Chapter 21 – Watching a good show.

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This was the first human Silver had encountered since entering the sacred land, he couldn’t help but be curious as to how the other kids were fairing in this place.

He reluctantly parted with his comfortable tree branch and dashed towards the location where the voice came from.

Fortunately, it seemed like the voice hadn’t come from too far away and soon Silver was even able to make out some sounds,

“Ah!~ My arm...it got my arm.”

Upon hearing this Silver decided to approach with caution and so he climbed a tree and while making sure to make as little noise as possible moved closer to the voice’s origin.

Not long after, Silver was now able to see what was going on. About a hundred meters ahead, a group of boys were surrounding an illusionary black tiger. One of them seemed to have been injured and was bleeding profusely from a wound on his right arm.

“Boss Yerr, you said it would be easy if we attacked together but now look at me. Take responsibility!” shouted the injured boy.

The other boys also began to look towards Boss Yerr waiting to hear what he was going to say before making a decision on whether or not too flee.

Suddenly another young boy who looked more like a bear than a human barked at the injured boy,

“Shut up! What do you know? I told you to stay in formation and slowly attack it until it died, who told you to move forward and fight it by yourself!” This boy was Boss Yerr.

“What! You~...” The injured boy couldn’t believe what he had just heard. The reason he had moved forward wasn’t because he wanted to fight the tiger by himself but was actually because he was pushed forward by Boss Yerr who was afraid the tiger would single him out.

“You~ What! What is it you want to say? If you don’t shut up, I’ll get my brother to deal with you.” Yelled Boss Yerr.

Suddenly from somewhere above the group of boys a voice that sounded much like Boss Yerr’s but a little deeper sounded out,

“Yerr, are you ready?”

Hearing this Boss Yerr immediately signalled the other boys to prepare to attack before replying,

“We’re ready!”

As soon as he said those words excluding the injured one, all six boys including Boss Yerr launched their attacks,

“[Fire ball]

[Water Whip]

[Wind Scythe]

[Fire pillar]...”

The attacks which filled the sky with a myriad of different colours descended heading straight for the black tiger.

The black tiger let out a ferocious roar before it’s body suddenly started to expand. The black flames which were originally two metres in height immediately expanded to almost three and a half metres.

The tiger looked straight at the Boss Yerr and with a low roar began it’s charge. With every step it took it left cracks on the ground, one could only imagine the speed and force it moved with as it drew closer to Yerr.

Unfortunately for the tiger though, the attacks fired by the group of boys were at too close a range, there was no way it would be able to escape them.


One by one, the tiger was bombarded by the attacks of various attributes and with every hit a huge chunk of its body would disappear and flow upwards.


The last attack a [wind blade] landed on the tigers back and just like that half of the tiger’s body was gone.

However as if it didn’t care at all, using only it’s front legs the tiger leaped forward opening it’s mouth wide prepared to take Boss Yerr’s head.

“Brother~” shouted Boss Yerr as he tried to back away.

Suddenly from a tree somewhere a figure descended at fast speed and with a loud yell,

[Fire fist, fifth form]

The tiger was no more, it’s skull had been crushed by the fist of a figure whose fist was covered by a bright orange flame.

“Ho~! So all of that was a setup for him to deliver the killing blow. They’re pretty smart.” Thought Silver.

Silver wasn’t really surprised with what was going on here, he had already “picked” Yerr’s brain about all of his plans. Which was basically to use a group of fairly strong kids to hunt as many tigers, however now Silver was having doubts because it seemed as though Yerr wasn’t the one in charge.

Another thing that was disturbing him was, “How did all these kids manage to get together here when I clearly saw how far apart we were spaced when we were in the air?”

Suddenly, the dead black tiger’s body turned into black mist which rose up and entered the gem on the arm of the figure with a flame around his fist.

“Congratulations Elder brother, if we keep going like this then you could get even get second in this year’s ceremony.”

The person Yerr was talking to put away the flames and turned to face Yerr.

“ Stop saying nonsense, who wants second place. I’m going to be first no matter what and you also have to work hard otherwise father will give you another beating again.”

Yerr’s face immediately became pale as he thought about those horrible beatings.

Silver on the other hand gaped as he looked at the person Yerr addressed as Elder brother,

“What is this? What Elder brother? They’re basically twins, same big head, big nose, big lips these two are exactly the same.”

Suddenly out of nowhere, a huge water ball exploded right at Yerr’s feet. Out of fear Yerr let out a high pitched scream, “Ya!” causing his brother to smack him on the head.

“Shut up! Can a [water ball] kill you? What is there to be afraid of!”

Yerr’s brother then turned around to face the person who shot the water ball saying,

“You, what do you want? Stop trying to act tough with your pathetic water techniques.”

The injured boy gritted his teeth, he didn’t know what to say. He had shot the water ball to draw attention towards him after all it was Yerr’s fault he got injured, but now even if he told Yerr’s elder brother that, would he believe him. The other kids also wouldn’t dare bite the hand that feeds them even if they did see anything.

“Speak up, I can’t hear you!”

Thus he was left with no choice but to threaten Yerr however before that he ripped the sleeve of his left arm and used it to cover up his wound. Once he was done he looked straight at Yerr’s brother and without blinking said,

“My name is Piore, not “you”! As for what I want, give me half of the yellow aura we’ve collected so far otherwise when we get out of here, I’ll spread word of what happened here.”

Hearing this Yerr’s brother’s eyebrows furrowed as he turned to look at Yerr who had an apologetic face on, he then sighed and looked back at the injured boy,

“It looks like my brother has done wrong by you, allow me to apologise on his behalf. As for your demands, let’s talk about them after we take care of your injury. It really is a pity, I couldn’t see what was going on as I was too focused gathering up divine power for my attack otherwise I would have definitely saved you.” said Yerr’s brother in a much softer tone, he even had a light smile on his face as he approached Piore.

Hearing this Piore completely lowered his guard and a faint smile appeared on his pale face,

“Ok! We’ll talk when my arm is taken care of.”

The smile on Yerr’s brother’s face immediately grew wider as he fastened his pace toward Piore,

“Good! Since I’m older than you, call me Big brother Areq!”

Piore moved closer to Areq and stretched out his hand saying,

“Let’s shake on it.”

Areq seeming very pleased looked at Piore’s hand and said,

“It’s the least I can do!”

They both shook hands and just when Piore was about to pull back his arm, he felt that it wasn’t budging. “Eh! Big brother Areq, is there something wrong?” asked Piore with a shocked expression on his face.

“How could there be anything wrong?” replied Areq still smiling at Piore.

“Ah! I almost forgot, didn’t you just threaten me a few minutes ago?” said Areq as his eyes narrowed and the smile on his face turned into an evil grin.

He then pulled Piore closer to him and with his other hand grabbed him by the neck.

“You must have seen by now that my attribute is fire, right? What do you think will happen if I send some of my divine power to the hand that’s on your neck..hmmm?”

While struggling to loosen Areq’s grip with his only moving hand, Piore managed to force out a few words,


Hearing this Areq couldn’t help but laugh,

“Oh! I forgot about that, it’s just you remind me so much of the slaves at home. Isn’t that right Yerr?”

Yerr licked his lips before nodding.

Areq then stretched out with his other hand, pulled of Piore’s armband and broke the gem,

“You won’t be needing this, anymore.” said Areq as a yellow mist travelled from the shattered gem and into Areq’s which then suddenly turned black.

“Ho! It looks like you were worth something. Thanks for helping me to advance to the black level.”

Piore’s eyes were completely red, he couldn’t even curse because his throat was being held. All he could do was let out low groans filled with hatred.

“Yerr, throw me some rope.”

Yerr immediately passed Areq some rope, who then tied Piore around a nearby tree and stuffed a piece of cloth down his throat so he couldn’t make any noise.

Piore’s eyes were filled with hate, if he could he could kill Areq right now regardless of the rules he would but unfortunately not only was he too weak but he was also injured.

He cursed himself endlessly for being so stupid, “Why didn’t I run away while they were battling the tiger?” was the thought continuously going through his head.

Areq then told Yerr to go on ahead with the others and that he would catch up with them soon.


Now only Areq, Yerr and of course Silver hiding in the shadows were left at that spot.

Areq squatted down and placed his hand on Piore’s now swollen arm which including bleeding was now leaking out pus. “MMhhngg..” groaned Piore.

“Unfortunately for you I can’t let you live but I also can’t kill you myself, so I’ll do you a favour and seal up this wound for you.”

Immediately after saying that, flames ignited on Areq’s palm and the smell of burning flesh spread through the air.

Unable to take the pain, Piore immediately fainted.

Areq’s plan was to use the smell of the burning flesh to attract a tiger or any predator, to Piore so that it would kill him.

A few seconds later, feeling satisfied with his work. Areq made one last check to make sure that the rope was tight enough that Piore wouldn’t be able to get free and then sped off, chasing after Yerr.


Only now did Silver descend from the tree,

“Let’s see just how much of a man you are, Piore.” Thought Silver.


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