them against each other. The disarray and already hostile nature present has made our work much easier. There is nothing that could be considered a central leadership in Africa, and will never be in the near future.”


“As for North America… The American Supers Association has been successfully infiltrated. While the situation at hand may seem to be relatively safe and normal, we have established a large degree of control in America and Canada, as well as in Mexico. A Supers registry is in the process of being voted in by the American Congress and should be enacted within the next two weeks, allowing our targeting to be much more precise and accurate. Canada and Mexico’s situation are similar.”


“Concerning Asia and Australia/Oceania… our control here is very situation and varied. Australia and their respective Supers organization have been infiltrated successfully. The various islands in that area, however, have stretched our resources somewhat thin. It has been considered that targeting the smaller islands can be saved for later on in our engagement, when we have a stronger foothold.”


“China has proved somewhat resilient to our infiltration techniques. However, they have only provided a slight delay, and we have several powerful members of the ruling party under our control. We have contained the rebel Supers group, capturing the various young Supers that formed the group. Using the already strict Chinese authority and censorship tools, we have engaged in a propaganda campaign with the focus of alienating the Chinese citizens from the rest of the world. It is unlikely that they will choose to assist or help any other nation should war break out. It is only a matter of time till we can fully infiltrate the government regulated Chinese Supers sector.”


“The Japanese Supers groups have also proved extraordinary difficult to infiltrate, even those aligned with the government. Whether it is their unusual culture or extreme obsession with the ideals of honor and respect, the Japanese people have proved to be, if I may use a human phrase, ‘a tough nut to crack.’ It is unknown how long it will take to infiltrate and seize power in these groups, though the regular Japanese government has proven substantially easier to penetrate.”


The older Warden cleared his throat then, swapping around a few of the pages he was looking at. He continued speaking,


“The European Supers Union has become somewhat of a problem. We have successfully infiltrated their high command with one of our own, and have used our position to effectively enact our plans, but some of the members in the Union have begun to suspect our presence. It is unknown how we were detected as thus far we have remained completely concealed. However, it is a fact that at least one member of the Union, the Super known as ‘Lord Eighth,’ has begun to actively work against us.”


“This is the same Super, if you recall my lord, that conquered the country of Russia in less than a month. In anticipation of his rulership, one of the Lord Savants placed one of your Mind Probes on his person, infecting his mind. Due to the targeted nature of the probe, we were able to gleam his specific plans and counterplans for after he conquered Russia and had prepared several tactics to take advantage of this.”


“For unknown reasons, however, the Lord Eighth has resigned his position as the pseudo ruler of the new Russian Federation. He has also changed every defensive policy and active plan laid out, completely throwing our strategies into disarray. Before we could land a new Mind Probe to establish a connection, the Lord Eighth disappeared and has not been heard from since. It will be weeks now till we can establish a new plan concerning the Russian Federation.”


The 5th Overlord turned around for the first time in their conversation, a light of interest appearing in his eyes.


“Are you saying he detected your presence then?” The Overlord said, his voice quietly ringing in the air.


“Yes my lord. We have left no physical evidence of our coming, and are uncertain how we were detected, yet nevertheless, it is our predication that he discovered us, or at least discovered that we existed, though whether or not he knows the specifics on whom we are and our goals is unknown.”


“Interesting.” The Overlord mused, folding his hands together.


“How about the rest of the European Supers Union? Anything else from them?”


“No my lord. The rest of the Supers are complacent, unaware of our presence. Our infiltration has been eminently successful, with the exception of the so called ‘Lord Eighth.’”


“We do, however, have good news to report as well my lord.”


“As of right now, Pakistan and India have declared war on each other. Due in part to our plans and in part due to their natural hatred of each other, the Supers associations in both countries have engaged in battle against each other. When these organizations have sufficiently weakened themselves, we will engage in the second part of our plan for the Middle East.”


“Good, good.” The Overlord said, smiling gently at the elderly Warden.


“Now. You said you had some startling information to report?”


“Yes sir.” The 3rd Stage Warden bowed as he spoke, a hurried tone edging on to his voice.


“As of a few moments prior to my arrival at your tower, a specific beacon signal was activated.”


The 5th Overlord shot around, his entire body screaming tension. A look of total attention donned on his face as he stared at the older Warden intensely. A gleam of anticipation entered his eyes as he looked at the other Warden.


“The beacon was only traceable for a brief moment. However, our trackers have managed to narrow it down to a 100 mile region in the southern grounded area of the Floating Continent.”


“It appears to have been the signal of the 2nd Redeemer General, Kieron Godhand.”







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