Chapter 17 – Bonus Chapter/ Teaser.

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Old Ye’s workshop.


“Tch! Now of all times is when those bastards decide to disturb me. They better pray to the divine tiger that my work does not suffer because of this otherwise,…..hmph.” mumbled old Ye as he approached the door to the hidden room in his workshop.

If another person was in the room with Old Ye, all they would be able to see was him walking towards a mirror. This mirror was a spirit tool Old Ye had chanced upon on his adventures as a youth, it allowed him access to a small space within another dimension.

He had branded it long ago and thus was the only one able to enter the pocket dimension.

That small space was where the most precious of old Ye’s things were kept and also where he conducted experiments on the creation of new spirit tools.

Just as Old Ye was about to enter the pocket dimension, he suddenly felt the presence of someone approaching his workshop at high speed.

“Huh! Are they stupid? Or perhaps do they think I have time to play these silly games? It looks like I’ll have to knock some sense into these younglings.” Said Old Ye as he narrowed his eyes.

He then dashed out at full speed to stop whoever it was from getting close to his workshop.

The person speeding over to Old Ye’s location was naturally Ignus, he had some questions which only Old Ye could answer.

He was also familiar with Old Ye’s temperament and knew that if he got too close to the workshop, Old Ye probably wouldn’t let him leave peacefully and so when he was about a thousand meters away, Ignus came to a complete stop.

Not long after that Old Ye appeared before Ignus, he had an arrogant air around him almost as if he was looking down on the world.

He looked at Ignus and said,

“It looks like you have some sense, so I won’t attack. Hurry up and tell me what you want.”

In truth Old Ye didn’t care if Ignus had “sense” or not, the only reason he didn’t attack was because he wasn’t expecting Ignus to be the one to come here.

If he did attack though even if he was indeed a bit stronger, the fight would definitely put his workshop in harm’s way and that was a price he wasn’t prepared to pay under any circumstance.

“I want to know if you know anything about that mysterious energy, I know you felt it as it would be impossible for you not to, seeing as you live here.” said Ignus.

Old Ye looked at Ignus and thought to himself,

“What mysterious energy is he talking about? Could something have happened as I was working inside the pocket dimension?.”

Seeing as how Old Ye remained silent and didn’t say anything Ignus began to feel irritated, he too had had a short fuse,

“If you don’t wish to speak then I apologize for bothering you, I’ll be taking my leave now.” barked Ignus as his voice was filled with anger.

Ignus turned around and like a gust of wind disappeared. Old Ye was about to go and stop him, so that he could find out what happened but instead viewed it as too much trouble and so decided to not bother.


Meanwhile inside the castle, in a room (more like miniature manor) that had a blurry image of a tiger on the door, Silver and Akela were currently chatting.

Silver had long since stopped pretending to be injured and had properly explained to Akela about Krias’s situation. He however decided not to tell Akela about the black mask incident, he felt it was better to keep it a secret until he knew what it was.

When asked about that mysterious energy Silver just came up with some nonsense saying,

“It probably happened due to the collision of my light divine power and his darkness spiritual power.”

He figured that since this world had very few people with the light attribute, then there shouldn’t be many people who’ve seen a light and darkness attribute collision.

Fortunately he was right, in this world including Silver there were only three people who had the light attribute. Akela himself had never personally met any of them so he decided to believe Silver, after all Silver had never lied to him before.


A/n.- Poor Akela.


Silver then told Akela about the agreement he made with Krias, even though Elder Rolind had said that Krias’s punishment was to be left to Ignus. If he found out that Ignus didn’t execute Krias which was the norm for this kind of cases, he would definitely be enraged.

To him keeping Krias alive was the same as leaving a constant reminder of his actions which damaged his family’s honour, not to mention Hion’s.

Akela couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at Silver and then at the unconscious Krias lying on the floor in the corner,

“I don’t know what to tell you little Silver, let’s wait for your grandpa Ignus and see what he has to say. However my advice to you, is simply to forget about this kid.”

Silver didn’t pay any heed to Akela’s last statement, he had already said he would guarantee the kids life and he had no plans of going back on his word.


A few hours later,


The door suddenly opened and in came Ignus, he had a weird expression on his face almost as if he was debating something. It wasn’t until he came to the living room that he came back to his senses; in front of him sitting on a chair with crossed arms was Akela while Silver who hadn’t noticed Ignus’s arrival was in the corner busy tending to Krias’s broken arm.

Ignus was puzzled by the situation,

“Why is he tending to the wounds of someone who wished to kill him? It can’t be due to sympathy, can it? ”

Noticing Ignus’s puzzled look Akela stood up and while sighing asked Ignus to follow him to another room so that he could explain everything.

Not long after Akela left the room and went back to the living room, only to find Krias had been moved from the floor and onto the chaise lounge with his arm properly patched up. Akela was curious as to where Silver had learned how to do such a thing but now was not the time to ask.

Silver was standing by the window, looking at the beautiful view of the night sky. The vast, seemingly empty space was filled with glittering diamond like stars. The moon, the stars, even the clouds were glowing with their own ominous light.

Akela walked up to Silver and told him that Ignus wanted to see him.






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