Chapter 25 – Follow.

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The only thing that left the Patriarch and the others unable to understand was why Silver hadn’t hunted a single tiger despite having the ability to.

The patriarch had even asked Ignus about this but was unable to get a clear answer.



Silver and Areq had finally come to a decision. Silver would take the item and in exchange he would swear not to harm a hair on Areq’s head.

Silver then reached into Areq’s sock and pulled out a small jade bottle; inside it a few drops of colourless liquid could be seen.

“Hmm...it’s just some random liquid.”

Hearing this Areq wanted to slap Silver a thousand times,

“Random liquid!? What do you know? That’s a top grade paralysing weapon that my father paid a huge price for.”

Silver stared at the liquid in the bottle and looked back at Areq and said,

“How effective can a few drops be? Stop saying nonsense otherwise....”

Areq was speechless, he hadn’t lied to Silver when he said that the liquid was a top grade item. In fact, the reason it was a top grade item was because it was so rare.

“I’m not lying, I swear! That liquid is actually the venom of the Rinuti viper which is a black core level beast.”

Hearing this, a light smile appeared on Silver’s face. He had said the words “random liquid” as well as questioned the effectiveness of the liquid in order to get Areq to tell him more about it and its uses. After all had he asked Areq for its use, he most likely wouldn’t have gotten a truthful answer if he even got one at all.

Silver then got up, put away his newly acquired treasure and walked in the opposite direction of Areq with no signs of him stopping.

“Where are you going? Hurry up and untie me!” shouted Areq.

With a shocked expression on his face Silver turned around to look at Areq and replied,

“Ehhh.....big bro, I never said I’ll untie you. All I said was that I wouldn’t take revenge for Piore in exchange for this useless liquid you gave me.” said Silver in a childish tone.

Areq wanted to spit out blood, he could hear the words coming out of Silver’s mouth but he couldn’t believe them. He tried to think of a way to refute Silver but came up with nothing, in the end all he could do was point at Silver as he tried to hold back his tears.

“You...You...Too shameless, everything you say are lies. I curse your mother! I curse your father!”

Silver didn’t pay anymore attention towards Areq and without turning back left the area, heading back to the small cave he had found.

In truth Silver hadn’t told any lies to Areq. At first they had both agreed that Silver would get the item and in exchange he would untie Areq however, due to Areq’s provocation Silver had no choice but to threaten him and thus a new deal was struck. Silver would get the item in exchange for not taking revenge.

Areq had only one item to exchange for and yet he wanted two things to be done for him, one was to be freed and the other was to be forgiven. He chose one of them and now unless he has another precious item to exchange, Silver won’t bother with him again.

“Use this experience and grow, in the future I’ll expect you to shower me with many more of these gifts for I have used my precious my time to teach you many things today.” Thought Silver as he let out a hearty laugh.


Back to the present.


Piore was dumbstruck, he was having a hard time digesting everything he had just heard.

Silver on the other hand was trying his best to hold his laughter back.

A few hours passed and Piore hadn’t said a word, he just sat in the corner while occasionally glancing at Silver.

Piore had long since gotten over the fact that Silver had been able to “teach” Areq a lesson however the one thing that was still weighing on him was the fact that Silver was the young master of the Southern branch.

“No wonder, no wonder.” was the thought continuously going through his mind.

How could Silver not notice the change in the way Piore looked at him had changed,

“Sigh~ Does the fact that I’m a powerful noble bother you that much that?” said Silver as he glanced at Piore.

Piore was startled when he heard what Silver asked him but soon after, he lowered his head and said,

“No, Lord!”

Silver closed his eyes for a bit and then slowly opened them again,

“Do you wish to serve me?”

Piore almost immediately answered with a “Yes” but after looking at Silver and seeing the serious, intentful gaze he was staring at him with, he chose to first think about it for a while.

Seeing Piore seriously thinking about it, Silver closed his eyes in satisfaction waiting to hear his answer. In fact, if Piore had immediately agreed Silver wouldn’t have accepted him.

Another hour passed when suddenly Piore’s slightly timid voice sounded out throughout the cave,


Silver opened his eyes and looked closely at Piore before sighing and then closing them again. However Piore’s voice sounded out yet again saying,

“I wish to follow you! As my big bro.”

Silver’s eyes immediately popped open again as he stared at Piore who looked away in an attempt to not make eye contact with Silver.

The cave was completely silent; Silver continued to stare at Piore which made him very uncomfortable.

Silver couldn’t hold it in anymore, his loud laughter bursted out.

“You want to follow me!? I wonder what qualifications you have to say that!?” said Silver as he continued to laugh.

Piore couldn’t say anything in response, he just sat in the corner quietly with his face slightly red.

After the time it takes to brew a cup of tea and then drink it, Silver had finally stopped laughing. He stood up and walked towards Piore who was sited leaning against a wall.

His head was resting in between his legs and faint “sniff” sounds could be heard coming from there.

Silver squatted down and in a low voice said,

“You do know the path you’re choosing is going to be much tougher than anything you can imagine!?”


No response whatsoever came from Piore.

“However if that is you’re wish, then I’d be glad to call you my little bro!”

Hearing this, Piore’s little head immediately popped out. He wiped his tears with his sleeves and while ferociously nodding his head he said,

“I do, I really do wish to follow you.”

Silver looked at the little kid who had an injured arm and who just recently had a near death experience smiling and nodding his head.

He couldn’t help but think to himself,

“In the future, I hope I become someone worthy of your loyalty.”

The reason Silver thought like this was because as of right now, he had nothing of his own. Right now, the only thing that can be attached to the person that is “Silver” is the title of young master of the Southern branch of the Divine Tiger clan and nothing more.

Silver then helped Piore up and said,

“Let’s go!”

“Eh!” said the puzzled Piore.

Silver walked out of the cave and shouted,

“You’re big bro’s going to do you a favour! So hurry up and follow.”

Piore quickly ran to Silver’s side and together they entered the jungle.


At the hall where the Elders and Lords were gathered,

“Ignus, I wonder why that grandson of yours isn’t hunting anything?” asked the patriarch.

Ignus glanced back at Akela before replying,

“I honestly do not know but I trust his judgement.”

Hearing this, the light smile on the patriarch’s face grew visibly more brilliant,

“Hoho! So young, yet he’s already earned your trust. Interesting, Interesting!” said the patriarch as he stroked his long beard.

The head of the Eastern branch, a middle aged man with light brown hair and a surprisingly honest face smiled towards Akela and whispered,

“Big bro, it looks like your Southern Branch’s been blessed.”

Hearing this Tous coldly snorted and said,

“What’s good about him, all he does is cower, steal and cheat. He’d make a better thief than a warrior of the clan.”

The lady of the Mar clan looked towards the monitor and then stared back at Akela and said,

“I learnt of the existence of that boy’s prowess when I found out that he had divine power at the age of only a month. However I didn’t think it would be to this extent! You really did a good job in hiding him.”

The room fell into silence, everyone in the hall turned to look at Akela no longer paying attention to the screen.

“Is this true?” asked the Patriarch with excitement clearly showing in his eyes.

Facing such a question from the patriarch Akela had no choice but to nod his head in agreement.

The hall fell into silence once again,

“Hmmm...so my clan has produced a genius. It looks like the heavens are indeed truly fair.” said the patriarch as he lightly chuckled.

Even Ignus was shocked; he turned to look at Akela who immediately evaded his gaze.

“Damn brat, how can you hide such a thing from me and yet you allow spies to find out.”

Akela was partially thinking the same thing as Ignus,

“How could spies have found out about Silver’s prowess? The number of people who know can be counted on one hand. Just how?”

He stared at the lady of the Mar clan with disbelief and frustration in his eyes. Surprisingly both parties had done same thing to each other.

They had both looked at each other with disbelief.

The only person who had yet to say anything about Silver was Rolind. He had tried multiple times to change the image on the screen from Silver to another child however the patriarch had always stopped him from doing so by saying,

“I doubt there’s a more interesting kid to watch than this one.”

However now something needed to be said otherwise there would be no way the screen would ever display his son or his disciple Wade.

“Hmph! We’ve all placed our bets and we’re here to watch the young one’s hunt.

The one who hunts the most will be first and thus the winner of the bet. How are we supposed to know the status of our bets if we’re focused on only this child who for reasons unknown isn’t even hunting? I hope Patriarch can be fair to all of us.”


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