[Event] Juvenile Medical God & Mythical Tyrant

Hello everyone.

Be patient with me, cause this is gonna be a long one.

Since I began translating Juvenile Medical God, I have been monitoring its views and growth regularly, and over time it has only seen a small fraction of growth. Since I thought it was a great novel, I decided to focus my full attention onto it, but on the rating/review side of things, nothing new is happening!

So I have decided to make an event for bonus chapters of JMG in the hope that it will ignite a fire amongst JMG Fan's: I am using novelupdates to track the progress, since I believe most of the novel readers frequently visit the site.

But first : Juvenile Medical God is currently ranked around 442 (Monthly Rank) and currently has 124 ratings and 8 reviews. Since I began translating JMG, there have been next to no new reviews or rating's to aid the growth. (with most of the bad ratings coming from grievances with past translators) Actually, the monthly rank has dropped since I have started to release regular chapters, showing less activity than when it was dropped.

Without further ado, let me get to the point:

  1.  5 detailed reviews = 1 bonus JMG chapter
  2.  20 new ratings = 1 bonus JMG chapter

3 - Monthly Rank:

  • increases above 400 - 1 bonus JMG chapter
  • increases above 300 - 2 bonus JMG chapters (all at once)
  • increases above 200 - 3 bonus JMG chapters (all at once)
  • increases above 100 - 5 bonus JMG chapters (all at once)
  • increases above 50 - 10 bonus JMG chapters  (all at once)


*Please don't create fake accounts to make multiple reviews.

The reviews should not be random, thoughtless reviews. I won't be strict, just please put a little effort into it.

This event will be running for the next 3 months. The rewards under 3* are one time only rewards.


Good News! I will be accepting donations again for sponsored chapters!!

Now, for the Mythical Tyrant & JMG fans out there:

For a limited time I will be holding a special event to celebrate; donations for JMG will also count towards Mythical Tyrant donations and JMG donations will also count towards Mythical Tyrant. Each $40 donation for a sponsored JMG chapter will also count towards a bonus MT chapter and vice versa. However, there are no plans to start regular chaps of MT in the meantime. TL:DR $40= 1 JMG chapter & 1 MT chapter. 

To make up for the regular chapters of MT. For every 5 sponsored chapters, I will release an extra 3 MT chapters.


You might asking yourself "Why is he doing this?" or "Is he crazy o.O", but translating has become a passion aswell as a secondary source of income for me. Stopping MT was a very risky move, but I did it so I could put 100% of my effort into providing fast releases for JMG a story which is great from start to finish. I was hoping that if I stuck to it and put in the same effort that I did for MT, it would grow, just like MT did. However, now it is clear that I need JMG fans help to make this a success.

So, this event is not only for you guys, but it means SO much to me . I hope that eventually I will be able to translate part-time again, like I did for MT.


Just a Normal Guy.




  • dustinkoya@gmail.com' ApubishedAuthor says:

    As u have seen on your self proclaimed abismal ratings etc you can see that we your fan base do not like jmg i feel it would b more beneficial to you fiscally to translate what the readers desire to read not try to force feed a new series if anything i believe it may harm your reputation in the long run. I have read a few (50) jmg chapters and to b honest is super hard to follow and is quite boring mt was way more interesting.

    • zerothepacifier@gmail.com' FlameZ says:

      I second that. JMG does not give a stable feeling. It feels like the author adds stuff on a whim with no proper plan. MT on the otherhand is the sort of story ones’ blood boils for. Plz drop JMG and give us more MT.

  • agnigreat17@gmail.com' devilsadvocate6 says:

    thank you for doing jmg, thank you for your hard work *bows*

  • xenox92x@yahoo.it' XenoX says:

    Thanks for translating this, I really very much from the start and it’s a shame that it’s not popular as other novels 🙁

  • iamsilentwolf@live.com' BloodAdept says:

    Did you mean to say donations for JMG will also count towards Mythical Tyrant donations and Mythical Tyrant donations will also count towards JMG?

  • colindares@yahoo.com' DEAMONKING says:

    Thank you for translating what you have so far. I really appreciate your work. However, I agree with ApubishedAuthor above. I have tried to read JMG but can’t seem to get into it. I really like MT much better. As a reader I believe you should focus more on what your readers want. Yet , I also think you should do what you feel passionate about. Either way, thanks for the translations.

  • jhime85@gmail.com' Jhime85 says:

    I would love to start this novel except I can’t find the first 50 or so chapters anywhere. If anyone knows where they are I would love to start it

  • faridbudimansyahh@gmail.com' KanjiChan says:

    Support you in your endeavour.

  • blanco.alter@gmail.com' Malcience says:

    Thank you for your efforts and the passion you put into this. Based on the feedback above it seems:

    1. You don’t want to TL a series you know has been dropped, and which the quality seems to drop later on in the story.

    2. You really like JMG and translating it for people, but it isn’t as financially rewarding as the fa base is t growing as you would have hoped.

    Maybe you should look at finding a untranslated, or dropped, novel that had good support and picking it up as main. Keep JMG as side projects releasing however you see fit, maybe similar to the system outlined above. I know there are a BUNCH of dropped novels that people had liked. supreme arrow god is one that was just barely started but seemed fairly original and has been dropped for months. Battle emperor and illicit leveling king also seem like they are on the verge of being dropped, though at least BE would need some chapters retranslated as they are difficult to read.

    Just my two cents, all the best!

  • dj0k1d09@gmail.com' kyoshiro says:

    let me advice , drop this series , is not like many ppl really can get it to the story
    i know there is a series called “Martial Heroes Reborn” a good one and also many like it, the TL cant keep up also said who want to pick it just go and pick it
    i think its better choice drop JMG and Pick MHR, its way more interesting

  • mnmhbk@hotmail.com' Daofather Manu says:

    First of all, I respect all translators. In my eyes, they hold a position of reverence which is no less than that of a benefactor. With out the light of which you translators provide, I would have been for ever oblivious to the ‘Holy Land of WUXIA’. Thus I have no intention in undermining you; Although Mythical Tyrant is unfinished I do prefer it over JMG and it seems like I may not be the only one. I suggest that you should try reversing the order and prioritize MT over JMG, just for the next month. By the end you would see a result, whether it being that the demand for JMG or MT being higher, then just go from there.

    I have to reiterate my earlier comment, that in no way are my words meant to undermine you.

    • Just a Normal Guy says:

      I know MT is popular 🙂 I have seen the results and I have also said in some posts/comments here and there, that the MT views are more than thrice of JMG. But JMG is my favorite novel, so I am insisting on continuing with this, if it doesn’t work in the next three months ( the event duration) then I will think about picking up a new novel or continuing with MT.
      So, I hope all of you be patient and give some support to JMG, see if it is a little better than you thought.

      • Jadiii@rcn.com' Jadiii says:

        In all honesty, I think the main reason JMG hasn’t had a larger spike in interest is due to the fact that it still has the missing chapter gap in the 50s- to where you started off. You’ve closed alot of it, but you probably won’t get the support of alot of NU readers until it’s fully filled in. I’d bet that once all the translated chapters are tied together, the viewership will spike a good bit.

        • dash323@gmail.com' Dash323 says:

          I agree with this. I tried reading the epubs he has on the index for the 50~70 chapters and most of the chapters are missing pages plus the translations is sort of shoddy. If he completed those I think the views would go up since there would be a more fluid transition from Flowerbridge’s site to this one. There’s only around 15~20 chapters left so hopefully he can do this during this event.

  • hydragon61@gmail.com' Enchantrez says:

    Did you completely drop MT?? Or once a week? I just got into it recently :/ And i have read JMG before but it is just doesn’t suit my taste.

  • julian.lang10@gmail.com' juju12324 says:

    hi I love JMG. it is one of my novels prefer. it is well written, the story is just awesome. I just love it. Thank you for the translations
    PS: I am a French guy sorry for the forgotten.

  • andres_elorza@hotmail.com' roflburn says:

    Thank you for doing this 😉

  • ryu@ryusheng.com' Ryu Sheng says:

    Have to admit that neith I nor anyone I know have EVER used novelupdates.

    I don’t understand why your fixating on ranking on an external site, if ratings are that important to you use the WordPress internal ones, better info there.

    Also if you love the story so much, why bother over whether its popular or not. If all your doing it for is the money then your totally doing it for the wrong reasons. Do it cause you love it, not cause it fills your wallet.

  • sretuawmit@hotmail.com' Belkar says:

    I made an account at novelupdates just for this:

    Don’t let this great story grow to waste. I sincerely hope you’ll keep translating JMG and share it with us and the rest of the English speaking world.

  • rsknavoti@gmail.com' Pathless Cloud says:

    Just do what you love with happiness, despite the numerous grievances accompanied along with it. If you really like it, then go ahead and translate it for the rest of your life, however if you’re passion of translating is only fueled by the amount of money a project may produce I really don’t know whether this novel can bring you happiness and fulfill your passion of translation. Just do what you want to do, make a choice, and damn the consequences.

  • demigodz29@gmail.com' eldon says:

    There are a lot of people here saying that you should drop JMG just because they don’t find it interesting. Personally, I like JMG very much. At the samr time, I also hated a lot.of novels. But I don’t say stuff, “hey drop that one, pick this up” since the readers are not in control. Instead, the translator is. I believe that you should do what you really like, and not be affected by the peer pressure.

  • vanillaicecream009@gmail.com' Ezran says:

    I’m still not reading the latest chapters of JMG as the mid chapters haven’t been translated yet and i don’t want any spoilers right now but i’m a huge fan, I hope it would be translated soon.

  • pinoyreader@gmail.com' PinoyReader says:

    I also love JMG. I was into it when flowerbridge(MGA TL) was translating JMG but got dissapointed and dropped the novel when the translator who pick it up has a very low quality translation and I can barely understand it. I hope you don’t drop this novel. Thank you

  • Just a Normal Guy says:

    Hey guys, been sick and busy with some works. I will probably be back to translating this sunday or monday.
    Thanks for your patience.

  • starr_angel12@hotmail.com' Tellestarle says:

    KEEP JMG!!! >.< I love it soo much even a bit more than MT. I read the first 50 odd chapters before it was dropped by the previous translator (sad face) and i'm so glad you picked it up. Please, please, please keep it up! But ….somehow I had difficulty commenting on your posts to thank you for your great work when you started…i'm not sure if is just me. The posts just didn't go through even when I made an account here.

  • Jgamer9@comcast.net' John Hayes says:

    Thanks a bunch for translating and Tbh I’ve loved jmg and was around when flowerbridge dropped it and am so glad to see you picked it up.
    Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work.

  • dsasaddassad@gmail.com' OhDine says:

    I have rarely seen JMG posted on reddit, that is probably one of the reasons for it’s low views.

    Also people like me tend to wait for 100 chapters done before reading something.

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