Ascending The Heaven’s Chapter 29: Core Realm Armor

Hello Everyone, been a while since I've updated this series but welp better later then never. Hope you enjoy this chapter that took me so so long to finish T_T I had dozens of ideas on where I want this story to head however no idea how to get there.

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An angry roar echoed into the ears of the audience as the bad youth wielding two iron maces turned toward Cai Cao while swinging the two deadly weapons in his hand downward. However, all the iron maces managed to hit was the platform below his feet, sending shards of rock to fly everywhere because in the nick of time Cai Cao managed jumped out of the way.

“Too slow!” Cai Cao said as his sword snaked in the air as he slashed at the bald youth’s hands, leaving two thin cuts across the youth’s wrists before jumping back a few more times to create distance between the two of them. With a clang, the two iron maces fell onto the ground as blood gushed out of the bald youth’s wrists.
“How dare you do that to Brother Bei!” The young woman wielding a bow and arrow said as she began to rapidly fire arrows at Cai Cao. Unlike the first four arrows that homed in on their target, the following arrows acted like regular arrows and either missed or stuck themselves onto the platform.
There were a few extremely unlucky people on other platforms who were hit with arrows and knocked into the air by the people they were engaged in combat with before they could even complain.
Finally joining the fray, a staff appeared in Yu Hong’s hands as he smashed the arrow that had chased after him and began to battle a young man who was from the other team.
While Zhang’s team engaged their opponents in battle, the other teams also fought crazily as the audience watched. A fury of techniques and skills were put on display as people tried to defeat their opponents. Talismans were used one after the other as weapons slashed through the air and techniques were used to both attack and defend.
“Go for their weakest link!” The young woman who was wielding a bow and that was fighting Zhang’s team commanded, prompting every one of her teammates to focus their gazes into Zhang.
“Hmph, you think you lot can just ignore me?” Xue Shi roared as a javelin appeared in his left hand and was throw at the bald youth who had his wrists cut by Cai Cao.
Seeing the javelin speeding toward him, cold sweat began flowing down the bald-headed youth’s brow as he tried ignored the burning pain in his wrist and tried to get up from the ground.
“Expand!” Xue Shi’s voice could be heard as the tip of his javelin split apart and opened up, from a single tip into six of them, turning into a trident-like weapon.
“Shit…” The bald youth mumbled in a low tone as the three of the javelin’s six tips pierced through his clothes and into his skin all the while pushing him toward the edge of the platform.
“Off you go!” Cai Cao’s voice could be heard as he sped past the bald youth and kicked the javelin after jumping into the air.
Having been already standing on the very edge of the platform, coupled with Cai Cao’s kick and the fact that he couldn't use his hands, the bald youth was sent tumbling off the platform and toward the air.
“Wha-what the fuck!?” The bald youth yelled as he caught sight of another one of his teammates, the young man who had been engaged in battle with Yu Hong, also falling beside him.
Looking back up onto the platform, Yu Hong could be seen seated on the floor nibbling on a rice cracker.
“Boy, this is tiring…” Yu Hong complained while a yawning.
In a flash, the four on four duel turned into a three on two battle for supremacy as Yu Hong ceased participating in the battle after two members of the opposing team were knocked off the platform.
Alone, Cai Cao and Xue Shi would have been more than enough to deal with the two remaining members of the opposing team, so with Zhang by their side, the battle soon concluded.
“Team sixty-four moves on to their third match!” A voice announced as the platform underneath Zhang’s feet began to move through the air.
Before long another furious battle erupted in the skies as Zhang’s team engaged yet another group of opponents. Luckily for them, the opposing team had already lost one of their teammates and only possessed three members in total.
Unlike Zhang’s team, the opposing team was covered from head to toe in wounds and were in no shape at all to continue fighting. Thus the battle concluded fairly quickly and without any unexpected turn of events occurring. Xue Shi was able to quickly eliminate one of the enemy competitors while Zhang and Cai Cao took out the remaining two, all the while Yu Hong lazed about.
Keeping up their momentum, Zhang’s team continued to gain one victory after the other as they quickly defeated one after the other. Slowly but surely they began to attract the gazes of the onlookers down in the colosseum stands.
“Elder Cai Long, prepare for me a small team of core realm cultivators, after the tournament, there are things that need to be done.” The man who had stared at Cai Cao as he disembarked the Cai Clan’s airship said to another man sitting beside him.
“As you wish, my lord.” The man referred to as Elder Cai Long said respectfully.
Back up in the air, the platform underneath Zhang’s feet had grown exponentially large after fusing together with six other platforms, as a result of six consecutive victories against the other teams.
“Just two more teams to go and we reach the finally.” Xue Shi said as his chest heaved up and down.
“One battle after the other, man I wish they would give us a bit of time to rest.” Yu Hong complained as he fanned himself with a paper fan that he pulled out from within his robes.
“After this, you can rest all you want.” Cai Cao said in an unhappy tone, clearly unhappy about Yu Hong’s attitude and laziness.
“Stay sharp, guys here they come.” Zhang said as he pointed toward another platform neared theirs and the two began to fuse together.
As the two platforms combined together, new opponents quickly came into view. Unlike the previous opponents whom they had been facing as of late, this new team did not appear to be tired or worn out at all.
“Surrender and we will spare you a miserable defeat.” A proud looking young man clad in sparkling armor said in a haughty tone as he pointed the tip of his drawn sword toward Xue Shi who glared back with a face full of sworn, ignoring Zhang and the rest of the team.
“Surrender after making it this far? You couldn’t possibly by joking.” Zhang said with an amazed expression on his face as if he had just heard someone attempt to crack a joke but miserably failed.
“He’s probably too chicken to fight us, so he’s trying to scare us into surrendering.” Yu Hong laughed as he continued to fan himself
“Cripple them.” The young man commanded his teammates, who responded by charging forward without uttering a single complaint.
“Rather than teammates, I think these guys are more like his lackeys.” Zhang thought as he readied his sword and prepared to engage the enemy.
“It seems like you need to be taught some manners by this young master.” Yu Hong laughed as he pushed himself up from the ground, Yu Hong withdrew his staff from his interspatial ring and dashed forth.
“No need to cripple them, kill them!” Xue Shi roared as he followed Yu Hong with his spear in hand.
Seeing their two teammates charge forward, Zhang and Cai Cao nodded at each other before following suit.
Back down in the colosseum, the audience was in an uproar as they watched the fight between Zhang’s team and the armor-clad young man’s team.
“Sect Master Yu Yang, what do you think of my son, Fei Chang, the next in line to be the Silver Scale Sect’s master.” A chubby man who constantly had a crooked smile on his face asked, Sect Master Hong Chi as they and a few other sect masters were watching the fights unfold on the crystal screens.
“Sect Master Fei Gu isn’t a bit excessive that your son and his friends come prepared with Core Realm armor. When the strongest competitor in this competition is merely an elementary realm cultivator.” Sect Master Yu Yang responded with a slightly unhappy tone.
“You’re such a kidder, Sect Master Yu Yang, doesn’t your foster daughter also possess core realm equipment? Also, there are no rules stating we can’t give the representatives of our sects, core realm equipment. If their sects are too poor and can’t afford to give their disciples even core realm equipment, then too bad for them.” Sect Master Fei Gu said, prompting Sect Master Yu Yang’s tongue to be tied.
“Watch as my son crushes those poor bumpkins.” Sect Master Fei Gu laughed.
“Sect Master Fei Gu it seems you’ve mistaken on who the poor bumpkins are.” Sect Master Hong Chi said with a hearty laugh, prompting Sect Master Fei Gu to cease laughing.
“What do you mean, Sect Master Hong Chi.” Sect Master Fei Gu asked.
“Don’t you see what that is in the hand of that young man? That’s one of the Blood Lion Sect’s, Blood Fang Spears. If my guess is correct, your son is only wearing low-grade Core Realm armor, while that young man that is wielding a weapon that is not too much weaker than a Profound Realm weapon.” Sect Master Hong Chi said as he pointed toward Xue Shi.
“That is to be expected from the son of the Blood Lion Sect’s current sect master, however, he doubts he will be able to achieve victory while being bogged down by his team.” Sect Master Fei Gu stated.
“You are mistaken again, Sect Master Fei Gu, that young man right there is the son of the sect master of the Heavenly Staff Sect and if I’m not mistaken he is currently in possession of one of their sect’s Dragon Smasher Staff, a Profound Realm Weapon.” Sect Master Hong Chi said while pointing at Yu Hong.
“Heavenly Staff Sect? I’ve never heard of them.” Sect Master Fei Gu said.
“Nor have I.” Sect Master Yu Yang said solemnly.
“That is because their sect has lived total seclusion for the last thousand or so years, only having been accepting a handful of disciples every year. It has only been in recent months that their master has attempted to reconnect their sect with the outside world, by sending his only son to attend this tournament.” Sect Master Hong Chi stated.
“Even with a Profound Realm weapon, how can done kid from some sect that has lived in seclusion for a thousand years compare to my son and my disciples. Two against one, they have no chance.” Sect Master Fei Gu said in a prideful manner.
“You see that young man over there? Do you see the black sword in his hands? Although it powers have been slightly sealed, I'm sure a man of your caliber can figure out what it is after closer inspection.” Sect Master Hong Chi said as he pointed to Zhang.
“It can't be… What sect is that kid from? What kind of sect gives a Profound Realm Flying Sword to a fragment realm cultivator? Even in my sect, only a select few Profound Realm Cultivators are given such swords.” Sect Master Fei Gu said.
“I believe he's from the Misty Mountain Sect.” Sect Master Hong Chi with a chuckle as he saw Sect Master Fei Gu’s facial expressions.
“What about the last kid? What kind of equipment is he using?” Sect Master Fei Gu asked with a sigh.
“Nothing extraordinary in particular, however, I noticed that he was in possession an Enlightened Realm treasure.” Sect Master Hong Chi said as he glanced at Sect Master Fei Gu to see his reaction.
“Fragmented Realm, Elementary Realm, Core Realm, Profound Realm, Enlightened Realm….  In a mid-sized sect, the resides in the outer ring of the continent such as ours, there are countless thousands of Fragment Realm and Elementary Realm items, a few hundred Core Realm items for inner circle disciples, a few hundred Profound Realm treasures for concave disciples and elders and only a dozen or so Enlightened Realm treasures for grand elders and ourselves… What kind of background does this kid have…” Sect Master Fei Gu said as he stared at Cai Cao with a face full of shock and awe.
“I believe he was from the Misty Mountain Sect, but I’m sure he has a very powerful backer so don't get any funny ideas.” Sect Master Hong Chi said with a chuckle.
Although to the majority of the audience, the armor worn by Sect Master Fei Gu’s son, Fei Chang, and his teammates appeared very impressive, in actuality it was Zhang’s team that possessed the most impressive arsenal.
To most disciples of small sized sects and forces, the thought of obtaining a profound or even core realm item was but a dream, and for those in mid-size sects, a task that requires completing a long list of demanding tasks.
As the battle in the flying platform progressed, blades were crossed and moves were exchanged. At first Fei Chang and his teammates were brimming with confidence as they believed they held and absolute advantage over Zhang’s team thanks to their Core Realm Armor, however, once Xue Shi was easily able to leave large gaping holes in their armor, their confident demeanor was quickly taken down a level.
“Focus your attacks on him! I want his spear!” Fei Chang commanded as he pointed toward Xue Shi.
“What about me?!” Yu Hong’s voice rang into Fei Chang’s ear as he appeared out of thin air.
“Heavenly Staff Art first move! Earth Splitter Strike!” Yu Hong roared as his Dragon Smasher Staff slammed into Fei Chang’s armor, shattering it to bits and pieces, causing a wave of murmur to sweep through the audience down below.
Despite receiving a heavy blow from Yu Hong and having his breastplate shatter, Fei Chang avoided being knocked out of the run by stabbed his sword into the platform before coughing up a mouthful of blood.


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