Apocalypse Now – Chapter 40

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Apoc Now – Chapter 40






Shin gaped, taking in his surroundings.


Directly in front of him, around a hundred meters away, was a huge hospital facility. The hospital itself was a murky grey building, with large holes and tears in it due to wearing down over the years. Shin could see several windows looking out from the hospital, all of them covered with metal bars.


A large yellow beam of light was shooting into the sky from the roof of the hospital, splitting off to form a sort of giant bubble shield. Shin vaguely recognized the pattern, recalling the Small Rechargeable Energy Shield that they had purchased so long ago. The oddly glowing yellow shield bathed the area in a warm yellow light that would have been comforting if not for the massive battle taking place.


Laser beams blasted through the sky, melting through the air as several attackers launched bolts of energy at the hospital entrance, a small building area that split off from the main hospital. Shin was currently off to the side and in front of the hospital, well away from the direct line of fire.


Shin ducked down to the ground, lowering himself out of sight as he watched the ongoing fight. He grabbed his Elemental Handguns, feeling the reassuring weight of the two pistols resting in his hands. He switched the safety off, preparing to defend himself.


Now that he had time to observe, Shin noticed a faint green layer of energy surrounding the hospital, like a glowing shield. It covered the entirety of the building, blanketing it. He noticed, however, that the shield of energy was vibrating lightly, as if under a great deal of stress.


That stress, Shin was willing to venture, was from the figures attacking the entrance of the hospital. Located directly in front and to the sides of the front entrance, about 60 meters away from it, were around thirty figures covered in dark black armor. The dark black armor had a modern feel and gave off a light aura of strength. The armor was highlighted by purple streaks on the edges of the plate.


Each of these armored soldiers wielded large, automatic energy weapons. The weapons themselves were ones Shin recognized instantly. He had searched long and hard through the System when he made his own weapon purchases, and therefore knew a great deal about the System’s weapons.


They were Darkothian Repeaters.



Darkothian Repeaters – 5200 Points


Heavy duty automatic energy launchers, these powerful weapons are produced from the City-State of Dakorthen, the ruling City of the Belswin Empire.


Darkothian Repeaters are the standard weapon of choice for the Dakorthen Shock Troopers due to the powerful blaster bolts the weapons can launch, as well as the fast shooting and repeater action. The weapons themselves do have the tendency to overheat after extended use, however.



Weapon Rank: B+


Damage Potential: B+

Range: B-

Rate of Fire: A+



Shin watched as the soldiers continued to unleash an onslaught of repeater bolts. The powerful laser blasts continued to fire rapidly, burning the air itself as they slammed into the energy field surrounding the hospital. The red blasts of energy weren't very large, but seemed to have a heavy impact.


The attackers were spread across the clearing that bordered the entrance of the run down hospital. Four large energy shields lay on the ground in various spots, providing cover for the attacking soldiers. In the very back of the clearing, Shin could make out a figure wearing similar armor, but somehow different. The figure appeared to be commanding the other soldiers.


The defenders, Shin noted, as his gaze took in the rest of the situation, were holed up inside the hospital, not responding to the attackers yet. The energy layer protecting the hospital was glowing a bright ruby red where the soldiers were firing at, apparently overheating or weakening. Small waves of color vibrated down the rest of the energy barrier every few seconds, perhaps as a result of the onslaught.


The attacking soldiers appeared to be successfully breaking through. The beings on the inside of the hospital began returning fire intermittently, using ineffective regular guns. Small explosions sounded out through the air, echoing in the cold Russian air.


Shin kept low to the ground, waiting and watching, trying to come up with a plan. David, Shin was convinced, was somewhere inside this building. He needed to find him before whoever was attacking provoked the defenders too far, possibly leading them to kill the prisoners.


Shin rolled the Elemental pistols in his hands, feeling them rest comfortably there, ready to be fired. The Impact Gauntlets were activated and on, he checked, and the heavy duty Gravity Gun was ready to be used at a moments notice, strapped to his back. He was prepared.


A loud screeching sound made Shin look up, bringing his head to face the hospital entrance.


The energy barrier protecting the hospital began shaking erratically. Waves of energy suddenly lashed from the front of the hospital as the energy barrier protecting it finally failed, unable to continue bearing the assault of the attacking soldiers. A smell of burnt metal spread into the air.


The attacking soldiers didn’t let up there onslaught, however, and continued firing for a few more moments. The powerful laser blasts tore through the hospital front entrance, destroying it. The rest of the energy barrier surrounding the hospital failed, fading away.


The soldiers stopped firing. Everything was silent for a few moments as they paused and conferred with their leader, the figure in the back. Shin took notice, discovering that the commander in the back had an oddly delicate figure. He guessed the commander might be female.


The soldiers turned back to face the hospital, apparently having gotten the orders they needed. A group of about twelve of the soldiers began to advance, leaving the shelter of the stationary energy shields. The rest of the soldiers stayed behind, aiming their blasters at the melted hospital entrance to cover the advancing soldiers.


When the advancing black and purple armored soldiers had just barely reached the entrance of the hospital, they were attacked. This was the first good look Shin had of the creatures that had kidnapped David.


Several grey armored creatures burst out of the ruined hospital entrance and launched themselves forward at the advancing soldiers. The creatures were big, easily 2 meters tall. They were completely enclosed in an odd, grey armor, covering their entire bodies. The creatures had huge arms, bulging powerful appendages that would almost touch the floor if they weren't currently using them to attack. Their faces were obscured by large grey helmets, identical to the rest of the armor surrounding them. Their legs were smaller than their arms, but still bulging and powerful, covered in the grey chitin like armor.


Each of the grey armored beings that poured out of the hospital entrance wielded two large, glowing claymores that gave off a feeling of danger. The hair on the back of Shin’s neck stood up as he watched the grey armored defenders swing the glowing energy blades forward, trying to slice into the advancing soldiers.


A hail of blaster fire slammed into the defenders, however, slamming several of them backwards. While they had managed to slightly surprise the elite soldiers by attacking so abruptly, the soldiers in the back had been expecting some sort of surprise attack and planned accordingly. A veritable rain of repeater blasts slammed into all of the armored creatures, stopping them in their tracks.


A burning smell entered the air as the soldiers in the front whipped out energy blades of their own, preparing to combat the armored defenders. Small energy shields popped up on the attacking soldiers non sword arms, providing a protective barrier.


Several of the monstrous defenders had shrugged off the laser blasts, the grey armor they were deflecting many of the repeater bolts. The few blasts that didn’t deflect didn’t seem to do much damage to the grey armored creatures, beyond knocking them backwards.


Shin did a double take, however, as he recognized the model of energy blade the soldiers were using. He had looked into getting himself an energy sword, and recognized how expensive the model the soldiers were using.



Excelleron Blade – 12,000 Points


Excelleron Blades are the weapon of choice for Gladiators from the Telbon KingWorld. These extremely high frequency energy weapons are extremely powerful, emitting a highly concentrated beam of Excelleron powered energy. There is nothing that these blades cannot pierce, given enough time.


Excelleron energy was discovered in the TelBon KingWorld through experiments with the Core of a dying star. When leading scientists gathered a sufficient amount of Core energy from the passing star, they discovered the amazing properties inherent in the extremely complex power. They soon developed methods of crystalizing this energy and storing it in a small hilt, thus creating the first Excelleron Blade.


Weapon Rank: A-


Damage Potential: A++

Range: D-

Rate of Fire: N/A



Several of the deflected laser blasts from the attackers crashed into the hospital area surrounding the entrance, damaging the stability of the walls. Shin saw several of the windows blow out, exploding from the pressure of the high energy bolts.


The attackers in the back broke off fire as the grey armored defenders came into range of the advance group. Despite how powerful the Darkothian Repeaters were, the natural armor of these grey defenders was apparently strong enough to block the bolts. Several white splotches had appeared on some of the defender’s armor, however, showing that while it might not have been noticeable, the laser bolts did indeed have some effect on the creature’s armor.


Thus, the battle broke down into a melee. The advance group, wielding energy blades and small force shields, started fighting against the first batch of defenders, wielding large energy claymores. A fierce battle of swords broke out as they engaged.


The purple and black armored soldiers displayed adept prowess as they worked as a team, cutting off the defenders and attacking them. There were 8 of the large grey creatures defending the front entrance, a small enough amount that the purple armored soldiers could coordinate their efforts.


Sparks flashed through the air as energy blade met energy claymore, clashing loudly. The powerful strength inherent in the grey armored creatures was countered by the strength enhancing effects of the strange purple and black armor the attackers wore. Shin watched in awe as the soldiers launched attack after coordinated attack, splitting the defenders up.


In a matter of moments, all of the defenders had been split into separate groups and were being attacked on all sides. The armored soldiers were agile, able to move about quickly and attack from unexpected angles, using their spare shields to block the defenders attacks. The grey armored soldiers responded by dint of their huge strength, but were unable to fully keep up.


The first defender died, pierced by three separate energy blades from several of the attackers. The blades themselves were extremely powerful, containing incredibly strong high frequency energy. There was very little they couldn’t cut through. Thus, it was no surprise that the weapons could pierce the grey armored creatures protective armor.


The other defenders whipped themselves into a frenzy when the first of their own died. The crackles of blades smashing into each other sliced through the air as they fought against the elite soldiers. Unfortunately for the defenders, the attackers were extremely well coordinated. Whenever one of their own became exposed, they would fall back and let their allies protect them.


While the attackers and defenders fought, the rest of the soldier force began advancing. The soldiers left the energy shields where they were and stepped out of cover, walking towards the hospital. Several of the warriors holstered their repeater weapons and withdrew identical energy blades as the soldiers in the advance force, holding them out in front of them. Energy shields formed on their arms as they began joining the original group of attackers, helping finish off the rest of the grey armored creatures. The commander of the group stayed at the back, resting her hands together in front of her.


In a matter of moments, the last of the grey armored combatants were killed. The odd creatures made no sounds as they died, and were oddly quiet while they fought. Shin found it rather unsettling.


“Bravo, bravo! Marrrvelous!” A melodious voice drifted into the clearing, shimmering around the air like a fairy from legend.


Immediately, all the soldiers at the entrance of the hospital sprang back, dodging backwards as if trying to avoid something. Shin looked in confusion, not seeing anything dangerous. He noted several flower petals falling down where the entrance was, however. The soldiers all retreated backwards, perhaps 20 meters from the entrance.


As Shin watched them dodge back, he saw the purple outline on the armor glow brightly. A memory struck him then as he abruptly recognized the armor they wore.



Gwnivere’s Plate – 21,000 Points


The legendary plate armor of Gwnivere the Conquere from the Tiadale Plane, this armor has several unique aspects that empower it. Powered by a mysterious force known only as “The Violet” the armor has the ability to grant the user brief precognitive abilities when they are in danger of death.


The armor also functions as an enhancer, allowing the user to draw the full potential of their body out, while providing full protection for their muscles and bones, as the armor takes the brunt of any impact.



Armor Rating: A+


Strength Enhancement: Varies

Protection: B+

Special Characteristics: Precognitive Danger Function



He shook his head in disbelief as he realized what it was. All the gear these soldiers used, the armor they wore, the weapons they had, all of it was insanely expensive. Whoever led these warriors was either incredibly influential or incredibly rich, or both.


The voice spoke out again as a figure shimmered into existence, sitting on what appeared to be a small floating cloud, about 10 meters above the hospital entrance. Shin gaped as he looked at the male figure, struck by its overwhelming beauty.


A delicate looking man sat on the cloud, with two delicate faerie wings attached to his back. The wings were beautiful, similar to butterfly wings, save that they gave off a small trail of light. The man himself was not very tall or muscular, Shin guessed he would be around 5 and a half feet tall. He had almond shaped eyes, bright blue ones that were visible even from this distance, and a warm smile that gave him a friendly air. Two pointed ears emerged from his face, proclaiming his otherworldly heritage. Several small petals from flowers twirled about him at random.


“I truly did not expect the few base grunts I had left here would be defeated so quickly.”


The handsome looking elf clapped his hands, the warm smile on his face staying. Shin suddenly felt like he would be great friends with this man. He tried to shake off the thought, confused at the sudden appearance of the feeling.


A loud voice broke the mood suddenly as the leader of the soldiers shouted out, her voice enhanced through some means. Shin faintly felt like he recognized the voice.


“YOU ARE HEREBY UNDER ARREST UNDER THE INTERNATIONAL TREATY ON SUPERS ACCORADANCE STATUE 322 1.7b!” The voice exploded into the air, shaking the clearing. The soldiers standing around their commander all shook their heads, as if waking from a stupor. Several of them whipped out the repeater blasters they had, aiming them at the Faerie like figure.




Shin felt a tangible feeling of rage and hatred emanate from the female commander.


“Oh my dear, my dear. We both know you’re not here for any silly treaty.”


The elf like man suddenly sat down, crossing his legs as he rested on the small floating cloud. The warm aura surrounding him suddenly increased, giving off a physical sense of pressure. Despite that, Shin still felt like he wanted to be friends with the man, against all logic.


“Very well my dear, your beauty and logic have convinced me. It has been SO long since someone challenged me.”


The fearie like being turned his head sideways, staring at the commander with a warm, friendly smile. A sudden shrieking sound broke through the air as a portal ripped through space to appear next to the man. Angry red light blasted out of the portal, rippling through the air as several dozen fiery red armored creatures and the familiar grey armored creatures emerged from the hole. The red armored creatures were similar to the grey armored beings they had faced before, but larger and more threatening looking. They had huge arms covered in bulging muscles and armor, smaller but still powerful looking legs, and a helmet covered head. Their armor, however, was a fire red and gave off a physical sense of heat. These creatures roared as they landed atop the hospital entrance and on the ground in front of it, deep guttural sounds that shook the air.


After a moment, the creatures stopped pouring out of the portal in the sky. Nearly a hundred of the grey armored creatures and around three dozen of the fire red armored creatures stood between the attackers and the hospital entrance. These defenders wielded a haphazard collection of energy weapons, from giant energy axes to small energy swords, to even a few energy maces and pole arms.


The elf smiled merrily at the group of attacking soldiers as they retreated a few meters and prepared to defend themselves. Shin noted a small, glowing thin rapier set in the elf’s belt as the man gestured down at the leader of the purple and black clad soldiers.


“I’ll be waiting inside, love.” The fearie like man suddenly vanished in a blur, zooming inside the hospital entrance. A playful laugh echoed in his wake as he fled inside.


A moment of silence covered the battlefield as the opposing sides sized each other up. The fiery red armored Wardens roared loudly, trying to intimidate the soldiers while the grey armored Wardens looked on apathetically, bringing their weapons to bear. The various soldiers responded by backing up slightly and digging in, brining their energy weapons and repeater blasters forward, taking aim.


Then, without warning, the small Warden army attacked.




The Plane of Va, 5th Overlords Domain, The Grounded Lands, Southern section




“No time to talk kid, we need to move! Now!”


David grabbed Jake and slung him over his back, ignoring the kid’s protests. His Life Orbs swarmed around him as he leapt up into the air, ascending towards the upper atmosphere. He maintained his Level C Energy Transformation, making the boy’s weight negligible.


As he soared through the sky, David entered into a fast conversation with Terry, figuring out a plan.



After my deep scan, I finished retrieving all available information stored on the modified Memory Crystal you possess.


I have made a few other discoveries, besides the tracking beacon that was emitted at our present location.


There is an in-depth map stored within this crystal, a small storage department filled with food and water, and a written message for you from Kieron. Would you like me to read off the message?



David grunted his assent, struggling forward as he concentrated on retreating. He was currently zooming over the various mountains that he had spotted to the north of his position, trying to get as far away as possible from his original, leaked location.



It reads:


I have added a map to this crystal, something you should be able to access. In it are four separate locations. To understand it, you need to know about my Plane’s geography a bit.


The 5th Overlord’s control spans an enormous vast area. The majority of this land, however, is on the ground. Only a small portion of the land floats in the sky, the famed Floating Continent. Only the chosen, wealthy, and powerful can afford to live in the Floating Continent. The rest of the Overlord’s subjects slave away on the Grounded Lands, what they call this area.


It is extremely unlikely that the 5th Overlord himself will take any action due to your escape. At the most, a few high level Warden’s may be dispatched to investigate when they discover you are missing. As long as you are sufficiently far away, they will be unable to find you.


I have marked three of my old safe havens. These were the areas my soldiers and I would retreat in while we fought against the Wardens. There is the Great Forest of Slyiva to the East, the Caves of Morrowvale to the West, and the Mountainhome of Dorn to the North. All of these should be a secure place for you to rest and hide. I have marked specific details on the map I listed which will lead you there, as well as where I have hidden large amounts of supplies. The Wardens have never discovered these homes. They should be unoccupied, though their have been rumors of a resistance rising in the northern sector of the Grounded Lands.  


The fourth location on the map is where I have determined the Wardens are transporting into your Plane from. In the northern section of the Grounded Lands is a huge mountainous area known as the Endless Mountain Sea. Tens of thousands of mountains spread out to create a rocky and varied terrain. Located in this mountainous region is an enormous mountain, so enormous the fires of the land itself spit from its peak occasionally. It is known as the Pyhric Peak.


My fellow researcher has determined, through stolen transmissions and investigation, that the 5th Overlord has an unusually large presence in this area. To be clear, there is nothing of worth at the Pyhric Peak. It is an oddity, for sure, and a place of danger due to the rivers of fire the Peak is known to give off, but there is nothing of value there.


The key clue, however, is in two separate pieces of information we have. The first, the Lord Savant we have information on, Zane Borealis, was seen in this area. This alone may mean nothing. However, I also have info showing that humans like yourself were seen being placed into one of the Overlord’s hovertransports, large floating vehicles made to move great amounts of people. These two facts together indicate to me that however the Wardens are getting to earth, you will find out there.


Good luck, human friend.



The message ends there.



David took in what it said, considering their options. For sure, they needed to make their way from this Plane back to Earth. Right now, however, he wanted to be certain they weren't being followed or tailed. If they were going to somehow figure out how to access the Warden’s transdimensional travel way, the element of surprise would be a huge boon. Also, avoiding life-threatening situations was always a plus in David’s opinion.


“How close are we to the three safe havens?” He asked aloud, still zooming through the air. He had finished crossing the set of mountains to the north and was now flying over a large forested area. The trees on the northern side of the small mountain range were all dark green, a darker shade than the other forest. David felt Jake twitch on his back, trying to get comfortable.



The Great Forest of Slyvia lies 1800 miles to our West at the moment, from the rough description of where we are on the map I have been provided with. The Caves of Morrowvale are closer, at 1330 miles away to the East, but still a significant journey. The third and final listed safe haven, the Mountainhome of Dorn is 840 miles to the North, and slightly West, of us.


I would recommend we travel to the Mountainhome of Dorn. Not only is it the closest area we can rest at, it is also the closest to the Phyric Peak, the enormous, from what I can tell, volcano that lies in the same mountain range. They are roughly 200 miles apart.



“Alright, I was thinking the same.” David had already decided they would continue traveling to the North. He wanted to reach the Phyric Peak and escape this Plane as soon as possible, desperately wanting to fix whatever nefarious schemes the Wardens were enacting on Earth. He was sure they had already caused untold amounts of damage already.


“Terry, overlay a route in my vision for the most direct path to the Mountainhome. If we encounter any visitors, we’ll deal with them on the way.”


A blue line suddenly appeared in the air, pulsing slightly in front of David. He aligned himself with the line and began following it, shooting through the air at a breakneck pace.


Thanks to his Level C Energy Transformation, David found that he was somehow able to travel faster with his Life Orbs now. Instead of his normal, slower speed, David judged his current maximum speed to be roughly 100 miles an hour. At this rate, they would be able to reach the safe haven in a little over 8 hours and begin planning their escape.



Five Hours later



David lowered down to the ground, dropping downwards. He descended quickly through the air, feeling the reassuring feeling of standing with his own feet on solid ground as he touched down. Jake tumbled off his back, landing happily.


They were currently on a huge, and open plain. Long grass stretched in all directions, covering the ground in unending swathes of life. A green mirage of movement floated across the ground as the wind shook the grass, moving it unison.


They were a little over halfway to their destination when David decided they would take a small break to eat. While he himself didn’t technically need to eat, not when he could sustain himself with his Life Orbs, he valued not wasting the Orbs more than saving fifteen minutes. Jake, as well, had complained several times about being starving.


Dale withdrew the modified memory crystal from his pocket, examining it closely. He asked aloud,


“Terry, are you certain this won’t activate the beacon again?” He wanted to be certain they would be safe.



Yes. The beacon activation was a one time event. Whatever caused it to happen will not happen again.



“Hey mister.” The boy, Jake, interrupted his thoughts. “There’s nothing wrong with it of course, but is there any reason you like talking to the air?” The boy gave him a leery look, staring at him as if David was crazy.


David snorted and quickly explained whom Terry was, mentioning how she had helped them escape. He considered how he would have found his way without Terry, shaking his head. He began withdrawing the rations that Kieron had stored in the crystal, grateful for the old mans help.


“Ohhhh.” Jake shook his head, his mousy brown hair shaking. “She sounds super bossy, like my sister.”


David smiled, trying to picture Terry as super bossy. From his own interactions with her, she had never been anything less than informative. It made him wonder if she truly was an A.I. sometimes, seeing how helpful she was for him. She wasn’t exactly free.



I am, master. Without you, I am nothing. Its not that I don’t have freedom, I have all the freedom I want, through you.



He shrugged. As long as she was happy, it didn’t bother him too much. David turned to look at Jake, who was currently devouring some of the rough bread that David had withdrawn. He considered what Kieron had told him, saying he should ask him his story.


“So how did you end up here, eh Jake?” He said, reaching over and tearing off a small piece of bread. There was enough for them to each eat their full and more. The bread itself was bland, but it didn’t taste bad. David wolfed it down hungrily.


“Well,” Jake began, his voice muffled by food. Breadcrumbs spilled off him as he wiped his face, littering the long grass they had sat down on.


“I was visiting Europe with my sister. She’s a pretty important person, y’know.” He began gesturing with his bread, using it like a ruler to portray his actions.


“Anyway, my sis had some reasons to be in Europe, on some sort of peace talks and negotiations or something. Her boss sent her there. I didn’t want to just stay at home, so I eventually complained enough to make her take me with her.” Jake gave David a smug thumbs up, looking quite proud of himself.


“Me and her are pretty close, y’see. We lost our parents when we were young, and have always stuck together. She is the most important person in the world to me.” Jake gave David a stern look, as if expecting him to attack his sister out of nowhere.


“Anyways. My sister went on her various peace talks and negotiations and whatever, trying to make people agree to be nice or something. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but I did enjoy the people and places. Especially Switzerland.” The boy paused for a moment as he took a huge gulp, swallowing a particularly large chunk of bread. After a second, however, he continued.


“She was on a mission that involved her speaking with some guy in Russia, the king or whatever. I think his name was Queen Seven? Pretty weird name for a dude, but were open minded these days right?”


“So, yeah. We were there for a few days, and it got a bit boring. She was stuck doing these boring talks all day, and had no time to play. I eventually went out with some of the Supers they had stationed there. They had invited me and my sis to go hunting with them. They were nice enough, I guess.”


Jake paused again here, a pained look appearing on his face. He shook his head as he continued speaking.


“It happened when we were out hunting. It was the first time I had ever gone, and the Supers used a hovercar purchased through the System to fly out far into the wilderness. It started out really cool, y’see, cuz I had never been in a hovercar.”


“However, a few hours after they started hunting, stuff went bad. I had returned back to the car with one of the other Supers, having caught nothing for the day. We were waiting on the other guys when the forest grew real silent. Then, out of nowhere, those grey armored Wardens attacked, led by the ones with red armor.”


“They didn’t try to kill us though. They shot these weird smelling net things that clung to us, making it impossible to move. By the time I realized what had happened, I was already falling asleep, I think from the nets.”


Jake shrugged, taking a bite out of the bread he had used like as a ruler.


“I don’t know what happened to those nice Russian dudes. They were pretty cool, but I never saw them at the Pon Mines. Grandpa Kieron says they weren't in any of the camps, and that we might find them wherever your friends are.”


He became quiet then, looking down at his bread. David tried to engage him in conversation a few more times, trying to cheer him up, to no avail. He mentally sighed, feeling woefully unprepared. He had no idea how to deal with kids. Shin would be much better at this than he was.


A sudden vibrating shook the air. David looked up, leaping to his feet as he looked around on guard. Almost immediately after, a wave of light flashed around David before disappearing into the distance. Terry suddenly began spitting out information in his mind, warning him.



Alert! That was some type of wavelength scan, traveling through this region. Whoever sent it is completely aware of our location. We need to vacate the area immediately!



David whipped his Life Orbs around him, still in his Level C Energy Transformation, as he pocked the memory crystal. He turned to look at Jake, only to have the kid practically body slam him as he jumped up on top of him. Jake gave him a cheeky grin.


“Let’s get to that safe haven.” David launched in to the air and away to the north, propelled onward by his Life Orbs as he fled.



250 Miles South of David’s Location



A flash of white cut through the air and shrank, absorbing into a small floating globe. A recreation of the map area around the search location appeared, with small dots representing each living, humanoid creature. The glowing map was floating in the air above a large, stone plateau crowded with several Wardens and a robed, humanoid figure. All of the Wardens save one were covered in fierce red armor, giving off a feeling of heat and energy. The last Warden, one standing next to the humanoid figure manipulating the map, was covered in a black, deathly armor.


A heavily muscled, decidedly human arm reached out and tapped on the globe, searching the dots of light that appeared. The arm quickly zoomed in on a specific location, noting two glowing dots that stood out on a large, flowing plain to the north.


The arm withdrew backwards, tapping the globe twice to cause it to disappear. Light flashed away once more as the owner of the globe continued his search of the area, confirming the locations he would check.


A pattering sound cut through the air as the black armored figure bowed to the tattooed humanoid one, saying, in its guttural tongue,


“Lord Savant, we have recorded the four locations you want us to search. Should we activate our troops in the local area and go on alert now? We have roughly 4,000 Warden troopers at a close enough area to respond.” The black armored Warden bowed again, looking up at the tall figure before him.


“No, no, Gyril.”


The humanoid figure spoke, pulling back its hood to reveal a heavily tattooed human face. Tribal patterns spread all over his head, giving him an exotic feel. The eyes of the face, however, were extremely disconcerting. Various rings could be seen within the figures eyes, each one a different color. Staring into the figure’s eyes was extremely disorienting. An ancient looking pipe was propped up against the figures mouth, drifting a small line of smoke into the air.


“You know how I am.”


The tattooed man withdrew a long, simple hunting rifle. Several crystal enhancement inserts could be seen, carved into the brown rifle. It gave off a very slight, grey glow.


The Lord Savant shot into the air, quickly followed by all the other Wardens around him. The hulking red armored ones floated at a slower speed than the black armored one and the tattooed figure.


The tattooed man levitated at point as he decided on his first search location, checking it off the map. He paused for a moment, a satisfied smile appearing on his face as he prepared to set out. He blew a small ring of smoke out of his mouth, replacing his pipe inside an unseen pocket.



“Life is, after all, all about the hunt.”












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