Apocalypse Now – Chapter 8

David quickly stored the handgun he bought into the System. One of the most convenient things about it, and one of the major reasons David had decided to purchase the handguns, was the fact that anything you bought in the System could be stored in the System. This meant that you could keep a fully loaded gun on you at all times without having to carry it around physically. It also meant you would never lose it. The other main reason David decided on buying the System’s guns was because of the fact that they cannot stay broken. If, for instance, one’s gun was damaged by some type of attack, all one had to do was store it in the System. Then, one would bring it back out and the gun would be repaired, minus the ammo it had been equipped with. He had read all of this information when he was checking out the weapon options earlier.

David also felt much safer with a gun. He knew that many people had super powers now, and a gun wouldn’t always be effective, but he felt like it was better to have it than not. In high school, he had gone to military school for a year. He had learned how to handle a rifle and a handgun there, and felt more comfortable being armed with a trusty gun in the now chaotic world. He was still in shock, concerning the extreme changes the world was going through, and hadn’t yet been able to wrap his mind around it.

Shin, on the other hand, was having a blast. Shin was even more familiar with firearms, having been a punk on the streets for years and handled his share of weapons. The gun in his hand now felt familiar, a reassuring weight to back him up. Shin also figured that he could use his teleportation powers in combination with a gun to protect himself very well. Sure, supers might be able to block a bullet from the front, but can they block 8 bullets from different directions within a span of a few seconds? He thought, mentally picturing himself taking down his enemies. A slightly bloodthirsty tinge colored his eyes.

Shin also hadn’t fully accepted the changes in the world, but he was eager to take advantage of them. The only thing Shin really cared about in this world was his best friend, David. David had had his back for years now, being his friend when others shunned him because of how he dressed or looked. Though he would never admit it, Shin would die a hundred deaths, for David, with a smile on his face. Shin kept his gun out, turning to see who was banging on their shield wall.

David turned as well, surprised. He knew there were people on the north side of the lake, but he didn’t think anyone would come over and try talking to them. Stacy looked over as well, the air around her gaining a Steel hue.

Outside of the giant bubble shield was a bedraggled looking couple. The boy looked to be around 20, with a pale, freckled face and red hair. The girl had dark brown hair, with several large cuts on her face and arms, bleeding deeply. Her eyes had a dogged appearance, giving off a slightly desperate feeling.

The boy of the couple was banging on the bubble wall, yelling,

“Please! Please help us!” tears streaming down his pale face as he looked back desperately. David looked past him, seeing nothing dangerous.

David walked up to the edge of the shield, watching them carefully. He wasn’t sure if he could trust anyone and didn’t want to put his friends at risk. After watching the couple for a moment, however, it really looked like they had been injured and something was chasing them. David looked over at Shin, who had gone back to twirling his handgun.

“Shin would you mi-“


A loud gunshot rang out, a bullet whizzing into the top of the Energy Shield, above David’s head, clanging loudly. The force of the impact rapidly disappeared, however, absorbed by the strong bubble. Shin tossed his gun away, looking down sheepishly. He’d been twirling his gun and accidentally set it off.

David stared at him with a look that said, ‘Seriously?’, before continuing,

“Shin, would you mind grabbing those two and porting them in here? I don’t want to drop the shield.” David mentally prepared to draw his gun from the System, checking his energy storage as well, ready to transform at a moment’s notice. The Life Orbs floating around David’s head swirled with renewed frequency, responding to his emotional state.

Shin nodding, picking up his gun again. David watched as Shin’s body seemed to shudder rapidly and disappear, motes of light appearing for a split second, before he was gone. Immediately, he appeared next to the injured girl and the pale-faced boy.

“Stand still.” Shin said, giving them a look. The pale-faced boy complied, standing absolutely frozen while the bleeding girl staggered a little bit, leaning against him. Shin grabbed them and instantly disappeared, reappearing back inside the shield.

The bleeding girl took a look around, looked back at the red haired boy, and then collapsed into unconsciousness. The pale-faced young man looked at the rest of them, a nervous look in his eye.

“Do you have any medicine or anything like that? She was injured by some freak earlier.” He said, a pleading look on his face, “I have money! I can pay!” He brought out a wad of bills, holding them out like an offering. David glanced at Shin, coming to a decision.

“Alright, listen kid. We’re not going to take your money.” David said, motioning at him, “Calm down, no one here’s going to hurt you. Why don’t you sit down and tell us what happened to you?” David wasn’t heartless and he could see that the kid in front of him had been through a lot.

“Okay, okay.” The pale-faced kid calmed down, his breathing turning relatively normal. Stacy went over to the unconscious girl and began washing her wound, cleaning it. The girl moaned quietly, but didn’t awaken, her breath quickening.

“My name’s Flynn, and I was visiting my girlfriend’s grandfather with her. Her grandfather has Alzheimer’s and dementia, and he stays at one of the luxury mental facilities south of here. You might have heard of it, Pen Tree Lodge.” David nodded encouragingly. He hadn’t heard of the place, but it was hardly surprising. He hadn’t exactly been focused on mental wards during his academic career.

“When the blue screens popped up, everyone started freaking out. A lot of the older patients panicked. And one of them suddenly burst into flames, going insane. It was like he was made of fire or something. Stuff started exploding and fires rocketed everywhere, so we ran.” The boy started to get emotional, traces of terror still filling his voice.

“We couldn’t even make it to my car! The entire lot fucking blew up!” He said, breathing quickly, “What the FUCK is happening!?!?” The kid stared around wildly, his eyes moving rapidly.

“We don’t know either.” David said. In all honesty, it had been a very hectic day for him. It had started out completely normal. He hadn’t had a worry in the world. But out of the blue, everything had fallen apart as chaos broke out. He remembered the green haired punk he had killed, and had to resist the urge to gag. It was the first time he’d ever killed someone. He had barely gotten in fights with anyone, and killing was something he definitely wasn’t prepared for. He began to hyperventilate slightly before calming down.

“Focus!” he said quietly, forcing himself to calm down. Panicking right now will do nothing, he thought, I need to focus on what I can change now. Take the big problems and break them into little problems, one at a time. David looked at the kid,

“Alright, Flynn. I’ll tell you what we know.” Shin noticed David’s breathing and gave him a supportivethumbs up.

“From what we can tell, everyone in the world had these blue screens pop up in front of them. It looks like people everywhere were distributed a random number of points they could spend on powers, abilities, and more. And it looks like the points were actually random. College Station was in flames, and being looted, with lots of fights breaking out, when Shin and I visited it a few hours ago. I think a large part of the world is like that right now.” David said, trying to figure out for himself what was going on.

“I don’t know why this is happening, but it is, and it’s something that doesn’t look like it’ll be going away anytime soon.”

“Our goal here right now is to make ourselves a safe haven, and find our families. You and your girlfriend are welcome to stay with us as long as ya’ll help out and don’t cause trouble.” He nodded at Flynn. Flynn nodded back, still in shock but eager to grasp at anyone that would help him.

David looked back at Shin for a moment before saying,

“How many points do you and your friend have?” David was curious. If they wanted to stay with his group, they would have to help contribute.

“I, uh, I have 47 points. I don’t know how many Sarah has.” The kid looked at them nervously.

Inspiration struck and David quickly pulled up the System Shop.

System Shop -------- Please make your purchase.
Abilities  |  Physical Modifications  |  Supplies  |  Weapons  |  Armor
David quickly tapped on Supplies, bringing up a large list. He sorted through it, finding something specific.


Group Medkit – 30 points


“Alright, Flynn. You want to help out your girlfriend, right? Open your status and find the Supplies section under the System Shop. Buy the Group Medkit there for 30 points. You’ll be able to use the supplies there to treat the wounds on her.” David had read up on the Medkit earlier when he was browsing the Supplies section. It contained all the basic necessities of a military first aid kit, as well as several futuristic technologies that could kill germs and increase the rate of healing.

Flynn did as he asked, desperate for something to treat his girlfriend. He quickly ended up with a large red box, the Group Medkit. In it, he found what David had read about, exactly as described. Several bandages, bottles of pills, disinfect wipes, and more. He brought the supplies over to Stacy, who grabbed some of them and quickly patched Sarah up. After treating all the gashes on her, Sarah had stopped moaning, and quietly went to sleep. Stacy had some experience in first aid, having practiced karate all of her life. It had been helpful for her to know how to treat her bruises and cuts that she gained in practice.

Flynn looked up gratefully.

“Thank you so much! I didn’t really pay attention when the screens came up. We were too desperate to get away after a few minutes. That fire monster person had started destroying everything.” Flynn’s eyes began to droop as exhaustion hit him. The couple had been running for hours on an adrenaline high and he was desperately tired. Stacy caught him before he fell, helping set him down. She looked at David as if asking what to do.

“Alright, let’s set up the other tent. We all can sleep in our tent and we can put them in the other one.” He said, directing Stacy and Shin to set it up. While they worked, he quietly checked his status.

Name: David Care                Points: 0       Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 1
Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)         Energy Stored: 27.4 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Form, Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Life Orb Store, Store/Expand Energy
Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun

He had put it off for now, but David decided he would either use or figure out what he wanted to do with the Lottery Slot he had left. He tapped on it, rereading the information it had given him the first time.

Lottery Slot
A Lottery Slot is a random chance to gain: A large number of points, A small number of points, Nothing, Supplies, A New Ability, or New Armors/Weapons. Please activate your lottery slot to find out.
You may purchase a new Lottery slot for: 500 points.

David looked at the use option. He couldn’t see any downside to using his last Lottery Slot and set the option to go. Immediately, the option blurred on his screen as a ding sounded out.

Congratulations! You have won…


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