Chapter 35 – Sign of recognition.


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Soon after Silver’s name was announced, Anvar began calling out the names of the bottom fifty. Those whose names were called were then quickly led out of the main hall by men whose faces couldn’t be seen.

Some denied it and others tried to resist however their efforts were futile and only served the purpose of causing chaos. In the end they were knocked unconscious by the masked men and then carried out of the hall.

This scene caused cold sweats to break out among most of the children, thinking,

“That could have been me.”

Silver watched as this happened however he didn’t really care, in fact he believed that it was for the best.

“Life should be cherished. You are only children who have yet to experience the horrors of war.

With time you’ll probably look back on today and rejoice that you weren’t chosen as a warrior. There are probably some among you, who have been chosen but know that you’re not qualified to be warriors however in the future you’ll come to understand that you’re only being manipulated.”

Silver clenched his fist as he glared at a smiling Anvar who was saying many words of praise to the children.

Telling them how, they would be proud, strong warriors with no equal in this world. Lying to them about how in the future they would all become great individuals if they “obeyed orders”.

“Pitiful lies! In the future you’ll come to understand that you are this clan’s precious future cannon fodder. Much like I was back then....

I wonder if even one of you will manage to change the fate that awaits you.”

Akela nudged Silver’s shoulder as the fierce look he was giving Anvar was getting too noticeable. He didn’t know what Silver was getting all worked up about but this was a very prestigious ceremony. One that had taken place for thousands of years and therefore wasn’t the place to be throwing tantrums.

Silver forcefully calmed himself down as he shifted his gaze towards the other people around the room.

“Now then, the three of you take this and drink it down.” said Anvar as he turned to Silver and the other three.

Hovering above his palm were three sparkling jade vials with various complicated inscription patterns covering them.

Under Anvar’s control the vials flew towards Akela and the other two Lords. The instant they got them in their hands, you could visibly see the excitement on their faces.

Even Lady Mira who always maintained an air of indifference was currently looking at the vial in her hands with shining eyes.

In the past, the three of them had received the liquid that was contained in the vial and therefore there was probably no one who knew more than them the benefits that came with taking the tonic.

The tonic, once consumed would leave a mark on the body. This mark was the sign of recognition of the Divine tiger clan. The process for becoming Recognised was the same for everyone however the liquid given to the ones who attained the first three places was slightly different from the one given to the other youths who successfully completed the Ceremony.

The first one to take down the liquid would obviously be Wade who came first. Tous handed him the vial under the watchful gaze of all the youths, some looked at him with envy, others with veneration but all with extreme longing.

He then slowly took the cover off the vial and as soon as it was off, a powerful stench permeated the air, intruding upon the consciousness of all the youths present and causing them to feel as though their bodies were floating in the air about to step into another world.

Every breath they took in caused their cores to thirst for more.


Wade quickly brought the vial up to his mouth and drank it down. Not long after, a faint light shown on his neck which quickly faded, revealing two tiger fang marks.

“T..two fangs!?” shouted Anvar.

He looked towards Tous who seemed to also be in shock as to what he was seeing.

“I knew his talent was good but this....it’s even comparable to me.”

Akela and Mira were both frowning as they looked at the two imposing Tiger fang marks on Wade’s neck.

“It looks like Elder Rolind’s constant praise of this child wasn’t just a mindless rant.” Thought Mira.

As other people had looks of shock on their faces, Wade was starting to misunderstand.

“I don’t feel anything different in my body. Could I have failed?”

Seeing the disappointed look on Wade’s face Tous was almost about to slap him against the head however the joy and pride he was feeling at the moment stopped him ,

“What a foolish kid!” thought Tous as he smiled.

Silver didn’t know what the two fangs represented but from the expressions of the adults, he was able to gather that Wade was a rare talent.

Anvar quickly regained his composure as he lightly coughed. The way in which he looked at Wade had also slightly changed.

“I should be careful not to offend this young one now, as in the future…….Sigh~ my Nothern branch truly has been blessed this year.” Thought Anvar as he gave Mira the signal to begin.

Mira gave the vial to Fria who did exactly the same thing as Wade did. Without hesitating, she gulped down every last drop of liquid contained in the vial.

A faint light shone from her hand which then quickly faded away however unlike Wade’s two fangs, the mark that was left on Fria resembled that of four tiger stripes. Each stripe a different colour.

This time although Anvar was surprised at the sight, he wasn’t too shocked and thus didn’t lose his composure. Lady Mira on the other hand, stared at the four dazzling tiger stripes on her daughter’s neck and couldn’t help but crack a smile. To her this outcome was even better than Wade’s two fangs.

The fang of a tiger represents its attack power and strength.

The stripes of a tiger represent her intellect as a hunter. The ability to blend in perfectly with the environment and patiently stalk your prey until the final blow is dealt.

Intelligence is a form of strength and in some cases can become even more lethal than brute strength therefore despite not being as valuable to the clan as Wade, Mira has still managed to separate herself from the class of average genius.

As everyone else was mesmerized by the sight of the two surprising outcomes, Silver was instead panicking.

“F*ck…so that’s what it is. I absolutely must not drink that down.”


Silver was standing quite a distance away from Wade and that’s probably the reason why his body hadn’t reacted strangely when the tonic was being consumed.

However Lady Mira and Fria were standing a little closer to him and that’s probably why his body had reacted.


Right before Mira drank the tonic,

When the vial was passed to Fria, Silver was able to see the various inscriptions on it and he couldn’t help but feel like he knew those patterns. In fact, he felt like if he could see them much more closely and study them for a while, he would be able to not only understand the purpose of the inscriptions but he would also be able to break them down.

This feeling was much like the one’s he had when he was in the Sacred land, when he felt like he could control the land itself or when he used the seal to threaten the Feline God despite having no knowledge of seals.

Silver had long noticed that these “feelings” he was getting all started after he had escaped from the Feline God’s chambers and stolen his essence. Therefore it was easy for him to understand why he was suddenly able to understand and remember things that he previously had no knowledge of but at the same time it caused him to be frightened by the power of the Feline God.

“Just who is the Feline God exactly?”

Fria then took the vial from her mother’s hands and slowly removed the cover.

That’s when it happened!

It was impossible to tell from the outside but currently Silver’s core was going berserk. Every fiber in his body was going into hostile mode.

It was almost like his body’s long lost enemy had just appeared in front of him after thousands of years of waiting. He tried to forcefully calm his body down but not only did it not work it somehow added fuel to the fire.

Underneath Silver’s cloak, the marking of the two cat eyes on his chest were expanding and growing. A jaw, ears, fangs until finally a faint outline of the Feline God’s face could be seen on Silver’s chest.

When the image finally formed, Silver felt a jolt of power. All the pores in his body opened and he could feel his cultivation rising.

17th level, 18th level, 20th level all the way to the 22nd level. His sense of sight, smell and sound also improved vastly but the one thing that he felt had risen the most was his strength.

He was confident that right now, he would be able to lift the five hundred pound training stone that was in the training hall of Break jaw castle.

Suddenly Silver had a thought,

“Could this be my sign of recognition!?”

He looked at Wade’s two fangs and then at Fria’s four stripes and he couldn’t help but agree.

“So this is what that fat cat gave me….at least it’s only two eyes.”

Of course Silver couldn’t see that underneath his cloak, a painting of the Feline God was hanging on his chest.


Suddenly Akela who was standing next to Silver put out his hand, giving Silver the vial that contained the tonic.

Silver stared at the vial in his hand as did all the people in the hall. All eyes were on him, waiting for him to drink the tonic in the vial. They were all wondering if they would bare witness to three shocking signs in a row.

Probably the only person in the hall who didn’t want Silver to drink the tonic was Silver himself. He didn’t know what it would do to his body but from the reaction he got when Fria was drinking it, he could tell that it definitely wasn’t good.




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