Chapter 36 – Follow if you insist.


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Silver slowly brought the vial to his lips as he tried to think up a solution on how to get through his current predicament.

The closer the vial got to him, the more fiercely his core would circulate divine power. It even got to the point that Silver’s hand began to tremble.

Seeing this Anvar’s eyes almost popped out,

“Ah! What is wrong with this child? A single drop of that tonic is equivalent to an average clan’s ten years of accumulated wealth and yet you and your dancing hands are trying to spill it.”

Akela was also surprised by Silver’s behaviour,

“Could there be something wrong with little Silver?” thought Akela as he tried to look for any sign of injury on Silver’s body.



A full five minutes had passed and Silver had yet to drink the tonic.

Anvar had been giving Akela meaningful looks the entire time however they were all ignored.

Soon whispers broke out the hall,

“What’s he waiting for?”

“Hmph! He’s probably just standing there to prove a point. He’s looking down on all of us.” exclaimed one youth.

“Heh! He’s probably just afraid that his sign is going to be trash compared to Senior Wade. As expected of Southern hicks.” sneered another youth.

“At least our Southern Branch’s young master is the one standing up there and not some specially scouted commoner.” snorted a youth from the Southern branch.


Things were starting to get out of hand, leaving Anvar with no choice but to act.

He slightly coughed preparing to tell Silver to hurry up and drink the tonic when suddenly the Silver who was previously completely still, raised the vial to his mouth and drank down the tonic.

A faint light shone through his cloak from his chest area which then quickly disappeared. Akela sighed in relief when he saw this.

Anvar on the other hand wanted to quickly know what sign was given to Silver,

“Do you mind showing me your sign?  I need to confirm that you have indeed been Recognised by the Divine?” asked Anvar as his gaze drifted between Silver and Akela.

Silver tugged on Akela’s coat, urging him to bend down. He then whispered a few words into Akela’s ear which caused his expression to change.

This action left many in the hall confused as to what was going on however no one said anything, in fact the current hall was so silent to the point that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard. It was almost like they were all trying their best to listen in on what Silver was telling Akela.

Anvar was now starting to get annoyed, he had never once seen or heard of a time when a child who had placed among the top three in the ceremony actually didn’t want to take the tonic given to him. Furthermore, that child even delays showing the sign given to him.

“The heavens are truly unfair! I can’t believe that a fool would be able to place among the top three.

To be blessed with such luck and yet be born so stupid. I don’t know whether to envy you or be thankful that I don’t share your Southern branch’s fate.” thought Anvar.

Having heard everything Silver said, Akela walked up to Anvar and in a hushed but almost threatening tone said,

“My son is injured. I’ll now be taking him away but if you insist on seeing his sign then you may also follow.”

He then turned around and led Silver to the exit.

Anvar was in a daze, he couldn’t understand what it was exactly that he did wrong. This year was his turn to host the ceremony, he personally handled every matter perfectly all the way to the tiniest detail and now just when it was almost over, this crazy father- foolish son duo decided to make his job much more difficult.

He looked around trying to see if anyone else could help him but who would dare come forward. Who didn’t know of Akela and Ignus? How could they try to stop him?

If he wanted to leave, he could leave. If he wanted to stay, he could stay. As long as Ignus was an Elder, there was virtually nothing in the Divine tiger clan Akela and Silver had to fear. However that didn’t mean he could do whatever he wanted. That’s why he told Anvar to follow if he insisted on seeing Silver’s sign.

Anvar was now in a bind, if he let Akela walk away then he’d be shunned by his fellow Northerners for not having the stones to stop him and if he did try and stop Akela, there was no telling what would come of him.

After all, Akela was trying to “care” for his child, even if that child appeared to be perfectly fine on the outside.

He thus decided to try and persuade Akela,

“Lord, at lea_....”

Anvar couldn’t move and neither could anyone in the hall, including lady Mira and Tous.

“Wha..What is this?” wondered Mira as she tried to control her breathing.

Tous narrowed his eyes as he stared at Akela. He too was startled but he needed to keep his composure otherwise the Northern branch might appear weak.


Before Anvar was able to finish his sentence, Akela had turned back and concentrated all his killing intent towards Anvar.

Who was Aklea? He was a man who had been in countless battlefields and had slain who knows how many people. The concentrated killing intent of such a man was so thick to the point that it caused someone like Lady Mira who was also no stranger to the battlefield to be unable to breathe properly.

Furthermore, when you include the cold deathly look Akela was staring at Anvar with, then you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wasn’t at least intimidated.

Anvar was just about to bow and apologize, when suddenly he spotted the “Don’t you dare!” look Tous was giving him.

Tous with a faint smile on his face then stepped forward, to stand in front of Anvar,

“ I don’t know what it is that has angered you so much but you and I are Lords, we shouldn’t act on every little thing.

Give me some face and let this go.”

Seeing this Akela just coldly snorted and then turned around to leave. It didn’t matter if he lashed out at Anvar but Tous was another case, not only was he a Lord but his father was also an Elder of the Central branch thus making him almost exactly the same in terms of influence as Akela.

The difference between them however lied in their strength, you could argue that from the beginning Akela had an unfair advantage by being born with the rare lightning attribute but if you take into account the difficulty involved in training in the lightning attribute then that argument holds no weight.

Besides, the fire attribute that the Northern Branch is known for can’t be compared to those of other average clans. Only a handful of special clans had a more powerful [Fire] than the Northern branch but even so, throughout the years the Northern branch has come up with many methods of enhancing her [Fire]’s power.

Akela is stronger than Tous! This was a fact known by many however that was just in terms of cultivation. In a real battle, higher cultivation didn’t necessarily guarantee victory.



Akela and Silver walked quietly through the halls until finally they stopped in front of a room that had the words, “Divine Central” carved onto the door.

Akela knocked on the door saying,

“It’s me, we’ve come!”

As soon as he said that, the door instantly opened.

Akela held Silver’s hand saying,

“This void is going to lead us to someone very important. You must treat him as respectfully as you would me.


Silver was curious as to who his father was taking him to meet however he didn’t ask as he was going to find out soon. He then nodded and replied, “I understand!” before following Akela into the void.

He understood the use of [Voids] however what he didn’t understand was how they were formed and manipulated. He didn’t want to ask Akela about it because he believed that the answer was probably something one could only understand themselves.

A few moments later Silver and Akela stepped out of the void and found themselves in a small courtyard.

The courtyard looked plain and normal, with nothing peculiar or extraordinary about it. In the middle of the courtyard was a rather small table and two chairs.

Sitting on one of the chairs was an old man who had a deep thoughtful expression on his face as he sipped on a cup of tea.

The old man turned to look at Akela for a while before his gaze shifted to Silver. He watched Silver’s every move as he walked closer to him, and suddenly a warm smile graced his face.

“Truly a monster!” whispered the old man as he put down the cup of tea and looked towards the sky.

“I’ve lost count of the number of years that have gone by since you left me that final task.” thought the old man as he once again turned to look at Silver.

“But now finally, I can complete it.

My only hope is that I will be able to properly cultivate this seed into someone worthy enough to follow your Divine will.”

Akela and Silver stood less than five feet away from the old man.

“Little Silver, pay your respects to the Patriarch.” said Akela as he softly pushed Silver in front.


“Eh!?” exclaimed Silver.




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