Chapter 24 – Get that item.

A/n- You guys have no idea just how close I was from not writing today, there were just so many good tv series I was watching. However in the end I managed to resist the urge to be lazy. You may now praise me! lol


“That girl must be of the wind attribute.” Thought Silver.

He then stealthily approached the unconscious Areq giving him a few nudges to make sure he was alive.

“Now what should I do with you?” mused Silver.

Suddenly an idea came to mind,

He tied Areq up against a gigantic tree and then sat beside him.

“You know I’ve never really told anyone about this, but the truth is I’m extremely frustrated in my heart. I mean, how would you feel if you’re life was just reset, eh?” said Silver as he talked to the unconscious Areq.

“I know I offered up my soul up but then the task given to me is rather too hard, you know! I’m also suspicious of how well Shiraz has treated me but then there’s nothing I can do as he hasn’t given me a clear explanation of what exactly he wants me to do. Sigh~ How I miss my former life!”

Silver’s ramblings went on for hours and hours until suddenly Areq opened his eyes. His head was throbbing in pain, and he couldn’t help but curse “ Stupid girl! I’ll definitely make you pay for this. Just wait till I find you!”

He tried to grab his forehead when he suddenly realised he couldn’t move, he turned to look around only to find a young boy with Silver hair smiling at him. The smile was so pure and honest that Areq didn’t dare to suspect Silver of anything.

“This kid probably just found me here. If I persuade him a little he should agree to free me.”

Silver was feeling much better, this was the first time he had spoken freely about everything that had disturbed him and it left him feeling very refreshed.

“Little guy, why don’t you help big bro here and untie me?” said Areq.

“Hmm.. what’s in it for me?” asked Silver with that childish smile on his face.

Areq immediately put on a wronged expression as he looked to Silver and said,

“Ah! Little bro, you won’t believe what happened to me. I was ambushed by more than five rascals, I somehow managed to defeat three but in the end I lost. But not because I didn’t fight well but because instead of fighting like men, the rascals chose to fling some sleeping powder on me.

Little guy don’t you think I’m pitiable? Let’s do this, help untie me and in the future I’ll definitely repay you. Okay?”

Hearing this the childish smile on Silver’s face turned into an adorable pout,

“Ehhh~? But big bro to untie you, I’ll need to use quite a bit of strength and father always told me that “favours cannot be eaten” so I’m sorry but if you don’t have anything I’ll be leaving.” said Silver while fidgeting with his fingers.

Areq stared, completely dumbfounded at Silver’s words. He had shamelessly told a fake story of how valiantly he fought against five rascals in order for Silver to pity him and untie him.

If it wasn’t happening right in front of his eyes Areq would never believe that someone clearly younger than him would be even more shameless than him.

“Okay, I understand! Reach into my pouch and take out some silver coins.”

Silver immediately did what Areq said but unfortunately there was nothing to be found in the pouch.

“Big bro, there’s nothing there.” said Silver as he prepared to leave.

“What you’re joking! What about a blue stone? Do you see a blue stone?” asked Areq frantically.

“There’s nothing at all!” said Silver.

This time Areq was speechless, he had stolen the stone along with some other stuff from his father and now they were all gone. “Father’s going to kill me!”

Silver on the other hand was rather amused,

“You’re quite the interesting one despite being so young. I wonder if the person who raised you is the one to blame for your ways or are all the children of this world raised to become as ruthless and mischievous as you?

Anyway I think I’ll push you just a little more, then hopefully you’ll reveal your real treasure.”

“Big bro, I still have to go find a place to sleep or I’ll end up as tiger meat by the daybreak. Bye~” said Silver as he quickly got up and ran away.

Seeing this Areq couldn’t help but grit his teeth, not only had he lost the tracking stone but now he had no choice but to part with another one of his father’s possessions.

“Wait! I have something, come back and see.” said Areq.

“Sigh~ Too young, too young.” thought Silver as he turned around to face Areq.

“Hmm...Big bro, what do you have? Is it something good?” asked Silver with excitement clearly in his eyes.

“Just how shameless can this boy be?” was the thought going through Areq’s head.

“It’s definitely something good but you first have to untie me before I tell you where it is.”

Hearing this Silver’s expression suddenly changed from childish to thoughtful, a light smile gracing his face,

“No need, I already know where it is.” said Silver as he reached towards Areq’s right leg.

Silver had been paying close attention to Areq’s body when he said “I have something” and in that moment he spotted his right leg twitching.

In reality Silver had two choices in front of him, one was to bargain with Areq and have him give him the item directly or he could make Areq drop his guard while closely watching for clues as to where exactly he was keeping it.

The first choice would probably lead to a fight once Areq was freed which Silver wanted to avoid as it would just be a waste of energy.

The second choice on the other hand relied on Silver using his enhanced senses to figure out where exactly Areq was keeping the item and since he most likely had it on his person, it made searching and fooling him very easy.

This is especially so when the person you’re fooling is an inexperienced, desperate and young kid.

Seeing Silver’s actions Areq’s eyes were about to pop out from their sockets, he couldn’t believe what was going on.

First of all the kid in front of him seemed to have turned into another person, the dumb oblivious look that children had was gone from his eyes and even the way he spoke had changed.

Then he suddenly reached for his right leg which was where his precious treasure was kept.

Everything had happened so fast and only now did Areq realise that he had basically been baiting a wolf only to have it end up feeding on him.


A/n- Baiting a wolf i.e giving Silver tiny pieces of information such as conforming Silver’s suspicion towards their being a precious item in his possession.

 Only to have it end up feeding on him i.e Silver taking the treasure.


“Wait stop! My father is the head Elder of the Northern Branch and that treasure belongs to him. Do you dare to steal from him?” barked Areq.

Silver’s hands immediately stopped when he heard this but then suddenly with wide innocent eyes he looked at Areq and said,

“Ok! How about this, I won’t steal from big bro but I’ll get revenge for my friend, Piore!...Or you can give me the item and we’ll call it even. Oh! And by the way big bro, my father is probably stronger than your father so I hope you can stop with the useless threats.”

Areq was just about to shout out and try to rebuke Silver when suddenly on Silver’s hand lightning divine power gathered and were swirling around his palm.

“You..You...” said Areq as he stuttered.

However before he could finish what he was about to say Silver put his palm just above Areq’s right hand and said,

“Hey Big bro, I’m pretty sure lightning is just as effective as fire so don’t worry I’ll make sure I make your arm look exactly like Piore’s.

I give you my word as Silver that I won’t touch anywhere else but then again I recently underwent my baptism so I don’t have perfect control over my lightning so just know that if I happen to mess up, it isn’t intentional.”

Areq was speechless, just now he had almost wet himself when Silver had brought his palm over his arm and unless he was an idiot he could see that Silver had the lightning attribute which meant that he was definitely the direct descendant of Tar and most likely the son of the Lord of the Southern Branch.

“Little bro, n..no need to be so quick to do things! Tell you what, first untie me then...AAAhhhh~ Stop, Stop...Okay, I agree... hurry up and take it.”

Just when Areq was about to continue with his nonsense bargaining, Silver had brought his palm so close to Areq’s arm that all of the tiny hairs on it had been burnt off which caused him to immediately agree.


Meanwhile in the small hall where the Lords and Elders were gathered,


All eyes were on the screen right now and many off them had smiles on their faces while one had an extremely ugly expression on his face.

“ Akela, what a ruthless young one you’re rearing there.” said the Patriarch as he had a faint smile on his face.

“He gets that from me!” shouted Ignus as he laughed heartily.

The Elders in the room had been switching from child to child randomly watching them until not long ago the screen focused on Silver. Although they couldn’t hear anything but just from watching him, they could tell just how fearsome the kid was.

They watched his reaction and temperament as he dealt with Areq and everything else however the one thing that made them especially shocked was Silver’s movements.

All of his footsteps were light, disturbing very little of the environment as he moved about in the jungle. This was especially so when he was following the black tiger.

Every time the Patriarch thought Silver would be spotted almost as if he could see everything he would immediately duck into a blind spot.

The lady of the Mar clan had even stood up from her seat when she saw that her daughter hadn’t been able to notice that she was being watched. She had even turned to look at Akela with slight disbelief in her eyes.

All the other Lords except for Tous wanted to question Akela on how he raised such a monster but due to being in the presence of the patriarch and the Elders, they restrained themselves.

When they saw how Silver had managed to switch and control his facial expressions and then effectively threaten Areq, they were all left speechless.

This was also the case for Akela and Ignus, they were even doubting if that was “their Silver”.

Ignus however soon came to his senses and immediately began to brag about how he had taught all of this to Silver.















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