Apocalypse Now – Chapter 41

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Apoc Now – Chapter 41





Earth, Russia, Abandoned Hospital



The small Warden army attacked.


The large red Wardens waited a few seconds in the back, while the regular grey Wardens led the charge. Huge energy blades and maces swung forward as the grey armored Warden’s slammed into the human soldiers.


As the Wardens charged, a few of the humans let loose with their laser repeaters, to little effect. Most of them switched over to their energy swords and shields, preparing to receive the oddly proportioned Wardens.


The Wardens crashed into the black and purple armored soldiers like a wave cresting on a shallow beach. They rolled the humans backwards, the force of their impact alone knocking several of the defenders down.


However, the human soldiers were extremely well coordinated, Shin noted, as they locked into grids and defended their allies while combatting against the stronger Wardens. Their teamwork was flawless.


The humans began to retract, much like a turtle under attack. They locked shields together and formed a sort of semi circle, focusing on a small number of targets. They slowly began overwhelming the grey Wardens via their teamwork, much like the previous fight. Black Warden blood spattered out as the humans began cutting down their numbers.


Just as the human soldiers began to find their feet, however, the red fiery armored Warden’s struck. There were roughly three dozen of these Wardens, a third the number of the grey armored ones. Yet, Shin shivered as he looked at them. These Warden’s gave off a much more bestial feel, roaring and screaming into the air as they began charging at the human soldiers. They were taller than their grey armored counterparts, and gave off a stronger aura. They also were intelligent, have their grey armored compatriots charge first to conserve their own losses and wear the human soldiers down.


By the time the red armored Warden’s attacked, the human soldiers had sheared through 10 percent of the roughly 100 grey Warden’s, methodically taking them down. Shin noticed the commander had yet to participate in the battle, and was watching her soldiers intently.


The red armored Warden’s crashed into the human line like a freight train, ignoring their grey Warden comrades as they sent everything in their way flying. Several of the black and purple armored humans spun around, apparently not expecting the charging red Warden’s to actually be able to impact them a great deal.


Most of the red armored Warden’s wielded enormous energy weapons, from giant battleaxes to colossal great swords. They let loose on the human soldiers, slamming these weapons around haphazardly. The ground the humans stood on began to crack and tremble, the force of the Warden army overwhelming it.


The human line began to collapse. The Warden numerical advantage was simply too great. While the humans were exact and precise in their movements, and clearly had the advantage in precision as well as their extremely powerful swords, they couldn’t compete with the massive strength the red armored Wardens had. From Shins perspective, it seemed as if the red armored Wardens were nearly three times as strong as their grey armored counterparts, ridiculously powerful. These Wardens acted like a lance, forcing their way into the human line and separating the human forces. They ignored deadly sword wounds and continued fighting with no regard to their lives.


The human commander began loudly ordering her troops, trying to keep them stable. Despite their line collapsing and the soldiers beginning to fall back, the humans responded with admirable discipline, the teams separating and splitting off in groups that covered each other. Shin got the feeling that the commander wasn’t as experienced as her troops were. For some reason, she appeared to be cracking her knuckles calmly as she watched her force get beat back.


Shin shifted in the snowy grass, rolling the two Elemental Pistols around in his hands. He had heavily customized the weapons, upgrading them to their maximum capacity via the System. The powerful Fire and Ice handguns were extremely strong, a weapon that should not be underestimated. As he watched the human soldiers start to become surrounded by Wardens, cut off from each other, he decided to act.


He lined up his two handguns, aiming the Ice pistol at one of the fire Wardens attacking the soldiers, and the Fire pistol at one of the grey Wardens. He aimed them precisely, fully intending to pierce the tough chitin like armor that surrounded the creatures.


Just as he was about to fire, however, the entire situation was thrown on its head.


The commander of the elite soldier force entered the fray.


The armor the commander wore was slightly different than the armor the other soldiers wore. For one thing, she was the only female figure on the battlefield. Every other soldier was male. Her armor also seemed to be a custom piece, customized and enhanced separately than the regular armor the other soldiers wore. There was a grey line drawn down the center on both sides of her suit, and what looked like an open book on either side.


The commander leapt forward, jumping directly into the path of one of the enormous red Warden’s battleaxe.


Shin swung his Ice pistol around, trying to aim in time to help her out. He had witnessed the enormous strength these creatures held and didn’t have much hope that the female commander would be able to stop it. However, he wasn’t able to get a clean shot and held his fire, not wanting to injure the other human.


What happened next completely blew away Shin’s expectations.


The female commander tapped the side of the huge red Warden’s battleaxe while punching forward with her left arm in a palm thrust.


Immediately, the battleaxe blasted to the side, slicing into the snow-covered earth to the commander’s right. In the same moment, an enormous hole appeared in the chest of the huge red warden, a gaping wound that was larger than Shin’s head. Blood exploded out of the wound as the Warden silently fell down to the ground, dead. The rest of the Wardens fighting on the battlefield paused and turned, focusing on the female commander.


Then, the female commander went on a rampage.


Blood and gore spattered the grounds as the commander let loose, leading ultra powerful punch after punch into the Warden army. Energy shields, energy weapons, the strange armor, none of these things were able to stop the female warriors blows even for a second.


In less than a minute, every single Warden was dead. The ground surrounding the battlefield was a mixture of Warden blood and snow, torn earth and body parts. Warden carcasses littered the floor, all partially or even entirely destroyed. Shin looked on in disbelief, not believing that one person could be that strong.


“Commander!” The professional soldiers all saluted, their purple armor contrasting with the area around them.


“It is as I predicted. Continuing with me will only hinder me. You are to follow Order 6.” Her voice cut through the air like a blade through water, rapidly shearing outward.


“Yes commander!” Immediately, all the troopers started packing up and retreating, their purple exoskeleton armor glowing as they fell back. Shin watched them leave and then turned to watch the female commander, curious as to what she would do now.


Without hesitating, the female commander immediately strode forward, the purple and black customized armor she wore vibrating quietly. She disappeared through the front entrance.


Shin paused for a moment, making sure no one else was around. After a few seconds, he teleported, arriving at the entrance of the mental hospital.


Without looking back, he stepped in after her.


The inside of the mental hospital looked exactly what Shin expected it to look like. It was cold, trashed with cracked tiles and debris everywhere, and empty. The front lobby had no one and nothing of interest in it, save for a few weapons lying on the ground. Shin inspected them, finding that they were old soviet era handguns.


In the distance, he heard the echoing sound of a fight in progress, for a brief moment. He slowly slunk forward, the Chryllic Armor he wore boosting his strength and allowing him to move with extreme care. He kept his two Elemental pistols in his hands, prepared to fire at a moments notice. He pulled the Impact Gauntlets he wore on his hands tight, readying himself.


By the time he had moved down the corridor that opened up from the front lobby, however, the fight had already ended. He quickly moved forward, preparing himself to teleport at a moments notice.


He walked into the next large room, a cafeteria with several walls broken down.


Littering the floor of the cafeteria were the corpses of nearly three dozen of those fiery red Wardens. Warden blood soaked the debris-strewn floor, giving off a rather ominous aura. Shin raised his pistols, examining his surroundings closely.


Several long tables ran down the length of the room, ending in a huge, gaping hole. Shin could see a faint blue glow shining off of this dark hole, emitting a faint trail of cold air. He slunk towards the hole, keeping his head down. He saw no sign of anyone else.


In a few scant seconds, Shin arrived at the giant entrance and walked through, passing into a completely different world.


A brief flash of light blinded Shin for a second before fading away, leaving him blinking. As his eyes adjusted to his surroundings, Shin immediately went on guard.


He was no longer in an abandoned mental hospital in the far northern reaches of Russia. Instead, he was now standing on what looked like a tropical floating island.


Birds circled about in the air, cawing loudly as the sun beat down. Shin did a double take as he looked up, however, noting in shock that there were multiple suns. As he came to grasps with where he was, an explosion shook the ground nearby.


About a mile to Shin’s left, a huge tower of earth and sand exploded into the air, showering the nearby beach. Several trees flew into the air as well, the force of the impact apparently ripping them from the earth itself.


A loud voice suddenly shook the air, crashing down around Shin.


“Oh? You’ve brought another guest as well?” A melodious voice sounded out, like a soft melody floating through a lonely night. In front of Shin’s eyes, appearing seemingly out of nowhere, the handsome looking elf that Shin had seen earlier appeared.


“Shit.” Shin immediately let loose, firing two shots off at the elf. A strange green light seemed flowed around the elf, and small flower petals suddenly appeared right where Shin’s shots landed, blocking them.


When the bolt from Shin’s Fire Elemental pistol collided with the flower petal, it burst into flames, but absorbed all of the force of Shin’s attack. When the bolt from his Ice Elemental pistol impacted, it froze the petal directly, but fell to the floor, its force spent.


Several flower petals whipped forward, cutting directly towards Shin like a piercing lance. Shin could faintly see a green line of energy coating each petal.


Before the petals could reach him, Shin immediately teleported, warping upward 30 meters. He instantly teleported again, warping himself nearly a hundred meters away and gaining a better line of sight on his target, all the while constantly shooting at the handsome elf.


“Oh!” The elf cried as it ignored his pistol blasts, the petals that surrounded the figure blocking Shin’s attacks, “A teleporter! Now that is a rare skill.” A warm smile appeared on the elf’s face as it abruptly stopped attacking. The flower petals surrounding him disappeared.


“My name is Zane Borealis, a humble servant to the true Overlord of Va.” The elf bowed, the friendly aura that Shin remembered suddenly appearing around him.


“A man of your talents would be imminently useful, and we don’t have any real reason to fight do we? I would be happ-“


Before Zane could finish speaking, an enormous block of earth the size of a large bus slammed into him, throwing him several dozen meters to the north. The huge piece of rock cracked and split into pieces, showering the ground with debris and earth. Zane appeared from the middle of the shattered rock, spitting out dirt and sand. The friendly aura that had covered his face turned into a twisted, rage filled grimace. An insane light gleamed in the elf’s eyes, giving off a rabid feel.


As quickly as the maniac gleam had appeared, however, it was replaced with Zane’s warm, friendly smile.


“Now love, me and my friend here were in the middle of a conversation. Don’t you think that was rather rud-“


Again, without giving the man time to respond, an even bigger chunk of rock blasted through the air like a falling plane, defying gravity as it tried to crush the elf. Zane, however, was prepared this time, and lashed out with the flower petals as they reappeared around him.


The huge, small house sized rock was sliced in two, splitting off on either edge by the sword made of flower petals that Zane was now holding. A small dribble of blood could be seen on his face, quickly wiped away.


A disheveled, dust strewn figure slowly emerged from where the fighting had taken place earlier. Shin stared as he watched the female commander he had watched appear, her armor damaged and the mask that had covered her face torn off. Several long cuts could be seen on her body, remnants of the elf’s attacks.


As Shin got his first clear sight at the woman’s face, he realized, in shock, that he recognized her.


“WHERE IS HE?!” The female Super screamed, stamping her foot down into the ground. The earth exploded around her as the force of her blow cracked the surface, sending large chunks of rocks and sand flinging into the air. The air itself trembled under the assault of her ferocious strength.


“WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BROTHER!?!” Screamed the librarian looking Super Shin remembered fighting against before, the S Class Super that ranked as the 3rd most powerful in America, Leia Drussel.



The Plane of Va, The Grounded Lands, 30 Miles from the Dorn Stronghold



“Honestly, my sister is kind of annoying.” Jake yelled in David’s ears as he raced along, flying through the air. They had crossed hundreds of miles so far in this day, and were rapidly approaching their destination. Jake had grown bored quickly and decided to talk incessantly. David didn’t mind too much, however, and felt like it was a nice break from the constant tension.


“Oh? Why’s that?” David yelled back as he continued flying over the endless sea of mountains beneath them. Several of the mountains they were currently flying over had enormous purple trees growing off of them, and emanated a sort of natural aura. Several different species of birds and dragons had been passed by David as well as he zoomed across the sky, attempting to escape pursuit. The sights on this Plane were truly extraordinary.


The pursuit following them, however, was also extraordinary. For the first few hours that David had fled, he had felt like they were in the clear. They hadn’t been attacked, and the only hazards he had to dodge were the natural ones on the Plane of Va.


However, a couple of hours back, just as he reached the 300 mile point away from the Mountainhome of Dorn, Terry had informed him that he was being chased. Since then, he had fled at his maximum speed, trying to escape.


Now, however, David allowed himself to feel a little confidence. They were only 30 miles away from the stronghold, a place that was said to hold extreme defensive capabilities. They were only around fifteen minutes away from safety.


“She’s so bossy, bro, you know? She always orders me around and stuff.” Jake proclaimed, clutching on to David a little tighter. The constant flight had been hard on the child, with the wind blowing harshly as David flew at a constant pace of 100 miles an hour. Fortunately, David was able to take the brunt of the wind, putting Jake behind him on his small Life Orb platform.


David shook his head as he listed to Jake complain, smiling.


Abruptly, out of nowhere, a crystalline bullet cut through the air at a velocity approaching the speed of light. In less a thousandth of a nanosecond, the bullet blasted through David’s head, killing him instantly.


A second of time went by.


The Life Orbs that had carried Jake suddenly began to fall, dropping him downwards towards the purple tree covered mountains. Jake turned to face David’s dead body, a look of horror and total shock starting to cover his face.


Just as that second passed, however, David’s body suddenly came back to life.



You are under attack by someone roughly eleven miles to our south, using an extremely powerful weapon that moves at a speed I am unable to determine.



Terry spoke in David’s mind, sending him information instantly.


Without taking time to gather his bearings, David dropped downward to the ground, blasting himself downward with all of his might. He reactivated his Level C Energy Transformation, feeling the cool feeling of strength wash over him as he dived downward. He grabbed Jake as he fell, pulling the child onto his back. In less than a second he managed to drop all the way to the ground and hide himself in the enormous purple tree covered forest.


“Terry, scan the area and plot a route that keeps us under cover through the forest, towards Dorn.” David quietly said, his heart pounding. He felt himself shiver as he remembered the moment that just happened.


In one second, he had been happily talking to Jake, while keeping an eye on the environment around him for danger. In the next, he was dead. He had no time to react, no time to dodge, no warning whatsoever. Whatever attacked him was something he could not block., something he could not defend against



Route plotting…



A blue pathway suddenly popped up, a long blue line that guide David through the forest. He immediately made a small platform out of his Life Orbs and raced away, trying to calm down as he fled towards the only place he could.



In the air, now thirteen miles south of David



“How absolutely fascinating.” A heavily tattooed man said, a cheerful smile appearing on his face. A long, wooden hunting rifle, with several crystalline structures carved into it and a metallic scope attached gave off a small trail of smoke, trailing upward in the air.


“What is it, Lord Hurst?” A single Warden floated next to the tattooed human looking Super, watching him attentively. This Warden was covered in a deathly black armor and wielded a long, black shield.


“Hmm, yes Gyril. I am certain I killed that human I’ve been hunting. My Godslaying Strike pierced his skull, and should have instantly killed him, as well as obliterating every vein, organ, and tissue in his body from the inside.”


“Yet, after a mere second had passed, he revived, fully healed. It couldn’t have been regeneration, my eyes would have caught that.” Lord Hurst’s eyes looked towards the north, the odd rings that circled the irises of his eyes slowly turning.


Gyril, being the intelligent Death Warden that he was, nodded, letting his master speak aloud. Lord Hurst was one of the strongest Lord Savants under the 5th Overlords command, and was known for talking aloud to himself. He was also known to be a bit unstable, not the sanest master to follow. Nevertheless, Gyril followed him anyway, supporting his master however he could.


“How delightful.”


“Come, let us continue hunting.”








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