Chapter 33 – Conclusion.


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Silver’s hands flashed around in an array of different hand seals and gestures. He had no prior knowledge or experience in using seals but despite that he was executing the signs perfectly.

The Feline God’s eyes widened as helooked at Silver in disbelief,


Silver paused right before he finished the seal. He looked towards the Feline God and with a faint smile said,

“It’s a pity but unfortunately I can’t let you kill all these kids. Don’t misunderstand though; I’m not doing this because it’s the righteous thing to do.

I’m doing this because it allows me to do two things.” said Silver as he chuckled.

The Feline God was still trying to figure out how Silver could have gotten knowledge of that seal, when suddenly he spotted a layer of dark purple energy moving around Silver’s palm.

That’s when he understood everything. However, that didn’t mean that he could do anything to change it. After all if he could do anything, then he would have escaped from his prison a long time ago.

“Firstly, it allows me to pay you back for the warm treatment you’ve given me so far.

The other reason I’m doing this is simply because I already have enough problems and pressing matters to attend to, I have no need for more enemies.”

The Feline God looked toward Silver, not with hostility but rather very calm.

“Boy! Although you didn’t acquire it the right way, my core line still exists within you meaning no matter where you are I’ll still be able to find you.

This prison won’t be able to hold me forever and that bastard Shiraz knows it, however a long time has passed and even I can’t say for sure how much strength and tricks he’s gathered.

Therefore, I won’t recklessly attack him! But you on the other hand are but a boy and even if you do maximise your full potential, it would still be impossible for you to escape death by my hand.”

Silver coldly snorted,

“Get to the point!”

The Feline God chuckled twice,

“Haha, Good! What I want is to propose a deal. The terms are very simple,

First, you mustn’t complete the seal and second you must give me half of my essence back.

If you agree to these terms, I will not only grant you something good but I will also swear an oath on my soul that I will never harm a hair on your head, let alone kill you.”

Silver looked at the grey tiger, trying to spot any sign of deception on his face however after thinking about it, he concluded that the Feline God shouldn’t be lying.

After all, the seal he was about to activate would not only cause all the illusionary tigers in the entire Sacred land to disappear but it would also cause the Feline God to suffer a cruel fate for a very long time.

However it came with a price, if he did activate the seal then a substantial amount of the essence he had would be used up.

“What “good thing” is this you’re going to give me?” asked Silver.

The Feline God smirked replying,

“I cannot tell you but I guarantee that it will definitely be of great use to you in the future.”

Silver was deep in thought. If he finished the seal then he would be able to get rid of the Feline God for some time but not forever and if he accepted the deal the Feline God was offering then at the very least, he wouldn’t need to fear for his life.

Furthermore, no matter what decision Silver decided on, a certain amount of essence would still be lost.

“I accept but I have one more condition.”

The Feline God was immediately happy as he asked,

“What condition?”

Silver continued,

“If you’re not able to do this, then you can forget the deal.”

The Feline God was starting to get anxious,

“Hurry up and tell me what this condition of yours is and let’s see if I can accomplish it or not.”

Silver calmly answered,

“I want some people’s memories to be altered.”

Hearing this, the Feline God immediately smiled.


Akela, Ignus and the Patriarch were no longer looking at the screen. Their bodies were unmoving, their mouths slightly open and their faces had been drained of almost all colour.

They had been watching when the wave of tigers was on the move and at that moment they honestly believed that a tragedy was about to take place. However not long after the horde was formed, the tigers suddenly dispersed. It was almost like they had never come together in the first place.

This crazy sequence of events really took a toll on their hearts.

“I just need to hold on for one more day. Hopefully my heart can take this punishment.” said the Patriarch as he held onto a nearby stool for support.

He then flicked his sleeve and the light screen disappeared,

“We should begin preparing for the children’s return.”

Akela and Ignus simply nodded following behind the Patriarch. They were still worried about Silver but if they stayed in the hall for too long then suspicions may arise. Therefore for his sake they needed to act normally and hope that no further incidences occurred.



The day slowly passed and Silver had finally returned to the small cave. Piore was fast asleep in the corner; his body covered in dirt as well as some small wounds spread all over his body. Tightly gripped in his hands was an arm band with a glowing black gem embedded in it.

“It looks like you’ve been busy.” thought Silver as he lay down on the ground to sleep.

As he closed his eyes, all the memories of these past few weeks flashed before him. From the two baptisms, to the Krias problem, to the truth of Shiraz’s cultivation as well as the truth of his talent’s origin all the way to today.

He couldn’t help but inwardly laugh at himself,

“In what kind of world does a child who’s yet to even lose the smell of his mother’s milk live such a crazy life?

I wonder what kind of life you would have led had my soul not been placed in this body. You would probably have had a much easier life.

You probably wouldn’t have become a piece in a Sovereign’s game.”

His eyes slightly opened as he looked up at the cave’s ceiling,

“What a life....”

He then held up the small gem that had the essence inside of it. However it’s current appearance was slightly different from its previous appearance.

First of all, it was no longer spherical in shape but was now square. The energy inside of it had also slightly changed from a dark purple to a slightly more crimson shade.

This change all occurred when the Feline God placed the “good thing” into the gem. He told Silver to just absorb the energy normally and everything would be fine.

Of course Silver couldn’t just take his word for it and so he had him swear on his soul that absorbing the energy would cause him no harm.

He also made the Feline God alter Wade’s and Hion’s memory a little bit. After all, he had already decided to take action against the Northern Branch and there was no need to let his enemy know about his strength.

With that Silver closed his eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. Both his body and mind had been exhausted through this entire ordeal.


Noon, the next day.


“Wake up, wake up!” whispered Piore as he nudged Silver with a stick to wake up.

He was using a stick because Silver had been tossing and turning in his sleep which caused the thin pieces of cloth that were covering his body to come apart thus revealing his “little brother” to the world.

Silver’s eyes slowly opened as he struggled to get up. He turned towards Piore who was holding out a red cloak while doing his best to avoid looking at any part of Silver.

“What’re you looking away for? Do I have something on my body that you don’t have?” asked Silver as he laughed.

Hearing this Piore wanted to shout, “why would have those on my body?” but instead he just pointed.

Silver followed Piore’s finger with his eyes and “surprisingly” it was showing his chest. He was just about to tease Piore some more saying, “You’ve never seen a man’s chest before?” when suddenly he spotted them.

On his chest, there were two crimson tattoos depicting the eyes of a cat. It was rather fearsome to behold as the eyes appeared to be moving around.

He examined them carefully and in the end he couldn’t help but curse,

“Aren’t these those bastards’ eyes? Why didn’t he tell me about this?”

Seeing the look on Silver’s face, Piore came to the conclusion that Silver didn’t know about the markings on his chest.

Silver raised his head to look at Piore,

“Don’t tell anyone about this!”

He then took the cloak that Piore was handing him and then covered his body with it. Suddenly the gem in his possession began to glow extremely brightly, the same with Piore’s gem.

“What’s going on?” asked Silver.

“You were asleep so you didn’t hear the message. We were told to stay put and let the gems’ dissolve, then we’ll be able to leave this place and go back.”

Silver began to get worried, “Would the essence I worked so hard to get just go away like that?” however after he inspected his gem and Piore’s he began to calm down.

Piore’s gem was being dissolved at a very fast pace while Silver’s gem was just glowing. Nothing else was wrong with it except for the fact that it was glowing.

“The Feline God must have done something to stop it from dissolving, but wait...why would he do that? Wouldn’t he have some methods to get the energy once the gem was dissolved?”

Before Silver could think of an answer, his body began to grow illusionary and started to disappear. The same thing was happening to Piore.


Meanwhile back in the Feline God’s chambers,

Too young, too young. You truly thought that I one of the seven Guardians of  Zeres would be bested in a game of wit by a boy!?

Laughable, truly laughable! However you don’t need to worry, I swore on my soul therefore I will not hurt you,  however....there are many ways to capture a rabbit.

Now all that is left for me to do, is to wait!” thought the Feline God as he laughed heartily.




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