Chapter 3 - Growth.


In the vast courtyard of break  jaw castle a single child could be seen looking up at the sky, the child looked to be around one year old he was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt and black somewhat baggy trousers. The child appeared to be deep in thought unlike those his age, yes this child is the third young master of the Southern branch of the divine tiger clan Silver.

“Haaaa…the divine tiger gave me six techniques however I can only cultivate the divine mind purification technique, it’s like there’s a barrier preventing me from examining the part of my soul that has the techniques. The only explanation I can think of is that I haven’t met the qualifications to do so yet.” Said Silver while sighing.

A female servant came to the side of Silver bowed and said, “Young master it is time for dinner and you are requested to appear before your father.”

Silver then stood up looked at the sky then turned around and nodded to the female servant and followed behind her heading towards the dining hall.

At first everyone in the castle was astonished when Silver started walking which was when he was 6 months old however by now the servants and elders had gotten used to it. However one day when he was 8 months old he talked in front of his mother and was told not to reveal that he could talk to anyone but his father reason being that they wanted to keep his talent and true ability secret.

When they reached the dining hall the servant left while Silver entered, sited across the table were Silver’s mother, two aunts and two siblings his first aunt and  Akela’s first wife Carmen didn’t like Silver because it was a sure-thing that in the future he would over-shadow her son Kaz who also hated Silver while Akela’s second wife Hana didn’t really care after all she had given birth to a daughter, Asil who even if was not talented in cultivation would have no problem being married off. Kaz is 4 years old while Asil is 3years old and has already undergone and passed the divine power test, she liked her little brother and didn’t like her older brother because he would always pick on her.

Silver sat down in a chair next to his mother and awaited the arrival of his father to begin eating. As the entire family was sitting in silence a middle-aged man dressed in black entered and sat at the head of the table, that man is Akela. Immediatey everyone stood up and said, “Greetings Father/Husband.”

His eyes looked around the dining hall and landed on Silver he then sat down and said, “Let us eat.”

Huge amounts of food was served and this was just the first round, from what Silver could gather the people of this continent have very large appetites and he was no exception. After the entire meal was finished and everyone was about to head to their respective rooms, Akela said, “Little Silver come with me.”

Silver then looked at his mother who smiled and nodded, he then followed his father back to his study. From what Silver had heard from his mother, it seems his father was at the peak of the soul compression stage and had reached a bottle-neck and could break through to the next stage at any time, he was among the top fifteen in the entire divine tiger clan.

“Little Silver sit down.” Said Akela as he pointed to a chair.

Silver sat down and looked at his father who was staring at him, “Father, is there something wrong?” asked Silver with a confused look on his face.

“Everytime I hear this child speak it shocks me there are no mistakes whatsoever.” Thought Akela as he stared at his son.

“Little Silver I want to ask you whether or not you would like to start training? This is a big decision so think wisely.” Said Akela.

“Father my body is still weak so how can I train?” asked Silver with an even more confused face.

“Haha…don’t compare the lightning attribute to those other trash attributes, we don’t need to train the external body much what is most important is divine power the purer the better which we then spread throughout our bodies instead of placing in the divine core. This method makes our bodies far stronger than normal people and at a frightening rate.”said Akela with a smile.

“But what about my light attribute you said it was rare so how will I train it?” asked Silver with a hint of worry in his voice.

“Don’t misunderstand young Silver the attribute is rare however the technique books are plenty. This is because 5000 years ago there existed a clan called Tenshi they were all of the light attribute and ruled half the continent because of their power however 5000 years ago the ten top clans joined together and destroyed the Tenshi clan before they could take over the continent. Thankfully at that time our clan was the strongest and we got most of the books, land and treasures but ever since that war only two people have been born with the light attribute and one of them is the patriarch of the Aristov clan which is the current strongest clan while our divine tiger clan has dropped to fifth.”said Akela while shaking his head.



Explanation of how Silver was able to read Mirad's mind despite being of lower cultivation.


Mirad was born a cripple unable to cultivate but his father was the caretaker of Break Jaw castle. He couldn't let his son be called a cripple so he made him attend an academy where assassins who didn't rely on soul compressing techniques go to learn their craft.

After fifteen years, he returned and was ridiculed for practicing external body enhancing techniques by his fellow clansmen. One night when Mirad couldn't take it anymore all who ridiculed him were killed by him, their bodies were all disposed of except for a single index finger from each of them.

This was the signature killing method for the academy Mirad attended and since this is a world where the strong are worshiped, Mirad was only slightly punished. The verdict was insufficient evidence.

A few years passed and Mirad quickly rose to prominence and not long after became an Elder, because of his background as an assassin only Mirad wore a red cloak with a hood instead of the normal white cloak.


Since he trained in external techniques, Mirad's soul was actually quite weak. Couple that with the fact that infant's have extremely pure souls and it's easy to understand how Silver read Mirad's mind.


Of course Silver didn't know any of this  😉





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