Chapter 27 – Encounter.


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An hour had now gone by and things weren’t looking too good for Silver.

He has been chasing the yellow mist at his maximum speed, meaning that his already scarce supply of divine power was being consumed at an unbelievable rate.

“How much farther is this thing going to go?” was the thought going through Silver’s mind.

Although only an hour had passed, at the speed Silver and the mist were travelling they had already covered at least fifty kilometres.

However the one thing that made Silver worried was the direction the mist was heading.

One time it would go North for about two kilometres and then it would change direction towards the West.

This sort of “all over the place” movement continued on until it finally confused Silver to the point that he could no longer tell which direction was which.

Suddenly he had an idea, “The large tree I was resting on should still be visible from here.”

He decided to turn around for a quick glance to see which direction he was really heading in however what he saw completely shocked him.

“I’m going South! And in a straight line!? What the hell is going on!?”

Silver was completely stunned, he wanted to take a short stop and examine what was going on but suddenly as if it could tell what Silver was thinking the yellow mist accelerated.

It was now a hundred metres ahead of Silver and didn’t seem like it would be slowing down any time soon.

Silver had no choice but to put away all his concerns and wholeheartedly focus on chasing after the yellow mist otherwise he would be left behind and all his work would have been for naught.

His light divine power was now also being circulated around his body which caused his speed to slightly increase however that also meant that his divine power was now being consumed even faster than before. Silver estimated that with the amount left in his divine core, he would run out in about twenty minutes.

Why was he pushing himself so hard to chase the yellow mist? This was because he understood just how difficult it would be to find another child who had hunted a tiger and collected it’s aura, steal it from him and then follow the mist again, in the amount of time he had left.

Not to mention the fact that he would be making more enemies. Although Silver did want to challenge himself so as to grow stronger, he wasn’t foolish enough to make more enemies inside of the clan.

In fact he was satisfied with just the Northern branch, it was strong which was good and the members of the clan seemed a bit shady plus the most important thing was that the Southern Branch was already enemies with the Northern branch so it wouldn’t be causing any major problems for Akela and Ignus.

Therefore unless Silver is the luckiest person in the world, he needed to put his all into pursuing the yellow mist.




Piore had just finished tying up all of the boys including Yerr and was now contemplating on what to do to them.

Suddenly the unconscious Yerr opened his eyes only to find himself and all the people who just captured him tied together.

He continued to look around only to see a shocked Piore standing before him,

“YOU!” shouted Yerr.

Piore was shocked by Yerr’s sudden awakening because he thought that all the boys would wake up at the same time.

However what he didn’t know was that Silver hadn’t shot a poisoned thorn at Yerr, after all if the venom really was as precious as Areq claimed then why would Silver waste it on someone who’s already unconscious?

“Who is You? I told you my name is Piore!”

Yerr looked at Piore and laughed,

“Have you gone crazy? Or are you just stupid?”

Piore didn’t say anything and just looked at Yerr with an expressionless face and asked,

“Do I look crazy or stupid to you?”

Yerr coldly snorted,

“Oh! It looks like you’ve already forgotten what my brother did to you. That’s the problem with my brother; he’s too kind, too kind.”

Piore’s eyebrows twitched when he heard Yerr call his brother “too kind”.

“Kind, my foot! If you don’t shut up I’ll make sure you stop breathing! Do you understand, you ugly bastard!?” shouted Yerr.

He had been trying to control his emotions just like Silver did whenever he talked but it was harder than he thought. “This bastard is just too much!”

Yerr’s eyes narrowed and his gaze suddenly turned cold,

“Have you forgotten that it was your father that brought you to us? Oh! Yes, I believe his words were,

“Five hundred silvers and you can do as you wish with him!”

Do you understand now? You belong to me! As do these idiots who betrayed me but don’t worry, I’ll make sure to slowly repay you for this once this whole thing is over.” said Yerr as he licked his lips.

Piore was shocked,

“I..I was sold. I’m a slave! Father, what did I do to you? Five hundred silvers?”

His mind was in shambles as he tried to recall the day he was brought to Yerr’s father,

“I was told I would help here and after a few days I would return! Even mother told me the same thing. There’s no way she would lie to...”

Suddenly he recalled that just as he was about to leave, his mother came up to him with a rare smile on her face and said,

“Work hard and don’t shame us. Do this for me and your father, okay! I’ll miss you.” She then kissed him on the forehead and left.

At the time he hadn’t thought much of it and had even taken it as words of encouragement but now it was starting to make sense.

Piore was lost in thought when suddenly Yerr’s voice sounded out,

“Hey! What are you waiting for? Untie me quickly before I increase you’re punishment.”

Hearing this Piore was just about to collapse when suddenly another voice rang out in his head,

“Only the strong are right!

Do you wish to serve me?....”

A smile immediately graced his face as he looked towards Yerr and said,

“I’m no longer who you think me to be; in fact my name from today will no longer be Piore. That name is what was sold to you, as for who I will be I don’t know yet but I can tell you this much, I’m a person who keeps my word.”

A huge ball of water then appeared in his hand and with a light gesture the ball of water engulfed Yerr’s head.

“I told you that I would make sure you wouldn’t breathe if you didn’t shut up!” said Piore as he lightly laughed.

He was amused by how his actions seemed very similar to something Silver would have done.


Back in the jungle,

At this moment Silver’s divine power was almost used up and he was trailing about two hundred meters behind the yellow mist, barely hanging on.

Suddenly a loud scream sounded out originating from up ahead of Silver,


He didn’t think too much of it as it’s probably just some kid being chased by a tiger.

However another sound followed right after,


A loud roar unlike anything Silver has ever heard before sounded out causing him to cover his ears and immediately slow down,

“What the hell is that?”

Silver then turned only to see that the yellow mist was heading towards the direction the sound came from.

How could Silver not connect the dots and realise that the aura was heading towards whatever creature that roar came from.

He decided to approach cautiously and carefully through the trees, making sure to stay out of any open areas and sticking closely to areas with dense foliage.

One step at a time, he drew closer to where he heard the loud roar come from and suddenly another loud cry that was obviously from a female could be heard,

“Please spare me! I don’t know what I have done to offend you but please spare me~”

Silver was once again shocked,

“This voice, it’s that girl again! Why did it have to be you!?” cursed Silver.

He then sprinted towards her direction thinking to himself,

“All debts must be repaid.”

He was already close to begin with and now that he was sprinting there, he reached the place rather quickly.

Without even looking at the creature and only focusing on the girl, he jumped in front of her and stretched out his arms in a blocking manner.


Only now could Silver see the creature in front of him.

A large illusionary white striped tiger with gigantic glowing amber eyes was staring down at him. Its rippling muscles gave of a sense of power and its tail which was being flicked back and forth made eerie whistling sounds.

No movements were made at all and everything suddenly went silent.

The tiger continued to stare at Silver looking at him from top to bottom as if looking for something.

Silver on the other hand was whispering to the girl,

“Don’t move or we’re both dead!”


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