Chapter 11 - Mark.

An outline of an old man’s face could be seen hovering in the air, inside of Akela’s study. He had short hair white as snow, with an equally short and white sideburns and beard, he also had the dark tanned skin of warrior with dark piercing eyes and carried himself with an air only true leaders possessed.

“Akela this year the clan has a lot of good seeds, will little Silver be able to compete with them?”  said the old man.


Akela looked up at the old man and with a smirk on his face said,

“Father you don’t need to worry Silver is more than capable of competing against those so-called good seeds.”

The old man surprised, now known as Akela’s father chuckled at his son’s words,

“Akela it seems that this time it is our Tar clan that has been blessed with not one but two good seeds.”


The other “good seed” the old man referred to was Kaz who not only got accepted into a first-rate academy but also become one of the personal disciples of the renowned Fire sage Gasul.

Hearing his father praise his two sons so much Akela couldn’t be anymore pleased with himself. After all, it was him who decided to send Kaz to the Eclipse academy and it was also him who has been providing Silver with technique manuals, advice and pretty much anything Silver required.

“Akela send for little Silver, I wish to see him.” Said his father.


Akela quickly ordered the maid who was standing outside his study to call Silver.


Silver was currently in the courtyard sitting under a small tree, hands clasped behind his head,enjoying the scenery, a light breeze blowing gently on his face. It was a warm, sunny day, which was why Silver, who had been watching all the greenery come to life from the confines of his bedroom, had decided to go and enjoy it all first hand. He sat there watching the butterflies and bees go about their business, listening to the bubbling sound of the fountain and reflecting on what was to come.

Silver sat there occasionally closing his eyes and breathing in the fresh air. He knew that right now would probably be the only time he would have to rest before he and his father departed for the Central branch.

Suddenly a maid came rushing forward toward Silver,

“Young Master, Lord Akela wishes for you to hurry to the study.”


Seeing as how the maid was running towards him instead of walking, Silver knew that this was urgent so he rushed towards the study at full speed.

The maid who was standing next to Silver was startled at the speed at which the young Silver was travelling. She came to the conclusion that Silver must be using a technique to increase his speed.

Silver continued to dash through Break Jaw Castle many people couldn’t help but notice Silver’s speed, one of whom was Manu.

When Manu saw Silver running, his first thought was exactly the same as the maid however Manu is an Elder who has reached the [soul-compression] stage and as he looked closer he couldn’t believe his own eyes. Not only was Silver not using a technique Manu couldn’t even sense any divine power being emitted from Silver, not even residue, he refused to believe that this was truly the case and decided to check again however Silver had quickly dashed out of his line of sight.

Manu to further pursue Silver in order to confirm what he had just seen, but unfortunately for him, Silver had just gone into Akela’s study.

Unable to go any further and confirm his suspicions Manu simply shrugged his shoulders and came to the conclusion that he must’ve just been seeing things, after all for a seven year old child to use a technique to improve his speed to such a degree would already be enough to brand him a genius but for a seven year old to rely on his body alone to reach such speed, now that would make him a freak of nature.

“Wh…what is that?” said Silver as he pointed towards the outline of the old man’s face hovering in the air.


The old man looked at Silver chuckledamiably and said,

“Don’t worry this isn’t my body it’s just a technique used for communication over long distances.”

Akela turned towards Silver,

“Little Silver this is your grandfather and my father, Elder Ignus Tar Aldarion. He relinquished his title as head of the Southern branch fifty years ago to me and then became one of the five head Elders of the Central branch.”

Silver couldn’t believe the words of his father because basically what he was saying was that Ignas is one of the top five most powerful people in the clan aside from the patriarch of the Divine Tiger clan.

Silver quickly came to his senses and respectfully bowed,

“Silver pays his respects to Elder.”


Akela nods in satisfaction but Ignus smiles towards him and says,

“Enough! Just call me GrandpaIgnus.”

Silver raises his head and responds with a bright grin,

"Yes, Grandpa Ignus!”


Ignus then looked towards Akela and asked,

“Akela, what level has Silver reached in his cultivation?”

Akela looked towards Silver and then back to Ignus then replied,

“Silver just underwent his baptism so currently I’m not sure what level he’s reached.”


Ignus then looked towards Silver and asks the same question,

“Little Silver what level have you reached after your baptism?”

Silver replies,

“Currently I estimate that I’ve reached the 17th level.”

A huge smile appeared on Ignus’s illusionary face,


“Ho! That’s very impressive for a boy your age but before I reward you for your hard work, I’d like to examine your aura.”


Akela continued,

“Yes, I too would like to examine your aura more closely. That day you came from the pool you had already put away your aura so I was only able to sense hints of it.”


Silver shrugged not minding at all and activated his aura.

His aura burst forth with a ferocious intensity almost as if a wild animal was about to engage in a fight to the death, hints of killing intent could be felt being emanating from Silver.

Both Akela and Ignus’s eyes were wide open, they both stared at Silver slack jawed.

The room fell into deafening silence. Silver just stood there looking at both the illusionary face of Ignus as well as Akela not understanding what was going on.

Suddenly Ignus who was the first to recover from his shock calmed himself and said,

“Little Silver answer me truthfully, those eyes of yours how did they end up like that?”

Silver was about to speak when Akela suddenly barked at Silver,

“Why didn’t you tell me about this when I asked you if the giant white tiger gave you anything?”

Silver didn’t know what to say, Shiraz hadn’t told him that his eyes would change so he just thought that this was normal for everyone who underwent the baptism after all in his past life it was normal for one to obtain some traits of the Sovereign he/she worshipped. To Silver this was the same as acquiring something he had once lost.


Ignus who doesn’t know what’s going on furrows his brows and shouts,


“Akela! Hurry up and explain everything to me and don’t dare leave anything out.”

Akela forced himself to calm down and then proceeded to tell Ignus what had happened when Silver underwent his Baptism.

After hearing the story from Akela, Ignus glanced at Silver then turned back to face Akela.

“Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?”

Akela opening his mouth to speak was suddenly interrupted by Silver,

“Grandpa Ignus, is there a problem with me having these eyes?”

Akela who had now completely calmed down slowly walked towards Silver bent slightly, put his arm on Silver’s shoulder and with a sigh said,

“Little Silver you are still very young and have yet to leave Break Jaw City so you wouldn’t know about the relationship between our clan’s branches. However now that you have been marked I have to tell you so you can understand the danger that comes with being marked.”

Ignus still hovering above quietly looked down on both his son and grandson with a solemn look on his face,

“Little Silver, you should already know that our clan has five branches however very few people know how that came to be.

In the beginning our clan wasn’t called the Divine Tiger clan but was instead named after it’s founder Jira, the clan as a whole wasn’t very strong but it couldn’t be called weak either however, all of that changed when an unprecedented genius was born into the clan.

The child had amazing comprehension power and in only five years he had already reached the soul-compression stage. In no time at all the news of a genius being born into the clan was spread far and wide until it finally reached the ears of the clan head Jira.

Despite the child being born into his clan, Jira felt threatened rather than joy so he decided to send assassins to go kill the child before he grew up into someone who could dethrone him.

However Jira’s plan to kill the child didn’t work as the child had managed to escape but unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said of his family who were all murdered in cold blood. The assassin’s failure caused Jira great distress as he had not only failed to eliminate the child, but had now created an enemy who had boundless potential.

Out of fear, Jira ordered all members of the clan to search for the child plus he even offered a huge reward to anyone who killed the child.

Unfortunately for Jira, the child had disappeared deep into the vast jungle.

Time flew by and almost a hundred years had passed since Jira gave the order for the child to be killed, everyone including Jira had assumed that the child must have died in the jungle or in a battle against an expert somewhere far away.

However they were wrong, the child who had disappeared all those years ago suddenly came back all grown up.

The young man had the physique of a warrior, which could be seen even through his white toga-like robe. He had long, white hair with hints of black and possessed the eyes of a tiger.With a display of great power he entered the clan’s territory and killed every high ranking or powerful member of the clan. However Jira wasn’t just killed, the young man not only tortured him but also shamed Jira by displaying him in front of the remaining clan members naked. He then ordered all those who wished to live to torture Jira and only then would he forgive them.

After a week of slow torture the young man finally killed Jira.

The young man’s name was ShirazAldarion and after a few days he founded a new clan called the Tiger clan. With his ever-growing strength Shiraz seized vast amounts of wealth and land from battles with other clans, making the Tiger clan the #1 clan in the entire continent of Vargath.


Thousands of years passed,

Shiraz had reached a bottleneck in his cultivation and so he decided to leave on a journey in order to better grow but, before he did that Shiraz wanted to leave descendants, so he married Yuki the most beautiful woman in Vargath, she’d been a petite woman with jet black hair down to her waist, beautiful translucent skin and pink puckered lips, despite her small build her form had been full in all the right places and she had had many suiters, but had taken to Shiraz and accepted him as her husband.

They had four children together, three were male and one was female, they boys were Tar ,Kar and Zar while the girl was named Mar.

These four children were very strange as they all had tiger eyes, Shiraz told his wife that he had marked them and given them some of his power to use in the future.

Having gotten descendants Shiraz departed for his journey and never returned but before that he appointed a young man to be the next patriarch of the Tiger clan until his children grew up.

Unfortunately, despite Shiraz’s four children being very powerful when they grew up they all perished during the war against the Tenshi clan.

However they didn’t fail to also leave descendants, who not only didn’t possess Shiraz’s mark but also, with time, grew to hate each other.

In an attempt to prevent bloodshed between them the patriarch who Shiraz had appointed all those years ago decided to split the clan into four branches, while he maintains control at the headquarters.

A few thousand years later, Shiraz contacted the patriarch informing him that he had become a Sovereign, which was when our clan’s name was changed to Divine Tiger clan.

Now, little Silver if anyone from the other clans finds out that you have the mark of Shiraz then the balance between the four branches will be destroyed and war will break out. You must be very careful to never reveal your eyes to anyone.”

Silver just stood there stunned trying to digest everything he had just heard.

“Enough!” said Ignus.

“We’re in a very delicate situation but for now let’s not think too much, all Silver has to do is to not reveal his tiger eyes. Right now, we have to prepare for the test in two days Silver will be taking part in so tomorrow, I’ll open a [void] for you to come to the Central branch.”







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