Chapter 28 – Gone!?


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Every second that passed seemed like an eternity to Silver. He had already gone through over a hundred different scenarios in his head but not one of them guaranteed their safety.

The girl standing behind Silver was also at work thinking,

“If I push him towards the beast and then use the opportunity to run in the opposite direction, I might be able to get away.”

This was the only plan that had a high chance of success that she could think of, however in the end she couldn’t get herself to do it.


Not because she felt pity for Silver but rather because she knows who he is. She understood that even if her plan succeeded and she somehow managed to escape, there would be no way the members of the Southern branch would keep quiet.

Even if her mother intervened, it would probably be impossible for her life to be spared.

Therefore she could do nothing but unwillingly wait for her death. She had absolutely no faith in Silver and in fact was inwardly cursing him,

“This is why I hate brats! You came here because you wished to save me yet you clearly aren’t qualified. What about me then?

When we die, they’ll call me the fool who got caught by the white tiger and you will be called the hero that died protecting the foolish girl!”


If Silver knew what the girl behind him was thinking, he’d most definitely be shocked and a little bit angry.

He had come here to repay a debt.

She had indirectly captured Areq for him and in the process helped him get the precious item Areq was hiding.




“Lord Patriarch, I wish to see the progress of my pick. I believe that we’ve seen enough of Elder Rolind’s pick for now.” said the Lady of the Eastern Branch.

Hearing this Ignus also supported,

“Yes, I’d also like to see Lady Mira’s daughter’s progress.”

He didn’t have any particular reason for voicing his support. He was just tired of looking at Wade and hearing Rolind constantly praise him.

The patriarch had his head resting on his right hand and his eyes were half open however after hearing Lady Mira’s words, he immediately sat upright and with a smile nodded towards Ignus.

Ignus then flicked his sleeve and the image on the screen immediately changed.



The chair Ignus was sitting on fell to the floor as he abruptly stood up. The same went for Akela and Mira.

They looked on with shock in their eyes at the scene being displayed,

“How can this be?”

“That’s the white tiger!”

“Why is Silver protecting her!?”

So many questions and statements of shock were being voiced throughout the room. Most of them coming from Ignus, who kept looking at Lady Mira as if expecting an explanation.

The patriarch however was the only quiet, he just sat there quietly watching and waiting for something to happen.

Suddenly the light screen in the middle of the room abruptly shattered causing the room to go completely silent.

They all turned to look at the patriarch as they knew that he was the only capable of destroying the light screen without even moving a finger.

Just as Ignus was about to open his mouth, the Patriarch’s voice sounded out. He no longer had a faint smile on his face and instead a frightening light could be seen in his eyes.

“None of you are to ever speak of what you just saw! Do you understand?”

Unsatisfied by the Patriarch’s answer Mira replied,

“But Patri...”

Before she could finish what she was saying, a cold wind surrounded her. She looked at the Patriarch with disbelief, “You would actually kill me!?”

She then immediately bowed saying,

“Forgive me, I was not thinking!”

The Patriarch then stood up and said,

“This Year’s bet is cancelled! You’re all dismissed!”

After seeing what the Patriarch was about to do to Mira, no one dared to slow their steps as they all quickly headed out of the hall.

However just as Ignus, Mira and Akela were about to leave, the Patriarch’s voice sounded out again saying,

“You three stay!”

Soon everyone had left the hall and only the four were left inside. On one side there was Akela, Mira and Ignus while on the other side there was the patriarch who was busy making a few hand gestures.

A new light screen was then formed and on it there showed a new image that caused the Patriarch to raise his eyebrows in shock.

The image on the new light screen was completely different from the one that was on it when it was suddenly destroyed.

On the new image there was no giant tiger and no Silver, the only thing that could be seen was a shivering young girl.

The patriarch then furrowed his brows as he turned to face Mira,

“As you can see, your daughter is safe. Now leave!”

This time Mira didn’t say anything, only slightly bowing and then immediately leaving.

As soon as the door closed behind her, the threatening look on the Patriarch’s face disappeared replacing it was a conflicted look with a hint of sadness.

Akela unable to stay silent any longer asked,

“Lord, What of my son?”

Ignus was just about to beg the patriarch to forgive Akela for speaking out however before he could, he was greeted with an unexpected response,

“I sincerely don’t know where he is but what I can tell you is that if young Silver comes out from wherever he is alive, then he will no longer just be a member of the Southern branch.

He will become my heir!

That was one of the last messages the Lord Divine left me. However you mustn’t let anyone else know of this otherwise I fear, that even I would be unable to safe guard his life.”

Hearing this Akela and Ignus didn’t know what to say.  “Heir!” That one word would be enough to send the entire continent of Vargath into frenzy, some would come bearing gifts but most would come with ill intentions.

That one word is capable of making Silver the enemy of every major clan in the continent of Vargath. How could Akela and Ignus not feel fear when they heard this?

“Ever since you were born, all you do is bring shock, good and bad fortune. However I will carry your load alongside you as you are my son but all I ask of you is that you come back alive.

Don’t you dare die before me or even in death I won’t forgive you.” Thought Akela.

Ignus on the other hand although concerned for Silver’s safety was even more concerned with Silver’s future accomplishments.




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