Chapter 23 – Tracking stone and gem.

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“Ho~...So that’s how it works.”

Silver pondered for a little while before saying,

“Basically, all the tigers in this place are made out of aura and the gem embedded in this arm band sucks in the aura once you kill one. So then the more you kill, the more aura you get!” said Silver as he played around with the arm band in his hands.

“Oh! And there’s also that colour system right.

The yellow level which signifies ten kills.

The black level which signifies having killed fifty yellow tigers or ten black tigers.

The green level which signifies having killed fifty black tigers or one grey tiger.


I think that’s everything you told me, did I perhaps miss anything?”


Piore had a huge smile on his face, this was because the day before Silver had told him to call him Big bro. Of course to Silver it didn’t really mean anything, it was just a way for him to not have to tell Piore his name.

However to Piore it meant a lot, to him Silver was the person who saved him from death, treated his injured arm and even opened his eyes to the ways of the world.

He felt that he had a lot to repay but nothing to pay with and so he made up his mind that in this life if allowed, he would follow Silver. Now the only thing left was for Silver to consent.

“As expected of Big bro, you didn’t miss anything!”

Silver’s brows suddenly furrowed,

“So what happens if I kill a white tiger?”

Piore with an apologetic face replied,

“I don’t know, but since Areq didn’t mention it I’m sure that he doesn’t know either. Also, didn’t that Senior who told us the rules say that no one has ever managed to kill the white tiger.”

Hearing this Silver’s face immediately fell,

“I’ve already wasted a day here and yet I haven’t killed a single tiger. Was I right to not hunt? If I start now I could probably collect a descent amount of aura. No! I can’t do that, I need to figure out what Shiraz meant by those words.”

Piore could clearly see that Silver was frustrated about something however he didn’t know what it was. He was also wondering why Silver hadn’t hunted a single tiger yet he was clearly strong enough to do so. In the end he came to the conclusion that it was because he was busy tending to him, which only served to fuel his desire to follow Silver.

Suddenly Silver turned to face Piore and asked,

“By the way, how were you guys able to come together in this place?”

With a hint of excitement in his voice Piore exclaimed,

“Areq had a tracking stone with him! He used it to find and gather us back together.”

Silver had a shocked expression on his face, “Not only was he able to get all those kids to cooperate but he also has access to such a useful thing! This sort of well thought out plan definitely isn’t the work of that brat.  Just who is backing this kid?”

“What’s a tracking stone?” asked Silver.

“Eh! It’s a pretty well known spirit tool, I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it. All you need to do to track someone is get a hold of either a drop of their blood, some hair or saliva, basically any body part or some form of bodily fluid will do.

Once absorbed by the stone, that person’s location will automatically be known to you as long as they’re within a ten kilometre radius.”

Piore’s face suddenly turned ugly as he stood up and said,

“I’m sorry Big bro, I need to leave right now! Otherwise I’ll bring problems for you.”

Silver was shocked by Piore’s sudden desire to leave however after thinking for a short while he was able to figure out the root of the issue.

“Is that tracking stone you’re talking about bright blue and squared in shape?”

Piore stared at Silver for a minute before saying,

“If you knew, why did you ask?”

“I didn’t know what it was until you told me about it just now but I happened to see it yesterday. You were unconscious and I was bored so I decided to take a stroll.” Replied Silver.

“Who had it?” asked Piore, he couldn’t help but be curious after all anyone here(sacred land) that had a tracking stone must definitely come from a powerful branch family.

“Who else other than your friend Areq! If you want to hear the rest then you better stop worrying and listen to your Big bro’s interesting story.” said Silver as he tried his utmost to not leak out a smile.

“Eh?....Mm, I’ll listen.” After hearing Silver say “Areq” Piore couldn’t help but get curious, he had sworn to get revenge on him but for now there was nothing he could do but wait till he was strong enough. Next time he won’t rely on the slim chance that someone would come and save him like what happened with Silver. “Next time I will be strong enough to prevent such a thing from occurring”, was the promise he made to himself.

“Very well, but don’t interrupt me.” said Silver.

Piore immediately nodded and so began Silver’s “interesting story” narration.


Yesterday while Piore was unconscious.

Silver had just finished patching up Piore’s wounds and had gotten frustrated over how much energy he had used.

“This day is full of problems for me. First I have to follow a tiger all day just to find a water source then I run into a group of boys led by a very immoral bastard and finally I find out that I can’t read the minds of those who are unconscious thus I had no choice but to drag this kid all the way here.

All of this and not one good thing has happened to me. Ah! That little brat who thinks the world revolves for him. I’ll definitely teach him a lesson.” Mumbled Silver.

Silver then looked down at the unconscious Piore and with a light sigh said,

“The conflicts of the young should be solved by the young but just this once I’ll lend you a hand. Hopefully in the future you’ll become someone worthy of owing me a favour.”

Having said that, Silver rushed in pursuit of Areq and the others. However luckily or unluckily Areq was doing the same, he had had a bad feeling about leaving Piore there and so to calm himself down decided to use the tracking stone to see if Piore was still where he had left him.

To his surprise, Piore wasn’t there and was instead moving at a fast speed towards another direction however thankfully he soon stopped.

Areq immediately ordered the others to wait for him where they were and that he would come back relatively soon.

Meanwhile, Silver was using tracks and all of his five senses to follow Areq’s trail when suddenly in the distance he saw a figure sitting on the side of a tree.

He decided it was better to approach with caution and so slowly but surely he moved forward through the bushes and trees without making any noticeable sounds.

Silver was now just a small turn away from seeing who the figure was when suddenly he heard the sounds of running feet quickly approaching.

It seemed like the other party had heard too because almost at the exact moment Areq appeared, the unknown figure laid down completely flat on the ground.

Silver also noticed that it was Areq that had appeared and was just about to attack when he suddenly caught a glimpse of the unknown figure.

It was a beautiful young girl, in fact to call her just beautiful would be putting it mildly. She had a seemingly sculpted figure which was twine-thin. A flawless bronzed complexion with moon shadow-black hair which flowed down to her waist.

If there was one thing that you could find fault with on her, it was that she wore a veil that covered half her face, revealing only her enticing constellation blue eyes.

Areq stopped in his tracks as he approached the dazzling girl laying on the ground,

“Are you alrigh...”

Before he could finish what he was saying, the young girl who was on the ground had suddenly disappeared.

At the same time he felt a sharp object pressing down on his neck and along with it came a soft voice,

“Kneel or I cut!”

It was hard to imagine that such words came from a young lady with such a soothing voice but unfortunately for Areq everything was real and he had no choice but to comply.

She then ripped of Areq’s arm band and before Areq could say anything a white powder was sprayed on his face. Immediately after he collapsed on the floor.

Silver was rubbing his eyes in disbelief,

“That girl is the one from the banquet! Wait! Is this truly a coincidence, can something like this occur right after he did something similar to Piore.

If this is not proof of karma then I don’t know what is.”

The girl patted down Areq and took everything she liked; she then took a look around her surroundings and then bolted off at an extremely fast speed that even surprised Silver.









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