Chapter 10 - One week 3.


Silver slowly regained consciousness………

However now that his soul was back from that magical realm, he now understood what Shiraz meant by,  “Leave before your body suffers too much.”


Inside of Silver’s body the mutated crystallized Sovereign’s blood is currently floating in his sea of consciousness right next to his soul. However the now thumb sized crystal continues to decrease in size, more accurately the crystal is melting away and soon the blood contained in it will be exposed and with it’s exposure will come great destruction. Destruction that would mostly affect that which the current Silver holds most dear.

Realizing he couldn’t waste any time Silver immediately began to use the technique given to him by Shiraz in order to save his life.


The technique Shiraz gave Silver is similar to the [Divine mind purification] in the way that it can only be used on those who are either weaker or at the same level of cultivation as the user.

However, that is where the similarities end.  The technique given to Silver allows him to drain and absorb energy/life force from anything that has it, as long as he is powerful enough to do so.

The name given to this technique by Shiraz was [Tiger thirst]. This is the second technique bestowed onto Silver by Shiraz, the third technique he is unable to even access.

Aside from the [Tiger thirst] technique Shiraz had also sealed some of his sovereign’s power inside Silver’s soul, Shiraz did this in order to help Silver and hopefully save his life.

Silver starts using [Tiger drain] on the crystallized sovereign’s blood however nothing happens, but suddenly the sealed sovereign’s power bursts out and boosts the power of the [Tiger thirst] technique enabling it to begin draining out the power of the crystallized sovereign blood.

However, although the sovereign’s power is helping to drain the energy of the crystallized blood it is at the same time having drastic effects on Silver’s body.


Silver’s body is currently in a state of shambles………

All of his pores have been stretched out and destroyed, both his arms broken, veins can be clearly seen all around his body almost as if they could pop out at any moment, blood flowing out from his mouth, ears, nose and even his eyes.


“My god!.....wh..why this pain?” thought Silver as he gritted his teeth.

The pain Silver is currently in is enough to make any normal human being go insane however Silver’s resolve is still as strong as ever.

“That’s right,…I have to endure if not for me then for mother, father as well as everyone in the Southern branch.”

If Silver was faced with this same situation but in a place where he knew no one, he would rather face death than go through this kind of intense pain.


At first Silver’s mind was in the same state as his body because he didn’t know why, so suddenly his body had reacted in such a way but after thinking for a while he understood something,

“That’s right…..so this was the reason Shiraz granted me Sovereign’s power. He knew that it would be impossible for me who is still a beginner in cultivation to be able to drain the energy from the blood of an actual Sovereign.”

However what Silver had not realized was that Shiraz had actually used special methods to weaken his Sovereign’s power to a stage in which it would not destroy Silver.

After all, a sovereign is an existence that has far surpassed the mortal realm, one who has not only attained immortality but supreme power as well. It would be impossible for any mortal let alone a child to contain the might of a Sovereign.

As time went on the blood had been completely drained of the power it held and had finally dissipated, all that is left is white mist like sovereign power floating in Silver’s consciousness.

Suddenly Silver’s wounds and injuries begun to heal rapidly and after only a few seconds he was back to normal, however it didn’t stop there Silver’s eyes changed into that of a tiger.

His sight became incomparably sharper, it was so good that he could even clearly see and count all the small sweat pores on his arms.

“Finally…..so this is the aura of a divine tiger clan member!”

However just as Silver was celebrating his Tenshi clan aura burst out and somehow managed to merge with Tiger aura causing it to become extremely fierce.

Silver’s current aura after the fusion is akin to a wounded tiger fighting for it’s life, you could even sense hints of killing intent coming from him.

“Finally…..now that this is over I can finally leave.” Said Silver with a sigh.



“What the hell is going on down there it’s already been five days!” said Akela.

“First, for some reason Silver disappeared and I could no longer detect him and then when I was able to sense him again I felt a terrifying power come from there.  Just what the hell is going on?”

Just as Akela was busy worrying and thinking about Silver’s condition, a figure could be seen coming out of the pool.

Akela turned to look only to see a naked Silver coming out of the pool. However Akela noticed something else and that was Silver’s terrifying aura.


With a big smile on his face Akela welcomed Silver with a hug and said,

“You succeeded, of course you succeeded you are after all the son of I Akela. Now before we go into celebrations hand me the crystal gem I gave you.”

Silver’s heart sank, he had no idea what to do in this situation.

Should he lie? , should he tell the truth? , Silver had no clue what to do but then he remembered that not long ago he was in a similar situation. Last time Silver trusted his father and so this time as well he would trust his father, of course not with all the information, only some details.


Silver explained what happened to him but with some slight changes to the story,

“ um……Father, I did as you said and didn’t let go of the gem but then for some reason it flew out of my hand with extreme force and then entered my body. After that I saw a dream of a giant white tiger who then told me that I shouldn’t worry about it and that the gem was a gift to me for working hard.”

At the beginning of Silver’s explanation Akela was extremely annoyed because he knew that Silver must have lost the gem but then when he heard Silver say that the gem entered his body he almost jumped with rage to shout at Silver. After all who would believe that suddenly a gem would enter someone’s body but then when Silver then said that a giant white tiger told him it was, “a gift for working hard” Akela immediately froze.

After a while Akela slapped his hand onto his forehead and with a gigantic smile on his face shouted,

“So that’s why I felt that terrifying power coming from the pool!”

Akela then looked toward Silver and said, “Did the giant tiger say anything else to you or perhaps give anything to you?”


Silver looked at his father and said , “No!”

Pretending he didn’t know anything Silver looked at his father and continued,

“Do you perhaps know who the Tiger is father?”


Akela looking at his confused son let out a hearty laugh and said,

“You don’t need to know now, all I can tell you is that in the future you must be very respectful.”


“Yes, father. I’m rather tired so I will be taking my leave.” Said Silver.


Still smiling Akela nodded towards Silver,

“Mm….go and rest when you’re refreshed we’ll discuss other matters.”


Akela then stretched out his arm and in his hands out of thin air clothes appeared,  he then threw them towards Silver.

Silver put on the clothes, respectfully bowed and then left the room heading towards his own.


After reaching his room Silver was anxious to examine the changes that had occurred within his body, so he jumped onto his bed sat cross-legged and closes his eyes.

The first thing Silver notices is the white mist of Sovereign power circling his soul however unfortunately all Silver can do is look at the Sovereign power as it is completely impossible for the current him to absorb any of it.


Silver then shifted his attention to his divine core. Inside of his divine core Silver’s lightning divine power is no longer dark blue and instead has changed to light blue with a bright golden glow while his light divine power is still golden in colour but has now adopted a bright blue glow.


“Hmmm…….this must be because of the part of my light and lightning divine power that fused together.” Thought Silver.


Silver then shifted his attention towards his body.

Although there weren’t any huge changes to his body Silver still felt uneasy. The reason being, Silver couldn’t wrap his head around why his body healed so fast after he got the tiger clan aura.


Silver then decided to hold a little experiment. He opened his eyes and within them faint flashes of golden-bluish divine power could be seen but then soon vanished.

Still sitting cross-legged Silver grabs hold of his right arm with his left one,


“I pray this works.”


Using the newly strengthened lightning divine power Silver then applied a strong force to his right arm causing it to break.

Clenching his teeth, Silver held in the pain coming from his right arm making sure not to make any noise but then suddenly a white mist enveloped Silver’s right arm and in the time it would take a person to blink, any sign of injury had been erased. It was like the injury had never existed in the first place.


“Just now that was the Sovereign power……but how is that possible?” thought Silver.


After thinking for a while Silver came to the conclusion that this was Shiraz’s doing, after all Shiraz had told Silver that he had plans for him and that he musn’t die.

Silver was then overtaken by joy, not only did he strengthen himself but he also got Sovereign power which automatically heals all his injuries. However exactly what level of power had he reached now that he had the tiger aura?.

After carefully examining his divine core Silver reached the conclusion that he had reached the 17th level but if he factored in his strong body as well as his healing ability he could probably fight evenly with someone at the 20th level.


Now that Silver was done examining his body and his excitement had died down, the fatigue finally started to affect him so he fell onto his bed and fell into a deep sleep.


Silver woke up very early in the morning the next day, the sun hadn’t even risen yet. So he decided to go for a walk in the courtyard.

However just as he was on his way to the courtyard Silver heard some noises coming from the room across his, that room belonged to Silver’s uncle Manu so he decided to approach the room quietly and listen in.

Silver got as close as possible to the room and then leaned against the door in order to hear what the people inside were saying.

Inside the room there were three people, one was Manu while the other two were elders under Manu.

“I heard that the son of Lord Klais from the Central branch has already reached the 14th level at the age of 7.” Said one of the elders.


Hearing this the other Elder also spoke out,

“Ah! Such a great genius. I also heard that the daughter of Lady Hiri has reached the 13th level and she’s only 8.”

Manu then looked at both the elders and said,

“From your words it seems as though you doubt Young Master Silver but you don’t have to worry, in fact I can guarantee that the young master is more than capable of standing alongside those geniuses. Otherwise Lord Akela wouldn’t spend so much effort on his training, moreover I heard the young master has even been sparring with some guards of late.”

Hearing Manu praise Silver so much the other elders couldn’t help but be happy as well.

“Then all we can do is expect a grand performance at the Tiger Hunt ceremony.” Said one of the Elders.

After that the three stopped discussing the matter and changed the topic to some clan related issues however Silver wasn’t interested in that and so he left for the courtyard.

While strolling in the courtyard Silver couldn’t help but wonder about what those three Elders were talking about.


“I wonder what the Tiger Hunt Cermony is?”








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