Apocalypse Now – Chapter 4

David looked around at them. May and Leia were barely holding back tears, trying to keep calm. Shin stood off to the side, shrugging at David, trying to look helpful. David turned back to the girls, saying,

“Alright, so here’s what we will do. Once Stacy recovers from activating her power, we’ll find where her parents live. Then, we will have Shin teleport us to Austin and we will find all of our parents and return here.” David nodded at Shin. Shin looked back at him, nodding as well.

“For now, we need you girls to wait until Stacy is safe. Shin and I will go scout out Austin now, and see if everything is still safe. You girls decide among yourselves, and have one of you watch Stacy while the other checks the campground for some tents. I’m sure they have an office or something with supplies.”

The girls nodded at David, gradually calming down and moving with purpose. Leia went to watch over Stacy, while May headed towards one of the campground offices, looking for a tent or some type of supplies. The wind swirled through the campground, over the lake, rushing past David and Shin.

Shin spoke then saying,

“Alright buddy. If things are as bad as they were on campus, we’re gonna need to be careful. It’s a good thing you picked the power you did. Will save my ass, I’m sure, hahaha!” Shin somehow managed a grim laugh, staring at David.

David nodded, standing next to Shin.

“Remember the one time we got on the roof of the Frost Bank building?” David said, gesturing with his hands.

Shin laughed,

“Ahaha! I remember! Man, we almost got sent off to prison, thank God for your sweet talk, ahaha!” Shin smiled at David.

David continued,

“Alright, Shin, set us there. I think that will give us a good look at the situation.” Shin nodded, and snapped his fingers.

The world around David began to blur…

The United States of America, Texas, Austin, Roof of the Frost Bank Skyscraper

David opened his eyes to a frozen world. The fading, afternoon light shone down upon a scene of frozen destruction. David and Shin were currently standing upon the roof of the Frost Bank building. However, the entire roof had been frozen over as well as most of the building, and they stood upon the ice. Large chunks of ice covered several other buildings, freezing the skyscrapers.

In the distance, David heard screeches and explosions rock through the sky, shaking the air. He felt more explosions then saw huge spurts of ice explode to the south. Sirens blared, shrieking through the day, as the police tried to respond to supernatural crimes.

David looked up in awe as several military helicopters flew by, army troops visible inside. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a young man float past the Skyscraper David was standing on. The man was wearing a student’s uniform, and looked like he went to a private high school somewhere in the city. The kid was, of all things, juggling some rocks, floating around as if gravity didn’t affect him. David saw other figures flying in the air talking to each other, while countless others on the ground broke into fierce battles.

David snapped back to the situation at hand, taking his bearings. He quickly looked at Shin.

“Alright, Shin, the area doesn’t seem too dangerous as long as we avoid crowded areas. Can you take me to where my parents live?” David asked, looking at Shin.

Shin nodded, his eyes staring in shock at the vastly changed city.

Suddenly, David’s surroundings began to blur again, light flashing by in an instant. Abruptly, he arrived outside his parents’ home. Or well, what was left of his parents’ home. A burning crater covered a huge portion of the neighborhood he was standing in, fire blazing all around. Smoke wafted in the air, making David cough.

David ran forward desperately, getting a closer look at his destroyed home.

All that remained was a burning foundation, embers slowly shining and giving off heat. David ran around the foundation, screaming out,

“Mom! Dad! Moooom! Daaaad!”

He yelled over and over.

“Little sister! Little brother!!”

He got no response. Shin walked over, trying to comfort him. David shook him off, tears streaming down his face.

Shin noticed something unusual and said,

“Yo man. I know we’re assuming the worst, but I don’t see any bodies here. Over at that house over there, there are some bodies out front, burnt, but still there.” Shin gestured, indicating the house across the street. It was a large house, or had been a large house; a burning ruin now. David saw two separate bodies out front, burnt beyond recognition.

“I don’t see any bodies here. Maybe your parents got out, you know?” Shin nodded at him.

David’s mind went into overdrive, thinking and planning. Where would I meet with my parents, if we got separated, he thought. Everywhere they would have met was probably destroyed by now. David looked around, unsure of what to do.

“I think you’ll have to look for them when things settle down. I don’t think we can find anyone in this mess.” Shin shrugged, trying to be supportive, but at the same time honest.

David nodded at what he said despite himself. He desperately wanted to be sure his family was safe. However, he didn’t have any way to confirm or deny their safety. He didn’t have a lot of options.

David looked at Shin for a moment, asking in a haggard voice,

“Alright. You’re right, you’re right. Let’s go check on May’s home.”

Shin nodded, grabbing onto David’s arm. Again, the world blurred, lights swirling past David, and suddenly, they arrived outside of the front door of May’s home. May’s house was undamaged, a pristine mansion on the edge of town. David quickly knocked on the door, getting no response.

David glanced at Shin, and then rammed into the door smashing it down. He started yelling,

“Is anyone home?! Hello!?” David’s voice rang out. No one responded.

David went inside looking around. He passed by the entranceway and moved on into the dining room and kitchen, directly past the door. Everywhere he looked, it was spotless. There were no marks or signs of a struggle, and nothing was laid out in use.

David assumed that the family had either left, or gone on vacation and no one remained. Shin walked in wielding a poker from one of the fireplaces. David stared at him. Shin shrugged and said,

“You never know.”

They heard a small, scuffling sound. David and Shin whirled around, Shin raising his fire poker towards the source of the noise. From outside, a group of punks walked in. Covered in skull-like tattoos, dozens of piercings, and rather unique hairstyles; they gave off a carefree and worriless attitude. The leader of the small gang sported a dark green Mohawk, with several tear shaped tattoos running out of his eyes.

The group barged in the front door, looking around. David and Shin stared at the group and the group noticed them and stared back. There were eight different kids, counting the leader. They couldn’t have been past the age of 18, David thought, looking at them.

The green haired leader suddenly yelled,

“Yo, get the fuck out, bitch. This is our turf now.” An ominous energy started covering him, the air itself crackling. His subordinates standing behind him all gained an eager look on their eyes, cheering their leader on.

David looked at the group incredulously. They had just barged into May’s home and demanded he give it up. David quickly checked his strength, feeling at the energy he was constantly storing. He had absorbed roughly 2 hours of his full strength in his body. Thanks to his newfound knowledge, gifted to him when he accepted the ability, he knew that this energy would allow him to have superhuman strength and speed for about 10 minutes in a fight. Otherwise, he could draw on it sparsely to increase the power of his blows, and make it last longer. Or, he could simply keep storing it.

As David reviewed his options, the green haired punk decided not to wait and attacked, launching himself forward and attacking Shin.

1.31 seconds later

The green haired punk reached Shin and launched a ridiculously fast punch at him, a visible stream of energy forming on his fist as it exploded forward.

1.39 seconds later

Shin was taken completely by surprise. Even more unfortunate for Shin, because his [DA1] powers were still new to him, he had yet to fully accept the idea of using teleportation to dodge, and had tried to duck to the left instead.

1.48 seconds later

The green haired punk’s fist slammed into Shin, throwing him into the side of the entrance way and crashing into the kitchen, where he lay quietly among the pots and pans, blood pooling out of his caved in chest.

1.72 seconds later

The green haired punk had turned and was now attacking David. David had watched all of this happen in shock; the events occurring too quickly for him to process. Before David could decide on any action, the green haired punk was already upon him.

1.95 seconds later

David felt his chest rupture as the green haired punk smashed his fist into him, caving his chest in and shattering his ribs. David felt himself dying as he sailed through the air, smashing into the wall behind him.

2.48 seconds later

The green haired punk had stepped backwards, the dangerous streams of energy that had surrounded his arms disappearing as he relaxed. However, at that moment, something extraordinarily odd happened. Exactly 1 second after Shin should have died by taking a mortal blow from the green haired punk, one of the Orbs Shin carried in his pocket shattered into dust. Suddenly, Shin reappeared, perfectly healthy and uninjured, exactly where he had been previously. Shin looked around in shock, coming to his guard against the green haired punk and his comrades.

2.95 seconds later

While the opposing sides were still staring at each other, David felt one of his Orbs shatter as well and suddenly was teleported to the exact spot where he had taken his mortal wound. His body was completely healed and, he noticed to his astonishment, his energy stores had greatly increased, as if he had rested for an entire day to energize them. He felt the energy he had been passively storing, and noticed that it was at least 12 times larger than it had been previously, when it only contained about 2 hours of stored energy. Without time to consider how useful his Life Orb ability was, David snapped back to reality, looking at the green haired punk in anger.

“So, you think you can just kill us, and steal my friend’s home, is that right?” David said, his eyes turning furious. There were few things that could truly rile him in life, but bullying was something he had always hated. When David was much younger, just a kid in middle school, he hadn’t been nearly as confident or fit as he was now. He had been a reedy kid that was constantly nervous and had terrible self-esteem. Bullies came upon him like a plague, feeding off of his nervousness and sureness. Because of this, David had a permanent hatred for those who would bully others.

David, for the first time, tapped into his stored energy, rapidly increasing his strength, preparing to fight back.

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