Chapter 37 – Five minutes.


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Silver looked at the old man in disbelief, “This person is the Patriarch!? The person Shiraz hand picked to lead the clan before he left.”

Silver then turned to face Akela, he wanted to ask him something however the face Akela was giving him forced him to keep quiet.

“Silver Tar pays respect to Patriarch.”

Seeing this the Patriarch let out a light chuckle before waving his hand to Akela,

“You can leave now. There are some things I need to talk to this little one about.”

Akela hesitated upon hearing the Patriarch’s orders however after thinking about it for a while he decided to comply.

“Then I will take my leave.”

Silver watched as this played out and he couldn’t help but feel that something wasn’t right. He didn’t know what it was but if he had to guess, it probably had something to do with why he was selected to be in the top three despite not slaying a single tiger.

Before Akela turned to leave he whispered, “You don’t need to hide anything from him.” into Silver’s ear.

Silver nodded in understanding however in truth he had no intention of revealing his secrets to anyone, not even his father.

Akela then left through the void, leaving only Silver and the Patriarch in the room.

“Sit down.” said the Patriarch as he pointed towards the only other chair in the courtyard.

He then poured a cup of tea for Silver and passed it to him.

“Have some tea.”

Silver looked at the green goo that the patriarch called tea and decided it was best not to drink it.

“Excuse my manners but why have you called me here?”

Hearing this the Patriarch put down his cup of tea replying,

“Do I need a reason to talk to one of the promising youths in my clan?”

Silver slightly narrowed his eyes when he heard this,

“Then why isn’t Wade or that girl here? Even better why isn’t the person who really earned third place here?”

The Patriarch stared wide eyed at Silver before bursting into laughter,

“You’re an interesting one child. Just what are those two kids teaching you, eh?”

He then stood up from his seat and walked towards Silver,

“Besides if there’s anyone who’s earned their position, it’s you. I would have given you first place but then I’d be ruining all your hard work.” said the Patriarch as he pointed at Silver’s chest.

This time it was Silver who stared wide eyed at the Patriarch, “He was watching me!”

“Haha...No need to worry. I don’t mean you any harm, all I want from you are answers to three questions.” said the Patriarch as he stroked his beard.

Silver was lost in thought,

“He wants me to answer three questions. What happens if I don’t give the answer he wants to hear.

No, before that I need to find out just how much he knows about what happened at the sacred land.”


“Hmm, what’s wrong? All you need to do is answer me three questions, nothing more, nothing less so why do you hesitate?

If you’re worried about answering wrongly then you don’t need to fear, for there is no right or wrong answer.” chuckled the Patriarch.

This statement caused Silver to be even more on guard as the Patriarch had practically read his mind.

“What are the questions?”

Hearing this, the Patriarch finally grew serious,

“Have you been marked?”

“Yes.” replied Silver.

“Have you met with the Tiger Sovereign, before?”

“I’ve met him only once, during my baptism” replied Silver.

“Lastly, do you wish to be my successor?”


Silver looked into the Patriarch’s eyes and could tell that he wasn’t playing around. He could see the serious determination that lay deep in his heart.

“Why?” replied Silver.

“You want to know why I’m asking you? Sigh~ That’s because I didn’t pick you, Master did.

The moment that you made contact with the white tiger and then disappeared was also the moment that you became the future Patriarch of this clan.

I do not know what secrets lie within the sacred land nor do I wish to know, therefore you can rest easy. After all, if it was important Master would have told me.”

Hearing the last part of the Patriarch’s statement caused Silver to inwardly sigh in relief however now he needed to make a choice on whether or not to accept.

If he said “yes” then he would be taking the path Shiraz had laid out for him and if he said “no” then what?  He would still be a part of the Divine tiger clan and would probably grow up to be a cornerstone for the Southern branch.

But did he want that? All Shiraz had told him was, “get to the gate”. Silver didn’t know what or where the gate was but what he did know was that as he was right now, it would be beyond impossible to reach it.

So what now? He’s already strayed from the path by not only absorbing the Feline God’s essence but by also making that deal with him.


“Give me time to think about it.” said Silver as he scratched his head.

The Patriarch smiled faintly when he heard this saying,

“That answer is also acceptable. There’s no need to rush, you have fifty years to decide however in the mean time I will do my duty.

I will pass onto you all of my knowledge as well as properly train you. Whether or not you choose to succeed me is up to you.”

Silver thought about it for a while before nodding in agreement. There was no point in making things hard for himself.

If a prize fish jumped onto a fisherman’s boat, would the fisherman throw it back into the sea because he didn’t struggle to catch it.

The same was the case for Silver, he would still need to bitterly train which he welcomed however the difference was that now he had guidance. Yes, Silver was a cultivator in his past life and was capable of training his body well however in this life he has no idea of how to cultivate quickly yet fruitfully.

It was just like going on a journey while knowing the desired destination but not knowing how to get there however now Silver had attained a master drawn map showing all the obstacles and shortcuts to get to the desired destination.


Earlier in the day,

Anvar kept giving Akela meaningful looks, urging him to make Silver hurry up.

Meanwhile Silver’s core was viciously circulating divine power, his body on full alert. Ready to destroy the vial and the liquid contained within it.

“This isn’t good. I absolutely cannot drink this down but if I don’t then questions that can’t be answered will be asked.”

The more Silver looked at the vial, the more he wanted to throw it as far away as possible however now wasn’t the time to act foolishly. He needed to come up with a plan to help get him through this.

Suddenly something crazy started happening. The inscriptions on the vial started twisting and moving around, slowly changing into understandable words that Silver could vaguely read and understand.

“What’s going on? This....”

He looked at Akela to see if he could also see what was going on however there was no sign of shock on his face, only worry.

When he turned back to the vial, the previously indiscernible inscriptions could now be vaguely understood by him.

“Could it be that this is also a language!?”

Silver couldn’t perfectly understand the inscriptions but after examining them he could tell that their main purpose was to purify and secure the liquid.

“I see, so all inscriptions are just complex languages laid down with divine power. But if that’s the case, then with the knowledge Shiraz gave me I should be able to perfectly understand this pattern.

Looks like there’s something more that I’m lacking, in order to comprehend these inscriptions.” thought Silver.

That’s when he suddenly had an idea,

“This language seems to be a mixture of Fletezen and Hik along with the base inscription language so maybe....”

Silver was unable to change the inscriptions on the vial however he could try and add a separate, rather simple combination of words onto the vial.

His hand was already holding it, so it was easy to lay down a few additional words, over the vial.

He wanted to make it so that, the liquid inside could not be seen by anyone other than himself thus making it seem like he had drank it down however after laying down the words, nothing happened.

The liquid was still visible by everyone else.

“Oh!” thought Silver as an idea came to mind.

“Laying down inscriptions solely with divine power doesn’t seem to be able to activate them, which leaves only the power of the soul.

Tch! If I remember correctly, father said that only soul compression stage experts can freely access and control the power of their souls.

I have no choice but to use that then....!”

Silver closed his eyes as he focused on his now violet core. He could feel the awe-inspiring essence that covered it.

“This is what I need.”

He then controlled a small amount of it and sent it towards the hand he was using to hold the vial. The essence energy quickly travelled to the inscription and immediately activated it.

Although this process seemed simple but in reality, it was extremely taxing on Silver’s mind. He had to recognise the language of the inscription as well as the language the inscription master used and then he had to write an inscription, using the same method as the inscription master. Finally, he had to concentrate on controlling some of the essence he had absorbed from the Feline God, in hopes of activating the inscription.

Thankfully in the end, he succeded.


Now all he needed to do was pretend to drink the tonic and then with the help of some light divine power, he could cause a faint light to appear on his chest.

Of course, he couldn’t let Anvar confirm that he had been Recognised. So he decided to come up with a little lie to get Akela to take him out of the room.


He also managed to gain the tonic as a reward for his efforts. However his cultivation on the other hand quickly dropped back to the 17th level, the moment he closed the vial back up. The image of the Feline God also quickly disappeared from his chest, leaving only the two cat’s eyes.



This whole plan had been formed and executed in the span of five minutes.



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