Chapter 29 – Master’s Master.


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Before Silver’s disappearance,


The white tiger was no longer paying attention to Silver and was instead coldly glaring at the girl behind him.

Silver noticed this, however he decided it was better to just keep quiet and hold his ground.

The stalemate lasted for another few minutes when suddenly a deep ancient voice rang out in Silver’s mind,

“Wise child, I ask you to move so that I may carry out my Master’s decree.”

Silver looked straight into the eyes of the tiger and with confidence spoke out,

“I am indebted to this girl! Therefore I cannot do what you ask of me.”

The giant white tiger looked at Silver with a little shock. Usually a child would be confused and stunned by a voice suddenly ringing out in their mind however Silver seemed to not be bothered by it. On the contrary, he even spoke out confidently with no fear whatsoever in his voice.

This made the tiger look at Silver in a whole different light.

However what the giant tiger didn’t know was that Silver was indeed afraid. He was so afraid because he didn’t know what do but all that changed when he heard how the tiger addressed and talked to him.

Silver didn’t understand much of anything the tiger said however what he did understand was that he was presented with a life line and he intended to capitalise.

He had already gathered by the way the tiger addressed him that it probably didn’t view him as an enemy, therefore all he needed to do now was to not back down.

“Senior, I ask that you pardon this girl behind me. If you do that for me then I will also take on one of your requests.”

Hearing this, the tiger let out a low roar that sounded more like a laugh,

“Why would I accept such a one-sided agreement? There is nothing in this world my master cannot accomplish!”

Silver had expected such a response and so in a very calm manner he responded,

“Oh! Then are you able to find Shiraz?”


The tiger’s eyes widened as he looked at Silver. Even in his dreams, he never would have imagined that he would hear that name again.

Seeing the tiger’s expression, Silver knew that he had pushed the right button. He had already deduced that Shiraz wanted the tiger’s in this “sacred realm” to be killed yearly therefore all that was left was to put two and two together.

“The giant white tiger is also a tiger which must mean that Shiraz also wants him dead.”

Meaning all he had to do now was act like Shiraz was the devil himself, and he should be good.

What Silver hadn’t been able to figure out was why? Why did Shiraz want all these tigers to be killed on a regular basis?




The girl behind Silver was getting restless; she thought that she was a goner when she heard the low tiger roar however nothing ended up happening.

All that was going on was that the tiger and Silver were just staring at each other, exchanging a variety of strange looks.

Suddenly Silver stopped barring the tiger’s path and moved to the side.

“What are you doing?” shouted the girl.

Silver ignored her and only nodded towards the giant white tiger. The tiger nodded back and opened its mouth wide revealing its large sharp teeth.

“Do you have no honour?” exclaimed the girl.

Her face could not be seen but one could imagine just how pitiful it looked at this moment.

A crazy suction force then began to draw in all the aura that was in the girls arm band. The suction force did not affect anything else apart from the aura.

Soon the entire amount of aura in the gem had been drained. The tiger then closed its mouth and gave Silver a meaningful look.

“I understand, let’s go!” said Silver.

However before Silver left, he turned towards the girl and in a very serious tone said,

“My debt is settled!”

He then walked away following behind the tiger, every step he took caused his figure to become blurry and illusionary until finally he disappeared.

The girl wanted to say something to Silver but her mind was currently in shambles; she had absolutely no clue as to what had just transpired.

Her knees finally gave in and she fell to the ground, her eyes tearing up as she thought about what might have happened. Although she didn’t know exactly what Silver did, but she was a smart girl and she could tell that the only reason that she was still breathing was because of him.


Silver was currently in a large empty open space, nothing could be seen for miles and miles. There was no colour nor was there any sound that could be heard in this place.

The white tiger was no longer huge and instead was now in the form of a little cub. It looked up at Silver and said,

“We need to hurry before master falls asleep. Follow me.”

Suddenly over a thousand grey doors appeared out of nowhere. The white tiger entered one of them and following behind him was Silver.

As soon as he crossed the door Silver panicked, he was now in the air above the “sacred land” however his body was no longer a physical one. He had turned into a ghost like figure, completely transparent.

The same applied to the white tiger who was urging Silver to stop wasting time and hurry up and follow behind him.

Silver walked on the air, constantly going up until another door appeared, however this door had a single black rope wrapped around it and was slightly broken at the bottom.

The little tiger cub easily passed through the broken space and said,

“Once we cross this, you’ll meet with Master. Then you must tell him everything you know about Shiraz.”

Silver slowly nodded before getting on all fours and crawling through the broken space.

He somehow managed to fit through the small space and successfully get through to the other side. However the sight that welcomed him could only be described as “horrifying!”


Before him was a gigantic hundred meter tall cat.

The giant cat had three enormous chains wrapped around it, fixing it to the blood soaked floor. There were countless gigantic spears that had complicated inscription patterns on them, lodged deep in the body of the cat causing it to bleed endlessly.

Its fur seemed to be painted blood red despite there being some white patches which told the story of a once pure white fur coat.

Silver instantly burst into a cold sweat, he couldn’t help but ask the little white tiger,

“What kind of demon would do something like this?”

Just as he finished saying those words, the gigantic cat’s eyes suddenly opened. They were only half-open but never the less it was still frightening.

The cat gave off a majestic and domineering aura, like that of a ruler but much more dignified and overbearing. Its pitch black eyes locked onto Silver, making him feel very uncomfortable.

It was like there was nothing he could hide from the cat’s gaze.

“Fero, why have you brought this child here?” asked the cat.

Its mouth did not move but somehow his voice was transmitted throughout the empty space.

“Master, this child knows of Shiraz!”

Hearing this, the cat’s giant body suddenly moved as if trying to get up. However the inscription patterns on the chains and spears lit up, restraining it and in the process creating even more bloody injuries.

“Boy! Speak up and you had better not lie, otherwise your soul will be refined by me.”

Silver looked into the pitch black eyes of the giant cat and could tell that despite its current situation it was definitely capable of doing whatever it pleased with him.

“Shiraz is the Divine tiger Sovereign of the Divine tiger clan, a clan which he founded and later abandoned. That is all I know!”

The giant cat immediately burst into a hearty laughter causing many of his old wounds to open up again,

“Divi...haha..Divine Sovereign! That is the most laughable thing I’ve heard in the past trillion years.”

Silver didn’t say anything more, only waiting to be talked to before he responded.

“Boy! Even I, the person who trained that greedy, conniving bastard have yet to reach the level of the Divine and I have lived ten times longer than he has.

“In the history of the fifteen higher realms and the trillion lower realms, there has never been a case of a martial practitioner reaching the level of Divine in just a few hundred years.”

Although shocked at the words the cat was saying, Silver didn’t respond. He only quietly listened.

“That child’s talent wasn’t even that good. Hmph! He liked to pretend that all his accomplishments were his own but the truth was I, his Master, his second Father, passed on to him some of my core line thus giving him better talent.

But how did he repay me? He tricked me!”

At this point all the hairs on the cats body were raised up and the chains were constantly being stretched out to the point that Silver thought they were going to break.

“Master! Calm down or the wind will come early!” shouted Fero.



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