Chapter 19 – Interesting game.

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The triangle shaped screen slowly descended to the ground.

One by one children were led inside; there were some who struggled but the surrounding adults just through them inside. Of course this only occurred with the children who had no background as for the children of the higher ranked members of the clan, they were greeted with words of encouragement and gentle nudges.

Soon it was Hion’s turn to enter, following behind him was a boy who looked to be around fourteen – fifteen years old, he gave off a dignified aura almost as if he was a saint of some sort. Holding his head up high he followed behind Hion however just before he entered the light screen he turned around and looked straight at Silver,

“We will see each other soon!” was the vibe he gave off as he stared intently at Silver. No hatred could be sensed from him as he turned around and entered the screen.

Silver simply sighed; there was nothing he could say at this point. He could tell immediately upon seeing that boy’s eyes, “That kid is strong. I’ll avoid him if I can but whatever happens happens.”

Just as Silver was thinking that he suddenly began to hear some whispers from the crowd,

“Eh! Wasn’t that Senior Wade, he looked kind of annoyed. By the way whose the kid he was staring at? If he’s strong maybe we can team up with him.” Said a kid in the crowd.

“Are you stupid! Didn’t you see Senior Wade’s expression just now?... Those two are definitely not on good terms, if we get involved with him won’t that be the same as making Senior Wade our enemy. We don’t even know how strong that kid is, how can we make a level 21 practitioner an enemy when we already have enough challenges to face in the hunt.” Exclaimed one of the much older youths in the group.

“Mm…Mm…As expected of Boss Yerr, always reliable.” Said another of the youths in the group as he nodded his head.

Hearing the conversation between those kids, Silver couldn’t help but chuckle,

“That big guy really is funny. He uses not befriending me as an excuse, when in truth all he is doing is masking the fact that he is a coward.”

Just now Silver had tried to read that kid’s mind and had succeeded, this time for some odd reason the information he got was much more than last time. A significant amount more!

Name: Yerr Fazul Aldarion.

Cultivation: Level 14 practitoner.

Personality: Crafty , mischievous, cruel and a coward.

Along with much more useless information……………such as favorite food, crush etc.

“Hehe! With the secrets my Dad told me I’ll be able to win easily if I use these idiots properly.” Thought Yerr.


Not long after picking Yerr’s brain, came Silver’s turn to go into the screen. The adults who were pushing kids in, immediately backed away at the sight of him. Silver paid no mind to them and without hesitating walked straight into the screen.

The instant his body completely passed through the light screen, Silver felt a light breeze blow across his face. He felt as if he was floating in mid air, he tried to open his eyes to see where he was however due to the blinding light he was unable to see anything.

A few moments later all sound disappeared and Silver tried opening his eyes, this time although the light was bright he could now see where he was.

“What is this?”

In front of Silver were a few wisps of white mist being dragged by the wind, he didn’t understand what they were until he looked down.

Beneath him laid a huge jungle that stretched out for miles, he then looked to the side and saw other children floating in the air quite a distance away from him. In fact the closest person Silver could see was almost two kilometers to the East of him.

Suddenly a deep ancient voice rang out throughout the jungle,

“You will be given three days to slay as many tigers as you can, however beware of your limits and do not kill your clansmen here. The road to the North or the road to the South, choose wisely and may the Divine finally pass on.”

After saying those words the ancient voice went quiet, however whereas all the other kids were confused Silver was the only one who seemed to be completely dumbfounded.

“Isn’t that Master’s voice? Didn’t he say he couldn’t interfere here? How can this be?” Silver didn’t even bother with the actual words the ancient voice had said, he was too caught up wondering why Shiraz’s voice could be heard in this place.


Meanwhile in a small hall somewhere in Heaven’s Reach castle.


Five people were sited in front of an identical screen as the one the children had used to enter the sacred land, behind them were four other people sitting quite a distance away from.

The five people were the most powerful individuals in the entire Divine Tiger clan, the five Elders of the Central branch. While the people sited behind them were the Heads of the four branches of the Divine Tiger clan.

Ignus and Rolind were sited in the middle of the five with one person sitting in between them while the other two Elders were sitting at the edge. It could already be seen through their sitting arrangement who were the most powerful in the clan.

Suddenly Rolind turned to the man sitting in the man sitting in the middle and said,

“Patriarch, I think we should begin the wager?”





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