Chapter 22 – Explanation.

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Piore suddenly opened his eyes, he slowly sat up and looked around. He was shocked to find that he was no longer tied up on a tree nor was Areq anywhere to be seen.

“Was it all a dream?” thought Piore.

However he soon dismissed that thought as he turned to look at his right arm which had been decently patched up, the surprising thing was that he couldn’t feel any pain from the arm at all even though he could see just how bad the injury was.

Piore was currently inside a small cave, he didn’t know how he got there but right now all he could recall was how close to death he was just a short while ago.

Endless amounts of tears began to flow down his cheeks. After all he was only a young boy, he couldn’t swallow all that had happened to him.

“Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?” muttered Piore in a very faint voice that only he could hear.

“This is all his doing, I swear one day I Piore will definitely settle this debt!” shouted Piore as he stared up at the ceiling of the small cave.


Suddenly faint whistling sounds could be heard coming from outside the cave, Piore immediately wiped the tears and snot from his face and laid back down pretending to be asleep.

“The road to becoming a killer is a solitary one~, my only lover shall be loneliness~!

May the divine look down upon me with favour, may the battles to come be exciting and thrilling.

Oh~ the road to becoming a killer is a solitary one, my only lover shall indeed be loneliness~”


“What kind of a song is that?” thought Piore.

Just as he was thinking that, in came Silver chewing on some bark with a huge smile on his face. He had unexpectedly come across something extremely funny when he was out and couldn’t help but be happy.

He looked down at Piore for a moment and then shifted his gaze away, he then found a spot in the small cave and sat down closing his eyes. He spit out the bark he was chewing on and said,

“You can stop pretending now. If I meant you any harm, I probably wouldn’t have wasted time and energy to save you.”

Hearing this Piore stopped acting and sat up straight, his eyes still red from crying he asked,

“Then what is it you want?”

With eyes still closed Silver took something out of his pocket and threw it at Piore before saying,


The thing Silver had thrown to Piore was an arm band with a gem embedded onto it. This was Silver’s arm band.

“I want to know what the purpose of that thing is as well as how your group was able to come together in this place.” Said Silver as he pointed at the arm band.

The reason Silver was doing this was because it seemed that at the time when he had “picked” Yerr’s brain, Yerr hadn’t any knowledge of the plan. The real master mind of this operation was most likely Areq.

Silver had tried to get information from Piore by reading his mind but to his surprise he found out that he was unable to read the minds of those who were unconscious. Thus he had no choice but to save him.

Of course if Silver had been able to read Piore’s mind, he would have at the least moved him to a safer location as payment for the information.

“By the way just because you don’t feel pain doesn’t mean the wound isn’t bad so don’t move around too much. You wouldn’t want your friend’s gracious help to be in vain.”

At first Piore was puzzled by the “friend” Silver was referring to however after thinking about it for a while he couldn’t help but clench his teeth and curse at Silver.

“If you were there why didn’t you help? You just watched on from the side lines and did nothing, were you that afraid of him?....I see so you’re nothing but a coward then I thank you for your help but I will be on my way.”

Piore was struggling to stand up when suddenly he felt a deep killing intent emanating from Silver’s direction, he turned to look only to see Silver staring at him.

“Watch your words boy otherwise..... I’ll break you!”

Silver released his aura of the 17th level out filling the entire cave,

“What reason do I have to save you? Are you perhaps my long lost brother? Let me tell you something kid, this world is one of lessons and cruelty. Today you learnt a lesson that many people learn later in life, rather than feel sorry for yourself you should instead consider yourself fortunate for having been enlightened so early in your life.” said Silver in a low but powerful voice.

“Now sit down and shut up. Tch! You’ve ruined my good mood.”

Piore was speechless, he didn’t know what just happened.

“This boy is no older than me yet he is already stronger than me, probably even stronger than that bastard Areq....even the way he speaks it’s almost like he’s an Elder educating a young apprentice. Just who is he?”

Piore wanted to ask but he decided to listen to Silver’s order and “shut up”.

As he sat by himself in a corner, he slowly began to understand Silver’s words even going as far as to softly mutter to himself,

“It’s true that he had no reason to save me but isn’t that what a hero is supposed to do? Aren’t warriors meant to battle the evil and save beauties as they adventure the world? Shouldn’t righteousness and honour come first before all? No! That is all nonsense, only someone strong can do those things, only if you’re strong enough can you go adventuring freely, only if you’re strong enough are you qualified to battle evil and save beauties.”

On the other side of the cave, the sleeping Silver’s ears suddenly twitched and a few moments later loud laughter rang out throughout the cave. Silver had jumped up from his sleeping position while holding his stomach, he continued to laugh endlessly.

Piore was startled by Silver’s sudden action, his face suddenly reddened as he thought,

“Could he have heard what I said?”

After the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, Silver had finally calmed down and stopped laughing. He shifted his gaze toward Piore and with a smile said,

“Good! It seems you’ve understood a bit but you’re still far off.”

Piore gaped, he pointed at Silver and disbelievingly said, “You heard me..?”

Hearing this Silver with an honest expression on his face replied saying,

“What do you mean by that? If you say something out loud then that means you wish for others to hear it. Next time if you don’t want others to hear, then just keep your mouth shut.

I must say, here I am teaching you all of this and yet I’m getting nothing in return. Never mind, I’ll just add it to the account.”

Piore didn’t dare say another word in fear that he would be refuted and given another “teaching” from Silver.

Seeing as how Piore wasn’t going to say anything, Silver moved closer to Piore and cleared his throat before saying,

“Ehem! Let me explain that little story of yours, in the proper way.

First, Warriors aren’t meant to battle evil because in the first place, evil doesn’t exist only conflicting opinions exist. The stronger one is the right one and the loser is termed as “evil”.

Secondly, beauties bring only calamity to your life so my advice to you is to keep your distance if you value your life. The reason for this is because at least at one point of their lives all men of power desire beauty , this “rescue the beauty” state of mind will then be used against you as they will view it as an injustice to leave a beautiful woman by the side of a weak man.

Lastly, honour does exist but it has a limit as for righteousness that is also nothing but a moral that some people choose to live by. Usually those people end up dying early just like you might have today but don’t be mistaken the other type of person also end up dying quickly and this is often because they offended the wrong person.”

With a smile still on his face Silver turned around and went to back to the other side of the room where he laid down, his back facing Piore.

Piore lifted his hand and slapped himself, he just couldn’t believe that this was the way the world worked, “How can this be? Why is this so? Is this truly the way everything is?” many thoughts were running through his mind. However the more he thought, the more he couldn’t help but agree with Silver’s assessment.

His father was the head of a small town inside the territory of the Nothern Branch. He had seen many things but as a child he couldn’t understand why these things were happening until today when he met a boy with Silver hair.

Suddenly from Silver’s side a voice rang out saying,

“After hearing everything I’ve told you, can you find one good reason why I should have saved you?”


That was the final blow, it was almost like everything suddenly became clear. Images of his life at home flashed through his head.

His Elder Sisters being married off to a rich fat man when he was six years old, the scars on his mother’s body which she often said were from falling down.

All the various incidences were all making sense to him. This was enlightenment, a sudden enlightenment caused by none other than Silver.


This would be a day Piore would never forget!


If you don't get who the "friend" Silver is referring to is then I'll explain..

Silver means Areq and by "help" he means the closing of Piore's wound by well burning him.

You probably got it but just in case :p








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