Chapter 26 – Scoundrel.


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“Okay, okay....let’s do as you say.” Said the patriarch.

No one else dared to argue anymore, now that the patriarch had made a decision.

The screen then began to randomly show different children again.



“Big bro, where are we going?” asked Piore.

They had been walking for quite a while and Silver had yet to tell Piore what the “favour” he was doing him was.

“You’ll know soon enough!” replied Silver in a calm manner.

Suddenly voices could be heard coming from the distance,

“What’s taking so long? Are we supposed to wait here all day?”

Piore was immediately startled,

“That voice, it’s definitely Boss Yerr but....”

Piore turned to stare at Silver, he now understood what the “favour” was. He was just about to thank Silver when suddenly he said,

“No need for thanks, just come and introduce me to your friends.” said Silver as he waved his hand.

With watery eyes, Piore lightly nodded and followed Silver into Yerr’s camp. To him, this was like a dream.

He no longer hated Areq and Yerr as much as he had before because if it weren’t for all the wrongs they did to him, there would be no way he would have met Silver. However that being said, revenge still needed to be had otherwise how could he call himself a man?

On the surface, Silver was coming to Yerr’s camp in order to help Piore get his revenge but truthfully that was only half of the reason.

The other reason he was coming here was because after hours of pondering on Shiraz’s words, he had finally had a slight insight into their meaning and that led him to understand something that he had long suspected.

“Shiraz is a scoundrel”.

Yes, after endless thinking and pondering on the meaning of his words, Silver had suddenly remembered Shiraz’s personality.

He was someone who didn’t even bother to avenge the deaths of his own children, someone who cut off all contact with the very clan he created and someone who would randomly watch a mortal’s entire life just for the sake of amusement.

How could someone like that actually give help to his descendants for no reason?

That’s when Silver suddenly understood something,

“I shouldn’t look at his words as ones of guidance but rather I should think of them as words meant to hinder the true purpose of this place?”

Therefore if Shiraz says hunt the tigers, then Silver will do the opposite and won’t hunt any tigers.

Now the only thing Silver can’t figure out is,

“Whose aura is this exactly?”

Silver has already been in close proximity of Shiraz and has felt his awe-inspiring aura. However, the aura he feels coming from these tigers is completely different.

Shiraz’s aura exudes power and unparalleled might while the aura coming from the tiger’s although faint, you could clearly feel the pride, dignity and ruthlessness hidden within.

So in order to better understand the aura of the tigers without actually killing one, he needed to steal some and thus he came up with a simple plan which would allow him to essentially kill two birds with one stone.


Currently Boss Yerr is pacing around the small temporary camp they had made, he couldn’t stop worrying about his older brother.

“He just left without saying anything! “I’ll be back soon” he says. Where the hell are you then? What am I supposed to tell these guys?” was the thought constantly running through Yerr’s mind.

Suddenly a loud shout rang out that caused Boss Yerr to become startled,

“HELP! AAAhhhh~~”

He immediately ran over only to find a young boy with Silver hair effortlessly walking towards him while holding the boy he had assigned to scout for danger, by the neck.

“Damn, good for nothing fools! The least you can do is alert me of danger earlier.” cursed Yerr as he immediately turned around to run away.

Seeing this Piore was just about to give chase when Silver suddenly stopped him and pointed towards the other kids in the camp,

“Don’t worry! Just watch closely.”

Just as he said that a rather muscular youth barked towards Yerr,

“Boss, what do we do? He has Frees. We need to save him.”

Without even turning back Yerr shouted back saying,

“Shut up! You’re job is to protect me and not spout nonsense. Now do your jobs or you’ll suffer the same fate as that stupid boy who dared to talk back to me.”

Hearing this the muscular youth wanted to shout back but his voice couldn’t come out. There was nothing he could do in this situation because their leaders had both abandoned them leaving them to face the enemy.

However how could he go fight? The enemy was clearly stronger than them. After all, the person Silver had captured was the third strongest person among the group boys, behind only Areq and Yerr. If even he had been captured, how could they fare any better.

Seeing all of this Silver suddenly pointed towards the fleeing Yerr and shouted,

“Bring him to me and I won’t touch anyone else. You also don’t have to worry about him coming after you once the ceremony ends, I’ll shoulder the responsibility.”

Once the muscular youth heard this, he immediately bowed towards Silver and then along with the others quickly began to chase after their previous Boss. He feared that Silver would change his mind if he lingered too long and so he quickly darted off.

Seeing this Piore was speechless,

“What is this?”

Silver on the other hand was quite calm, he looked through the bags around the camp and found some small food which he helped himself to as he waited for the children’s return.

“Tsk! Father and grandpa really are useless, not even telling me to prepare a small of bag of food or drink. What if I starved to death?” thought Silver as he chewed on a piece of meat.

However what Silver didn’t know was that Akela and Ignus hadn’t prepared any food for Silver because they thought he wouldn’t need it. After all, if Silver was hunting like every other child he would have realised that once he absorbed the aura of a tiger he wouldn’t feel any hunger whatsoever.

How could Akela and Ignus have known that their Silver would be so abnormal so as to not follow the rules?

Piore was still reeling, he could see that those kids had turned on Yerr but he didn’t dare believe it. He looked towards Silver and helplessly asked,

“Why did they turn on Yerr when you told them to and yet when it was me, their friend and companion in trouble, they didn’t take any action?”

Silver stopped munching on the meat for a moment and looked at the puzzled Piore’s face with a “Do you even need to ask?” expression.

Seeing the look Silver was giving him, Piore felt quite uncomfortable however he needed to know and so he didn’t avert his gaze and looked straight at Silver, determined to get an answer.

Silver unwillingly put down the meat he was holding and looked at Piore before sighing and saying,

“I already told you, only the strong are right! I showed my power and they obeyed while their leader Yerr, showed weakness by fleeing. He is wrong and I am right! It’s that simple.

As for why your friends abandoned you when you spoke out against Yerr and Areq, I’m sure you already know.”

Piore walked a few feet away from Silver before quietly sitting down, a change was happening in him and they way he thought about everything.

If someone was close enough to him, he could hear him constantly repeat the words,

“Only the strong are right!”

After the time it takes to eat a meal, the kids had finally come back and being dragged behind them was an unconscious Yerr.

Their clothes had more tears and holes than when they had left and all of them returned with either light or major injuries.

Silver looked at the unconscious Yerr and coldly snorted,

“The reason you’re hurt is because you were trying to capture him without injuring him. You’re all nothing but fools.” said Silver.

Suddenly Silver’s hands turned into a blur as they swiftly moved about.

The various boys who were approaching Silver began to fall down one after another until finally all of them were down.

Piore instantly stood up,

“What kind of Divine ability is this?”

Piore had only been able to see that whoever Silver pointed at would immediately go down.

However the truth wasn’t nearly as amazing as Piore had made it out to be.

Silver had previously collected a couple of thorns from some vines and then dipped them into the venom of the Rinuti viper.

Just now he had thrown the poisoned thorns at the kids which immediately paralysed them. He had done this for two reasons, one was to test out how effective the poison could be and secondly because he never had any intention of shielding the kids from anything.

Plus by doing this, it make’s getting revenge that much easier for Piore.

Silver then walked up to Yerr and ripped his arm band off, he then threw it towards the still dazed Piore and said, “Use this as a replacement!”

Silver then collected the remaining arm bands from the still conscious yet paralysed kids.

He turned around to face Piore and in a serious tone said,

“I’ll be going for a while, finish up here and then we’ll meet back at the cave.”

Before Piore could respond Silver had already darted off into the jungle.

He had done this because the moment he touched the arm bands and felt the aura within, he had understood something.

“The aura wants to escape from the gem!”

Therefore now, what he needed to do now was find a quiet place with no prying eyes to conduct his experiment.

Not long after Silver had found a rather tall tree which was covered in leaves and branches, he climbed to the top and sat cross legged on a thick branch.

He then pulled out the arm bands he had taken from those youths and placed them on his lap. He carefully picked them up one by one slowly examining each one until he was satisfied.

“It looks like these are still at the yellow level.”

Silver then picked one arm band up and broke it.

Instantly a yellow mist came floating out from the shattered gem headed towards the South however before it could get too far the gems on the other arm bands began to glow and the yellow mist despite struggling a bit was absorbed by one of the gems.

Silver then broke another one and another one and watched as the same thing happened until finally only one was left.

“Let’s find out who you belong to!” thought Silver right before he shattered the last gem.

Immediately after destroying it, the now unrestrained bright yellow mist beamed of towards the South at an unbelievable speed.

Silver immediately circulated his lightning divine power and gave chase at his maximum speed. There was no way he was going to lose track of the yellow mist.


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