Chapter 32 – Survival Part two.


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Silver gritted his teeth as he struggled to remain conscious. He had been trying to force his body to listen to him but with no results.

“It’s right there...I need to try harder!” thought Silver.

Suddenly an idea came to mind however it would be very risky, if he didn’t execute it properly then Hion’s death would be all but guaranteed.

“Don’t ...move!” groaned Silver.

His voice was hoarse and you could tell from how the veins were popping out of his head that it took quite a lot out of him to say those words.

Unfortunately, Hion was too flustered to listen to anything the current Silver said.

“What does he mean by “don’t move”? Is he going to attack? He wouldn’t dare attack me right? I was only trying to get revenge, yes, he deserved to be punished.”

His forehead was covered in sweat, he didn’t know what Silver was doing or what kind of existence Silver was. All he knew was that just a few minutes ago he had tried to cripple him and that if he didn’t escape from this place; the same fate or something much worse would be the only thing that awaited him.

Silver closed his eyes and began concentrating on the aura that was causing him so much pain. He could feel it moving inside his core, banging against its walls, causing them to tremble and crack. He could feel the deep awe-inspiring ancient power that the essence of the aura exuded and slowly he began to understand it a little bit.

“You wish to go back to your master! However if you leave my core, I will die... and that is something I cannot allow to happen.

Therefore I will make you submit!”

Silver activated the [Tiger thirst] technique yet again, drawing all the purple energy that was outside his body back into his core. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold it in his body for long therefore he needed to hurry up and execute his plan.

“I can feel your overbearing power! I know what it is that you wish for the most, I understand what you want.

Destruction, death and unending bloodshed! This is what you desire and I accept it.


Large amounts of the demonic aura suddenly bursted out of Silver’s core but instead of leaving his body, it stayed.

The demonic aura separated passing through every part of Silver’s body, soaking it in the “essence” of a God. It moved through his arms, legs, every muscle, every bone and even his blood vessels.

Once, twice, thrice...two thousand times in total until finally it stopped.

The colour of Silver’s core had now changed from its previous colourless nature to a now deep violet.

However this didn’t mean that his problems were solved. He had managed to soak himself in the essence of the aura, causing it to settle down for the moment however, that only bought him some time.

For example, you take in a mouthful of water. Filling your cheeks to the point that they seem like they’re about to burst however just before you swallow it down; you’re told that the water is poisoned.

Now let’s say that you have some methods to contain the poisoned water and not let it travel anywhere else in your body. Thus buying you time.

However the poisoned water will not have gone anywhere, it would still remain in your mouth. Meaning you will be left with two choices.

Swallow the water and die or spit it out.

If you choose to spit it out, the poison will destroy the place you spit on. Unless, you find something that can safely contain the poison.

Luckily, in Silver’s case such an item does exist and even luckier it’s currently wrapped around the arm of Hion, who is standing less than ten metres away from him.

Although this process seemed to have taken long, in actuality only a few seconds had passed since Silver had closed his eyes.

Hion had been slowly backing away, one step at a time. He viewed this as probably his only chance to escape however he needed to be careful otherwise Silver’s eyes would open and his would close forever.

Just as he was about to turn around and begin running for his life, Silver’s eyes suddenly opened and he began to descend from the sky until finally his feet landed on the ground.

His clothes had been almost entirely burnt off, with only a few strands remaining which covered his private area but despite that Silver still appeared extremely graceful.

His skin appeared so smooth and sleek to the point that you would think it was glowing. His hair danced around madly as the wind blew against his face, making him appear like an otherworldly being.

Hion watched as Silver approached him, every step he took was akin to a hammer pounding on his heart. He wanted to move but his body wasn’t listening to him, all he could do now was to look into those wild demonic crimson eyes of Silver’s and through them see his reflection.

He wanted to threaten Silver , he wanted to beg for forgiveness, beg for his life but unfortunately his fear ran deep. To the point that he couldn’t even form real words.

“Ugghhpppthh..” was all that one could hear come from his mouth.

Silver walked up to Hion, pulled off his arm band and turned around to leave.

“All debts are settled!”

Hion watched as Silver walked into the heart of the forest and he felt relief. The sword that had been held to his throat had now been lowered and he could finally breathe.

However after a while another emotion began to fill his heart and that was hatred. A deep hatred for Silver had been carved into his very being, impossible to expel.

Silver walked for quite a while, trying his utmost to stop the aura from being going berserk. Purple cracks began to appear around his body again and the pain was soon going to follow.

“I don’t have time to find a safe place to do this from.” Thought Silver.

He then pulled the gem out of the arm band and slowly began to transfer the essence out of his body and into the gem.

Time passed and Silver began to feel a soothing sensation run through his body. The Sovereign power was in the process of healing his cracked core and all the other places in his body that had been affected by the essence’s retaliation.

The gem was greedily absorbing the essence aura until finally it could take no more. The majority of it had been absorbed however some of it had still been left within Silver.

Silver had expected this to happen however he didn’t think that the gem would be able to absorb as much essence as it had. The remaining essence in his body could be slowly absorbed by him with time but for now at least his life was no longer in danger.

Suddenly Silver’s [Instinct] began to flare up and he immediately jumped to the side. He looked back at the place he was just standing and there laid the three-legged grey tiger that had attacked Silver last time.

Silver closely examined the tiger until he finally looked into its eyes. Feelings of fear and dread instantly enveloped him.

“Y..You!” said Silver as he pointed at the grey tiger.

Its pitch black eyes widened as a weird smile instantly spread across the face of the grey tiger,

“You think that blasted wind technique would be able to hold me down for long. Laughable!

Now you either die a painful death here or you give me that stone of acceptance and obediently follow me back to my chamber where I will grant you a painless death.

Choose wisely!”

Silver confidently replied,

“Do you think I can’t kill this grey tiger you’ve possessed?”

The grey tiger limped about with that weird grin still on its face,

“Oh! You can definitely destroy this body; after all you’re one of those. However if you listen really closely you’ll be able to hear the sound of your demise.”

Silver didn’t quite understand what the Feline God was talking about until he directed his senses towards the ground.

“It’s trembling! Is this an earth..quake...?”

He looked at the grey tiger with a light smile on his face,

“You want me dead that badly...eh?”

The Feline God was now alarmed, the last time Silver acted like this he had lost something very precious to him. “Hmm...There’s no way he’ll be able to escape from this place alive but just to make sure...”

The grey tiger then slowly limped towards the surprisingly calm Silver,

“If you don’t hand over to me what you stole, then it won’t be just you who’ll be destroyed! I’ll make sure that every child in this place leaves without their lives and on every one of their corpses your name shall be carved.

Do you still dare to play games with me, boy?”

A crazed laughter could be heard coming from Silver,

“And here I was thinking that your chamber was so dull because you lacked artistic sense but on the contrary it seems like you’re quite imaginative.

I can’t wait to see the finished work!”

The Feline God began to get angry, this was how it all started last time,

“SILENCE!”  he barked.

A devilish grin graced Silver’s face as he calmly said,

“No need to get angry! I only said that I couldn’t wait to see the finished work. However we can’t always get what we want, can we?

Perhaps in the next life, you can show me!”

If anyone were to look at the forest from above, they would see a wave of yellow, black and gray quickly approaching Silver from all directions.




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