Apocalypse Now – Chapter 9

Congratulations! You have won the Weapon – Titan Slayer.

David looked at the notification a bit miffed. He had been hoping for a new ability or some powerful body type. He shrugged, opening his status to check his inventory. A weapon seemed a bit… anticlimactic.

Name: David Care                Points: 0       Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0

Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)         Energy Stored: 28.2 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy

Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun, Titan Slayer (Weapon)

David withdrew the weapon, excited to see what it looked like. While it might not be what he wanted, he expected it to be useful at least. His eyes were filled with eagerness as he pulled it out of the System, reading the small, blue screen that popped up.

Titan Slayer (Weapon)
A randomized weapon that will change in strength and power depending on the number that is rolled when it is wielded. The weapon will return to its inert state 3 hours after it’s rolled.

The weapon numbers range from 1 to 100. Each weapon is unique and will strengthen the body of the user. The higher the number rolled, the better the weapon would strengthen its user.

Some weapon rolls will give unique characteristics and abilities.

All weapons are extremely effective against Titans.

Approximate Point Value – Unknown

David stared down at a small necklace in his hands. He looked back at the screen, then at the necklace, then at the screen again.

“This is it...?” He said out loud, staring at the necklace. The screen said it was a weapon, but it didn’t seem very weapon-like. He decided to test it tomorrow morning, too tired to check it out now.

David sighed, shaking his head. The Lottery was supposed to be a gamble, he supposed, and it was natural that you wouldn’t get what you want every time. At least this weapon sounded useful, he thought, wrapping the necklace around his neck. He kept the necklace on just in case and walked back in to the larger tent.

Stacy was lying down next to Leia off on one side of the large tent. Leia had woken up from her stupor but immediately decided to nap, dreadfully tired. Shin was nowhere to be seen, David noted. He wasn’t really surprised. David knew Shin was very free spirited and liked to do his own thing. May was lying down on the other side of the tent, also sleeping.

David sat down and crawled over next to May, hugging her from behind. She shifted quietly in her sleep, grabbing on to his hand before stopping. She cuddled closer to him, lightly snoring. David smiled happily.

The world had fallen into chaos, but not everything is lost, David thought. Sleep quickly overtook him, exhaustion piling on. The stress and worries of the day quickly faded as blissful unawareness stole over him.

The Next Day

David woke to the screams of birds, chirping in the early morning light. He stretched, yawning, and moved his hand over to turn the lamp, sitting atop his nightstand, on. However, when he stretched his arm, he ran into a small wall. He pushed against it for a moment, confused. David opened his eyes, blearily staring forward. He was currently punching Shin in the back, pushing him forward. Shin was still asleep, ignoring David.

David looked around in shock as the memories of the previous day flooded into him. He quickly woke up and got to his feet, determined to figure things out today.

David called up his status, checking what it said.

Name: David Care                Points: 0       Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0

Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)         Energy Stored: 35.4 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy

Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun

David noticed that the numbers in the Energy Stored section had increased while he slept. Useful information to have, he thought, checking it over. Though he had only transformed to the Level DTransformation, David knew that this power was very strong. At Level D, he had already been much faster and stronger than any normal human in existence.

David decided that he would test out his new powers right now before doing anything else. According to the information about being a Life Orb Master, he could form several Life Orbs each day.

David mentally commanded his Life Orbs to form. Immediately, 10 Life Orbs spawned, circling his head. He called up his status, wondering if there was some way to display the number of Orbs he had.

However, as soon as he checked his status, he noticed a new option had opened up.

Name: David Care                Points: 0       Race: Human          Lottery Slots: 0

Class: Life Orb Master (1/1)         Energy Stored: 35.4 hours
Abilities: Life Orb Designate, Life Orb Create, Store/Expand Energy

Stored Inventory: Glock 17 Gen4 Handgun       

Life Orbs: 19

How curious he thought, staring at his status. It now listed the number of Life Orbs he had floating around his head. David wondered if the blue screen would respond to more complicated questions and thoughts, noting the idea down to test later.

David also created 3 Unbound Orbs, pocketing them to give to the group later on. He had decided that he would equip every member of their party with the Orbs, determined that no one would die while he was with them.

David brought his hand up to his necklace, looking at the necklace/weapon. David mentally called the Titan Slayer.

Nothing happened.

David tried out several different mental commands, trying to figure out how to activate the weapon. After about 5 minutes of attempts, he finally just yelled out,

“Titan Slayer!”

Immediately, the necklace flew off his neck and began glowing, transforming. A large, white square appeared above the floating necklace, showing rapidly changing numbers. David watched in awe as the box flew through numbers over and over, slowing down gradually. Finally, without warning, the numbers stopped changing, landing on the number:


The necklace suddenly transformed, flowing towards David’s hand. In just a few seconds it had completely formed into a small sword. Information about the weapon flowed into David’s mind.

Titan Slayer (weapon) – Form 13 – King of the Guraths
An extremely powerful short sword, this blade will enhance a user’s strength with the power of the Gurath race, a race of lizard warriors. Guraths are extremely strong and possess incredible agility.

David felt his body become lighter. His senses grew to be much stronger, and he could feel strength flowing in to his limbs. David looked around, noticing the thin veneer of the Energy Shield, picking out several small birds chirping in trees. He dashed forward suddenly, slamming up against the side of the great bubble, bouncing off.

David looked at himself in astonishment. He had crossed the several meters to the bubble shield in an instant. David tucked the small sword under his arm, walking back towards the tents. His head was filled with the future uses of his new weapon. He couldn’t wait to see the other forms, eager to figure out what they all did.

As David was walking back to the tents, motes of lights began to appear above the small Energy Shield. Shin instantly appeared, lying down languidly. David yelled up,

“Yo, Shin! Morning!” he waved up at Shin, who was currently resting on top of the shield. Shin looked down with a grin on his face,

“Heyo, David!” He said, smiling. He didn’t mention what he had been up to last night, and David didn’t ask.

Shin turned back, lying down on the top of the shield. He looked the epitome of laziness, resting there. David shook his head and went over to the second tent they had set up. The young couple that had been injured was resting there, asleep in the early morning light.

David stood outside the tent politely and shook it, saying,

“Good morning! Are you awake yet?” He wanted to check on the girl. She had seemed to be in pretty bad shape yesterday.

A quiet, female voice called out,

“Who are you?”

“Hello! I’m David, a friend. Your boyfriend, Flynn, came to us asking for help. You were in pretty bad shape, and we helped him patch you up. You’re at our campsite.” He said, reassuringly, in a calm voice. He didn’t want to startle her.

There was silence for a moment. Then the tent entrance slowly unzipped, and the girl walked out.

David caught his breath for a moment. Now that she was patched up, he noticed that she was absolutely gorgeous. She had warm brown hair with a gorgeous pale complexion. Her eyes were azure pools of light, inviting him to become lost in them. A worried crease marred her face as she looked at him.

David stuck his hand out,

“A pleasure to meet you!”

The girl tentatively took his hand and said,

“H-hi. I’m Sarah, nice to meet you.” She had a faint British accent, making her sound exotic. David found it quite attractive. He mentally berated himself, reminding himself that he was dating a beautiful girl already. He could already picture May staring daggers at him.

David quickly explained what they knew about the situation, bringing the girl up to speed. She nodded, her eyes becoming unfocused as she took everything in. She seemed to be in a slight daze. David began questioning her,

“So, Sarah, how many points do you have?” He said, wanting to see what she said.

“I, ah, I don’t know. How do I check?” She shrugged, still trying to come to terms with the strange, new world she was now a part of.

“Say ‘Status’, or just think it, and it should pop up.” David said helpfully.

Sarah brought up her own status, a private screen that only she could see. She looked back at David saying,

“I have 26 points.”

David sighed mentally. He hadn’t expected a large number, considering that the average for everyone was supposed to be very low. But he had hoped, especially seeing as several of his friends had had such high numbers. He put a smile on.

“Good! The points you see there can be used to exchange for powerful abilities or useful items. We, as a group, have decided to pool our points together and buy things to use for survival. We don’t currently know a way to gain new points, so we need to use them sparingly.” David already regretted buying the food and weapons he had purchased through the System. It had only occurred to him later that they could have just gotten supplies from a local super market or the like.

He consoled himself with the fact that the weapons they bought were incredibly useful and able to be stored in the System. As well, the supermarkets and places where there would be food would be hotly contested. From all the survival movies and stories he’d read or seen, he knew that food and water was a top priority in any kind of breakdown of society. He assumed there would be a great deal of fighting over the large stores.

He didn’t regret purchasing the Small Rechargeable Energy Shield, however. While it wasn’t impenetrable, it was extremely tough, and he felt safe sleeping within it. Outside, David thought, the world was probably going wild. It was best to create a safe base and work from there.

David finished explaining everything they knew, answering the many questions the girl had. Her boyfriend, Flynn, woke up soon as well and joined them. They soon went on a long discussion, talking about what had happened to them at the mental facility, and how they had escaped. Sarah stressed the state of the place and the danger, while Flynn stressed the annoyance of running for hours. They both seemed eager to be in a safe area.

As they talked, the rest of the camp slowly came awake. Leia bounced outside, showing off her new fluttering wings. David mentally berated himself for allowing her to make the purchase. Their use of points could have been much more efficient, he thought, deciding to make sure they were used efficiently in the future.

May and Stacy woke up as well, walking out of the tent. May had set up a small grill, dragged over from one of the nearby empty campsites. She was slowly heating up some coals in it, getting ready to cook breakfast. She brought out several of the packages from the Food Package, preparing to heat them up.

Flynn and Sarah looked up eagerly, watching as May prepared to cook. Stacy was off to the side talking to Leia, questioning her about her wings.

Leia’s wings were very long, with a wingspan that was longer than she was tall. They had an angelic quality about them, and she seemed to be flying about with ease using them. She landed for a minute and called up to Shin, asking him to teleport her out of the Energy Shield. Shin gave David a long-suffering look before replying to her, quickly moving her outside the shield. Leia fluttered around in the morning air, enjoying her new wings. Stacy watched enviously.

As the morning came alive and the camp site bustled, a loud, mechanical voice suddenly called out, shattering the relaxed feelings that had begun to appear in the students.

Salutations. Congratulations to those that have survived the first 24 hours in the System.

In approximately 24 hours, the System Auction will open up. You may find more information about this in your Status screen.

In approximately 12 hours, the Monthly Lottery Scattering will occur. You may find more information about this in your Status screen.

In approximately 1 year, the Titans will return.

The message ended with a quiet beep, the blue screens that popped up staying in the air. David immediately reread them, moving to open his status screen and read the new information laid out there…


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