Chapter 30 – Core line.


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Hearing what Fero said, the cat immediately calmed down. It then looked towards Silver and asked,

“Boy, how do you know that I was interested in Shiraz?”

Silver had been expecting this question to come,

“My father told me that Shiraz had created this sacred land so as to help his future descendants grow stronger but when I saw Fero, I questioned this and thus I probed. Now I’m here!”

The giant cat wanted to shout but he was afraid that the wind would come and thus had to contain himself,

“Did you say sacred land?....My prison is your pitiful clan’s sacred land!?”

Fero was also angered by Silver’s words however unlike his Master he couldn’t control himself.

“You bastard, you...you thief! You scoundrel!....”  he endlessly cursed Shiraz.

Silver on the other hand was curious, “If this creature is stronger than Shiraz, then how is he imprisoned here?”

The giant cat suddenly narrowed its eyes as it looked at Silver,

“You...you have his blood! You’re one of his descendants.”

Silver suddenly felt a chill run through his spine. He had a feeling something bad was about to happen.

“Do you know why Shiraz put me in here?” asked the giant cat.

“I asked him to lend me his core but he declined, I was hurt by it but I didn’t take it to heart. However out of fear that I might kill him for it, he spent a lot of time and resources creating this place.

He knew that it was impossible for him to kill me and so he asked a certain person for help. I killed him but as you can see, he left these toothpicks as a present.”

Silver stared at the huge spears lodged into the giant cat. He was lost imagining what kind of person would be able to wield such terrifying weapons, however what really made him shocked was that such a supreme expert died at the hands of the Giant cat.

“Fero and all those tigers you see out there are my creations. They’re the reason I’m still of this world, however...you and all those other descendants of that trickster are the reason I can’t get enough strength to free myself.”

Silver’s [Instinct] was flaring up; it was telling him to flee.

“Why are you telling me all of this?” asked Silver who was now prepared to flee at a moment’s notice.

“Why?..Haha..Because my young friend, you are my salvation. I can smell it, it’s little but I could smell from the moment I saw you.

Sovereign power! MY core line’s power!”

Silver immediately bolted towards the small crack in the door, he gathered all of the divine power available to him and directed it to his legs. This was the fastest speed Silver had ever gone in this life.

However just as he reached the door, he suddenly came to a full stop.

He tried to urge his body to move around but to no avail.

“Why can’t I move?” shouted Silver in frustration.

The giant cat looked at the depressed Silver and said,

“Hmmm...that’s because you are also my creation. Your power is of my line as will your core be therefore, just like Shiraz you are partly of me and as such I can control your every move.

I control whether you live or die and unfortunately for you, you have something that I am desperately in need of.”

Silver was in a state of denial,

“How could things have turned out this way?”

He then turned to look at Fero who had a fiendish smirk on his face and that’s when he understood,

“I’ve been had! Haha..., I didn’t even see it coming.

You’re Fero but you’re also this fat cat!”

Silver laughed crazily partly because he had just realised that he had been tricked but also because he was trying to buy time to think.

“Oh! You’re a smart boy, but think of it this way. I gave some of my core line to Shiraz who then passed it on to you, which means that I’m just taking back something that belongs to me.”

Silver was at a loss,

“Will I die so soon after being brought back from death? Do I wish to live?”

He was shocked to find that he was actually afraid to die; he couldn’t believe that he was fighting so hard to stay alive.

“Since I’m going to die anyway, why don’t you tell me what really happened with Shiraz?”

The giant cat seemed to get annoyed at Silver’s words,

“Silence! What does that have to do with you? Besides, I made that bastard into all that he is and once I finish with you, I’ll escape from this cursed world and then I will destroy him. I’ll finally take back my rightful property.”

Hearing this Silver couldn’t help but wonder,

“What rightful property?”

The giant cat coldly snorted,

“If I plant a seed, care for it, feed it and then watch it grow to a full grown plant. Am I not allowed to harvest it and eat its fruit?”

Silver burst out into laughter once again,

“Oh! So much like what’s happening with me right now.”

The Giant tiger looked at Silver and couldn’t help but curse,

“If you knew just how great of a being I am, then even in death you wouldn’t dare to speak like that.”

Enraged Silver barked,

“Fuck your mother! Why wouldn’t I dare!? You skewered cockroach!”

The eyes of the giant cat began to glow a deep crimson colour. He opened his mouth wide and a shining spherical rock that resembled jade appeared.

The rock came out of the mouth of the giant cat and began to hover above its head.

“Hmph, it looks like you’re not as clever as I thought!”

Suddenly Silver’s chest area also began to glow a deep crimson red, he felt like something was forcefully trying to pull out his divine core.

“Ho! This is very interesting. I never would have thought that another one like him would appear right in front of my eyes. I truly am lucky.”

Silver was struggling to breathe; his divine core was slowly being nudged out of place causing him to feel extreme pain.

“Boy, let me grant you the honour of knowing my name before you die. I am known mostly as the Feline God but my true name is Shushvuc.

When you reach the netherworld, be proud to tell all the lost souls that the one who killed you was ME.”

The Feline God laughed loudly as it greedily eyed Silver’s chest area, waiting for that moment when all the energy inside him would burst out.

Silver spat out a mouthful of blood as a smile graced his face,

“You said that you and I are connected, right!”

The Feline God was slightly stunned by Silver’s sudden random question however he viewed it as a dying child’s last question and so felt obligated to answer,

“You are of my core line, therefore we are indeed connected.”

Silver’s smile then turned crazed as he asked another question,

“I don’t understand what a core line is but is it similar to Sovereign power?”

Seeing Silver’s expression, the Feline God started to get a bad feeling but nevertheless he answered,

“No, it isn’t a type of energy but rather the essence of the energy itself. Every type of energy has an essence; an aura that is specific to it and your aura although tainted carries some of my essence.”

Silver then began to crazily cackle,

“Even better, even better! I guess I’ve lost the battle of wit but now the war of will begins.

Forgive me, Master but I’ll have to disobey you just this once.”

His eyes suddenly turned into those of a tiger however this time they were crimson red,

“[Tiger thirst]”

The dormant Sovereign’s power in Silver’s sea of consciousness immediately awakened boosting the draining power of the technique.

He had already made his decision,

“If I’m going to die then I won’t leave this world quietly. I guess I Bastian am not destined to die a peaceful death.”

The Feline God was flabbergasted,

“What is this devilish technique!... No this is no technique, this is....YOU STOP!”

The jade rock was visibly shrinking as thin strands of crimson mist were being drawn into Silver’s chest.

The Feline God was panicking, he was trying to recall the rock but the draining power of [Tiger thirst] was just too strong.

“STOP, STOP! You can leave...go now.”

In truth Silver also wanted to leave but the draining wouldn’t stop. Strange markings began to appear on his chest, they moved around almost as if they were alive.

Seeing this occur the Feline God flew into a rage, his body suddenly started to glow brightly white and his fur started to fall off.

Every hair that fell off, began to turn into Fero like creatures and they all had one target in their sights, Silver.

However just as all the Fero’s were about to charge at Silver a strong gust of wind blew by causing all of them to disappear into thin air.

The Feline God’s struggling body also suddenly relaxed and quietly flopped to the ground. Its eyes showing its struggle and hatred.

“Pray that the day never comes that I escape from here..” it groaned as its eyes finally closed.

Everything went quiet, the draining had stopped and the currently smaller jade rock had returned into the Feline God’s mouth.

Silver didn’t know what happened but he was thankful, thankful that he was alive. He cursed the fat cat one last time before crawling out of the door.

He was afraid that it might suddenly wake up again.



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