Chapter 2- Break Jaw Castle.


It had been a month since Silver arrived in this world and currently his parents were preparing to return to the southern branch of the divine tiger clan.

Silver was being held by his mother in the courtyard of the mansion when suddenly a gigantic phoenix like bird began to draw closer to them, seeing the gigantic bird come closer Silver couldn’t help but let out a shout, “Ai!.”

Seeing the child that only used to make noise whenever he was hungry suddenly shout at the sight of the phoenix Saphir couldn’t help but giggle and say, “Little Silver that is your uncle Kabul he is your father’s magical beast.”

The gigantic phoenix came closer and atop of it you could see a man sitting cross-legged. Seeing his father sitting on top of a magical beast that had crimson colored feathers and a ball of flame hovering atop its head Silver couldn’t help but think to himself, “What kind of man is this guy? Just being able to kill such an amazing magical beast can already be considered an amazing feat but to actually tame it. Looks like my father is a monster.”

The bird then landed on the courtyard and transformed into a human male wearing clothes identical to that of his father(black shirt, black trousers and black overcoat but on the back of the overcoat along with the large symbol of a blueish-blackish lightning bolt there was also a small crimson flame symbol to the right of the  lightning bolt.


“Young one no need to be afraid I am you uncle Kabul, I’m here to take you and your mother back home.” Said Kabul with a small smile on his face.


“Let’s not waste anymore time, Saphir you and silver get onto Kabul’s back we’ve already spent too much time here. We need to arrive at Break jaw castle before night falls.” Said Akela with his usual stern face.

The Aldarion family then departed on the phoenix beast, Azul.


The continent of Vargath is a place where the strong thrive and the weak have no choice but to submit to the strong. This is the same for people in the divine tiger clan, the clan is divided into four branches East, West, North, South and the central branch. The central branch is the headquarters of the divine tiger clan and is where the patriarch of the clan resides, followed by the North and South who are equal in power due to them having supreme warriors who’ve reached the soul compression stage. While the East is next and West is last.

(Authors note: So you don’t get lost I’ll explain, the training methods of this world differ from Silver’s previous world they go like this ,

Absorption of divine power which is the initial stage , levels 1-9

Divine baptism which is the condensation of the first 9 levels of divine power to reach the 10th level.

The next stage of power is the 100th level which is the soul compression stage, this is the stage where one’s element e.g fire, water, lightning, air etc,  is compressed and fused with one’s soul thus called the soul compression stage

However the soul compression stage is divided in levels ;

  • Low level 100-1,000.
  • Medium level 1,000-10,000
  • High level 10,000-100,000.

The rest of the stages aren’t calculated by levels and will be mentioned in the future.


Silver and his family were now within the territory of the Southern branch and drawing closer to the place Silver will call home for years to come, Break Jaw castle.

“We’re almost there little Silver.” Said Saphira.

15 minutes later a city could be seen in the distance, the city itself was huge and could easily cover 100 kilometers. The city was surrounded by a huge wall that was 150m tall, in the middle of the city was a huge castle that took up at least a quarter of the total space of the city.

As Azul flew over the city and was heading to the castle, all the people below put their right hands on their heart and slightly bended. This was the bow given to those of high rank in the divine tiger clan, as almost all the residents of this city recognized Kabul and knew he was the lightning tiger’s tamed beast.

No matter how powerful one is in the divine tiger clan kneeling before someone is forbidden unless they are your master or father that is why the commoners bow instead of kneel.

Inside Break Jaw castle many elders had felt the presence of Kabul and knew the head of the clan Akela was arriving, and so they all rushed out and awaited his arrival in the courtyard.

Kabul then landed in the courtyard and after everyone disembarked he transformed into human form which still gave Silver the creeps everytime he saw it. Akela then took Silver from Saphir and handed him to one of the Elders who looked around 60, and wore a read cloak which had a hood.

“Take him to be tested.” Said Akela in a deep voice.

These words caused all the elders present to be stunned, making a new born who is at most a month old to be tested for divine power was very rare.

The test involved a person to be put his in a pool of emerald liquid which would turn yellow if a person had the ability to cultivate martial skills.

“Lord Akela, this is a child not even 1 year old how could he posses any divine power, only at the age of 3 will divine power start to seep into our bodies.” Said the red cloak elder.

“Hmph…Mirad do I look like a fool to you. Hmph….. this child on the way here as I held him I decided to  test to see if he had divine power and although I don’t know the amount of it, I can tell it is extremely pure. So listen to me and test him, I wish to confirm this.” Said Akela with a hint of a smile while looking at his child as if he were treasure.

“Forgive me my lord I will give the young master the test.” Said Mirad respectfully while all the other elders were still dumbfounded at the idea of a child having divine power.

With that said Mirad took the child into his arms and they went into the mansion, the mansion had 7 floors with the first holding high ranked clan members rooms, the second holding training halls and materials and the third being the testing area which had 3 rooms. Although break Jaw castle was huge it also had various mansions and buildings surrounding it.

After hearing Akela’s words Silver couldn’t help but be startled after practicing divine mind purification technique(the technique at the end of chapter 2) for a month he had unknowingly began to drink divine power.

“Shit! Now I’m going to be viewed as a monster by all the clans members perhaps in this entire continent I’m the only one to have divine power at this age. Wait one of the traits of divine mind purification technique was that I would develop the ability to read minds. Lets try it out on this elder and see what his thinking.” Thought  Silver.

Then Silver focused his pure divine power toward his mind then divided it into two and sent half of it to his hand, he then touched Mirad’s arm with his hand and sent his divine power towards Mirad’s mind. Silver was unable to directly read someone’s mind without touching them this is because he had only been practicing for a month.

But what silver found in the old man’s mind shocked him, “What! Not only am I not the first to have divine power at this age there are 5 others who had divine power AT THEIR BIRTH!!. One of whom is the patriarch of the divine tiger clan.”

He then withdraw his divine power from Mirad’s mind and put it back in his divine core. After arriving in the room to test for divine power, Akela walked over and threw a green fist sized stone into the pool of water like liquid which then turned emerald, Akela then said, “Begin the test!” with eagerness in his voice.

Mirad then took some of the emerald liquid and poured it into a huge bowl he then put Silver inside.

As soon as Silver’s body came in contact with the liquid it immediately turned white, when Akela saw this he immediately closed the door leaving Saphir, Kabul, Manu, Mirad and Silver in the room. The other elders were waiting outside as they were not allowed to enter without permission from the head elder Mirad.

Akela then turned back and looked at the colour of the liquid and said with a excitement in his voice, “This child has the rarest attribute in existence the light attribute this is even rarer than my lightning attribute which only appears in those with the Tar bloodline..._.”

Before he could finish what he was saying part of the liquid in the bowl began to turn into a blueish-blackish colour.

“Hahaha!.....a double attribute of lightning and light he is indeed my son.” Said Akela while his entire body was shaking with excitement.

In truth Akela had doubted this to be his son because of the silver hair but that his son had the lightning attribute he was confident this was his son because normally attributes are hereditary. Thus his extreme shock at his son having a light attribute.




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