Chapter 31 – Survival Part One.


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Silver quickly followed the same route he came in with. However the interesting thing was that this time he could see everything.

He could tell where each of the thousand doors led to, he even felt like he could control this entire place but now wasn’t the time to perform tests.

He needed to get out before the Feline God woke up.

Silver walked into one of the doors and came out somewhere in the sacred land. His body was slowly becoming less illusionary and more distinct with time.

“I’m alive!” sighed Silver.

He walked to a tree that was quite close to him and then fell to the ground. His chest was going up and down as he tried to catch his breath.

He looked up and saw thousands of black, yellow and grey mists floating up towards the door in the sky and couldn’t help but chuckle,

“So that’s how it works!”

His dark crimson eyes were quite frightening to behold but were also somehow enchanting at the same time.

He now understood how this prison worked. The Feline God was kept in the most secure place in the sacred land however in an attempt to gain power, he created the illusionary tigers whose main job was to absorb the energy of the sacred land and then pass it on to him.

Shiraz must have noticed this and thus ordered for all the young children in the clan to kill as many tigers as possible so as to reduce the amount of energy the Feline God obtained.

However the one thing that caused Silver to feel fear was that this place was much larger than he could ever imagine. It had so many pocket dimensions that when put all together, this place would at least be half the size of his previous world.

“Just what is this place?”

He continued to look up at the sky for quite a while until finally he drifted into a quiet slumber.




The Patriarch, Akela and Ignus had been watching the screen the entire time. They were waiting and praying for the moment that Silver would appear on it.

“He’s there! He’s there!” shouted Akela as he pointed at the figure of the sleeping Silver.

However once the screen zoomed in on Silver, they all began to panic. A grey illusionary tiger was quickly approaching Silver’s location.

“We have to do something!” shouted Akela.

Ignus was also panicking but he knew that there was nothing they could do. Even if they could somehow open the gate to the sacred land again, they would definitely not make in time to save Silver.

All they could do was watch and pray.

The grey tiger continued on its path until it came across Silver’s sleeping figure. It then let out a loud ferocious roar that echoed out for quite a distance.

However Silver still didn’t show any sign of waking up. It was almost as if he were dead.

Seeing this, the tiger didn’t hesitate to pounce on Silver. It leaped high into the air and in a swooping motion, its claws slashed down aiming for Silver’s throat.


Suddenly Silver’s body began to levitate in the air, mysterious markings that seemed alive began to cover his body.

A sinister aura burst forth from him as he suddenly opened his eyes. He looked around in confusion, only to see that he was floating in the air.

“What’s goi...AHHH!” cried Silver.

He started feeling pain all over his body, it was almost like the essence Silver absorbed from the Feline God wanted to escape from his body.

Everywhere the strange markings passed, bright purple cracks would appear. He could feel his body being broken down from the inside out.

“AHHH~” cried Silver as he scratched various places on his body.

The grey tiger was scared stiff. Just now when its claw had come into contact with Silver’s neck, a crazy suction force pulled it in and absorbed it.

Akela, Ignus and the Patriarch were all watching what was going on but they couldn’t wrap their heads around what was happening.

“What’s going on!?” asked Ignus as he faced the Patrirch.

The Patriarch was lost in thought, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing,

“That’s Master’s energy! But it looks like, he absorbed too much. If it keeps going like this then his body will implode.”

Hearing this both Akela and Ignus looked at each other and then they faced the Patriarch and asked,

“Is there anything you can do?”

The Patriarch sighed as he looked at the concerned expressions on both Akela and Ignus,

“There is nothing I can do! In fact there is nothing anyone can do.

I myself still can’t believe that your young one was even able absorb that type of essence in the first place.

That line’s essence is too powerful, too sinister and too overbearing. I fear that even if I came into contact with it; forget about absorbing any of it. I’d probably be vaporised.

Your child must have some connection with Master otherwise what is happening right now could never take place!”

Akela looked at Ignus who shook his head as if saying, “Say nothing about the mark!”

The Patriarch saw this but didn’t think too much on it. He had stated facts, there was no way Silver would be able to absorb that line’s essence unless he had some of that line in him in the first place.

Whether or not the Tar family wanted to admit it was of no concern to him. All that mattered to him was to follow his Master’s orders.

“You must live, young one!” thought the Patriarch.

Suddenly Ignus shouted out saying,

“There are children approaching little Silver!”

Akela and the Patriarch looked towards the screen,

“Aren’t those Rolind’s kids?”


Hion and Wade were unknowingly walking towards Silver,

“Where did it run off to? If we manage to kill it then you’ll definitely take first place in the hunt.” said Hion.

Wade didn’t show it on the outside but he was honestly very excited. If he could absorb the aura from the grey tiger then he’d not only take first place in the hunt but he would also become known as the number one genius of the Divine Tiger clan.

Silver on the other hand was in dire straits, he had absolutely no control over his body. All he could feel was never-ending pain.

The markings caused cracks around his body to appear but the Sovereign power inside him was continuously healing and closing them up. This cycle had continued for a few minutes but to Silver who was experiencing it, it was like he had been sentenced to an eternity in hell.

He had screamed so much that he had lost his voice, now only his mouth remained open but no sound could be heard coming out.

Wade and Hion had now arrived on the scene. They looked on in horror at the scene that was happening before them.

“YOU..!” shouted Hion as he slowly backed away.

Wade was also slowly backing away but when he caught a glimpse of the grey tiger in front of him, his feet stopped.

“Its already wounded, I could surprise it and kill it right now.” Though Wade.

Hion looked at Wade and said,

“I don’t know what’s going on with that bastard but remember that Father told you to cripple him, if you encounter him.”

Hearing this Wade hesitated; he looked at the current Silver who resembled the reincarnation of an evil spirit and couldn’t help but feel fear.

“I can’t do it! We should get away from here.” said Wade in a stern voice.

“Shut up! I’m not asking you to do it, I’m ordering you!” cursed Hion.

Wade looked at the enraged Hion and then back at the Demonic Silver. He then turned around and at the fastest speed he was capable of ran away.

“Where are you going!? Do you think Father will you forgive you for this!?” barked Hion.

“Your vengeance is not worth my life!” shouted Wade as he continued running.

Hion also wanted to run but when he thought about how the person who made up the lies that tarnished his honour as the son of the Lord of the Northern Branch was right in front of him. He couldn’t find the strength to retreat.

“I swore on my honour that I would cripple you and that’s what I’ll do.”

He then pulled out a short dagger from his belt. He injected some divine power into the blade and it instantly burst into flames.

Hion knew that he would be in trouble if he got close to Silver and so he maintained his distance. Using all his arm strength, he flung the flaming dagger right at Silver’s chest area where the core was located.

The blade travelled insanely quickly through the air and in what seemed like an instant it penetrated Silver’s flesh and dug into his chest nearing his core.

Fresh blood began to pour out from Silver’s navel area, flowing down to the ground and painting it red.

However before much blood could leak out of Silver, an impossible thing happened right in front of Hion’s eyes.

The flaming knife began to erode and Silver’s puncture wound was slowly healing!

“Wha..What are you!” exclaimed Hion in shock.

Silver’s eyes started to show signs of life again as it seemed that the sharp pain from the puncture wound had woken him up.

He looked at the shocked Hion, whose face resembled that of someone who had eaten something extremely bitter.

That’s when he suddenly saw his life line.

“That...could it really work?” thought Silver as his eyes lighted up with the fire that is hope.




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